Canada Council for the Arts Canada Council for the Arts CCA _94f6b9cb-1b10-48b7-9c1b-2549f5446b0a d0eae529-9c4b-4c58-ad02-28f2b48617d8 To ensure that Canadian artists and citizens have a distinctive voice on the national and international stage. _2487d58b-3def-4b59-a9b6-1c761a1324db Artistic Merit The Canada Council’s respect for artistic merit---or excellence---as its most important consideration in awarding grants ensures that its funds are invested in work of high quality from all parts of Canada and all disciplines and practices, including art that is challenging and risk-taking. Artist Centricity The Canada Council plays a unique role at the federal level in putting individual artists at the centre of its thinking and investing directly in them---a critical element in the Council’s contribution to advancing Canada’s creative economy and Canada’s international reputation for innovation. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness The Council’s historic commitment to diversity and equity and to inclusive policies reflecting Canada’s rich and complex cultural reality---languages, cultures, racial groups, genders, generations, arts practices and regions---is one of its greatest achievements, and it must be reinforced, expanded (for example, in support of disability arts) and strengthened (to ensure that the Council can respond to evolving arts practices). Peer Review The Canada Council’s use of peers in the assessment of grant applications and in developing programs and policies strengthens the quality of its decision-making, its investment in professional arts practitioners, and its relevance and responsiveness. Knowledge, Expertise, Commitment, and Respect The knowledge base of the Canada Council---the expertise and commitment of its staff, its research, and ability to speak for the arts nationally---and the mutual respect between the Council and the arts community are potentially as valuable as its budget, and should be viewed as critical resources to be strategically developed and invested. Adaptability, Flexibility, and Efficiency Over the years, as times have changed, the Council has been adaptable and flexible, while remaining a lean and efficient organization. Transparency and Accountability The Council values transparency and accountability in its operations, with publicly accessible guidelines and objectives for all of its programs. Career Advancement The Canada Council is in a unique position to advance the careers of professional artists and arts organizations in an international, as well as national, context. Prioritization Despite the expanding universe in which the Canada Council finds itself, it must keep its priorities and interventions targeted and strategic if it wishes to maximize its impact. Individual Artists Reinforce the Council’s commitment to individual artists, working alone or collaboratively, as the core of artistic practice in Canada. _f30a766e-df59-4831-9bc4-f7b220ec18c4 1 The Canada Council will explore ways to align its support of individual artists more closely to their creative and career needs, in both Canada and abroad. As resources permit, it will increase the maximum grant levels and flexibility of support available to individual artists, and aim eventually to parallel more closely the levels of support available to research professionals in the academic world. It will increase its outreach to younger artists applying to the Canada Council in the early stages of their professional careers. It will also enhance its celebration of recipients of Canada Council administered prizes to make a larger public aware of the accomplishments of Canadian artists. 9ce612c1-59be-43ac-902e-7d80c397a3d4 68c6c38f-64a5-43ea-8036-f18bac2445f3 34959b06-b588-435a-8fba-ec9736b461c5 Arts Organizations Broaden the Council’s commitment to arts organizations to strengthen their capacity to underpin artistic practices in all parts of the country. _043c950a-2eb7-4d92-8960-14c67d464663 2 The Council will expand its support to arts organizations---small, medium-sized and large---to reflect its awareness that these bodies are not only supporters and employers of artists and producers of artistic work but also primary vehicles for audience development (including arts education) and dissemination in the country. It will work towards a significant increase in public investment in the organizational infrastructure across the country and reinforce the role of Canadian arts organizations abroad. Where the Council feels that the arts infrastructure or conditions required to sustain professional arts activity are particularly thin or fragile, it will consider special measures and tools to strengthen that infrastructure. It will work with the most highly-resourced organizations to ensure that their focus extends beyond their own survival to encompass the interests of the disciplines and communities in which they operate. aa8a983d-bd90-45dd-9ade-9e986b3c5f29 e08e550b-8217-4ea0-9aae-80c8c7d4b757 7a4f61c7-9a4e-4a05-ada3-d4b18b96c559 Equity Enhance the Council’s leadership role in promoting equity as a critical priority in fulfilling Canada’s artistic aspirations. _8f459807-9f59-4245-a855-c16beda2b1c2 3 The Council will continue to use its unique national perspective to identify and address inequities of all kinds---linguistic, regional, cultural, Aboriginal, racial, gender-based, etc. It will establish measurable goals to align its funding and its operations to reflect more accurately the demographic and cultural make-up of the country, and it will actively intervene in circumstances which it believes require special action. It will highlight diversity as a conscious part of all communications strategies, and as resources permit will consider adding new dimensions, such as disability arts. 97cc5da9-7631-44e4-b764-e19067ebe85e 002b442c-b812-4400-a569-4b7cca3b99b3 b685dcec-009b-437c-b08a-d9f8096126f3 Partnerships Make partnerships with other organizations a key element in the Council’s approach to advancing its mandate. _c1815a9d-2d2e-44fa-9c63-30cd5f3dced7 4 Wherever possible, the Council will use partnerships with other organizations, including other funders, as an effective and economical alternative to expanding its own staff and programs. It will reinforce its excellent partnership with the provincial and territorial arts funders, and it will work with its federal colleagues to improve the delivery of programs for the arts. Partnerships will be helpful in areas where the Council has a deep interest but neither the mandate nor the resources to deliver direct programs, and they may offer new opportunities for the arts and the public’s experience of the arts. The Council will also use partnerships in an effort to reach out across the country, and it will maintain links with its counterparts around the world to ensure it has access to new ideas and best practices internationally. Partnerships will help ensure that the Council’s impact exceeds its resources; they will also broaden the Council’s horizons, its ability to view others as natural partners in advancing the shared mission of providing opportunities for Canadians to express themselves creatively and for people to experience their art. 658e36cf-06b5-49d0-97e7-a15ea6334923 6d2c207c-578c-43c6-8d40-734645162e17 1f6e22be-cf81-4720-8044-9ad1c40636f3 Structural Changes Implement structural changes within the Canada Council to improve communication and strengthen the organization’s capacity to implement change. _dec44597-91e5-4a72-9ab6-1242148ff90f 5 To make greater use of the Council’s knowledge base and strengthen its capacities as an organization, the Council will implement a number of recommendations made in the 2007 organizational design review to improve its culture of learning and information exchange, research, strategic planning, program evaluation, change implementation, and communications capacity. The overall goal will be to strengthen leadership and horizontal integration throughout the organization, including making the Canadian Commission for UNESCO and the Art Bank more integral to the Council and working more closely with the Public Lending Right Commission. These changes will also enhance the Council’s capacity to implement its priorities throughout all aspects of the organization. db003938-3bf4-459b-8bf4-6abaca4d0377 699bfd1a-a463-46fb-bd68-7d60453e9c52 9ba34fa3-4428-4a92-8a98-a83412470be4 2008-01-01 2011-12-31 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.