Cooperative Administrative Support Units Cooperative Administrative Support Units CASU _67f1c81f-c801-4fdc-9a83-1778e37e43df The CASU Network is the recognized leader and sets the standard for providing quality and customer convenience in the area of support services and is the first choice of participating agencies in meeting these requirements throughout the country and overseas. _b71ce3ca-c244-4067-a9ba-e01c70bc1ac7 CASU facilitates interagency cooperation in the acquisition of commonly needed services, promoting mission effectiveness and economy throughout the Federal Government. _8f521a88-ba21-4ace-93ee-30321ff5094e Customer Focus Flexibility Administrative Support Services Provide over 91 support services in the areas of administrative support, financial & procurement management, human resources, light industrial, mail management, printing/duplicating/copier, professional & technical, and training _487278a7-769e-4f34-8e9c-bb36bfd13331 It should be noted that the variance within these service categories is great and that there are few limitations placed on the types of services that can be provided. Since customer focus and flexibility are two CASU measures for customer satisfaction, the CASU Network is able to satisfy customer requirements not already identified. If a service is not currently listed, customers may contact the CASU Network Member within their area or the CASU National Staff for assistance. Most CASU Directors have very expansive procurement and contracting authority available and should be able to assist in this area. 39207264-7d7d-4100-81db-a5071b13cee7 3577e9e6-ae95-412d-ba76-3c82b86a0f1c f5256ddd-3573-45a5-9c7d-3c9941e9cd8e Required content not provided dcError: Required content not provided 67d3f073-18e5-4ce9-9e51-8f47e91c488b b1d1c700-775b-4c43-94b2-efb864d17915 67389bb6-83ff-4527-a48a-b6c702cfd1ff 9f5f5be9-8fb1-4104-9bad-0c20a2827d8a 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.