Boy Scouts of America Boy Scouts of America BSA _f26a42e0-a043-4b18-a221-3c4a9c5881ab The Boy Scouts of America will prepare every eligible youth in America to become a responsible, participating citizen and leader who is guided by the Scout Oath and Law. _68a2ac53-351a-4674-bc3b-a56b8255a424 The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. _bd4ee01b-cf3c-4e9e-be04-332ca9cd5a91 Opportunity for Involvement Every Eligible Youth Has an Opportunity to Be Involved in a Quality Scouting Experience _1958ea96-7d5f-449a-a604-eb9fa900b5b5 1 In its original charter, Congress charged the Boy Scouts of America to make its program available to all who are eligible, but recognized that young people must become members to derive the benefits available from the Scouting program. Those who administer the program must, therefore, serve the membership and also actively and purposefully recruit new members. True to that tradition, our objective remains the same today. Accomplishing these goals in today’s marketplace is increasingly difficult. Our population is more diverse and our leadership model is changing. As a result, one of our first tasks is to find out more about our various ethnic populations. Our new market study focusing on Hispanic/Latino Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans will help us understand the perceptions of the BSA in these communities. In addition, we will gain a better understanding of their needs related to programs for youth and explore authentic messaging that resonates in each community. This information coupled with other program-specific research will serve as our guide in strengthening Scouting. Market Share Increase market share and/or growth. _631bd201-6286-4fd2-a8bb-c16dc57c9461 1.1 f84b6db4-6b83-44a7-925d-5b971500f4b8 55789e83-5137-4b68-87dc-0f0667d4bbc1 New Members Increase the number of new members. _195dfb47-cb36-497f-bb40-27fa7f791d76 1.2 2fa15c99-b17f-4b3d-87f4-7d3a0e325432 b73a646d-d2b6-4449-9a46-4d2e422f8e98 Member Retention Improve member retention. _907731a0-484e-4d9e-a227-2477b10e546b 1.3 3f14c05b-b034-487f-ad09-634da5245871 7504f601-b598-47c5-89f7-1a2d7c0d2659 More Units Increase the number of units. _f3356107-84df-4232-8e76-cbb71bd4fba5 1.4 094ddec6-be0a-432d-8794-7a69a471751f ddea3da6-f267-4062-8b6d-4641cc96a4d8 Roundup Playbooks Develop through research and best methods new concepts and playbooks for effective execution of roundup plans in every district. _1679fa9a-1949-4e40-9378-127de46e861a 1.5 2b742e0e-91f6-4e6b-ba8c-f5121bbf9db8 95f3c7f3-0a5b-44ad-a9ec-234a434a5da8 Leadership Training Help volunteers establish a mandate and mind-set that untrained leadership meeting with young people is unacceptable. _317dbec5-154e-466b-889d-d2f8691aa261 1.6 a867f136-c6e0-47fa-a439-2437abbf9257 43357c8a-db10-4d61-b6ee-4c0a8ee2593f Quality Awards Examine core elements of national Quality awards and establish measurements that unit leaders embrace. _766c6d45-d577-4bea-89c9-ab5acbca493a 1.7 c5ee07f8-43a8-44de-9dc7-803961a9b8e8 cb37d565-e648-459c-a8f1-7b509a902be4 Multi-Channel Marketing Involve far more volunteer resources in marketing and selling the benefits of Cub Scouting to families through multiple venues. _cc87a297-efa4-4076-afb0-e4f3ac912e81 1.8 8c77e42f-6356-4a14-8c92-1a3aedc17bda 5a4d5a5c-2c51-4611-b16c-3f9ead36ec4c Order of the Arrow Mission Provide a specific mission for the Order of the Arrow to help deliver a more “outdoors” message along with their increased support of troop and council camping programs. _5b5eea17-3fba-43e0-9900-b847d48b3856 1.9 36e8c9af-790e-483f-aedb-1681ea314a68 f226af23-c799-431e-bc6b-7fd0e6a6b800 Adult Leader Training Improve the effectiveness of all adult leader training. _713a0896-6548-4800-9f1c-eeff8d75b0e5 1.10 ddf4f3a3-9b0c-4943-9e2a-a2bfd6e7dde7 dbd718d3-7929-4491-b42f-06aa8402b9d9 Marketing Tools Deliver a comprehensive set of marketing tools aimed at parents that communicate the benefits and values of Scouting. _fd021740-1656-48cd-acd5-7e072502f6c2 1.11 fe2a70ac-59d8-4ae0-b035-746926d447a1 dd03fb8a-32f0-4ef6-8a01-6810bf146f4f Volunteers The Number of Engaged, Accountable Volunteers Is Dramatically Increased at All Levels of Scouting _c09bffb6-1cf5-473d-83f1-012ee781fb2e 2 The success of Scouting depends on having enough engaged volunteers who are responsive to the needs of the program on a local, regional, and national level. To add these needed new volunteers, it is imperative that we understand the issues that face them and the beliefs they harbor from a generational perspective. This group of potential volunteers falls into the Generation X and Y population and will serve as the foundation of our emerging volunteer pool. To do this, we are launching a research project titled the Generation X and Y Parent Study (parents under the age of 40). This study will also explore how involved Generation X and Y parents expect to be in their children’s activities. From this we will determine the key motivators for initially volunteering. Continued volunteering will also be explored in this study. This research will help us design a marketing plan to launch our campaign in 2008 to recruit 1 million new volunteers. New Volunteers Add 1 million new volunteers. _766646db-a1c2-4c31-b5ab-d4c8248d5759 2.1 fe182079-2256-4d43-a9b4-209a09cd8741 1f03171a-bb29-44bf-9f96-9080a867ecd9 Quality Increase the number of Quality Councils, Districts, and Units. _ee6db40f-aa6e-497e-bd88-92412dc3ead8 2.2 231c0d4f-9a24-425e-94c3-d6c2e5815c2e ded2affd-efa7-49e9-b81e-300db11edb54 Volunteer Marketing Plan Develop a marketing plan to reach new adult volunteers. _128df62f-1096-4f45-865d-ecb845d625f8 2.3 df5c1895-7f47-437f-9d22-dc9d3f9466af d1cb87a3-c6ad-49ca-8c07-63e174b82213 Parent Initiative Develop and launch a national parent initiative, integrating the program into existing literature. _a0191c2f-4a7b-469d-a344-cfb93854cf68 2.4 215662ae-2080-465e-9138-5d6026acebdf 2af897f8-c1d1-4a08-964e-2fa8bd82b762 Outdoor Offerings Increase the capacity of volunteers to conduct more quality outdoor program offerings. _fd589e6a-2107-4358-a9f2-05aee8d545c1 2.5 57a67e07-c556-4341-960a-df7af2e78761 8ba0e376-2537-45cd-8f52-0446eb45ee7f Volunteer Training Enhance volunteer skills and engagement through increased training opportunities. _92a91876-a9d2-4ecb-9cd0-89baebfa62f4 2.6 a50fe99a-7418-445d-b19e-9989189cb9cb 455e3a08-fe91-4f7c-83ee-373f5fd56137 Communications Enhance volunteer skills and support by leveraging communications opportunities. _16fca23a-e12f-40a4-b8a3-7162120f5988 2.7 49799f2d-e34f-4e2a-bf64-fb92d8974ceb 17e1b500-42d9-494f-bdc4-0f0bbaf2ee0a Volunteer Recognition Elevate the status of volunteers who produce sustained results through enhanced recognition and increasing the tenure of all volunteers. _d25c3db4-8541-48f4-a30f-84443a95472c 2.8 2851a507-954c-485c-b8be-5ca09041b4c8 4bec455d-844c-44bf-8a30-16d29071d184 Fiscal Soundness Every Local Council Is Fiscally Sound _7bbd4fc3-ec52-4e86-8d03-3fdb00f6d62d 3 Program objectives have a greater chance of being met when councils have the resources to achieve them. In addition, having a strong financial foundation allows leadership to focus on long-term strategic plans that provide for the full realization of our covenant to the communities we serve. Every council must continuously position itself to raise sufficient funds to fulfill its mission, manage those funds effectively and efficiently, and ensure the council has incorporated a culture of good governance. The tactics to accomplishing these goals are to • Launch a financially sustainable council project (FSCP). • Conduct FSCP training with all area directors. • Develop a tracking tool for help with projecting councils’ year-end deficit/ surplus. • Incorporate financial planning into first-time Scout executive orientation. • Develop fund-raising software enhancing donor relationships management, Webbased fund-raising, and campaign management (with the Information Systems Division and the National BSA Foundation). • Conduct a new national training conference dedicated to fund-raising best methods. • Develop and conduct new workshops on budgeting and cash flow management. • Create a new recognition program aimed at all fund-raising resulting in increased net assets. • Launch a raising-more-money project for 16 test councils. • Complete fund-raising volunteer recruitment and donor solicitation. • Develop a new video on financing the unit. • Revise BSA capital campaign materials to reflect current methods; incorporate financial tools for better management of campaigns. • Develop and publish an executive board assessment tool. • Significantly increase the number of councils that achieve the National Endowment Achievement Award. • Increase the number of councils that use the regional endowment counsel to call on prospects and their advisers, and conduct seminars. • Increase the number of council staff and board members who receive training in endowment and major giving, with stateof- the-art training tools and methods. • Ensure that all councils receive revised BSA endowment campaign materials and resources and are trained in how to use them. • Create marketing plans based on BSA program outcomes that communicate Scouting’s return on investment. Deficits Reduce the number of councils with annual operating deficits. _f51d3681-a425-42e3-802e-32aaddec53e2 3.1 1517ad46-6ff0-4e65-a78e-59fc48ec29b2 6be2c87e-4475-4f40-9142-b9e790e2b8e6 Unrestricted Assets Increase local councils’ unrestricted assets. _4ea8f5b0-f97f-4373-a5dd-9b4fca566239 3.2 3ae51406-b948-4358-90fa-891e3d5e3c80 7936ebe1-8d5c-4c47-b1e8-ed6a060330b0 Endowments Increase local councils’ endowment fund assets. _fdbb7279-0ad1-496b-9131-5f6ab667788e 3.3 123362a2-e865-413c-93c1-5db7015cdc8c 9cd942f7-4d26-4680-88f6-edd3ef8ec2cd Strategic Engagement Local, Regional, and National Chartered Organizations and Strategic Alliances Are Identified and Engaged _a88bfc6d-6a8a-4f8a-ba1e-4adcf907f6c1 4 Establishing alliances and dialog with other organizations extends our message and increases our opportunities to reach more youth. Historically, chartered organizations have been the lifeblood of the Boy Scouts of America, and having access to the leadership of these organizations strengthens our network of supporters who believe in the characterbuilding values of Scouting. As we expand our chartered organization base and strategic alliances, it will be important that these organizations have compatible missions. We must also carefully examine our mutual needs and match the compatible philanthropic purposes and objectives of the relationships to identify strategic synergies. This allows us to develop meaningful case studies that will help us leverage and maximize future collaborative agreements with other organizations. In addition, this will highlight the value of establishing strategic relationships with the BSA. Tactics to accomplish these goals are to • Strengthen relationships with existing chartered organizations and strategic alliances. • Launch the following new-unit growth initiatives: — Knights of Columbus (2006) — United Methodist Church (2007) — Home School Association (2008) — Baptist churches (2009) — Evangelical churches (2010) • In concert with the Scoutreach Division, strengthen relationships with our ethnic communities and organizations. • In concert with the Marketing & Communications Division: — Design and launch an awareness campaign. — Support a national speakers bureau to engage speakers on our behalf in local and national forums across the country. — Create targeted messages to support the new chartered organization campaign effort. • In concert with the Program Group: — Design and launch new volunteer training and motivational programs for new unit and chartered organization relationships. — Strengthen chartered organization–related training and materials for commissioner service. • Design and conduct “Celebrating our Partners” (2009). • Based on 2006–2010 Strategic Plan identified needs, build fundable projects and donor prospect lists. • Launch solicitation for fundable initiatives. • Support local councils with funding for initiatives identified in the plan and funded by strategic national funding sources. Chartered Organizations Increase the number of chartered organizations. _007a73a2-09ee-4da4-b1e7-16ffea056c22 4.1 7506f139-14cd-4e36-8f4d-175c56b36576 c5855349-2f09-436e-90e0-f84dd70f4704 Funding Sources Identify national and/or regional funding sources to fund phases of the Strategic Plan. _41d25ef5-33b7-46bd-9631-62425feea631 4.2 9c52c3c9-0c2f-4603-9ff9-02625cf8e93b a8592739-9a01-4577-9efc-42553ea9da1a Diversity and Professionalism Enough of the Right Professionals Are Identified, Developed, and Retained in the Right Positions at All Levels, With a Focus on Diversity _95fd7107-e602-4e50-9d60-0e3037c4e3f3 5 We are in the people business, and our ability to understand and communicate with a variety of people is critical to our continued growth. In addition, we realize that workforce talent is our greatest asset, and as such it is imperative that we continue to emphasize this increasingly important aspect of our business. We will accomplish these objectives through four basic strategies: 1. Provide support to mentoring, increased retention, recruitment efforts, training, and personal development. 2. Provide personnel support through effective human resources systems, methods, standards, and practices. 3. Promote a safe and ethical work environment that meets legal standards. 4. Be recognized as the premier employer that provides a rewarding environment for employees. Some of the tactics to accomplish these goals are to • Conduct beta test mentoring with first-time Scout executives. • Develop and incorporate sessions on generational differences in all levels of training. • Develop an internal task force to evaluate the performance management process and make recommendations. • Develop a matrix of prerequisite courses for those who aspire to senior management positions. • Review current hiring policies and professional tenure requirements. • Evaluate life and work skills in lieu of a college degree. • Structure a plan to identify and cultivate future staff leaders. • Identify and hire recruiters in each region to focus on the hiring of women and minorities. • Continue to develop and implement self-service capabilities for all employees and retirees. • Develop a plan to fund and deliver harassment prevention training to local councils. • Develop a group presentation on harassment prevention for summer camp staff. • Continue to benchmark BSA programs, policies, and procedures with other organizations. Excecutives Increase the number of youth-serving executives. _6684f943-9767-452c-a231-6e308825f7b9 5.1 e9b043bf-ee7a-4201-b908-a553e8909415 cef9be6f-494c-44b4-945d-2095d0da4fb9 Minorities and Females Increase the number of minority/female professionals. _88ea4f90-8b71-4d60-a25f-58f10c145bc8 5.2 d1e8970f-37ba-47d9-9bf9-197ed29b76ed fe1e856a-cd1f-4427-bc2d-94cfefc5575d Employee Retention Improve employee retention. _486d2e92-e7b7-4521-86d9-052ffc02d4cf 5.3 403e33f9-61f1-4f5d-9921-1afe719405a4 1561786f-105e-4cd0-b7fa-38f130ca4c72 2006-01-01 2010-12-31 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.