Cross-Agency Priority Goals As required by the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010 (GPRAMA), the Obama administration established 14 cross-agency priority goals requiring collaboration across government. Nine deal with policy initiatives and five center on administrative and management issues. The Obama Administration b9232d70-52ac-4350-af7e-f9d80fc976c2 6813a1da-7089-452d-b289-512618b0cbf7 To establish cross-agency priority goals requiring collaboration across government. 78c925ec-59f4-415f-a6cf-eb33d35d803a Collaboration Exports Double U.S exports by the end of 2014. 1c624884-be2f-4083-b43a-180251588e0f 1 a191a3ca-c479-4626-b46c-f4304a09ff5d eec3f386-c263-46fc-a24f-68fa979744be Energy Efficiency Reduce energy demand. ce7be765-49a9-47ca-8b06-9a28ccedea5b 2 1c7b198a-d726-4e76-8b7b-3a7a4df7ac33 f8ca67d3-4707-488e-bf43-3adc278b92b5 Job Training Ensure our country has one of the most skilled workforces in the world by preparing two million workers with skills training by 2015 and improving the coordination and delivery of job training services. ee4d2764-9257-46ff-8f48-3ff135586aa8 3 d9eec3c0-22f0-496d-9649-0f236502da07 6749883e-708c-4075-8b17-90fc54f244d8 Real Property The federal government will manage real property effectively to generate $3 billion in cost savings by the end of 2012. 0ea1b900-dbbf-4901-81bc-6642a6373981 4 8eb5481e-2225-454a-9382-31ec5f055aea 17898970-3e1c-4d93-b4d6-71854113bc5a Skills Gaps Close critical skills gaps in the federal workforce to improve mission performance. a41e1784-933c-4947-908e-c723283d025d 5 By September 30, 2013, reduce by 50 percent the gaps for three to five critical federal government occupations or competencies, and close additional agency-specific high-risk occupation and competency gaps. 978f46ad-98f9-439e-9777-a1d3c73074c6 f206b9e9-164d-4de3-91e6-b69105075598 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Increase federal services to entrepreneurs and small businesses with an emphasis on start-ups, growing firms and small markets. b5493805-9272-4bf5-ae53-61df6bd9a715 6 Entrepreneurs Small Businesses efa30088-12e9-414c-a61e-a1fc938cfa1a c1820a7d-32f7-46dc-84dc-b8b653b535f2 Veterans Career Readiness Improve career readiness of veterans. 025bac20-cceb-416a-80f5-523121600e40 7 Veterans By September 30, 2013, increase the percentage of eligible service members who will be served by career readiness and preparedness programs from 50 to 90 percent in order to improve their competitiveness in the job market. 0f86c070-2c99-4901-8a8c-db9827b0142b 6210f405-60e2-40ab-93ed-050870631c9b Cybersecurity Executive branch departments and agencies will achieve 95 percent implementation of the administration's priority cybersecurity capabilities by the end of fiscal 2014. c889d4b5-a406-4b3d-aba1-64a6c444b3e3 8 These capabilities include strong authentication, trusted Internet connections and continuous monitoring. a33a2c3e-54bc-4049-8fd9-ed364ac36389 7600a05b-aa33-4329-977f-e3ce38860652 Improper Payments The federal government will achieve a payment accuracy rate of 97 percent by the end of 2016. 23e8b5a4-a856-41f7-a433-f64f30899bd6 9 57a3cc39-0b74-4853-bd90-0831a0716a7e 1e8c2dfa-f90b-4cb0-a1a0-6a7c062f077c Strategic Sourcing Reduce the costs of acquiring common products and services by agencies' strategic sourcing of at least two new commodities or services in both 2013 and 2014 that yield a savings of at least 10 percent. a671026c-ddf8-4b4e-9dc0-7f4a1c91ba19 10 a4f40717-6bb3-4763-9e77-7414567f3d38 ab2b25bc-b282-45d8-9f79-72898583fce5 Broadband As part of expanding all broadband capabilities, ensure 4G broadband coverage for 98 percent of Americans by 2016. c2aafc42-162a-485f-b355-335b7463acf4 11 a101523b-7f53-4d01-a22a-048fa439ec84 43a845e7-2fcb-4019-a347-4ba500d00d14 STEM Education Improve the quality of STEM education. 77c0219c-95f8-4358-adcc-cc392239383f 12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education -- In support of the president's goal that the U.S. have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020, the federal government will work with education partners to improve the quality of STEM education at all levels to help increase the number of well-prepared graduates with STEM degrees by one-third over the next 10 years, resulting in an additional one million graduates with degrees in STEM subjects. e9143a9c-acd2-4012-a601-ee5e091c1b69 ee8beec9-d5f5-4b32-a504-de4d8ff41812 Sustainability The federal government will reduce its direct greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent and will reduce its indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 13 percent by 2020 from a 2008 baseline. 5de3f308-d432-4ef1-ad85-b45d768ec680 13 8c235fa9-e1d9-46bd-9428-e7647f595784 ee514c94-79c7-4022-a0b0-bbee0f3e0901 Data Center Consolidation Improve information-technology service delivery, reduce waste and save $3 billion in taxpayer dollars by closing at least 1,200 data centers by fiscal 2015. 2daa851b-a065-49e5-afa8-a458f0a263c9 14 9e16a31f-a50a-4be8-8795-3143c22b176b 3b8b0dbe-1854-4477-b089-df54e69fd1eb 2013-08-09 Owen Ambur Submit error.