Vision Goals & Strategies Chief Financial Officers Council CFOC _10d359bc-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a The Chief Financial Officers Council--the CFOs and Deputy CFOs of the largest Federal agencies and senior officials of the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of the Treasury-- work collaboratively to improve financial management in the U S. Government. Shaping an environment in which government officials use high quality financial and performance information to make and implement effective policy, management, stewardship, and program decisions. _10d35c14-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a We influence the future of the federal government through ethical and effective leadership; serve as a catalyst for constructive change to ensure the 'integrity' of financial information needed for decision making; and measure program and financial performance to achieve desirable results. _10d35d22-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a Partnership Program and financial managers work in partnership, to achieve the full integration of financial (finance, budget, and cost), program, and oversight information and processes. Effectiveness and Efficiency Financial management policies and practices enhance effectiveness and efficiency of governmental programs; measuring performance is a critical element in making decisions. Customer Service Financial management emphasizes customer service based on customer needs. Integration and Sharing Integrated financial management systems, with adequate internal review and controls, provide information that is timely, accurate, and analyzed for options in ways that specifically help achieve program objectives. Government-wide systems are shared among agencies, and accountability is assured. Technology and Results Financial management leverages technology to achieve optimal results and maximize use of available resources. Performance Management Performance management based on quantitative standards, collecting accurate and timely performance data. and comparing the results against appropriate standards are an integral part of planning decision making and assessment processes used by Agency management, Congress, the Executive Branch and the public. Stewardship and Reporting Agencies assure Congress and the public that assets are being safeguarded and financial results are reported accurately and timely. Streamlining and Standards Financial management processes are streamlined, effective, and allow for the highest operational standards. Leadership and Creativity Financial managers are recognized as leaders in their profession, creative in finding solutions to management issues, and valued members of any management team. Skills and Rewards Financial management goals are backed by recruitment, training, performance, and reward structures. Responsibility and Support Program managers embrace their responsibility for managing financial resources with support from the financial management communities. Leadership To provide leadership to promote the efficient management of government resources and assets _10d35dea-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 1 Financial Management Leaders Government Managers Accountability Improve accountability by ensuring that management control is a day-to-day process. _10d35e9e-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 1.1 7a3ca7a0-7b10-4bc2-8923-b264f03990e5 97ce39e9-4602-47a0-b651-f8e85ca7dccf Quality Create an environment that demands 'quality' financial management at all levels, provides incentives, eliminates impediments, and encourages responsible risk taking. _10d35f52-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 1.2 Financial Management Staff a3ef1f9d-340b-4fbb-91fd-421edfe50c74 e974bb1a-f496-4bf4-bb34-9714ccc2c099 Partnership Build a partnership to ensure the functioning together of information resource management, program management, and financial management, including budgeting. _10d36010-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 1.3 Information Management Offices Program Management Offices Financial Management Offices Budget Offices d8cd5617-cfa3-4308-9441-e6efbac921d4 428cd4c3-a0c6-4aee-9c08-08101c249375 Qualifications and Teamwork Attract, retain, and develop highly qualified financial individuals who are valued members of the management team. _10d360c4-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 1.4 Financial Staff 62e437ce-1116-444c-a8fb-c6317d7b430c 23410f1b-dc2a-45c0-9c6c-90e940a7e7da Needs and Services To provide quality financial services to customers based on their needs _10d36196-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 2 Customers Image Change the view of financial management from solely control to service. _10d36268-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 2.1 18dd770f-026b-4a67-a557-570fd2fa6e10 260c9ab6-f68e-43bb-a75d-9ea31b286157 Partnerships and Customer Focus Enhance customer focus through strong partnerships. _10d3633a-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 2.2 Customers Partners 59b91e4d-8cff-4070-a152-1abd17342ef7 d0eb0958-d6f2-4033-aa7a-441423f386df Standards and Continuous Improvement Commit to achieving high standards of customer financial services through continuous improvement. _10d36416-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 2.3 Customers 0498e87e-2d4e-4c49-878c-f44a3b63169a 164b40a8-4d5f-4173-8f0f-92579ede2e95 Process Restructuring Help customers restructure their work processes in order to more efficiently achieve their service objectives. _10d364f2-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 2.4 Customers 0e23d5b6-5dab-4ca7-8d7e-3fd03856638c 5360bea6-5992-46fc-943c-82b5f9ad6d1f Financial and Performance Reporting Information To provide high quality financial information on federal government operations which fully supports financial and performance reporting _10d365d8-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 3 Standards and Definitions Establish standards and definitions. _10d366f0-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 3.1 2daf3be8-7359-4d55-9da3-7178dab621bc 5dcfe356-62f7-40e2-ba49-cedc120b6de3 Report Integration Create a system for integrating performance measures, cost information, and financial reporting. _10d367f4-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 3.2 f292f78c-4b17-45d5-9497-6692e70e8b08 f984cf4c-56c1-4dec-8f27-8e58ca3a68c4 Integrated Systems Establish integrated government financial management systems which minimize data entry and human intervention. _10d368f8-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 3.3 12e11d8a-7f60-4465-8722-a14f92babdc7 30b627d0-dab0-4327-829a-eba6876456d6 Analysis and Advice Provide cost effective reporting analysis, and advice which are interactive, timely, reliable, user friendly, and fully satisfy user needs. _10d369fc-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 3.4 6db6ebd6-460c-41b2-bc58-fc01c2dfbdfb 9d3b8dbc-8b9a-4f14-b3f9-4f94b8787fc3 Government-wide Framework To enhance the government-wide framework that provides sound financial policies and services, and facilitates effective communication _10d36b0a-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 4 Budget and Management Integration Improve the integration between the budget and management functions within the Government. _10d36c18-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 4.1 Budget Offices Management Offices 7e72e7b4-0fbd-429c-9924-958d5c2336be 763dab6d-37b0-4dab-81ef-3c52ce3814aa Coordination Review and improve the functions and coordination among central agencies and between central agencies and program agencies. _10d36d3a-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 4.2 Central Agencies Program Agencies 4fd4d296-59dc-4f85-968c-7865a88b2f44 0b9bb4e5-c6a4-4a27-8979-1983e9cf80c9 Collaboration, Cross-Servicing, and Outreach Improve and expand collaboration, cross servicing, and user-friendly outreach within and among government organizations. _10d36eac-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 4.3 Government Organizations 794c882b-812a-46dc-9e57-27ab243ab8d2 6bcac080-00f9-4c1e-ba88-8317d34bec70 Partnerships Strengthen the partnership between the Executive Branch and Congress to improve financial management. _10d36fd8-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 4.4 Executive Branch Congress 9f55f42d-cb2c-4bc0-99d7-52ed35b8c1e7 0c76f59e-cfdb-4555-b8c6-44b20965e2fb Technology and Business Practices To enhance - continually - financial management use of modern technology and business practices _10d3710e-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 5 Benchmarking Benchmark with ourselves and other high performance organizations. _10d3724e-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 5.1 High Performance Organizations 75176c75-707a-4d31-8cea-67153cc1b50b 60b58bb2-6dbb-4a66-b8f0-c4c619c82efe Best Practices Share best practices among agencies and with the public and private sectors. _10d3738e-5791-11df-8f43-5d737a64ea2a 5.2 Agencies Private Sector Public Sector 0af47dfc-c845-4e64-a614-5fcd34dfe848 4242c72e-fdb1-450c-93ac-b586ad26a6b1 2010-05-04 Owen Ambur Submit error.