Central and Eastern European Citizens Network Central and Eastern European Citizens Network CEECN _2e102b82-ee69-411b-8ad9-0f9add3e9f9f 99a3c218-86d6-4b3e-8b71-e53de4418a6c To promote citizens participation in Central and Eastern Europe and provide opportunities for grassroots initiatives to learn and exchange experiences and ideas. _ba093e59-10f7-4d4e-ae9f-c7ae26066d45 Participation Every citizen has the right to participate in the design and implementation of those activities affecting their lives, their families and their communities. Inclusion Active inclusion of the unempowered and marginalized as equal partners must be ensured and stimulated. Diversity Respect for the diversity of our membership and their experiences. Trust, Vision, and Common Aims and Beliefs Mutual trust, shared vision, common aims and beliefs of the network members. Citizen Participation and Democracy To ensure democratic systems through citizen participation _4685b28c-107c-4374-bb2c-0753005af521 Democratic systems endure when there is the mutually reinforcing practice and belief of transparent, free and open citizen participation. Both the practices and beliefs are new in CEE. That is why citizen participation needs to be fostered. The Network exists to both improve each member organization's efforts and also result in some external impact in the CEE region. Awareness Increase awareness of the general public throughout CEE on the potential and actual impact of citizen initiatives. _b2abca9d-2ad8-44c5-8c93-996a56a38220 1 4b431260-9acc-44d1-81c7-961c6a8c82de 05ca5109-6199-4109-a5d7-c98d0c6a1c90 Skills and Capacities Increase skills and capacities of citizens to more effectively participate in local, regional and national development. _101a1402-7e0f-4b3c-892c-ba2c8e0088d8 2 fa5ecea0-8930-4da9-9231-175616655ffa 35ec728a-9399-4ece-9149-ea7a42918cd0 Citizen Participation Promote citizen participation in CEE. _3ab4bf55-0eff-43cf-a2e8-ece970ccd224 3 56bab16e-0574-46df-95f3-7394bbdbcbf9 252ca2be-c452-4eb9-be04-03323758e41f 2010-02-08 http://ceecn.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=21&Itemid=37 Arthur Colman (www.drybridge.com) colman@drybridge.com Submit error.