Council for Excellence in Government Council for Excellence in Government CEG _98fb9253-1bac-4943-87ad-ca844d309068 382f133b-4208-4e0c-aad9-b6a9a7f59f8e The Council for Excellence in Government works to improve the performance of government at all levels; and government's place in the lives and esteem of American citizens. With its experienced staff, network of experts and members, and diverse partners, the Council helps to create stronger public sector leadership and management, driven by innovation and focused on results; and increased citizen confidence and participation in government, through better understanding of government and its role. _5ee7e508-654b-4313-8cb5-c8d2420c53aa People for Public Service Attract and develop talented people for public service. _98b2c072-0a4e-415c-b834-04995c00b872 1 d3ffd1f2-52ec-43a2-861b-85aaa0a556ce 18a002be-ad66-4317-bb8e-879d5965cba6 fa01ba94-6846-4941-b648-7083cf5743e5 Innovation and Results in Government Encourage innovation and results-oriented performance in government; _c6b48440-53f0-462a-91b0-5e20c69f20ef 2 29ae5827-fbfd-43d0-a1b4-772f23346e46 e8b9dbda-3c1d-4a72-8e35-9b50ca6b019e 264a0258-0f0c-4dd2-b34b-58f5a96a8028 E-Government Promote e-government as a revolutionary tool for improving performance and better connecting people to government. _b56491d2-7bc5-4c38-b1fe-d91520b426db 3 368686e1-7a43-4450-a02c-639fe5f7bb7b 17991918-70ce-4c4e-b5d3-9ddd1e77fc63 2934d78d-c264-4dd1-a529-3a9bfea13edd Citizen Participation in Governance Improve the connection between citizens and government and encourage their participation in governance. _9265af63-bf41-4953-84ad-737db5613d37 4 273a064b-5698-4763-a5ae-66bddff33cf5 8dd3b27e-c1d5-4485-a83a-2977a3a6cbf8 66b16826-121d-4334-8081-ead2ed9ee3d3 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.