About Us Common Dreams CD _aeeeb6c6-9b89-11e1-8b0b-4d359e657eea Common Dreams is a nonprofit, progressive, nonpartisan citizens' organization founded in 1997 by political activists Craig Brown and his late wife, Lina Newhouser. We are a powerful online voice for change. With millions of monthly readers around the world, we have become one of the most read progressive websites. Writers We are writers. Activists. Everyday citizens. We are hundreds of thousands strong. Activists Craig Brown Political Activist _aeeebb80-9b89-11e1-8b0b-4d359e657eea To inform. To inspire. To ignite change for the common good. _aeeebbf8-9b89-11e1-8b0b-4d359e657eea Peace We are united by our common dreams of peace, social justice, equality and human rights. Social Justice Equality Human Rights Non-Discrimination We are energized by our passionate belief that these dreams should be within reach of everyone. Regardless of race, gender, or status. Participation We understand that to assure a meaningful participation by all in democracy we must maintain a free press - providing reliable information, critical thought and creative ideas. Democracy Press Freedom Critical Thought Creative Ideas News Publish news from a progressive perspective. _aeeebc52-9b89-11e1-8b0b-4d359e657eea 1 We publish breaking news from a progressive perspective. _aeeebcb6-9b89-11e1-8b0b-4d359e657eea f5280470-3f84-4521-9248-8dba1456d7c3 Ideas, Opinions, and Analysis Publish ideas, opinions and in-depth analysis. _aeeebd1a-9b89-11e1-8b0b-4d359e657eea 2 [We also publish] the latest ideas, opinions and in-depth analysis by some of the world's best progressive writers, thinkers and activists. _aeeebd74-9b89-11e1-8b0b-4d359e657eea dec40f28-0080-475b-82e5-5161f8be37e5 Technology Use technology to bring the progressive community together. _aeeebdd8-9b89-11e1-8b0b-4d359e657eea 3 Progressive Community We use the latest technology to bring the progressive community together online. _aeeebe3c-9b89-11e1-8b0b-4d359e657eea 5cafb3a7-9e41-4f22-add7-fe66c34a31c0 2012-05-11 http://www.commondreams.org/about-us Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.