CCAE Strategic Plan 2010 – 2013 Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education CCAE _eaa9273c-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 The Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) fosters excellence in Canadian education by providing bilingual programs and services to professionals in institutional advancement. CCAE seeks to be the authoritative source for Canadian educational advancement, and the primary provider of professional development for Canadian advancement professionals. _eaa92a48-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 The Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) fosters excellence in Canadian education by providing bilingual programs and services to professionals in institutional advancement. _eaa92b38-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 Bilingualism CCAE is a bilingual association that offers member services and products in both English and French. Research and Data CCAE will conduct appropriate research to ensure its planning is data-driven. Quality CCAE will provide its members with products and services of exemplary quality. Governance CCAE has adopted the model of a governance Board, with professional staff filling operational roles. Financial Viability CCAE’s operations will ensure the organization’s long-term financial viability. Professional Development Make exemplary professional development opportunities CCAE’s top priority. _eaa92bec-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 Strategic Direction #1 Professional development for Canadian advancement staff has been the central focus of CCAE since its inception, and its most prized membership benefit. This strategic direction enshrines the key role of PD and its status as the organization’s top priority. Experiences Provide high-value PD experiences that deepen the CCAE brand. _eaa92cc8-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 1.1 • Professional Development is CCAE’s raison d’être and must be the #1 focus. • High value is ascribed to PD that is: - relevant - rated highly by participants - attractive to advancement professionals across member segments • Quality should not be sacrificed for quantity. CCAE will focus on timely, polished, content-rich programming rather than multiplicity of PD offerings. f95b9cb4-c028-4d30-958c-84884c542809 Improvement Develop an improved PD program using objective assessments of potential need (data-driven). _eaa92e26-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 1.2 • Assess the full range of PD opportunities and act on the best opportunities based on: - what best serves the members, - what CCAE is best at delivering, - what offers best return on effort/investment, and - intersection with other strategies. • Assessments must take into account alternatives offered in the market. • CCAE may choose to drop as well as add PD programs dependent on the evolving needs of its members. • PD opportunities will be pursued within the organization’s capacity and at a sustainable pace. bf5da73e-2418-4b17-a16b-35389c683e8c Gaps and Opportunities Identify and target PD gaps and opportunities to serve specific member segments. _eaa92f02-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 1.3 • Segments include: - advancement discipline - geographic region - experience level / seniority - institution type/ size - shop type / size - primary language • Integration/coherence across disciplines is a core value offered by CCAE PD. • PD has a number of dimensions beyond training or learning: networking, mentoring, benchmarking, problem solving, etc. 20d12efe-d7aa-4e9a-bd3f-8ccb222236b9 Enhance Member Services Assess the need for member services beyond professional development, and initiate or enhance these services. _eaa92ff2-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 Strategic Direction #2 CCAE members seek and derive benefits from the organization in addition to professional development. Canadian advancement forms a diverse community of interest that offers fellowship, a sounding board for issues, and examples of best practices. Through research, CCAE will assess member needs for services beyond PD and will develop plans to initiate or enhance appropriate services. Products and Services Create products and services tailored to existing and emerging membership segments across constituent types and experience levels, and promote them. _eaa930e2-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 2.1 • Outside of PD, examples of significant value and service to members include: o awards o fellowship and networking o mentoring o career development and volunteer opportunities o research and benchmarking o resources (e.g. databases, documents) • Engage volunteers in supporting CCAE’s work to identify and develop strategies geared to various membership segments, as defined in the section on professional development. 7c5f8d7e-2266-4833-8aff-81971dc6f64a Partnerships Enhance the value, reach and effectiveness of partnerships. _eaa931d2-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 2.2 • Review the potential of existing and prospective partnerships to enhance member services and benefits. • Engage sponsors and like organizations in providing services that will benefit CCAE, its partners, and members of the advancement profession. 663a6a9f-4038-4f51-9eaa-4c809ad244f9 Governance & Operational Structure Complete the transition to CCAE’s new governance and operational structure to fulfill the organization’s vision and mission. _eaa932cc-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 Strategic Direction #3 CCAE is evolving to better serve its members through a restructuring process begun in late 2008. In the past year, CCAE has worked to delineate Board responsibilities for governance and separate these from the ED’s responsibilities, working with professional staff, for operational matters. CCAE is also working to recognize and integrate the important role of regional Boards and Councils, and other member groups, in its national structure. Governance Structure Develop an optimal governance structure to best serve all CCAE members. _eaa933c6-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 3.1 Board of Directors • Clarify governance and operational roles and responsibilities, with particular attention to areas where roles overlap. • Centralize governance with the CCAE Board of Directors while harnessing operationally the talent, energy and work of member groups (e.g., regional groups and those based on advancement discipline area). • Ensure Board meeting agendas reflect governance priorities. • Define meaningful volunteer experiences that deepen skills, build networks and increase engagement with CCAE. eaea9180-b3df-4d9a-a458-3a4808d520f6 Fiduciary Requirements Ensure CCAE’s fiduciary requirements are fulfilled. _eaa934ca-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 3.2 Board of Directors • Determine sound, long-term investment strategies. • Ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. 30eba335-4f8e-4637-8fdc-c0e57c1415f5 CCAE Board Secure the future of the CCAE Board as representative of the advancement profession. _eaa935ec-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 3.3 Board of Directors • Align Board member composition with the demographics of the advancement profession. • Recruit current and future advancement leaders to ensure Board succession. 8b2398a0-df27-49f5-80cc-af571ee4c7cc Operational Objectives Engage volunteers in supporting CCAE operational objectives _eaa936f0-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 3.4 Executive Director Volunteers o tailor PD to regional and other membership needs and interests; o create a meaningful ladder of experience for volunteers at all levels; o align member groups with newly defined governance and operational roles. 3b250e44-0285-4397-83b0-c5dd223615a5 CCAE Brand Develop and formalize the evolving CCAE brand. _eaa9381c-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 3.5 Executive Director CCAE members • Engage CCAE members by implementing a comprehensive, professionally managed communications and marketing program. 6a37721e-34e7-4718-9a3e-423500de279f Financial Sustainability Develop strategies to ensure CCAE’s financial sustainability. _eaa9395c-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 Strategic Direction #4 CCAE’s financial integrity is essential to the organization’s ongoing existence and its capacity to implement ambitious strategic goals. Ensuring the organization’s financial viability over time is a key responsibility of both its governance and operational leadership. Programs and Management Ensure financial sustainability through existing and emerging programs and prudent financial management. _eaa93a88-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 4.1 • Build revenue targets and financial goals into PD programs and other services. • Explore new revenue generation options. 11b699ab-3804-4cbd-b96e-a039392893b9 Membership Structure Create a membership structure to maximize both member engagement and financial sustainability. _eaa93bc8-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 4.2 • Resolve whether CCAE’s optimal membership structure is based on institutions, individuals, or an alternative model. • Build a robust membership recruitment and retention program. 7321a62b-456e-48f6-9f78-58b451b2ca5e Partnerships and Sponsorships Maximize the capacity of partnerships and sponsorships to enhance CCAE’s financial position. _eaa93d44-8c2f-11e1-9360-d13c71d0e070 4.3 Partners Sponsors • Explore additional partner and sponsor prospects. • Structure sponsor and partner agreements to ensure revenue flow to CCAE. b33de520-cd0b-4d06-836b-0cf8942d3f6d Investment Invest in developing and fulfilling CCAE’s strategies. _50e611c2-8c30-11e1-a6bb-835371d0e070 4.4 • Ensure that operational plans reflect organizational priorities and make effective investments in human and financial resources. • Routinely apply a financial sustainability “test” to all significant Board choices, proposals and strategic decisions. 784cb59c-78ad-4975-96c1-ecc8a037c7e9 2010-03-28 2013-12-30 2012-04-21 Owen Ambur Submit error.