About Campaign for a Stronger Democracy C4SD _29834296-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 The Campaign for a Stronger Democracy is a new coalition of advocates, scholars, civic organizations, public officials and concerned citizens who are working to create a strong, vibrant democracy, rooted in a belief that our democratic institutions can rise to the challenges facing our nation. The Campaign emerged from a series of convenings, called Strengthening Our Nation's Democracy, that brought together a diverse group of democracy reformers working on campaign finance reform, collaborative governance, electoral reform, immigrant civic inclusion, media reform, public deliberation, transparency, and other aspects of our democracy. The meetings — organized by AmericaSpeaks, Demos, Everyday Democracy and faculty from Harvard's Ash Center for Democratic Innovation and Governance — sought to increase communication and collaboration across the democracy reform community. Participants from the Strengthening Our Nation's Democracy conferences have come together to form the Campaign out of the recognition that an ongoing partnership is needed to support collaboration and create a stronger reform movement. Campaign for a Stronger Democracy Organizing Committee The Campaign for Stronger Democracy is guided by its Organizing Committee: Edward A. Hailes, Jr. Advancement Project Carolyn Lukensmeyer AmericaSpeaks Archon Fung Harvard University Terry Ao Minnis Asian American Justice Center Karen Hobert Flynn Common Cause Miles Rapoport Demos Tova Wang Demos Brenda Wright Demos Martha McCoy Everyday Democracy Valeriano Ramos Everyday Democracy Andrew Grant-Thomas Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnicity john a. powell Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnicity Jon Greenbaum Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Leah Rush Midwest Democracy Network Peter Morris National Congress of American Indians Patrice McDermott OpentheGovernment.org Chris Gates Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement Marc Caplan Piper Fund Ben Shute, Jr. Rockefeller Brothers Fund Campaign for Stronger Democracy Partners In addition, the Campaign for Stronger Democracy continues to reach out to a growing list of partners from across the democracy reform movement: Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools Deliberative Democracy Consortium Fair Vote International Association for Public Participation USA Kettering Foundation National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation National Conference on Citizenship Participatory Politics Foundation Points of Light Institute National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials OMB Watch _29834ade-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 To create a strong, vibrant democracy _29834c3c-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 Democracy We have formed a Campaign for Stronger Democracy because we believe that the American people have the right and should have the fullest opportunity to influence the decisions that impact their lives and contribute to solving the public problems that face our communities and our nation. Voter Participation We believe that a strong, healthy democracy requires high levels of voter participation, an open and participatory government, strong community organizations, independent media, a fair and impartial judicial system, and informed and engaged citizens. Open Government Participatory Government Community Organizations Media Independence Fairnes Impartiality Information Engagement Racial Equity Our democracy must defend racial equity and offer pathways for those who have been traditionally disenfranchised, including new immigrants and young people, to become full and active participants in our civic life. Individual Liberties Our political system must protect individual liberties and it must encourage our elected representatives to work together to address our greatest challenges in service of the common good. Our democracy must elevate the voice of the public while reducing the undue influence of money in politics. Common Good Communication The Campaign for Stronger Democracy will foster greater communication and collaboration among the many individuals and organizations who care deeply about the health of our democracy in order to create a more powerful movement. Collaboration Collaboration/Community Problem Solving Foster greater collaboration across government agencies and with the public to resolve conflicts and solve problems. _29834cdc-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 1 Government Agencies The Public _29834d68-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 38f567d6-d359-4204-b699-9b60a81c4421 Democracy 2.0 Connect citizens to government and deliver services more effectively. _29834e08-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 2 Citizens Governments _29834e9e-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 ca13840a-890d-4a95-bde7-4e487531ecb5 Electoral Reform & Voting Rights Eliminate unnecessary barriers to voter participation, expand voter choices in the election process, and promote fair and uniform administration of elections. _29834f2a-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 3 Voters _29834fc0-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 cac2a04e-65d3-465a-80cc-e775d160259e Fair & Impartial Judicial System Ensure that federal and state courts remain fair and impartial. _29835056-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 4 Courts _298350e2-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 3e31f2d7-4a09-40f1-8d06-3e09c1f74cd4 Immigrant Civic Inclusion Reduce barriers to and promote the civic inclusion of immigrants. _2983518c-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 5 Immigrants _29835222-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 66048239-d035-4d9e-ae58-965b5b52c95f Lobbying, Ethics & Campaign Reform Reduce the disproportionate influence of special interests on our policy making process. _298352d6-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 6 Policy Makers _298353da-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 b55fc8b6-66b1-4cee-a3a3-643468809ea9 Media Reform & Internet Access Ensure that the public has access to many sources of information and analysis about the issues that are most important to their lives. _29835498-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 7 _29835538-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 e342e4a4-12c5-40c9-8f87-39f188460fea Organizing and Public Work Empower people to join together with others to make their voices heard and engage in meaningful work toward citizen-centered solutions in communities and workplaces. _298355e2-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 8 Citizens Communities _2983568c-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 69d4eeee-6ee7-4d92-9ed8-5a9e5e5599d6 Public Deliberation & Participation Design policymaking processes that are informed by the results of authentic public deliberations and consultations. _29835736-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 9 _298357ea-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 b7f10b0a-a490-4262-8bad-868c11fbe5a2 Public, National & Community Service Create opportunities for people to volunteer to address community and national problems and participate in civic life. _29835894-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 10 Volunteers _2983593e-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 4bd3819a-571e-4ae2-b5a4-c28ebfb42ffe Racial Equity & Civil Rights Promote and protect the civil and human rights of all persons. _29835a06-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 11 Address barriers to full participation. _29835ab0-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 105ae797-5735-4c06-b9c7-a95fa94064a2 Transparency & Openness Increase public access to and use of information from the government to increase accountability and improve people's everyday lives. _29835b64-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 12 _29835c72-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 29f85d2e-3812-42bd-a244-a586865680d6 Youth Engagement & Civic Education Develop life-long civic skills among young people to improve communities and create better citizens. _29835d30-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 13 Youth _29835de4-7864-11e2-a9e1-0014aaeadf06 c3bc1105-222a-4384-8c5d-44ffccc681f1 2013-02-16 http://strongerdemocracy.org/about/ Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.