Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications CAMSS _9c693c7e-cc8a-4665-90ba-c576a815025d eaa33108-10f0-4540-ade7-170d149da785 To initiate, support and coordinate the collaboration between volunteer Member States in defining a “Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications” and to share the assessment study results for the development of eGovernment services. _defe7d2d-9f1a-4739-ada4-36f3862b21ca Assessment Guidelines Facilitate the definition of common assessment guidelines sharing experiences _348cd372-5959-4516-99a9-3cca8f57aa6f 1 A CAMSS Member State Expert Group has been formed with the role to identify and define a set of criteria for the Common Assessment Method of Standards and Specifications. It will then be at the convenience of the Member States and the European Commission on how to use the criteria, and to proceed with their own interpretations / recommendations / regulations in using the assessment study results. Tools Provide collaborative working / editing / discussion tools. _8cab6bdd-efad-440d-b9e0-9f592a1f5a57 1.1 36eb3572-0ec3-493e-9118-86a2ff7181f5 d695f69d-088b-48d0-b83f-9bece2a5dfab Member State Contributions Collect / analyze and elaborate workable versions of Member State contributions. _1a712cc6-6f6e-4606-a20d-c6e67d88c370 1.2 353c83c8-5342-4bbe-8ec7-fdd10143cc3b 58c9d9ac-0866-4f09-aa74-702efedd05f7 Other Input Collect and analyze valuable input from similar experiences around the world. _8e435a67-a530-4ab9-b712-e343b9f3baaf 1.3 a355f6be-c8d1-48d4-8c46-6b0b6e3460dc c496709c-50e7-455c-a9a6-967ad9812af8 Phase 2 Conduct studies and disseminate results _4985fce9-a728-48fb-bb09-0c4ccc923589 2 The anticipated outcome is an IDABC registry, accordingly updated, containing methods and aspects used as a reference by the Member States and the Commission, either in whole or in part, aiming to create re-usable and comparable interoperability ICT investigations, with improved quality and reduced time and resources. Studies Set up proposals for assessment studies to be carried out and subsequently shared. _7cb4c2d3-5dc5-44ad-8d1d-96fe51a44a6a 2.1 02ed3da7-d855-47b6-a132-0d5fe3f934cb 995bb59f-896c-44da-b692-dcdd7ca45d7d Dissemination of Results Disseminate the assessment study results and conduct specific studies, if needed. _6b17be48-0aa7-40c7-8bea-2fddaabbb5aa 2.2 d05ba021-b6f1-40c3-a890-c7e7e00a56aa 1a8e52f4-5e0e-4097-ad3b-bc2b5525e1d9 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.