About CEBI Chief Executive Boards International CEBI _7a6e2998-d8f7-11e2-b3bd-ac4b2a598b84 CEOs Participation in all Chief Executive Boards International programs and services is by invitation only and strictly limited to business owners, presidents and Chief Executive Officers. Business Owners Company Presidents Terry Weaver CEO -- * BS in Electrical Engineering, Kansas State University * Former divisional VP, Johnson Controls, Inc. * Former President/COO, KEMET Corporation * Founded Metaprise Consulting, an IT services company. Sold business in 2002 * Founded Delta Resource Group, a value improvement consulting practice * Member, Kansas State University Engineering Hall of Fame * Served on Technology Advisory boards for Kansas State University, Furman University, University of SC Upstate & United Way of Greenville County * President, Rotary Club of Greenville 2003-2004 Alison Pacewic Manager, Member Services -- * BA Business Adminstration, Converse College * Corporate Marketing * Judge's Assistant - Family Court Jim Henderson Local Board Chair -- Greater Boston, MA -- * BS in Industrial Engineering, Clemson University * Worldwide Support & Training manager, global logistics company * Co-Founder/President of an Inc. 500 company * COO/CEO - Secured Angel Investment for a cloud-based software company * Member, Upstate Carolina Angel Network * Consultant, Coach and Fractional "CXO" for closely-held businesses Joe Barber Local Board Chair -- Houston, TX -- * BBA in Accounting, University of Texas * MBA, University of Houston * President, Total Excellence Management Corp. * President, Zenith Consulting Corporation * Director, Bonita House of Hope & Technology Entrepreneurs Exchange * Former COO, Syntex Management Systems * Former President, NexTec Group, Inc. Ron Wiley, Ph.D. Founder -- * BS in Industrial Psychology * MA and PhD in Psychology * Former College Professor and College Dean * Extensive experience in business education and training * Professional speaker, providing training for thousands of business individuals over a 20 year period * Consultant to programs funded by The US Department of Labor, US Office of Education, Federal Aviation Agency, and The US Marshals Service * Conducted training programs for many top companies and universities in the US * Specializes in helping business owners, presidents, and CEOs deal with the unique needs of chief executives _7a6e2b78-d8f7-11e2-b3bd-ac4b2a598b84 To give CEOs and business owners the unique opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other highly experienced peers _7a6e2c72-d8f7-11e2-b3bd-ac4b2a598b84 Fulfillment More Fulfillment. Free Time More free time. Wealth More wealth. Mastermind Group Provide a mastermind group of hands-on advisors willing to share experiences, ideas and solutions _7a6e2d12-d8f7-11e2-b3bd-ac4b2a598b84 Membership in CEBI provides you with a mastermind group of hands-on advisors willing to share experiences, ideas and solutions through a variety of meeting formats: Local Boards Deliver Answers _7a6e2dbc-d8f7-11e2-b3bd-ac4b2a598b84 1 Local Boards Deliver Answers -- Our local boards deliver the competent, confidential advice that CEO's need. Groups meet four to six times a year for intense problem-solving sessions that give our members the advice and confidence they need to get their businesses running the way they want. Have trouble generating sales? Bring it here. Can't balance your business and personal life? Your board has dealt with that, too. Every session delivers seasoned, experienced, decision support available from no other source. 72f36dbc-2357-490a-b673-f1705ad630fc National Summits Build business and personal relationships _7a6e2e66-d8f7-11e2-b3bd-ac4b2a598b84 2 National Summits Extend Your Reach -- Like the local boards? You'll love our national summits where 40 to 60 CEOs and business owners meet for two days of new ideas, networking, learning, and sharing. Our national summits build strong business and personal relationships that make for stronger businesses for all of our members. 09d6645d-fe57-4d79-bbc8-696c44162dab Retreats Learn, relax, and strengthen relationships _7a6e2f1a-d8f7-11e2-b3bd-ac4b2a598b84 3 CEOs Retreats Recharge Your Batteries -- A great CEO knows how to balance work, self, and family, and we know how to help. Stimulating, and invigorating, our CEO retreats are intimate weekend format programs, in resort settings, that include spouses. Retreats let you learn, relax, and strengthen the relationships that are most important. b5b0f7f0-8755-4424-b55d-2bce1498d6a0 Adventures Turn [nontraditional meeting places] into high performance board rooms _7a6e2fd8-d8f7-11e2-b3bd-ac4b2a598b84 4 Adventures -- We turn fighter planes, sports cars, yachts, and golf courses into high performance board rooms that are just the ticket for high-performance CEOs. a9d91ed8-b143-4c8e-8d2b-522a5db3fe84 Electronic Connections Enable members to connect electronically _7a6e308c-d8f7-11e2-b3bd-ac4b2a598b84 5 Members also connect electronically, leveraging specific expertise of other members, through a unique Members Only website that includes a searchable member directory, as well as a huge library of original material contributed by members and CEBI staff. d72dc3e3-33f5-4c3f-bddb-6a2e098091c6 2013-06-19 http://www.chiefexecutiveboards.com/about.asp Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.