Aims and Objectives Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility CCSR _867cef98-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a The Growing Need for CCSR -- The technological advances in computing and information technology continue to accelerate, such that society, its citizens and organisations are being subjected to a growing range of impacts, some of which can have detrimental effects. Often, a reliance on technology can increase the vulnerability of the weaker and poorer members of society and, what is more, can even determine membership of these groups. Nonetheless, there are many benefits to be gained through the sensitive design and application of the technology, the key to which is being aware of the potential pitfalls and avoiding them. Internationally, there is a growing awareness that technology must be applied sensitively. The Centre, as part of an international community dedicated to the advancement of work in this area, provides a focus for undertaking activities relating to national and international issues. Professor Simon Rogerson The Director of CCSR, De Montfort University (DMU) _867cf196-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a To undertake research and provide teaching, consultancy and advice to individuals, communities, organisations and governments at local, national and international levels on the actual and potential impacts of computing and related technologies on society and its citizens. _867cf27c-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a Multidisciplinary Approach Activity draws upon theory, concepts and procedures from many disciplines whilst focusing on the single theme of Computing and Social Responsibility. Coordination All related activities within the Faculty of Computing Sciences and Engineering are undertaken through the Centre. Partnerships Members from other schools undertaking related activities are invited to undertake them under the Centre's name. Leadership in Research To provide national and international leadership for research on Computing and Social Responsibility. _867cf308-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 1 Events Organise conferences, seminars and other events on Computing and Social Responsibility and topics related to it. _867cf394-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 1.1 85f7b752-8089-41bf-99fd-97782184fc2b 4af63333-e054-48ca-9dd5-4a16922e4adc Research Conduct research, including collaborative work, in the field of Computing and Social Responsibility. _867cf420-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 1.2 a9dbe701-6c2e-4e69-9d7a-196f9dde6f01 922cad9c-2419-4199-815d-0abd1c0563e8 Resources Provide on-line resources for researchers in Computing and Social Responsibility. _867cf4b6-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 1.3 c305de21-e17a-45b9-adc8-d6c48470fc8f 17b6037a-a089-4d00-9130-14b4082c41e4 Visiting Scholars Host visiting scholars engaged in research on Computing and Social Responsibility. _867cf54c-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 1.4 e1aa2604-2d96-49f0-9f7e-f9a39139825e 1d96f590-6288-4e52-bc43-7dc77787af90 Research Network Lead and participate in an international network of research centres on Computing and Social Responsibility. _867cf632-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 1.5 b1a8f35b-ae01-43ea-acf0-7c528a8a0b17 40e1bc1a-8641-46ed-a295-1f8a27aada26 Information and Education To inform and educate the citizens of society about issues of Computing and Social Responsibility. _867cf70e-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 2 Advice Advise other education providers on Computing and Social Responsibility matters. _867cf7c2-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 2.1 768213d9-b24b-4271-abd4-c0b67af2b983 f3070dc1-5228-42ba-b3b1-da9642846143 Curriculum Deliver a curriculum for Computing and Social Responsibility for the University and associated institutions. _867cf876-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 2.2 f799d56b-e567-421d-bd48-560959f326e2 82315291-6000-4b70-9783-4eb3d72d5bff Education and Information Provide education and information using a varitey of media and modes of study. _867cf92a-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 2.3 95faec29-69c1-4a1b-986e-280a5749ecfc 520edc77-3460-4c74-86e9-4eca0f4bd9ef Consultation and Advice To provide a consultancy and advisory service on Computing and Social Responsibility. _867cf9f2-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 3 Reports Respond to consultation documents and write reports on topics related to Computing and Social Responsibility. _867cfaba-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 3.1 864394e3-abb8-4c1c-a7ad-a7ed3059b541 6bca4ed7-cab6-49a3-abd3-3604c5080636 Advice Act as a source of advice for policy makers, industry and IT professionals. _867cfb8c-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 3.2 3abb0ccf-d2de-43c7-bb3d-70174907cedf e4fec7b8-d1a1-4c72-b11b-c34f0a350697 Consultation and Research Undertake consultancy and contract research activities on topics related to Computing and Social Responsibility. _867cfc5e-35cc-11df-810d-53377a64ea2a 3.3 ebab1c43-bb53-4038-9dad-160bf40559b1 127fe9e3-0459-46cb-9b82-de0e49283132 2010-03-22 Owen Ambur Submit error.