What is CrowdHall? CrowdHall CH 82ba520e-e793-4608-ac60-23d623b7560f CrowdHall is a venue for crowd-sourced conversations with your favorite people & organizations. CrowdHall Team Austin Rory Hackett Co-Founder + CEO Jordan Menzel Co-Founder + COO Nick Wientge Co-Founder + CTO Sheldon Baker UI Developer Conrad VanLandingham UI Developer Julius Francisco API Developer Sebastian Sandqvist UI Designer Kat Schmermund Associate, Business Development Patrick Carroll Associate, Business Development Your Favorite People Your Favorite Organizations Celebrities Fans Politicians 89397b37-8e75-4e1c-b9ec-fd0c9cdf065b Provide a venue for crowd-sourced conversations 3d619a16-f6a5-454c-a84b-8c9e8d8f1a48 Questions, Ideas & Responses Prioritize questions & ideas and letting the host of the conversation respond in a simple and social way f315f222-89b0-4117-abc6-2bf4e600d31c Whether it's a Q&A between a celebrity & fans or a politician sourcing ideas from constituents, CrowdHall prioritizes the crowd's questions & ideas, letting the host of the conversation respond in a simple and social way. Questions Enable users to ask questions & vote on their favorites a091a817-446f-463d-9547-8fa560f8b5b6 1 Ask Questions & Vote on Your Favorites -- Ask and vote on as many questions as you'd like. We'll send you an email if your question gets answered. af8126a7-4544-4ae0-aec7-38cb3a748245 Support Enable users to share questions to get support 278e81cc-2f72-4dbf-91b8-ba6052f8e097 2 Share your Questions to Get Support -- You can post or share a link directly to your question. The more votes your question gets, the greater the chance it will be answered. 74fb8e81-729c-4740-8745-3ed0aab7a338 Responses Enable hosts to respond at their convenience and others to join the conversation. 6525b44c-7277-4f66-b852-da694a2b5640 3 Stay Tuned for an Answer from the Host -- Hosts may answer daily, weekly, or at their convenience. In the meantime, join the conversation by commenting on questions and answers. 43a7e490-e580-46a5-a9fd-76b105f98be6 2013-07-27 http://crowdhall.com/about Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.