Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics CAPWIP _605ed8fc-f7d3-406b-9b03-e81e8bab280d Governance that affirms gender equality, integrity and accountability, excellence, sustainable development and peace _b0b4c32d-a0f0-4d24-9c56-41112ec5d2f0 To promote equal participation of women in politics and decision-making _f2d1122e-405c-426d-b4dd-8916db7ad074 Critical Mass Create a critical mass of competent, committed and effective women politicians in elective and appointed positions in government _1dea7409-b933-47d7-9a16-7df2c1a65fec 1 Organizing and Networking Promote the establishment of a broad network of sub-regional and national affiliates of women in politics in the Asia-Pacific region, including support structures such as a regional network of training and research institutes. Collaborates with women leaders, women's organizations and existing political institutes in promoting transformative politics and women's political empowerment. Utilizes various forms of mass media as a means to enhance public awareness of the need for women's equal representation in decision-making and politics. Organizes congresses that serve as a venue for women all over the Asia-Pacific region to share their experiences, discuss issues and articulate priority areas for action. _3998215a-0d1d-40d8-8af7-6e470b153758 1.1 1654f337-4047-4208-9392-6a80294b0d1e 816e2d01-f27b-45c1-9393-2972354ef9e1 Female Citizenry Develop a responsible female citizenry _c23d54ab-28f6-46b1-ab23-461bfb91487b 2 Training Develop modules and training programs for women's leadership and responsible citizenship based on the framework of transformative politics. Conducts trainers' training for women's political empowerment and transformative politics. _d710f221-00ca-488c-8b5c-731e90cd963a 2.1 d8e2796c-6084-41a2-947a-db8ec90a6153 bf283879-36d2-4d9a-bedd-c40431e42410 Political and Governance Tranformation Influence female politicians and electorate to work together to transform politics and governance for the common good _880751ab-cd86-43c8-a5bb-bebd70b0f6b9 3 Research and Information Sharing Undertake policy analysis and various types of research on women in politics including needs assessment impact studies, documentation and analysis of best practices in politics. Establishes data banks on women's political participation and resources on women's political empowerment and transformative politics. Manages an interactive web network that encompasses the central office, 5 sub-regional focal points and national focal points. Produces publications on women's political empowerment and transformative politics. _427873e4-0512-4059-b01d-a7767fe53819 3.1 e953838c-cd6e-4e78-98ab-1669de520bdb 9102d166-e5b0-4b35-9e5e-fbf6ceed0612 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.