Champions of Participation Champions of Participation ChamP _3c2c62a0-6011-4b5e-a538-fb1dc35ddc45 1a3aeb4c-8771-4bec-908f-d0c4862cabaf To make recommendations for the President’s Open Government Directive _4f7f309b-6aba-4642-8d23-3f92d40f86c0 Inter-Agency Governance Structure DEVELOP HIGH LEVEL INTER-AGENCY GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE FOR IMPLEMENTING THE OPEN GOVERNMENT DIRECTIVE _f981fe8b-bc80-44f9-a971-893e16fc0768 1 Oversight, promotion and management of the Open Government Directive within the federal bureaucracy are critical to its success. President's Management Council Establish the President’s Management Council as the key oversight structure for creating a more open government. _3cacbbc1-e822-43db-a0ff-f4be23b2f8fa 1.1 The Council can effectively engage Deputy Secretaries of the cabinet-level departments and agencies, providing top-level management support for open government. 76c9c375-58dd-41ad-9daa-930438422827 6c41facb-426f-4dc5-846b-4dc1a9176bec Inter-Agency Work Groups Form three inter-agency work groups to carry out the main aspects of the directive with the President’s Management Council. _77c6d9a2-9c24-40e1-8889-6757e8f74d9c 1.2 The first work group will oversee implementation of the Open Government Directive and measure its progress. The second work group will build the capacity of federal employees to engage the public. The third work group will investigate enhancing public participation through the use of new technologies. 17b88762-5926-429a-8567-b20a09d543ae 8310a98c-4d63-4eb4-a3dd-b3de9bb193d1 Government-wide Adoption ESTABLISH SYSTEMS THAT WILL SUPPORT GOVERNMENT-WIDE ADOPTION OF PARTICIPATION AND COLLABORATION PRACTICES _58fd0068-e9c6-40f0-8a61-0e6408b82164 2 In order to meet the goals of the Open Government Directive, it will be essential to support a “culture change” across federal agencies by establishing government-wide systems. Interagency Working Group Establish an interagency working group on public engagement to develop a community of practice that grows and lives over time. _1f6296d2-b0f9-413d-a542-b1da7d9a615e 2.1 8d50364b-3a92-43eb-8502-731a6065f868 3c7bb1eb-bf40-4abb-94d0-9d544ddfa4af Public Engagement Institute Establish a federal institute for public engagement, similar to the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, to gather research on best practices, conduct trainings, and develop a knowledge-base. _5045f79a-a87e-4458-9402-c493518a205b 2.2 1f3d0f93-17ef-49ca-9deb-5f11db917c63 747d16c7-6067-4079-966c-d9216f372826 Guidance Provide guidance to agencies on policies and interpretations of statutes through a White House Office/Council on Public Engagement. _30a47c76-46fc-46ae-9249-cc78195ad53c 2.3 4a5bf0bf-9497-4ed8-a9b9-e1f39142074a 8a08bbf5-6507-45e0-a9a1-7d96dd17644d Agency Civic Engagement Plans Require all agencies to submit plans within 120 days that outline how civic engagement will be incorporated into achieving their missions. _6274183e-273e-4346-827e-2e7638335083 2.4 Within 180 days, agencies will produce a plan to integrate public involvement and collaboration into all relevant systems. 0e7c6e11-31ba-465e-8ce7-83d122c689ed b1103b23-8785-4f8f-bb7c-0204136f1b00 Non-Governmental Expertise Leverage the expertise of non-governmental practitioners and experts through a roundtable or advisory board on public engagement. _1056d554-0453-4227-859b-21123c5e22ff 2.5 0c770ca0-5fdf-4a6c-bc06-77a5abe3be1a 02cf40a6-b57e-459d-9fa8-3dc44066883f Collaborative Partnerships Direct the Federal Executive Boards to implement collaborative partnership efforts at the regional level and within 180 days report to the entity overseeing the implementation of the Open Government Directive on their plans for participation and collaboration projects. _bb322209-5582-4bbb-9c56-e35644e063e3 2.6 a4371445-2951-42cf-8c7f-c999fcd3aeb1 846b3c42-aaca-4d30-8c73-d8f4a6bdf28b Transparency and Accountability System Set up online systems of transparency and public accountability so that the public can see full life cycles of decisions and processes from the very beginning to implementation and evaluation. _52804fb7-677d-4c91-a0ce-27a64e6b0d54 2.7 15d378f1-5d48-48cf-a6f0-e80c31bb3d05 2a783532-8c8d-4b7a-8eff-6b57f55ae38c Criteria and Metrics Modify and augment existing performance measurement and scorecard systems to include community engagement criteria and metrics. _df4d2924-6994-47c4-88d5-f2d9b7434e9a 2.8 861f66a5-10a3-48a0-9daf-968784402aa0 a6731716-16cd-46b9-b9ba-0fce438991f7 Award Establish a highly publicized and prestigious award for participation, collaboration and transparency. _6ee3a9a4-cb56-40a8-b4c4-a43ab568348e 2.9 3e7642ec-deb1-4569-b84e-1010d9ebd214 08bb6021-d980-42b8-86ae-541519a58f46 Presidential Initiatives DEMONSTRATE THE VALUE OF PARTICIPATION THROUGH HIGHLY VISIBLE PRESIDENTIAL INITIATIVES _b00f8f56-2cbc-4a91-9943-2a748201f0f0 3 The President has an opportunity to demonstrate the value that public participation and collaboration can bring to the policy making process through a set of high profile initiatives that involve the public on issues of high public concern. Health Care Reform Convene a national policy discussion on health care reform in order to demonstrate the role that the public can play in national policy making on a key policy issue facing the nation. _0cbf2fcf-9c11-4af3-a68a-b5bf7cec16f7 3.1 9ffdab40-6789-46e6-92e8-79993d91e1f6 220c7f55-373c-41eb-bb34-a5aebab49d29 Other Initiatives Explore other Presidential initiatives to demonstrate the value of participation and collaboration, including a federal agency intergovernmental collaboration on an issue like food safety, a cross-jurisdictional collaboration on an issue like developing a national disaster recovery plan, and individual agency problem solving on a major issue like dam safety. _33dd71ca-0fcb-4f64-966f-b58e0cff059d 3.2 a28697a2-79da-4393-ad6a-454a694f1245 0e5d1148-d855-4073-adcb-51da065b95cd Value to Agencies RESPOND TO THE BARRIER THAT PUBLIC AND STAKEHOLDER PARTICIPATION ARE NOT ADEQUATELY VALUED INSIDE AGENCIES _48ed6eae-e271-48ac-a5e7-ed8a53ce3d40 4 Many federal agencies have been resistant to involving the public in planning and decisionmaking due to a highly centralized culture and structure that relies heavily on expert judgment when public values are at stake in difficult policy decisions. Designated Resources Require that each agency designate and provide resources for a senior level open government champion who can review agency operations and identify areas to improve public participation, collaboration and transparency. _2a554ad3-f73d-4e50-a985-9730c1ac8fcd 4.1 c9af96d0-5cb3-4772-99d0-5629671478c8 9767c2a6-dc27-4a04-95ed-f8839ce29fb5 Incentives Provide agencies with incentives to pilot public engagement through rewards, a competition among agencies, learning opportunities, and incentives that are integrated into senior leadership competency requirements. _dceaaad2-a002-4f3f-b6a6-2fbb2782337f 4.2 c36bc666-6778-4adc-be8a-15edba298655 dd6704ae-240c-4690-b0cb-5cf978983daa Research and Case Studies Demonstrate the value of public participation and collaboration through case studies and research on impacts and outcomes. _69f906a6-34a0-4f93-ba1d-509e463f7b7a 4.3 1c01c5fd-11bd-41b8-97c7-f599a594282d f58203ad-372c-45ca-9288-14dc50886076 Funding ENSURE THAT PARTICIPATION AND COLLABORATION ACTIVITIES ARE ADEQUATELY FUNDED _dc27eaa4-bf2b-4849-b0a5-f9b5c630747d 5 Agencies generally do not adequately plan or budget to integrate public participation or collaborative processes into their programmatic work. Funding Requests Direct agencies to incorporate participation and collaboration into funding requests and major project planning. _660464fb-8b87-4161-8003-97b8a89dec60 5.1 Direct agencies to use at least 1% of program budgets for implementation of the directive. a12cd53f-06a1-4a39-ab1a-03275b15f718 c7e9a44d-7787-41cd-bb9a-eb372d19b956 Funding Standards Set standards for the amount of funding that will be dedicated to participation and collaboration activities by collecting data on the costs of public engagement strategies and collaborative processes. _216102ad-4710-4265-a816-314290e3a351 5.2 d9f16a5b-aa5a-4911-abda-479f41266e5b 5630218c-ada3-4f00-b3f3-41cd9aa775b4 New Funding Sources Create new funding sources for participation and collaboration through the use of publicprivate partnerships, the creation of a special fund for public engagement and collaboration activities, and the use of attrition to shift the number of existing full-time equivalents to new public engagement positions. _ad085ff2-2cb2-493a-8947-26f874934a65 5.3 cf25b035-e08e-42d7-8b67-c88cdfb78b09 e128c9a3-81a9-4982-bc9c-30b53db6b3ba Institutional Barriers ADDRESS INSTITUTIONAL BARRIERS THAT REWARD THE STATUS QUO _b8182415-4f3d-4663-95c3-2c342530e9c8 6 A risk adverse culture within the federal government reduces the ability of federal managers to experiment with new methods of public participation and collaboration. Risk Mitigation Counter the risks perceived by federal managers and other disincentives by integrating participatory and collaborative process skills, practices, behaviors, and values into agency activities, like hiring, performance agreements, strategic planning, training and budgeting. _34b81210-5943-437f-a0e1-fc3fa29335c8 6.1 0fa92273-8e80-4ffa-9307-358de1635e14 c6aca3fd-a630-40c6-a483-b36db2a7331d Agency Accountability Hold agencies accountable for the degree and quality of their public participation and collaboration activities through the development of clearly defined and measurable outcomes and standards for implementation of participation and collaboration activities. _7c752d12-7dcf-49bd-b620-7022d4758867 6.2 Develop a system for monitoring progress. 4ac9f5e9-f02a-4b5e-b012-b3e685ac8de3 5e020922-ba10-4773-8919-c2ac46300391 Agency Designates Require each agency to designate one person who regularly sits at the leadership table to be responsible for driving the culture change and processes that enable optimal civic engagement in the agency’s mission. _f9262c7f-999a-4519-bb99-6f01aa76b9d1 6.3 adbfdf7e-a939-4ee7-8fce-4621944513f1 9d2d363e-8379-4d63-a608-cccfe1c5f740 Rules and Regulations ADDRESS EXISTING RULES & REGULATIONS THAT IMPEDE PARTICIPATION & COLLABORATION _cbf67a80-bdfe-4a0a-917b-de96a6933d87 7 Certain laws and regulations, as well as the manner in which certain agencies interpret these laws and regulations, affect the ability of agencies to engage and collaborate with the public. Open Government Reviews Conduct a review of each department and agency to update program regulations and rules in keeping with the goals of the Open Government Directive. _e73e78bc-d497-4bd5-afc8-d5589c030a76 7.1 Identify barriers to participation and collaboration imposed implicitly or explicitly by government-wide laws or regulations, by policies administered by other agencies, by agency or program-specific laws or regulations, and administratively by the department, agency, or program. 53c1bc49-abd0-4152-822d-231e655744d2 b4f70e28-5a68-4a3c-940d-8f418cedd324 Citizen Participation Plans Based on the review described above, department and agency heads will develop plans to improve their citizen participation efforts. _852b359e-4a73-4b62-a2eb-a2ec8a01b5b6 7.2 fc06ac55-4598-4c7b-a3fc-14bc7931f3e1 e1db5bd4-2909-4764-bed4-981607b6d286 2009-03-31 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.