About CECP CECP 32354973-a766-4a4d-bbe4-f150fa165b3b In 1998, Paul Newman approached Peter L. Malkin about creating an organization that would encourage companies to commit greater resources to charitable investments. CECP, formerly known as the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, was officially launched on November 18, 1999 when Paul Newman, John C. Whitehead, Peter L. Malkin, Walter Shipley, and other business leaders called upon companies to respond to the needs in their communities. To this day, Paul Newman's sentiment that corporate America can be a force for good in society is still a core belief of CECP. CECP Board of Directors CECP is led by an engaged Board of Directors. Along with the entire CECP membership, these leaders work to increase awareness among the corporate sector, the media, and the public with respect to the combined business and social value of sustained, strategic corporate philanthropy. Douglas R. Conant Chairman, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy; Former CEO, Campbell Soup Company Kenneth T. Derr Founding Co-Chair -- Former Chairman and CEO Chevron Corporation Paul L. Newman Founding Co-Chair (Jan. 26, 1925 - Sept. 26, 2008) Harold McGraw III Chairman, President and CEO, McGraw Hill Financial Irene M. Dorner President & CEO, HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Marilyn Carlson Nelson Co-CEO, Carlson Holdings, Inc. John C. Whitehead Former Co-Chair, Goldman, Sachs & Co.; Former Deputy Secretary of State Duncan L. Niederauer CEO, NYSE Euronext Henrietta H. Fore Chairman and CEO, Holsman International James E. Rohr Executive Chairman, The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. Robert H. Forrester President and CEO, Newman's Own Foundation Michael I. Roth Chairman and CEO, Interpublic Group Alan G. Hassenfeld Chairman, Executive Committee, Hasbro, Inc. Edward B. Rust, Jr. Chairman and CEO, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Shelly Lazarus Chairman Emeritus, Ogilvy & Mather John B. Veihmeyer Chairman and CEO, KPMG LLP Peter L. Malkin Chairman Emeritus, Empire State Realty Trust Sanford I. Weill Chairman Emeritus, Citigroup Inc. Sherilyn S. McCoy CEO, Avon Products, Inc. CECP Honorary Chairs Peter L. Malkin David Rockefeller Paul A. Volcker Sanford I. Weill John C. Whitehead dc71d386-d98b-4ffa-b80f-8cfa277d90b2 To draw together and empower senior executives of the world's leading companies to achieve unprecedented progress on societal challenges while driving business performance. 8f0c0e79-447d-44e1-8c5b-6224bd323f13 Societal Challenges Offer connectivity and a platform to multiply investments in solving societal challenges. 187c584a-1197-4dd2-b2f9-04f7397c8228 1 CECP offers high-powered connectivity and the platform to multiply investments in solving societal challenges. CECP uniquely enhances its members' societal initiatives through strategy-related expertise, influential advocates, and awareness building, and by offering members essential resources including a proprietary benchmarking tool, networking programs, research, and opportunities for best-practice sharing. Philanthropy Budgets Give companies responses to questions on how to compare their philanthropy budgets. 9bd85b58-8d96-406d-8af0-95396efe0dc3 1.1 CECP created the Corporate Giving Standard (CGS) — an unparalleled online data collection, reporting, and measurement tool — to give companies an immediate response to challenging questions on how to compare their philanthropy budgets. The CGS provides access to more than forty on-demand, customizable benchmarking reports and contains more than $100 billion in corporate giving data from more than 240 leading companies. Giving officers can use this tool to help assess the performance of their giving budgets. The CGS offers an opportunity to help contextualize giving programs, and philanthropy professionals benefit from CECP's expert analysis and individual counsel to help fully utilize the data. Access is restricted to participating companies, and survey respondents can identify the data they are willing to share within the community, so no outside parties will see your information. 586452df-68a5-4e98-9916-66a20d3931a4 Events Host events that bring together global leaders in corporate giving. 6cf514e0-0cfb-4147-91c6-225229fd4461 1.2 Global Leaders in Corporate Giving Events -- Meetings that make a difference. CECP hosts a variety of events that bring together global leaders in corporate giving. Whether it's an exclusive gathering of CEOs to share executive perspectives on the business value of corporate philanthropy, a forum for giving professionals to discuss best practices, or a program for presenting new data and research in the field, CECP events engage the corporate community in dialogue that inspires more strategic and effective giving practices. 4490b562-4a03-4195-a7f1-1d6a1a38f2cf Research & Best Practices Advance the case for corporate engagement in societal issues around the world. e18a9408-8c21-495e-8344-c07cc1502cca 1.3 CECP offers leading research, benchmarking studies, and Executive Summaries from CEO conferences and other convenings to advance the case for corporate engagement in societal issues around the world. 846d738f-ebc5-4028-8264-a997daa61f3e CEO Actions Identified the Top Actions of an Engaged CEO. d25cd04c-820d-4723-b888-1159a029f295 2 CEOs Through more than a decade of work with CEOs, CECP has identified the Top Actions of an Engaged CEO. These actions are carried out each day by leading CEOs and are concrete steps senior executives can take to advance corporate societal engagement within their companies. Community Engagement Reinforce the value of your company's community engagement. 2b9681e3-b450-495e-8fe5-0a2cdd4d5a6d 2.1 Communities 60e0b2ef-5b78-4d66-bc48-be348043d3bf Involvement Inspire employees at all levels to get involved. f76fe812-0fde-4c6c-8392-ef5b268a4ec2 2.2 Employees 5eef60ee-effa-41c9-a88f-1b3a142834e6 Rallying Rally other CEOs to do more. c16add66-2dae-4644-9ef7-085d2923aad2 2.3 CEOs 9541350b-9554-4ace-9d1c-e8346ca5c7c2 Skills & Resources Commit your company's unique skills and resources. da653d00-2b97-4781-9718-ababbaddbeb3 2.4 9b1636c7-61ae-441f-a0fc-ce41b7c03b93 Solutions Reach outside your company to create solutions. 0167441f-c7fd-47dc-8f88-683f6385b47a 2.5 d70c9c5d-aafe-4571-a3a8-4a7e3951d438 Measurement & Transparency Prioritize measurement and transparency. 3af3ca88-60bc-45d2-8188-6b5b899c2f93 2.6 0ab768e2-cf05-4d5a-87e4-c29fd62d7009 Community Initiatives Elevate community initiatives to your board. 4075fdfb-7a9c-483d-8137-d43ce935a44c 2.7 Communities Corporate Boards ec88f05e-e025-45ce-bb25-1de9fb53e2ba Mobilization Mobilize your company's senior leadership. 87d1453d-106a-4745-b118-4516f1843c11 2.8 Senior Corporate Leaders 1e34b767-34f7-4950-85c9-74dc2ad668e0 2013-10-15 http://cecp.co/about-cecp.html Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.