About Us To ensure government is effective and responsive to the priorities of the American people, we conduct policy research and develop policy proposals; create tools to encourage citizen participation and government accountability; and build broad-based coalitions to advance these values. To ensure the American people understand the vital role of government, we produce and disseminate educational tools and communications materials. Center for Effective Government C4EG _c46d5d2d-ff8c-47e9-9154-e99da6ff55fd The Center for Effective Government, a nonprofit research and advocacy organization, was formed as OMB Watch in 1983 to lift the veil of secrecy shrouding the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). OMB oversees federal regulation, the budget, information collection and dissemination, proposed legislation, testimony by agencies, and much more. While OMB's actions were having an enormous impact on agency operations and the pursuit of social justice, it remained largely behind the scenes — unaccountable and little understood by the public and public interest groups. By explaining governmental processes and monitoring OMB, the Center for Effective Government helped bring sunshine to this powerful and secretive agency. In January 2013, OMB Watch became the Center for Effective Government. Policymakers We are a resource for policymakers, the media, advocacy groups, community organizations, and the public. The Media Advocacy Groups Community Organizations The Public Center for Effective Government Staff Samuel Abbott Regulatory Policy Intern Gavin Baker Open Government Policy Analyst MarQuis Fair Executive Assistant Amanda Frank Environmental Right-to-Know Intern Katie Greenhaw Regulatory Policy Analyst Brian Gumm Communications Director Elissar Khalek Online Communications Manager Patrick Lester Director, Federal Fiscal Policy Katherine McFate President and CEO Denise Moore Database Administrator/Programmer Sean Moulton Director, Open Government Policy Doug Percival Technology Coordinator Sofia Plagakis Policy Analyst - Environmental Right to Know Anastasia Postnikova Open Government Policy Intern Rich Puchalsky RTK Net Director and Programmer Randy Rabinowitz Director, Regulatory Policy Virginia Robnett Outreach Coordinator Jessica Schieder Regulatory and Fiscal Policy Intern Paula Shoecraft Development Director Michael Sikora Policy Associate Rick Trilsch Director of Finance and Administration Katie Weatherford Regulatory Policy Analyst Charity & Security Network The Charity & Security Network addresses challenges to humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding activities found in U.S. counterterrorism measures. Charity and Security Network Staff Kay Guinane Program Director, Charity and Security Network Suraj Sazawal Communications/Research Coordinator, Charity and Security Network Nathaniel Turner Policy Analyst, Charity and Security Network Center for Effective Government Board of Directors Paul Marchand (Chair) Edwin S. Jayne (Vice-Chair and Secretary), AFSCME Robert Lawrence (Treasurer) Julio Abreu Mental Health America Nancy Amidei University of Washington School of Social Work Ross Eisenbrey Economic Policy Institute Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins Green For All Pamela Gilbert Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca, LLP Edward Hailes, Jr. Advancement Project Sylvia Johnson United Auto Workers Mary M. Lassen Center for Community Change Katherine McFate Center for Effective Government Linda Nguyen Alliance for Children and Families Margaret Seminario AFL-CIO Dianne Stewart Public Works Center for Effective Government Funders The Center for Effective Government's work is supported by the following foundations: Rita Allen Foundation Bauman Foundation Cordaid CS Fund Ford Foundation The Stewart R. Mott Foundation Open Society Foundations Public Welfare Foundation Rockefeller Brothers Fund The Scherman Foundation AFL-CIO AFSCME Federal Government Employees Federal government employees can contribute through Combined Federal Campaign #10201 Combined Federal Campaign A just and democratic society in which every individual can thrive. _a9eb13fa-8cff-11e2-b488-e35b68e382cb Build an open, accountable government that invests in the common good, protects people and the environment, and advances the national priorities defined by an active, informed citizenry. _a9eb1bde-8cff-11e2-b488-e35b68e382cb Effectiveness Responsiveness Citizen Participation Government Accountability Education Communication Empowerment Engagement Public Understanding Improved public understanding of the vital role of government empowers a more engaged, informed citizenry _a9eb1d14-8cff-11e2-b488-e35b68e382cb 1 Citizens _a9eb1daa-8cff-11e2-b488-e35b68e382cb e92e813b-7417-40da-951c-0e9ff3837d7c Regulatory System Our regulatory system has the resources, authority, and will to protect the health and well-being of the American people _a9eb1e40-8cff-11e2-b488-e35b68e382cb 2 American People _a9eb1eea-8cff-11e2-b488-e35b68e382cb 95e75825-f148-4299-8ae3-db2ba8ff251d Disclosure Proactive government disclosure of timely, useful information empowers people to participate in decision making and to safeguard the well-being of their families and communities _a9eb1f80-8cff-11e2-b488-e35b68e382cb 3 Families Communities _a9eb2020-8cff-11e2-b488-e35b68e382cb 65f792fa-03cf-47ee-b08a-4d42be51bf04 Budget and Spending Transparent, effective budget and spending systems generate sustainable investments in the public structures that undergird American democracy and our quality of life _a9eb20ca-8cff-11e2-b488-e35b68e382cb 4 _a9eb216a-8cff-11e2-b488-e35b68e382cb b6a0fa36-66ed-4ca9-a8c6-529a4f47e0c2 2013-03-14 http://www.foreffectivegov.org/about-us Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.