Citizen-Enabling Open Government (CEOG) The CEOG promotes leveraging open government technologies and wide implementation of community of service collaborative processes. The CEOG proposes an “agile, adaptive and virtual government” could represent significant savings in program and technology expenses. CEOG Topic Areas: * Virtual Government * Cloud Computing * Data and Information Transparency * Process Redesign and Enablement * Service Oriented Government * Human Capital Empowerment * Governance Problem Areas: * No government-wide plan for optimal use of Open Government and Cloud Computing initiatives * Costly traditional government operations * Less than effective citizen programs * Increased need to do more with less Enterprise Architecture-Shared Interest Group EA SIG _96cb2220-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a ACT/IAC The American Council for Technology (ACT) - Industry Advisory Council (IAC) is a non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to improving government through the application of information technology. ACT-IAC provides an objective, ethical and trusted forum where government and industry exchange information and collaborate on technology issues in the public sector. Key Benefits: * Promotes Citizen engagement/Open Government * Promotes an integrated suite of services that comprehensively address Life Event needs * Optimizes scarce resources _96cb3058-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a To establish a forum of government executives willing to promote the CEOG effort and define a high-level strategy for implementation _96cb3120-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a Conceptual Awareness Generate awareness of CEOG concepts _96cb31c0-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 1 _96cb3238-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a c5c05d9a-61cd-459c-a2ba-c10e1fb38cd9 c81f6cf6-f0b6-4507-b3f3-79d81ff6a9ff Executive Sponsorship Engage OMB executives to sponsor the initiative _96cb329c-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 2 Endorsements List endorsements from individuals or organizations, if available. _96cb3314-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 2.1 3c4fd4b3-4a2a-49cf-869f-bfb6a190622b e17e3af4-24b9-42dd-a293-64ad3e9219a4 Health Care Pilot Position a pilot initiative to support the Health Care CoS _96cb338c-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 3 Statement of Work List proposed work items and resource requirements. _96cb3404-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 3.1 968f6b29-6647-43a0-ac3b-031929a4fbf3 931c8146-e708-43ca-a67b-e752bd7547bf Project Timetable Present a timetable for each phase of the project. _96cb347c-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 3.2 61856363-1d42-4058-958e-4769cbfc9962 ad379d4d-273c-47f9-83c1-e1145076d834 Budget Provide a budget for the project. _96cb34f4-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 3.3 Use a table or chart to show budgeted items and total cost. 69a024c0-693c-4b9a-a761-3a65b310a04b 39609bf6-d6a3-4df6-9bdc-00dfcb904cd4 Key Personnel Provide an organization chart of the project management team. _96cb3576-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 3.4 a37e1a4f-58b7-4cb4-8a53-6adc65ffb3e6 0b51470e-b97f-44d8-bba5-7dbd000be043 Evaluation Discuss how and when the project will be evaluated. _96cb3616-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 3.5 1893ca55-f882-4ac4-8e48-4243219d90d9 03140d42-0ead-48a0-adf0-b659d7bae822 Quality Assurance List quality assurance steps that will occur during the project. _96cb36a2-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 3.5.1 de0ec258-cd07-46d2-9e5f-50ab15325e90 76ba8dc6-a473-49de-b0b2-e378cc5ddf27 Evaluation Methods List evaluation methods that will be used after the project is complete. _96cb372e-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 3.5.2 5be3c092-9c64-47d4-b72c-065105f65f9e dc0c4dee-9e3d-41d7-8655-f374a2d3d57a Action Plans Explain how you will act on the results of your assessments and project evaluation. _96cb37b0-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 3.5.3 0a4bc91e-67c5-4264-a376-689b09464657 a4cc6355-c5ff-4c73-be7d-eb2d32badbd4 Open Government and the Cloud Integrate with Open Government & Cloud Computer initiatives _96cb383c-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a 4 _96cb38d2-ff57-11df-9ced-4f737a64ea2a bc539173-3936-455e-b8c5-a9d74fe575b0 d830741c-12c3-4dc0-bd11-902f00ae53e4 2010-10-07 2010-12-03 Owen Ambur Submit error.