Center for Collaborative Intelligent, Integrated Informatics & Infrastructures for R&D and Manufacturing Center for Collaborative Intelligent, Integrated Informatics & Infrastructures for R&D and Manufacturing CENSA _b9a64014-c2c5-4915-b07b-f162f1dc7fd8 99e964ac-c591-4efe-b886-07af3faf0ce7 To drive creation, convergence, effective usage, and continuous improvement of automation and informatics technologies and methodologies that facilitate scientific discovery, product development and intelligent collaboration among technical and business professionals. _6e703e1d-9669-441f-afe6-771e2879d9bb Collaborative Systems Drive innovation, convergence, and integration of technologies for building Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems (CENS) and more advanced systems for Intelligent Collaborative Informatics for R&D, Manufacturing, team project data management, business process management and integration, and electronic records. _d52294a3-14dc-4d5b-a409-4cc434f456b0 1 Through its market development programs, CENSA hosts major initiatives in informatics and software development that bring committed end users and suppliers together to catalyze expansion of new markets. CENSA emphasizes existing commercial technologies as its starting point for projects. These technologies include collaborative informatics, intelligent semantic agents, content and workflow management and integration, Web-based systems, standards and tools, electronic records creation, records management and archiving ... and other hardware and software systems that must be integrated with them ... such as lab instruments, mobile handheld computers, chemoinformatics, bioinformatics, and medical informatics tools, LIMS, project data management, and other static and dynamic collaborative computing systems. 8d147d11-6faa-4e38-ae8b-7d5ca71e4c41 e2dc065e-8855-4406-b204-a0d3ebebeb86 9ea681b9-f297-4f8c-8a96-5bca0e7e265f Market and Product Development Host market and product development programs in regulated industries where patents are fundamental to product research and development. _33ca16aa-6804-4107-998c-224dc3dfadc0 2 Government regulatory agencies and research laboratories also participate in various research, development, or review capacities. CENSA was formed in response to the need for better research, legal and regulatory information, components, systems and standards for integrated team project support, people-to-people collaboration, recordkeeping, knowledge management, and intelligent semantic software-to-software and software-to-people integration using collaborating software agents. Using the technologies mentioned above as starting points, the End User Members carefully specify what's missing to facilitate usage of these technologies for complex research, product development, and business areas. The End User Members then work with suppliers to deliver the missing pieces on an accelerated basis via product development contracts. As part of the development effort, End User Members supply resources for review, testing, and pilot projects of products that meet their defined needs. df4dafbc-67a9-4540-beb3-ee15ac64fe6d 228f5ec7-1122-4f34-b2f0-9d1afadc7b3d 885ff6b5-ba75-42bb-9927-7a9c8336131e 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.