CASE Strategic Initiatives: 2008-2013 The following strategic initiatives have been adopted by the CASE Board of Trustees for emphasis during 2008-2013. The initiatives incorporate and build upon four priorities that have been integrated into CASE operations over the previous five years: The diversification of the profession, the internationalization of the organization, research, and use of technology to serve members. The CASE Board of Trustees has adopted five strategic initiatives for emphasis during 2008-2013. The initiatives incorporate and build upon four priorities that have been integrated into CASE operations over the previous five years: diversification of the profession, the internationalization of the organization, research, and use of technology to serve members. The added initiatives were identified by CASE volunteer leaders and staff and informed by market research on member interests. They were shared with the CASE membership for feedback prior to approval. The tactics associated with each initiative are meant to be illustrative rather than prescriptive. CASE welcomes input on additional potential tactics; please send ideas to Rae Goldsmith at Council for Advancement and Support of Education CASE _bcdc35bc-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a As the premier professional association for educational advancement professionals, CASE is committed to being the primary resource for professional development and information and the leading advocate for professional standards and ethics. _bcdc3846-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a CASE, an international membership association, advances and supports educational institutions by providing knowledge, standards, advocacy and training designed to strengthen the combined efforts of alumni relations, communications, fundraising, marketing and allied professionals. _bcdc3968-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a Education CASE believes education improves lives and societies ... Service and Prossional Excellence we value service to our members through professional excellence ... Respect [we value] respect for volunteers and staff as partners, stakeholders, and leaders ... Integrity, Ethical Behavior, and Inclusiveness [we value] commitment to integrity, ethical behavior, and inclusiveness. Growth in Targeted Areas Increase institutional memberships in specific sectors with growth potential and demonstrated interest in strengthening advancement programs (with attention to retaining core members). _bcdc3a4e-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 1 Core Members Expanded Programming Expand programming for U.S. community colleges and minority serving institutions _bcdc3af8-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 1.1 U.S. Community Colleges Minority Serving Institutions 5e916d31-6ef2-44e8-8046-eb920d213b46 ce0ee078-3d2a-4944-a22d-628e237d3f9e Independent/ Intermational Schools Provide new resources for independent/ int'l schools _bcdc3bac-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 1.2 Independent Schools Intermational Schools ae91cf0a-3fd7-4847-9ad9-87d9121c04e9 2bfbb2cd-9196-47ad-9546-2ed08488297b Membership Structures Refine membership structures _bcdc3c60-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 1.3 0eb4c7c2-e62c-4001-b96c-38c2f5073277 b435007f-7956-463a-b705-1b7b7d2a8773 Mexico Increase presence in Mexico _bcdc3d14-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 1.4 Mexico 7342b230-8e96-4584-a1ba-7fec04a4d4a5 6f429266-e012-46f0-9f4a-b05fd4668633 Recruitment of Staff Help member institutions address the growing shortage of qualified advancement professionals through programs designed to increase the talent pool and improve staff diversity and retention. _bcdc3dd2-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 2 Member Institutions Advancement Professionals Advancement Institute [Create an] advancement institute for mid-career professionals in other fields _bcdc3e9a-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 2.1 Mid-career Professionals 1f931b89-79fc-4dff-871c-e2f3744fc2d5 c9be4120-da3e-481d-9161-61811823419e Promotion Promote the field to students in CASE ASAP program _bcdc3f6c-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 2.2 CASE ASAP Program Students fb00b820-dc20-4106-a11f-436b4320da05 ff0fcde6-e9c5-4c5e-a514-03b54294083f Mentoring programs [Support] mentoring programs for new professionals _bcdc403e-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 2.3 New Professionals 1eddcbb3-f283-41d0-ab44-6dca0d5d9001 a84e9c8a-6e51-45a0-8322-063368756418 Resources [Provide] resources on staff retention _bcdc411a-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 2.4 77655cd6-5481-4f82-9520-e7b8abf21867 a447a5df-4d7a-4bd8-912b-fa75608fb41d Advocacy for Advancement Create a positive climate for the advancement profession in general and philanthropy in particular by working proactively within educational institutions, with local and national governments, and among key publics. _bcdc41f6-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 3 Educational Institutions Local Governments National Governments Materials [Provide] materials for explaining advancement on campus _bcdc42dc-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 3.1 c59fe91b-1bea-4b8c-a623-6a8ed9835f39 8ccdd83c-94c3-4f4a-be27-b381667eef0d Grassroots Network [Establish a] grassroots network for contacting political leaders _bcdc43cc-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 3.2 Political Leaders 46732be5-e84c-4531-80cf-ccccb77403c5 686ca062-ea6e-4d10-a2d5-c112697106a0 Media Relations [Conduct a] proactive media relations effort on major issues _bcdc44bc-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 3.3 Media f042b82e-d033-4109-98f6-6cfeca6dc0d0 eb893ebc-055b-43f5-97d9-bfc06b9a5179 Surveys [Conduct] surveys of public opinion on advancement topics _bcdc45c0-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 3.4 cc200318-fc40-4c55-a19b-46dafeaaad9b 66a6b31a-ef81-4e22-a055-b34e86e621f4 Internationalization of the Profession Foster the development of "advancement without borders" by sharing expertise around the globe, by helping member institutions engage constituents internationally, and by updating CASE's governance structure to support these efforts. _bcdc46c4-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 4 Conference Programming Add conference programming on international advancement _bcdc47c8-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 4.1 53b83382-ba08-4f0b-923c-def423edd6df 1b43803e-0145-4454-bd7c-c3596e7528c7 New Content [Create] new print, web content on working across borders _bcdc4908-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 4.2 9b22dbf7-3b9a-4cb7-9645-81c52c91700a 4199ca4a-c3b5-49b8-8a8b-e2e9141bb3b3 Exchanges and study Tours [Support] exchanges and study tours among members worldwide _bcdc4a2a-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 4.3 Members e298d156-8536-4287-ab8c-54b1deccccd6 1e29f8d6-49d2-431d-8801-fc43d69c5cab International Giving [Establish] "umbrella foundations" for international giving _bcdc4b9c-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 4.4 383b9ff2-efef-459c-bfd3-551408e1053d 70909a22-c53c-4018-b10b-2df85394199a Governance Structure Review CASE's governance structure _bcdc4cc8-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 4.5 6bf095fd-f74d-4fe8-b59b-5e93996ae712 fec9da15-703d-4c6d-a7a2-811cdebe35f3 Leadership Resources Provide institutional leadership, including campus CEOs and governing board members, with resources to enhance their understanding of and participation in their advancement operations _bcdc4dfe-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 5 Campus CEOs Governing Board Members Fundraising Conference [Conduct a] CEO fundraising conference (e.g., w/ ACE) _bcdc4f2a-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 5.1 Campus CEOs ACE aaa11671-fdc6-4ce9-ae36-6daf1d621f9a 9916c9b3-c7b1-483b-b63f-6ad9071af036 White Papers [Draft] advancement white papers for trustees (e.g., w/ AGB) _bcdc506a-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 5.2 Trustees AGB 64921577-c234-4fee-9dec-65f09489926c fd4d2111-20ab-4f39-bef9-f3eedbd76977 Advancement Data [Provide] advancement data for CEO decision-making _bcdc51aa-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 5.3 Campus CEOs 83f6b7bb-6724-49fd-917f-449995c4235f 610badc8-9fcd-407f-91d5-4a1167b4838b Self-Assessment Tools [Compile] institutional self-assessment tools _bcdc52e0-9733-11df-b2ce-cb5e7a64ea2a 5.4 Educational Institutions 27354983-fbd2-4499-b4fd-987b7fcf21c9 db6103e1-c2a2-476b-a6ca-1ec7603f9eb0 2008-01-01 2013-12-31 2010-07-24 Owen Ambur Submit error.