About the Balanced Scorecard Institute Balanced Scorecard Institute BSI 74c7bfac-eb70-47aa-a2c0-9e0e2ec4dbc7 a Strategy Management Group company Howard Rohm, CPT, SMP President & CEO -- Howard is a performance management trainer, consultant and technologist with over 40 years experience. Howard has helped dozens of organizations worldwide build balanced scorecard and other performance planning and management systems. David Wilsey, SMP Vice President of Education & Technology -- David has served as lead consultant and project manager on numerous client strategic planning and performance management efforts, has taught public and client-site workshops and has led e-learning solution development. Gail Perry Vice President of Strategic Solutions -- Gail has over 20 years of strategic planning and performance management consulting experience with corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations and has trained several hundred scorecard students as the lead trainer for several of the Institute's public workshops. Daniel J. Montgomery, CMC Vice President of Professional Services -- Dan has a 30 year background as a management consultant and executive coach, and as a manager, counsellor, and trainer. His previous professional consulting experience includes work with both Accenture and Ernst & Young. He has worked with clients in a variety of industries, including technology, energy, financial services, construction and health care. Joe DeCarlo Director of International Operations -- Joe has over 36 years of experience in business structuring, strategy formulation & implementation, change management, and the design & execution of innovative operational business models in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Beth Rosenkampff-Joyner Director of Client and Corporate Services -- Beth serves as the Institute's primary link to its customers, affiliates and other key stakeholders by managing customer service & long-term relationships, proposal writing and contract administration & evaluation. Kirsten Dubuc Senior Communications Associate -- Kirsten is a public relations and communications expert, as well as a recruiter & human resources professional with 21 years of experience in industry. Dr. Gardner Shaw Senior Associate -- Gardner is a management consultant and executive trainer who focuses on helping organizations achieve better results. He has over 20 years of experience in management, applied statistics, organizational behavior, training and facilitation, and policy implementation. Paul Arveson Senior Associate -- Paul founded the Balanced Scorecard Institute as a Web site in 1998, and co-founded, along with Howard Rohm, the Institute as a training and consulting business in 2003. Paul is a prolific contributor of online resources and is the lead instructor for the Institute's public workshops. Suzy Nisbet, SPHR, CCP Senior Associate -- Suzy has over 22 years of Human Resource Management and Organizational Development experience as a consultant, practitioner, and trainer. With a specialty in compensation planning and programs, she guides organizations in cascading their Balanced Scorecard to the individual performance level. Will Kaydos Senior Associate -- Will has been helping organizations improve their performance for thirty years. His experience includes operations management, performance measurement, the balanced scorecard, strategic planning, total quality management, management systems, and Baldrige assessment. Dr. Sandy McLure Senior Associate -- Sandy is an experienced analyst, evaluator and facilitator, with over 30 years experience working for the multinational corporation, Unilever. He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer (UK) and fulfilled a wide variety of engineering management positions during his Unilever career in the UK, The Netherlands and Zimbabwe. Peter Ndaa, MBA, CPA Senior Associate -- Peter is the CEO of BSI Affiliate Balanced Scorecard East Africa. He has over 20 years of experience as a consultant, practitioner and trainer in the areas of business strategy development and implementation, business development, financial management, management information systems and human resource management. Charles Odoch Senior Associate -- Charles is a Senior Associate with the Institute and Balanced Scorecard Eastern Africa with over 17 years' experience in tax administration and public sector management. Dr. Michael Court Senior Associate -- Michael is the Managing Director of BSI Affiliate Balanced Scorecard Australia. He is an experienced management consultant with over 20 years of previous CEO experience in both the public and private sectors in Australia. His current focus is on the development and implementation of balanced scorecard systems in Australia and South-East Asia. Kayode Sufianu Senior Associate -- Kayode is the Managing Director and CEO of BSI Affiliate Balanced Scorecard West Africa. He is a Nigerian based consultant and trainer. He has been Managing Director of Access Bank Plc and SocietyBancaire Nigeria and has consulted for the UK Department for International Development and others. Alan V. Fell Senior Associate -- Alan is a UK-based management consultant and trainer who has focused his last 17 years experience on the Balanced Scorecard and its practical application within strategy execution programmes. David Jalili Senior Associate -- David is a Dubai-based Senior Associate with extensive experience improving organizational performance through consultancy and training in areas such as strategy, performance, change management, processes, the excellence model and human resources. Mark Malinoski Senior Associate -- Mark is a technology and business manager with 30 years experience in engineering, marketing, sales and general management. His expertise is the development and launch of disruptive, breakthrough products to global market segments. Mark's focus is on balanced scorecard systems and strategic initiatives for technology companies. Louise Watson Senior Associate -- Louise is a Canada-based consultant and facilitator who brings more than 20 years of business and marketing expertise to her balanced scorecard performance management consulting and training. Terry Sterling Senior Associate -- Terry is a Certified Advanced Planner with over 31 years of combined work experience in the public and private sectors specific to law enforcement, strategic planning, performance measurement, staffing studies and work-load analysis. Catherine Yandel Senior Associate -- Catherine is a management and technology consultant specializing in strategic planning and organizational performance. She is adept at developing management approaches for new business ventures, leading organizational change, and mentoring management teams. An experienced executive level consultant, Ms. Yandel has also held general management and executive level positions throughout her career. Brook Rolter Senior Associate -- Brook is a management and organizational development consultant with over 20 years of experience assisting organizations with strategic and operational changes. Dr. Katherine Fiedler Senior Associate -- Katherine Fiedler is an experienced consultant, facilitator and trainer with expertise in performance management, project management, program planning, design, development and evaluation. She has helped organizations in the areas of health, behavioral health, human services, workforce assessment and development and emergency preparedness. Kitty McCoy Senior Associate -- Kitty helps companies visualize and execute strategic and performance management systems into day-to-day life. Kitty brings over 25 years of broad experience in radio, television, print media, computer aided design/engineering, information technology, training, and strategy consulting to your project. Dr. Lawrence P. Grayson Senior Associate -- Larry is a former Federal government executive with wide a range of contacts, both nationally and internationally. He has a strong record in organizational leadership, administration, financial management, planning, technology applications, and constituent communications. Maria N. Wall, P.E. Senior Associate -- Maria has over 15 years of experience in engineering, strategic planning, CRM, business intelligence, process improvement, and market analysis, and is recognized for facilitating diverse, cross-functional teams in defining and executing customer-driven business strategies. Mark Van Rooyen Associate -- Mark has more than 15 years experience in facilitating change in organizations. Some of the key areas of expertise are strategic development, change management, performance management, and management development. Juliette Bastian Associate -- Juliette Bastian is an Institute Associate with over 28 years of progressive experience in all areas of business administration with governmental and non-profit organizations. Dr. Judith Cardenas Associate -- Dr. Judith Cardenas is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) and has more than 22 years of experience in higher education and corporate training. She has worked in many diverse work settings and has held positions of president and vice president in higher educational institutions. 7ae9a99a-b4bb-4456-b568-b081fce68b17 To provide training, certification and consulting services to commercial, government, and non-profit organizations worldwide. bcdd3671-71ef-40f9-877a-2d26f8401f32 Performance Excellence Help executives, managers and analysts transform their organizations into "performance excellence" organizations. dafe9f2a-3b73-4409-8441-e3534c4bccec 1 Executives Managers Analysts The Institute applies best practices gained from hundreds of consulting assignments and 5,000 trainees in balanced scorecard, strategic performance management and measurement, strategic planning, and change management to help executives, managers and analysts transform their organizations into "performance excellence" organizations. 0191d3f8-3211-4e3f-959f-62346077661c 4a71305d-6415-4612-accb-969bc4842cd5 Website Provide resources for building strategic management and performance measurement systems. 08af95d1-1bd9-44c4-a046-220ff8219291 2 The Institute also provides, through the balancedscorecard.org website, extensive resources, including case studies, white papers, articles, and other information based on lessons learned from extensive experience in building strategic management and performance measurement systems using our award-winning Nine Steps to Success balanced scorecard methodology. effb33df-f508-4f64-9086-1c73ba308458 0902c8b1-a732-4d19-9819-8f9c42a61261 2013-07-26 http://www.balancedscorecard.org/AbouttheInstitute/AboutBSI/tabid/64/Default.aspx Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.