In the face of budget crises, government entities at every level must cut costs and find efficiencies. An enormous opportunity lies in their IT infrastructure — the technology they require to provide their citizens essential services. For the most part, each city, county, state, agency and office builds or buys their technology solutions independently, creating huge redundancies in civic software and wasting millions of tax-payer dollars. They should be able to work together. Civic Commons CC _fb27d798-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a An independent non-profit organization, Civic Commons will help government entities share code and best practices, reform procurement practices, and learn to function not only as a provider of services but as a platform to which an ecosystem of industry can add value for government and its citizens. Code for America Code for America was founded to help the brightest minds of the Web 2.0 generation transform city governments. OpenPlans OpenPlans is a non-profit technology organization focused on civic engagement and open government. OCTO Office of the Chief Technology Officer, District of Columbia _fb27d9a0-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a Sharing technology for the public good _fb27dafe-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a Agility Be Agile. While being inclusive and open, retain the ability to move quickly and prove ideas through actions Connections Be a Connector Unobtrusiveness Never get in the way. For efforts that are already successfully under way, Civic Commons’ role is to be an information exchange, to provide discoverability, and to provide advice where needed; not to set up barriers or process requirements Code Sharing Facilitating the sharing of code among government entities, with an eye towards developing an “Open Civic Stack” _fb27db94-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a 1 Government Entities _fb27dc2a-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a 4674bdd1-4cfe-46a2-a210-0c8f9e15d296 06303e66-0348-42fb-9092-942d1ec54091 Government Connections Connecting governments throughout all phases of technology procurement, and building systems for more transparent & informed technology choices _fb27dcb6-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a 2 _fb27dd4c-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a 0543487c-c26c-4ec6-9d92-d2ead1599cd1 12388927-4e80-450b-b418-3086634bdae9 Open Data and Standards Developing and supporting Open Data and Open Standards as foundations of an “Open Civic API” _fb27ddec-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a 3 _fb27de8c-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a da9a690b-4351-477f-9d0f-f31f336e163f 362598bc-87b2-4bb5-b091-c162fab59c94 Best Practices Spreading government technology best practices _fb27df2c-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a 4 _fb27dfea-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a 0bd2f2b4-f763-4f8e-b3da-7adcada94e61 fcb6dd19-15ed-4e66-92a4-e3d7c83dda95 Civic Hackers Community Building a community of “civic hackers” and give them clear opportunities to assist in the development of government technology _fb27e09e-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a 5 _fb27e15c-bdcd-11df-b5d5-7d847a64ea2a b613bd65-58d9-4ffd-926b-5eb96955f9fe 51439b81-8543-4ca3-8ab5-e8f23a712c66 2010-09-11 Owen Ambur Submit error.