President-Elect Obama's Change Agenda President-Elect Obama's Change Agenda _87ab89d1-0b6e-4f83-9356-a660efd58261 ... making sure the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today _d49b9887-9641-4524-b77d-2c6da6d2ee52 President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden have developed innovative approaches to challenge the status quo in Washington and to bring about the kind of change America needs.The Obama Administration has a comprehensive and detailed policy agenda. Among many important domestic and foreign policy objectives, priorities of the Obama Administration include: a plan to revive the economy; provide affordable, accessible health care to all; strengthen our public education and social security systems; define a clear path to energy independence and tackle climate change; end the war in Iraq responsibly and finish our mission in Afghanistan; work with our allies to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. _8d33a5e6-fae1-4bdb-97d7-7ba2ecb66b1f Civil Rights Strengthen Civil Rights _f5923222-5e30-4024-b076-0e55b78be1d7 1 “The teenagers and college students who left their homes to march in the streets of Birmingham and Montgomery; the mothers who walked instead of taking the bus after a long day of doing somebody else's laundry and cleaning somebody else's kitchen — they didn't brave fire hoses and Billy clubs so that their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren would still wonder at the beginning of the 21st century whether their vote would be counted; whether their civil rights would be protected by their government; whether justice would be equal and opportunity would be theirs. . . . We have more work to do.” — Barack Obama, Speech at Howard University, September 28, 2007 Barack Obama has spent much of his career fighting to strengthen civil rights as a civil rights attorney, community organizer, Illinois State Senator and U.S. Senator. Whether promoting economic opportunity, working to improve our nation's education and health system, or protecting the right to vote, Obama has been a powerful advocate for our civil rights. Employment Discrimination Combat Employment Discrimination _78eae073-e017-4c43-aa25-64bbbc587376 1.1 Obama and Biden will work to overturn the Supreme Court's recent ruling that curtails racial minorities' and women's ability to challenge pay discrimination. They will also pass the Fair Pay Act, to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work, and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. ecc63493-84d5-4d68-a51b-6f25f7d4c634 26632c75-fd69-4573-94ed-e4b3d6500bee Hate Crimes Expand Hate Crimes Statutes _157ce9b8-68c7-4e91-a66a-9cb3dfa1ae62 1.2 Obama and Biden will strengthen federal hate crimes legislation, expand hate crimes protection by passing the Matthew Shepard Act, and reinvigorate enforcement at the Department of Justice's Criminal Section. In 2004, crimes against LGBT Americans constituted the third-highest category of hate crime reported and made up more than 15 percent of such crimes. Barack Obama cosponsored legislation that would expand federal jurisdiction to include violent hate crimes perpetrated because of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical disability. As a state senator, Obama passed tough legislation that made hate crimes and conspiracy to commit them against the law. 486cd551-a13f-4c43-8415-2d6072a9668d c593fe53-3b06-474c-97c3-a24bb67f7e4e Deceptive Voting End Deceptive Voting Practices _0b4ced85-8914-40bf-b4b1-3daaa2f89422 1.3 Obama will sign into law his legislation that establishes harsh penalties for those who have engaged in voter fraud and provides voters who have been misinformed with accurate and full information so they can vote. 8d71b8e0-e6f4-4859-a050-2dee134edcb1 b66157c0-df37-45d1-8646-e518142427f7 Racial Profiling End Racial Profiling _c3dd8250-b58b-41f0-9a34-c319a45d0d07 1.4 Obama and Biden will ban racial profiling by federal law enforcement agencies and provide federal incentives to state and local police departments to prohibit the practice. 99e0d00f-7852-47e5-886a-18f570f352e1 5daa9056-e2a5-485b-9349-c97b898cb3aa Recidivism Reduce Crime Recidivism by Providing Ex-Offender Support _a0a963e5-c839-4b54-9441-476c5d8942a6 1.5 Obama and Biden will provide job training, substance abuse and mental health counseling to ex-offenders, so that they are successfully re-integrated into society. Obama and Biden will also create a prison-to-work incentive program to improve ex-offender employment and job retention rates. 9f4ea1eb-85a4-419f-8bbe-0910e1f33411 fe425683-e1be-4c49-b9ac-cce3db8fcd51 Sentencing Disparities Eliminate Sentencing Disparities _7b4aed4d-6bc8-47ff-a4ac-f70ec9e30398 1.6 Obama and Biden believe the disparity between sentencing crack and powder-based cocaine is wrong and should be completely eliminated. bdf82958-a1b5-4aa1-a02a-9c3fc7a66360 8631e2c7-1147-4195-a55c-425d66f6e632 Drug Courts Expand Use of Drug Courts _5b81f7fb-160d-41c1-a40e-a8af718f5417 1.7 Obama and Biden will give first-time, non-violent offenders a chance to serve their sentence, where appropriate, in the type of drug rehabilitation programs that have proven to work better than a prison term in changing bad behavior. 2c253a8f-3c31-4ab6-9a6e-a40130cc6913 3ef4bb4b-052d-4e81-a77e-b62971a6bb0e Workplace Discrimination Fight Workplace Discrimination _af1d991d-cc5c-49ac-94b3-8f0b81d4713e 1.8 Barack Obama supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and believes that our anti-discrimination employment laws should be expanded to include sexual orientation and gender identity. While an increasing number of employers have extended benefits to their employees' domestic partners, discrimination based on sexual orientation in the workplace occurs with no federal legal remedy. Obama also sponsored legislation in the Illinois State Senate that would ban employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. eff3cff9-e0a6-4aba-8ff5-c108442241ac eef6389e-1f1d-4343-86c0-30c9d02a535f Civil Unions Support Full Civil Unions and Federal Rights for LGBT Couples _61ef351c-79b1-47fc-8bbf-c25f27d1cb26 1.9 Barack Obama supports full civil unions that give same-sex couples legal rights and privileges equal to those of married couples. Obama also believes we need to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and enact legislation that would ensure that the 1,100+ federal legal rights and benefits currently provided on the basis of marital status are extended to same-sex couples in civil unions and other legally-recognized unions. These rights and benefits include the right to assist a loved one in times of emergency, the right to equal health insurance and other employment benefits, and property rights. 94601c30-1be6-4840-bdd5-18e4318bb9cd 4da50822-771b-4080-9613-3b92440520d6 Same-Sex Marriage Oppose a Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage _5c0a8588-a9a3-4d99-809f-b167d7639627 1.10 Barack Obama voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2006 which would have defined marriage as between a man and a woman and prevented judicial extension of marriage-like rights to same-sex or other unmarried couples. ab5d664b-9c27-4849-814b-ca1d85f2bc01 51ee455e-6c12-47c9-96f6-3902596e2a91 Don't Ask-Don't Tell Repeal Don't Ask-Don't Tell _f0960e50-edb1-4490-a98c-78f045d675f4 1.11 Barack Obama agrees with former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff John Shalikashvili and other military experts that we need to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. The key test for military service should be patriotism, a sense of duty, and a willingness to serve. Discrimination should be prohibited. The U.S. government has spent millions of dollars replacing troops kicked out of the military because of their sexual orientation. Additionally, more than 300 language experts have been fired under this policy, including more than 50 who are fluent in Arabic. Obama will work with military leaders to repeal the current policy and ensure it helps accomplish our national defense goals. a6e2536b-3a93-46a2-9926-5c6fdc365d22 b6a27b0d-d307-47b7-a8fe-86585e178346 Adoption Rights Expand Adoption Rights _e4b0dd14-a04a-49e9-b47a-e54f33236d8f 1.12 Barack Obama believes that we must ensure adoption rights for all couples and individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation. He thinks that a child will benefit from a healthy and loving home, whether the parents are gay or not. 51e71ce9-7ba7-4700-a8e9-c712c85b14c6 3c96851f-1d33-4f1b-962a-650830f529d5 AIDS Prevention Promote AIDS Prevention _6790da2f-ae30-4b1b-b686-78422a9354e1 1.13 In the first year of his presidency, Barack Obama will develop and begin to implement a comprehensive national HIV/AIDS strategy that includes all federal agencies. The strategy will be designed to reduce HIV infections, increase access to care and reduce HIV-related health disparities. Obama will support common sense approaches including age-appropriate sex education that includes information about contraception, combating infection within our prison population through education and contraception, and distributing contraceptives through our public health system. Obama also supports lifting the federal ban on needle exchange, which could dramatically reduce rates of infection among drug users. Obama has also been willing to confront the stigma -- too often tied to homophobia -- that continues to surround HIV/AIDS. He will continue to speak out on this issue as president. a54d48f6-333b-468d-a773-3bd8855c584d c7c65837-14bd-4f76-88c2-ba32a10381f8 Women and AIDS Empower Women to Prevent HIV/AIDS _40e489d5-8d69-446e-9291-0a78f4cdba0e 1.14 In the United States, the percentage of women diagnosed with AIDS has quadrupled over the last 20 years. Today, women account for more than one quarter of all new HIV/AIDS diagnoses. Barack Obama introduced the Microbicide Development Act, which will accelerate the development of products that empower women in the battle against AIDS. Microbicides are a class of products currently under development that women apply topically to prevent transmission of HIV and other infections. d2fb57e5-576f-495f-bb0e-ba9fadeb19a3 c93b102e-181a-42f3-973d-f6595f870b10 Defense A 21st Century Military for America _76275235-9013-4b47-a0b0-d5c1c377062f 2 “Our country's greatest military asset is the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States. When we do send our men and women into harm's way, we must also clearly define the mission, prescribe concrete political and military objectives, seek out advice of our military commanders, evaluate the intelligence, plan accordingly, and ensure that our troops have the resources, support, and equipment they need to protect themselves and fulfill their mission.” — Barack Obama, Chicago Foreign Affairs Council, April 23, 2007 The Problem A 20th Century Structure for 21st Century Problems: We have inherited a national security structure that was developed and organized in the late 1940s to win the Cold War. It remains a rigid bureaucracy of government agencies, relying upon a restrictive and disconnected set of legal authorities. New Leadership and Vision is Needed: America simply cannot afford more of the old approach to our national defense. Instead, it needs a Commander-in-Chief with the right combination of judgment, vision, and leadership for the 21st century. A Military Under Strain: Currently, our soldiers, seamen, airmen and Marines are deployed around the globe, working valiantly to defend our nation. Yet, these heroes are under-resourced and asked to do too much by a policy that has too often taken their sacrifice for granted. Due to their incredible courage and ingenuity, they persevere, but at incredible cost to themselves and their families. Recruitment and Retention Problems: A country of 300 million strong should not struggle to find enough qualified citizens to serve. Recruiting and retention problems have been swept under the rug by an administration that does not understand the value of service to our nation. A System Not Serving our Troops as Well as They Serve Us: As the shameful events at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the recent reports on growing numbers of homeless and unemployed veterans show, we simply are not taking proper care of our wounded warriors and veterans. Rebuild the Military Rebuild the Military for 21st Century Tasks _0d05926e-8387-4e9d-a7d5-3ddbe62b9373 2.1 As we rebuild our armed forces, we must not simply recreate the military of the Cold War era. Obama and Biden believe that we must build up our special operations forces, civil affairs, information operations, and other units and capabilities that remain in chronic short supply; invest in foreign language training, cultural awareness, and human intelligence and other needed counterinsurgency and stabilization skill sets; and create a more robust capacity to train, equip, and advise foreign security forces, so that local allies are better prepared to confront mutual threats. f63db4cc-50d1-4e0c-a4cd-07acc26d7c8e 09ddc733-dadd-44a0-b83c-a8bba64887a6 Military Expansion Expand to Meet Military Needs on the Ground _7e153124-9071-49fa-8785-422d19911363 2.2 Barack Obama and Joe Biden support plans to increase the size of the Army by 65,000 soldiers and the Marines by 27,000 troops. Increasing our end strength will help units retrain and re-equip properly between deployments and decrease the strain on military families. 3050451f-c1e7-4b6c-b122-8d8befa6799b 0ac550ad-fae5-4277-a619-3253b926f914 Leadership from the Top Restore the ethic of public service to the agenda of today's youth _197a513f-999f-4db2-ac0d-a9fed499d5f2 2.3 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will restore the ethic of public service to the agenda of today's youth, whether it be serving their local communities in such roles as teachers or first responders, or serving in the military to keep our nation free and safe. 9524e6ae-fd39-490e-a0f6-557fb4c2d09f 11db8184-cbcf-43d5-9980-f9eb78e331ae Burden on Troops and Families Lighten the Burdens on Our Brave Troops and Their Families _dd727c26-8fe0-450e-bc3e-fc1a8f905b51 2.4 An Obama-Biden administration will create a Military Families Advisory Board to provide a conduit for military families' concerns to be brought to the attention of senior policymakers and the public. Obama and Biden will end the Bush administration's stop-loss policy and establish predictability in deployments so that active duty and reserves know what they can and must expect. 3dea0c27-80ac-4f78-8e90-9316b445b19a aa889da8-a1e4-4f72-a0d4-7859e94c0918 Military Equipment Fully Equip Our Troops for the Missions They Face _b4e53b02-c97c-4489-b95b-5cf4e05c7ee9 2.5 Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe we must get vitally needed equipment to our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines before lives are lost. We cannot repeat such failures as the delays in deployment of armored vehicles, body armor and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that save lives on the frontlines. 306cccde-2b3e-48b2-a779-587926b60a73 70632730-4e9f-4188-a1aa-9661fd4049aa Weapons Programs Review Weapons Programs _5a7b4296-04a8-47a4-91ea-43031bc10a42 2.6 We must rebalance our capabilities to ensure that our forces have the agility and lethality to succeed in both conventional wars and in stabilization and counter-insurgency operations. Obama and Biden have committed to a review of each major defense program in light of current needs, gaps in the field, and likely future threat scenarios in the post-9/11 world. cce42d18-b3eb-4bc7-98e5-407cb29971ee d4f35fb1-70ba-4f91-b226-e2ac92d580a0 Global Reach in the Air Preserve Global Reach in the Air: _565538ef-4587-4abe-9f71-5844257fa2b6 2.7 We must preserve our unparalleled airpower capabilities to deter and defeat any conventional competitors, swiftly respond to crises across the globe, and support our ground forces. We need greater investment in advanced technology ranging from the revolutionary, like Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and electronic warfare capabilities, to essential systems like the C-17 cargo and KC-X air refueling aircraft, which provide the backbone of our ability to extend global power. ad9d37c1-51fe-40ae-a604-d1dcee4d1330 3e1ebeac-56df-4f15-a020-e100aae73a7a Power Projection at Sea Maintain Power Projection at Sea _d8d87402-5f13-4340-add7-8b2af6f3cbf8 2.8 We must recapitalize our naval forces, replacing aging ships and modernizing existing platforms, while adapting them to the 21st century. Obama and Biden will add to the Maritime Pre-Positioning Force Squadrons to support operations ashore and invest in smaller, more capable ships, providing the agility to operate close to shore and the reach to rapidly deploy Marines to global crises. b639fc43-4993-490a-ba0b-6758ffc80a54 0942d724-629e-4ba8-b431-b193d836d84e National Missile Defense Support missile defense, but ensure that it is developed in a way that is pragmatic and cost-effective _463dd2c5-a21b-45dd-973d-612b3a9dae87 2.9 An Obama-Biden administration will support missile defense, but ensure that it is developed in a way that is pragmatic and cost-effective; and, most importantly, does not divert resources from other national security priorities until we are positive the technology will protect the American public. 49dfcf62-fbe8-4f41-b18d-370d8994f8da 943c9769-b42a-4cc1-9949-0ef40260c2ae Ensure Freedom of Space Restore American leadership on space issues _3148e03e-8a52-47cd-a01c-4c4e65f06679 2.10 An Obama-Biden administration will restore American leadership on space issues, seeking a worldwide ban on weapons that interfere with military and commercial satellites. He will thoroughly assess possible threats to U.S. space assets and the best options, military and diplomatic, for countering them, establishing contingency plans to ensure that U.S. forces can maintain or duplicate access to information from space assets and accelerating programs to harden U.S. satellites against attack. 508c184b-3094-4e2e-9be2-9a290d71679d 5f00da4e-fe46-4ddc-ac12-d69f757b2746 Protect the U.S in Cyberspace Identify and protect against emerging cyber-threats _abf8eee2-82ab-403a-8759-4d1affc5fada 2.11 An Obama-Biden administration will work in cooperation with our allies and the private sector to identify and protect against emerging cyber-threats. 7a640160-d08b-48d6-bffd-d55d205ee6d7 da2df5e6-3022-49e2-8ff9-560225d1902c National Guard and Reserves Restore the Readiness of the National Guard and Reserves _e3918a84-8c3d-4720-aa60-4a8f126056e0 2.12 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will provide the National Guard with the equipment it needs for foreign and domestic emergencies and time to restore and refit before deploying. They will make the head of the National Guard a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to ensure concerns of our citizen soldiers reach the level they mandate. They will ensure that reservists and Guard members are treated fairly when it comes to employment, health, and education benefits. 3300cb7f-3261-45e2-8a25-c332567013c6 72b8683b-e9ff-423d-bb3f-2bc00966d935 Civilian/Military Integration Integrate Military and Civilian Efforts _3eedb35a-be0f-45be-9a8d-e27fbb436886 2.13 An Obama-Biden administration will build up the capacity of each non-Pentagon agency to deploy personnel and area experts where they are needed, to help move soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines out of civilian roles. 2eced292-c0e1-4db5-a7b9-c849452cf7d5 1ad96f43-f8a6-425e-b511-7c57e93bea5b Civilian Assistance Corps Create a Civilian Assistance Corps (CAC) _13742af3-f03b-4ef4-8df8-afb840bcdbe2 2.14 An Obama-Biden administration will set a goal of creating a national CAC of 25,000 personnel. This corps of civilian volunteers with special skill, sets (doctors, lawyers, engineers, city planners, agriculture specialists, police, etc.) would be organized to provide each federal agency with a pool of volunteer experts willing to deploy in times of need at home and abroad. 29024612-1912-4ffb-9056-66dc6517f436 cbb40f1e-7dc6-471a-b2a9-09bf545fe56b Security Challenges Engage Our Allies in Meeting Our Common Security Challenges _8a0c289b-3856-4911-a3fb-566eb65fd773 2.15 America's traditional alliances, such as NATO, must be transformed and strengthened, including on common security concerns like Afghanistan, homeland security, and counterterrorism. Obama and Biden will renew alliances and ensure our allies contribute their fair share to our mutual security. 249d626a-7930-446b-b20c-989616f4e261 4401d8cd-d4d4-491e-9000-fa152e9d6715 Partners Organize to Help Our Partners and Allies in Need _5845d5bf-5fac-40a9-a369-989bc15b17ef 2.16 An Obama-Biden administration will expand humanitarian activities that build friends and allies at the regional and local level (such as during the response to the tsunami in South and Southeast Asia), and win hearts and minds in the process. cc9eb4b2-006a-4e3b-b4ad-ecc2425fb850 8f6fc248-0821-4a40-8cb3-42c023180c93 Transparency for Military Contractors Create Transparency for Military Contractors _94114504-e28a-4448-bcda-311d6c56a8c6 2.17 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will require the Pentagon and State Department to develop a strategy for determining when contracting makes sense, rather than continually handing off governmental jobs to well-connected companies. An Obama-Biden administration will create the transparency and accountability needed for good governance. Finally, it will establish the legal status of contractor personnel, making possible prosecution of any abuses committed by private military contractors. 9df34e9b-4605-4e4e-8261-21603001cc67 11723d72-715f-44d0-b9ac-b887b82c6e65 Contracting and Procurement Restore Honesty, Openness, and Commonsense to Contracting and Procurement _921678c7-46b7-4700-9fb1-7815bb4bb495 2.18 An Obama-Biden administration will realize savings by reducing the corruption and cost overruns that have become all too routine in defense contracting. This includes launching a program of acquisition reform and management, which would end the common practice of no-bid contracting. Obama and Biden will end the abuse of supplemental budgets by creating a system of oversight for war funds as stringent as in the regular budget. Obama and Biden will restore the government's ability to manage contracts by rebuilding our contract officer corps. They will order the Justice Department to prioritize prosecutions that will punish and deter fraud, waste and abuse. 81625886-278f-480c-95c8-1ac6b0b9abf6 16c8b372-bb36-49d7-a223-177ba759f75d Americans with Disabilities Empower Americans with Disabilities _d41019de-521e-4d8d-8771-f3fb5703ed81 3 “We must build a world free of unnecessary barriers, stereotypes, and discrimination .... policies must be developed, attitudes must be shaped, and buildings and organizations must be designed to ensure that everyone has a chance to get the education they need and live independently as full citizens in their communities.” — Barack Obama Barack Obama and Joe Biden's Plan Barack Obama and Joe Biden have a comprehensive agenda to empower individuals with disabilities in order to equalize opportunities for all Americans. In addition to reclaiming America's global leadership on this issue by becoming a signatory to -- and having the Senate ratify -- the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the plan has four parts, designed to provide lifelong supports and resources to Americans with disabilities. Education Provide Americans with disabilities with the educational opportunities they need to succeed. _2b13ca56-c9a8-4134-8818-29cf69fcf89a 3.1 71b7db57-57b3-4303-9239-e62186c16e2d dc94761e-1183-4892-8284-87ed0115f50d Discrimination and Opportunity End discrimination and promote equal opportunity. _8be4185f-25cc-4b69-8a60-184d89a97182 3.2 0fabf0fa-18f8-4b8e-807b-4a3efa78ab54 a6566901-ccc9-415e-9d5a-5e0490e9389f Employment Increase the employment rate of workers with disabilities. _00e718c3-99b5-4848-8da2-19547a50ad7e 3.3 481ef5fb-da5f-4203-8527-9a5189b206c5 2176ccd9-f7c5-4d80-8a62-c876ba76c837 Community-Based Living Support independent, community-based living for Americans with disabilities. _0fdc151f-2082-4891-8e7a-5e13ec222f39 3.4 57945cc4-adb5-4ab0-8fc7-c46826b4fbea 5c8be117-6a17-454a-8ac9-b5df2970d37f Economy Revitalize the Economy _938ce4fb-15d3-4144-9d29-1db3483e7e32 4 Our country faces its most serious economic crisis since the great depression. Working families, who saw their incomes decline by $2,000 in the economic "expansion" from 2000 to 2007, now face even deeper income losses. Retirement savings accounts have lost $2 trillion. Markets have fallen 40% in less than a year. Millions of homeowners who played by the rules can't meet their mortgage payments and face foreclosure as the value of their homes have plummeted. With credit markets nearly frozen, businesses large and small cannot access the credit they need to meet payroll and create jobs.Barack Obama and Joe Biden have a plan to revitalize the economy. 1. IMMEDIATE ACTION TO CREATE GOOD JOBS IN AMERICA The economy has lost 760,000 jobs this year -- and some forecasters expect the unemployment rate to exceed 8 percent by the end of next year. Addressing the financial crisis will help prevent the most severe loss of jobs from the crisis. But taking direct steps to create jobs will also strengthen the economy and help with the financial crisis. Barack Obama and Joe Biden's overall economic agenda is pro-jobs, including their plans to eliminate America's dependence on foreign oil and bring down healthcare costs. 2. IMMEDIATE RELIEF FOR STRUGGLING FAMILIES Even when the overall economy was growing, most American families were not sharing in this growth. The typical non-elderly household saw its income decline by more than $2,000 from 2000 to 2007 as expenses skyrocketed. Weekly wages, adjusted for inflation, are now lower than they were a decade ago. Barack Obama and Joe Biden's overall economic plan will relieve the squeeze on families and foster bottom-up growth. 3. DIRECT, IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE FOR HOMEOWNERS, NOT A BAILOUT FOR IRRESPONSIBLE MORTGAGE LENDERS Over the past two years, Americans have lost 20 percent of the value of their homes. In some parts of the country home values have fallen by twice that amount. In combination with a rapidly deteriorating economy, that means more and more families are having a hard time meeting their monthly mortgage payments. At the same time, many states are considering property tax hikes that will burden homeowners still further. And millions of families who have seen the value of their homes fall below the cost of their mortgages need assistance in restructuring their mortgages to stay in their homes.Barack Obama and Joe Biden's plan provides direct relief to help America's homeowners pay their mortgages, stay in their homes, and avoid painful tax increases while protecting taxpayers and not rewarding the bad behavior and bad actors who got us into this mess. 4. A RAPID, AGGRESSIVE RESPONSE TO THE FINANCIAL CRISIS -- USING ALL THE TOOLS WE HAVEBarack Obama and Joe Biden believe that our deep systemic financial market crisis requires a systemic response. They fought to ensure that the recently-passed financial rescue package gave the Treasury the tools to stabilize the financial system, while protecting taxpayers and ensuring CEOs would not get rich in the process. However, this stabilization will only occur if the Treasury, Federal Reserve, FDIC, and other government entities use their authority and move quickly and aggressively to address the financial crisis.It is now clear that our financial markets will not restart until financial institutions are lending again. Because of the extensive losses many of these institutions have suffered, they need more capital so that they will have the money to lend to families and businesses. Obama and Biden recognized this early, and were heartened by the Treasury's stated intention to use its recently granted authority to inject capital into our financial institutions. However, Secretary Paulson must turn this intention into action quickly and aggressively, in a manner that strengthens confidence in our banks, protects taxpayers, does not reward CEOs, and is strictly temporary.In addition, our financial authorities must stand ready to take additional, complementary actions -- consistent with the systemic nature of this crisis -- to ensure this Treasury initiative is successful. Trade: Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that trade with foreign nations should strengthen the American economy and create more American jobs. They will stand firm against agreements that undermine our economic security. National Infrastructure Investment: Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that it is critically important for the United States to rebuild its national transportation infrastructure -- its highways, bridges, roads, ports, air, and train systems -- to strengthen user safety, bolster our long-term competitiveness and ensure our economy continues to grow. Technology, Innovation and Creating Jobs: Barack Obama and Joe Biden will increase federal support for research, technology and innovation for companies and universities so that American families can lead the world in creating new advanced jobs and products. Labor: Obama and Biden will strengthen the ability of workers to organize unions. He will fight for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. Obama and Biden will ensure that his labor appointees support workers' rights and will work to ban the permanent replacement of striking workers. Obama and Biden will also increase the minimum wage and index it to inflation to ensure it rises every year. Mortgages, Homeownership, and Bankruptcy: Obama and Biden will crack down on fraudulent brokers and lenders. They will also make sure homebuyers have honest and complete information about their mortgage options, they'll give a tax credit to all middle-class homeowners, and they'll reform our bankruptcy laws to protect working people. Credit Cards and Lending: Obama and Biden will establish a five-star rating system so that every consumer knows the risk involved in every credit card. They also will establish a Credit Card Bill of Rights to stop credit card companies from exploiting consumers with unfair practices. Work-Family Balance: Obama and Biden will double funding for after-school programs, expand the Family Medical Leave Act, provide low-income families with a refundable tax credit to help with their child-care expenses, and encourage flexible work schedules. A New American Jobs Tax Credit Obama and Biden will provide a new temporary tax credit to companies that add jobs here in the United States. _578bc7e1-5d68-41d7-9b12-4778ccf57e50 4.1 During 2009 and 2010, existing businesses will receive a $3,000 refundable tax credit for each additional full-time employee hired. For example, if a company that currently has 10 U.S. employees increases its domestic full time employment to 20 employees, this company would get a $30,000 tax credit -- enough to offset the entire added payroll tax costs to the company for the first $50,000 of income for the new employees. The tax credit will benefit all companies creating net new jobs, even those struggling to make a profit. 82b028b5-3eb9-4611-ab38-cbe28482872d f8d26756-6b2a-45fc-81e3-feabca78bba1 Small Business Investment Raise the small business investment expensing limit to $250,000 through the end of 2009. _35187d45-79c6-4bcc-8f91-1ff558f780e3 4.2 Obama and Biden will give small businesses an additional incentive to make investments and start creating jobs again by providing temporary business tax incentives through 2009. The February 2008 stimulus bill increased maximum Section 179 expenses to $250,000 but this expires in December 2008. This provision will encourage all firms to pursue investment in the coming months, but will particularly benefit small firms which generally have smaller amounts of annual property purchases and so choose to expense the cost of their acquired property. 2674fba1-a037-41c7-bf71-28ada27beec8 f2893a96-7855-4636-92b5-678773e903d9 Capital Gains Rate Zero capital gains rate for investment in small businesses. _640e6957-b981-4976-9f85-7f44cd32d78f 4.3 Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that we need to encourage investment in small businesses to help create jobs and turn our economy around. That's why they will eliminate all capital gains taxes on investments made in small and start-up businesses. They also want to cut taxes for the small businesses that create jobs but are struggling with restricted access to credit on top of skyrocketing health care and energy costs. 2304f25f-eadd-4428-a2e8-8c31cd56bf59 ae854b30-42c3-447f-95d2-c0cc0037a371 Jobs, Roads, Bridges, and Schools Save one million jobs through immediate investments to rebuild America's roads and bridges and repair our schools. _31402232-52fd-4462-b2af-698966b86ff7 4.4 The Obama-Biden emergency plan would make $25 billion immediately available in a Jobs and Growth Fund to help ensure that in-progress and fast-tracked infrastructure projects are not sidelined, and to ensure that schools can meet their energy costs and undertake key repairs starting this fall. This increased investment is necessary to stem growing budget pressures on infrastructure projects. In addition, in an environment where we may face elevated unemployment levels well into 2009, making an aggressive investment in urgent, high-priority infrastructure will serve as a triple win: generating capital deployment and job creation to boost our economy in the near-term, enhancing U.S. competitiveness in the longer term, and improving the environment by adopting energy efficient school and infrastructure repairs. In total, Obama and Biden's $25 billion investment will result in 1 million jobs created or saved, while helping to turn our economy around. cc3a720a-a7d6-4c1f-b357-4bf726bd4433 a3a1bc73-f999-4f3a-bbc2-2983d644f1ef Jobs and Clean Vehicles Partner with America's automakers to help save jobs and ensure that the next generation of clean vehicles is built in the United States. _074bca04-338c-47e7-a642-8372f9be74d6 4.5 Senator Obama pushed for $50 billion in loan guarantees to help the auto industry retool, develop new battery technologies and produce the next generation of fuel efficient cars here in America. Congress passed only half of this amount -- it is critical that the administration speeds up the implementation of the first half and that Congress move quickly to enact the second half. In addition, Obama and Biden believe that with the tremendous uncertainty facing the auto industry, and the small and medium business suppliers who depend on them, it is critical that we keep all options on the table for helping them weather the financial crisis. 872c558e-ef74-44c9-890b-2bc8f6e16e00 68f8b2f9-da23-4271-ad0f-a9bf2fc97cad Tax Cut A tax cut for 95 percent of workers and their families -- plus seniors. _6f703cb0-2960-436d-8d7e-056f96d002fe 4.6 Barack Obama and Joe Biden propose a permanent tax cut of $500 for workers and $1,000 for families. A first round of these tax credits could be mailed out quickly by the IRS based on tax returns already filed for tax year 2007. In addition, Obama and Biden would extend these expedited tax credits to senior citizens who are retired as a down payment on his plan to eliminate taxes for all seniors making up to $50,000. 24812b8d-1d06-4e09-a52e-b2972f0b6e76 7ad27502-aab8-4de6-a6b9-9f672ef1016e Unemployment Insurance Extend unemployment insurance benefits and temporarily suspend taxes on these benefits. _653c73e3-9c5d-49c6-b357-271e663a69fb 4.7 Millions of Americans are looking for work but unable to find it in the weak economy. Today, more than one in five unemployed workers has been out of work for more than half a year -- the highest level since early 2005. Obama supported extending unemployment insurance this summer, but already 800,000 jobless workers have exhausted those benefits and are being left without any unemployment compensation. Obama and Biden believe Congress should immediately extend unemployment insurance for an additional 13 weeks to help families that are being hit hardest by this downturn. In addition, they believe we should temporarily suspend taxes on unemployment insurance benefits as a way of giving more relief to families. 69a9d4ce-928a-4639-9571-ca903ff38f9c b91d9a2d-25c3-4786-8beb-9cc4d96a2245 IRA and 401(k) Withdrawal Penalties Penalty-free hardship withdrawals from IRAs and 401(k)s in 2008 and 2009. _27f94348-cc29-4bc2-9adc-c7ac1ea82329 4.8 Many families are going to be facing unique economic hardship over the coming year. To help these families pay their bills and their mortgages and make it through these tough times, Obama and Biden are calling for legislation that would allow withdrawals of 15% up to $10,000 from retirement accounts without penalty (although subject to the normal taxes). This would apply to withdrawals in 2008 (including retroactively) and 2009. e850f637-6334-43e5-b85a-56b9e9e9d4ef a37ea127-82e5-4582-822d-e12a5b7f8ab2 IRA and 401(k) Withdrawal Delays Instruct the Treasury to allow seniors to delay required withdrawals from 401(k)s and IRAs. _a55d575f-a050-451d-b773-b1b0f618d382 4.9 Currently seniors are required to start withdrawing from their 401(k)s and IRAs at age 70 1/2 and every year thereafter over their lifetime. But the explicit requirement that withdrawals continue on an annual basis -- and the related requirement that the amount withdrawn be based on currently much higher year-end 2007 asset values -- is based on Treasury regulations, not the statute, which has a less specific mandate. That means the Secretary of the Treasury has authority to change its regulations to protect seniors from being forced, at this critical time, to sell their investments and "lock in" their losses just after market values have plummeted in an almost unprecedented fashion. Obama and Biden are calling on Treasury to temporarily suspend the required withdrawals for retirees over age 70 1/2. Because retirees often make these required withdrawals late in the year, there is still time to help millions of affected seniors -- but only if done promptly. In addition, because lower-income seniors may have no choice but to take withdrawals this year and in 2008, Obama and Biden will exempt any withdrawals made up to the required minimum amount from taxation. This will give seniors the flexibility they deserve -- to forgo withdrawals if they choose or to take those withdrawals tax free if they need those resources to pay their bills. 8ae1d333-1d25-4f2c-b64e-3f13a5267eb3 e781a8a6-16c9-4e7f-a25b-e26babfdd2df Heating Assistance Funds to counteract high heating costs this winter. _737443dc-3846-4deb-ba0c-a365077335e6 4.10 Obama and Biden are calling for supplementing the recently passed LIHEAP funding to ensure that cold-weather states can cushion the impact of high energy prices for their residents this winter. The Energy Information Administration said that consumers will pay a projected $1,137 to heat their homes from Oct. 1 to March 31 -- 15 percent more than last year's heating outlay during this time. Homeowners that use heating oil rather than natural gas could see increases of 23 percent compared to last year. As part of his $25 billion state fiscal relief package, Obama's plan will supplement existing LIHEAP funding to help state programs expand to cover more residents while continuing to provide a meaningful benefit. 356da06c-2a5c-413e-89cf-e46117496b51 33def5e8-b457-45fb-9f83-00785f61d8e4 Mortgage Modifications Instruct the Secretaries of the Treasury and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to use their existing authority to more aggressively modify the terms of mortgages. _ba1db447-44cc-4899-bb03-4e8223a28217 4.11 Barack Obama was an early champion of the HOPE for Homeowners Act that passed over the summer. In addition, Obama insisted that the financial rescue plan Congress recently passed include authority for the Secretary to work with servicers to modify the terms of mortgages for homeowners who played by the rules. Obama and Biden believe that both of these plans should be implemented aggressively and comprehensively. In addition, Obama and Biden are calling on Treasury and HUD to develop a plan to work with state housing agencies to coordinate broad mortgage restructurings. The Dodd-Frank legislation gives states broader authority to help struggling homeowners, and coordination is essential to ensure that state and national efforts are working in concert to help as many homeowners as possible at the minimum cost to taxpayers. c2d81d1d-84c4-48a4-8d24-98577d63d4d5 0d90ba07-1afa-4a82-a17c-fe6e3fa3cb88 Bankruptcy and Mortgage Restructuring Reform the bankruptcy code to assist homeowners and remove legal impediments to encouraging broader mortgage restructuring. _81f9d0e0-33af-4b5a-b684-b07287389ec3 4.12 Obama and Biden are also calling for legislation to close the loophole in our bankruptcy code that allows bankruptcy judges to modify the terms of mortgages on investment properties and vacation homes but not on primary residences. He also believes we should clarify the legal liability of mortgage servicers so that servicers who work with struggling homeowners to modify their mortgages will receive legal protections. And we should remove any tax- or legal-related impediments to encouraging shared-equity mortgages within the HOPE for Homeownership process. 843e570f-f6a4-4014-ae9c-551e8853d3a4 de9c3ce7-0e53-44e6-b952-94a807565ac5 Foreclosure Moratorium Enact a 90-day foreclosure moratorium for homeowners who are acting in good faith. _89a49dd7-244a-4b6b-a6d8-a7ced58ac44e 4.13 Financial institutions that participate in the financial rescue plan should be required to adhere to a homeowner's code of conduct, including a 90-day foreclosure moratorium for any homeowners living in their homes who are making good faith efforts to pay their mortgages. This will help create stability until the more far-reaching solutions are implemented and give both sides a chance to work out an agreement. 93367b86-fda8-4121-93c5-d01d3b8637e8 fc629bbf-47ff-45b4-858f-7c1d9b7c376b State Fiscal Relief Provide $25 Billion in state fiscal relief to help avoid painful property tax increases. _2784cb29-49ca-4070-9f1f-7902ebdb8b07 4.14 Budget crunches across the nation are putting our local governments in the untenable position of having to choose between raising property taxes and cutting vital services. Obama has proposed $25 billion in state fiscal relief that, coupled with the new emergency facility to address the state credit crunch, will help states and localities continue to provide essential services like health care, police, fire and education without raising taxes or fees. 229443cc-5fda-4d1a-a9e3-5767a433366b 1e989bd7-1556-4b7a-950f-07c4bbd5c5c0 Universal Mortgage Tax Credit Create a universal mortgage tax credit for homeowners. _9b683eac-d96c-4fbc-bbe0-b961902a96a7 4.15 Barack Obama believes we should immediately enact a 10 percent refundable tax credit on the mortgage interest paid by hardworking American families who do not itemize their taxes. This credit will help offset the cost of mortgage payments for at least 10 million middle-class homeowners. 922512a2-6857-4049-919b-cc44fedd77b1 038e7860-aa33-43d5-929a-cec4a102a19c Credit to Banks Be prepared, if necessary, for broader assurances for credit to banks. _f69e0687-4526-417a-abaf-e757684071bd 4.16 First, we must be prepared to provide additional, temporary assurances to achieve the effective functioning of financial markets. Depending on developing circumstances, these steps could include additional measures by the Federal Reserve, extending insurance to all deposits, or guaranteeing a broader range of liabilities of the banking system including overnight loans. Any such steps should be coordinated internationally where appropriate and feasible. They should be accompanied by additional oversight to ensure appropriate use of guaranteed funds and by the expectation that financial institutions taking advantage of these guarantees will raise more capital. fce177d3-97a2-4861-9e95-b0de41324f68 0b6dbc66-24cb-44aa-bc04-06c8ffad3873 Asset Purchases Extend asset purchases to unfreeze other critical sectors. _2da92dcf-cc30-4412-93f1-4c42e4b566ad 4.17 Second, the Treasury should not limit itself to purchasing mortgage-backed securities under the financial rescue plan recently passed by Congress. The Treasury should use the authority it has under the new law to help unfreeze markets for individual mortgages, student loans, car loans, loans for multi-family dwellings, and credit card loans. 47797161-6be4-4542-a0e5-8d0878ac6e5e c1513177-25f6-4c55-aa8c-6b9f85919369 Credit to Small Businesses and State and Local Governments Make credit available to small businesses and state or local governments. _a534b2b8-ce38-4b88-9277-7c23fa4f3bd4 4.18 Third, we should take immediate steps to support non-financial institutions including small businesses and states and municipalities. The Federal Reserve and Treasury have acted to preserve the availability of liquidity for financial institutions and, more recently, have created a program to purchase commercial paper directly from the large corporate issuers. Small businesses and state and local governments, however, are having serious difficulty obtaining necessary financing from debt markets. Address the credit crisis facing our states and localities: Barack Obama and Joe Biden propose that the Federal Reserve and the Treasury work together to design a facility to provide a funding backstop to the state and municipal government debt market similar to the recently announced program for the commercial paper market. The Federal Reserve should determine whether it has sufficient legal authority to establish such a facility on its own -- if not, it should work with Treasury and the Congress to achieve this goal. This new facility should be designed to protect taxpayer resources while ensuring that state and local governments can continue to provide vital services to their residents. Address the credit crisis facing our small businesses: To address the massive credit crunch that is threatening America's small businesses, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are proposing two immediate steps: (1) a nationwide emergency lending facility for small businesses that could be run through the SBA's Disaster Loan Program, which helped thousands of businesses in the wake of 9/11; and (2) temporarily eliminating fees on the SBA's 7(a) and 504 loan guarantee programs for small businesses, to help increase private lending for small businesses. 9f96ce3f-bbd7-4946-98e3-8c642752b457 45cce0fa-5ae4-4195-a2ec-c3c155899db1 Fair Trade Fight for Fair Trade _06f6fb53-5ec0-43d7-8cf6-42c0aa795af3 4.19 Obama and Biden will fight for a trade policy that opens up foreign markets to support good American jobs. They will use trade agreements to spread good labor and environmental standards around the world and stand firm against agreements like the Central American Free Trade Agreement that fail to live up to those important benchmarks. Obama and Biden will also pressure the World Trade Organization to enforce trade agreements and stop countries from continuing unfair government subsidies to foreign exporters and nontariff barriers on U.S. exports. ea85e15d-8ecd-49ea-aed9-aca8e291352e 2ffab7e1-d35e-42aa-a62f-125bc60936fd NAFTA Amend the North American Free Trade Agreement. _dac66931-550b-475d-aaba-3ad459ea3118 4.20 Obama and Biden believe that NAFTA and its potential were oversold to the American people. They will work with the leaders of Canada and Mexico to fix NAFTA so that it works for American workers. 5354afe5-74b8-4da6-9425-fe761a749ecd 1122cb82-f4a1-4bf7-a08b-10648a476c27 Transition Assistance Improve transition assistance. _d82fcd19-ea1f-4f0e-b10d-ce706671c824 4.21 To help all workers adapt to a rapidly changing economy, Obama and Biden will update the existing system of Trade Adjustment Assistance by extending it to service industries, creating flexible education accounts to help workers retrain, and providing retraining assistance for workers in sectors of the economy vulnerable to dislocation before they lose their jobs. 0eb7d131-76da-4124-aee3-ef19a6116191 c336d6aa-9295-481b-9032-2b574037951e Corporate Tax Breaks End tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas. _25f8defb-8e65-4e98-ad1f-e37d2bad246f 4.22 Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that companies should not get billions of dollars in tax deductions for moving their operations overseas. They will fight to ensure that public contracts are awarded to companies that are committed to American workers. 9469634a-2901-496b-b605-eb909ecc96f5 fc5db9ea-6a0e-4ed7-89b4-1635ccad57aa Corporate Worker Rewards Reward companies that support American workers. _c0ffa7f2-3308-474a-8d98-b3eff34e5060 4.23 Barack Obama introduced the Patriot Employer Act of 2007 with Senators Richard Durbin (D-Ill) and Sherrod Brown (D-Oh) to reward companies that create good jobs with good benefits for American workers. The legislation would provide a tax credit to companies that maintain or increase the number of full-time workers in America relative to those outside the U.S.; maintain their corporate headquarters in America if it has ever been in America; pay decent wages; prepare workers for retirement; provide health insurance; and support employees who serve in the military. 125b4bc3-1783-462a-b84f-c75c4cce9f8c c82df0de-5fb3-47cd-8d55-36195cf30e0b Innovators and Job Creators Invest in our next generation innovators and job creators. _28fa31c7-5de7-49db-bcdc-3972fe7722ad 4.24 Obama and Biden will create an Advanced Manufacturing Fund to identify and invest in the most compelling advanced manufacturing strategies. The Fund will have a peer-review selection and award process based on the Michigan 21st Century Jobs Fund, a state-level initiative that has awarded over $125 million to Michigan businesses with the most innovative proposals to create new products and new jobs in the state. 4342a2ad-9097-4dc7-9006-1facb6f30753 20ca08e8-d753-427c-b1dc-fcfeef336e1f Manufacturing Extension Partnership Double funding for the manufacturing extension partnership. _085fcaa9-7f0f-4024-9138-f41613668f3a 4.25 The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) works with manufacturers across the country to improve efficiency, implement new technology and strengthen company growth. This highly-successful program has engaged in more than 350,000 projects across the country and in 2006 alone, helped create and protect over 50,000 jobs. But despite this success, funding for MEP has been slashed by the Bush administration. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will double funding for the MEP so its training centers can continue to bolster the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers. f5584998-0b87-49a9-8918-a73a82d717b0 e8caafea-9177-4bda-b8f3-415465b7bbf9 Clean Energy Economy and Green Jobs Invest in a clean energy economy and create 5 million new green jobs. _7fe4d783-3c0e-483a-a5bf-bf9a674816ca 4.26 Obama and Biden will invest $150 billion over 10 years to advance the next generation of biofuels and fuel infrastructure, accelerate the commercialization of plug-in hybrids, promote development of commercial scale renewable energy, invest in low emissions coal plants, and begin transition to a new digital electricity grid. The plan will also invest in America's highly-skilled manufacturing workforce and manufacturing centers to ensure that American workers have the skills and tools they need to pioneer the first wave of green technologies that will be in high demand throughout the world. e5cc0d8b-2185-4265-89b9-767c31c8d271 3e2b90aa-7f0a-410e-862f-b0cf1f39cbf3 Clean Technology Job Training Create new job training programs for clean technologies. _d15df402-f67f-4113-a136-93f64f966acf 4.27 The Obama-Biden plan will increase funding for federal workforce training programs and direct these programs to incorporate green technologies training, such as advanced manufacturing and weatherization training, into their efforts to help Americans find and retain stable, high-paying jobs. Obama and Biden will also create an energy-focused youth jobs program to invest in disconnected and disadvantaged youth. 2306685b-2eea-4ebc-ac63-8673efea68eb 22c574e7-1721-4aba-ac48-a1792ab43c31 Renewable Energy and Jobs Boost the renewable energy sector and create new jobs. _45242ad7-4160-4c18-bb8d-1691d7cd47ab 4.28 The Obama-Biden plan will create new federal policies, and expand existing ones, that have been proven to create new American jobs. Obama and Biden will create a federal Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that will require 25 percent of American electricity be derived from renewable sources by 2025, which has the potential to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. They will also extend the Production Tax Credit, a credit used successfully by American farmers and investors to increase renewable energy production and create new local jobs. 0e54ac3a-2d0f-47a2-be9c-90e4f0b193be a51a0473-676f-4366-8614-038902db83e4 National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank Create a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank. _f58b6c54-1c79-4ffa-9971-655bb446c4d0 4.29 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will address the infrastructure challenge by creating a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank to expand and enhance, not supplant, existing federal transportation investments. This independent entity will be directed to invest in our nation's most challenging transportation infrastructure needs. The Bank will receive an infusion of federal money, $60 billion over 10 years, to provide financing to transportation infrastructure projects across the nation. These projects will directly and indirectly create up to two million new jobs and stimulate approximately $35 billion per year in new economic activity. c7142315-feb4-4374-926c-e3d853ca3b90 b5711376-e693-4091-bd31-d45feb63912f Science Investment Invest in the sciences. _14efe845-2d27-4340-a1b7-0303d4127685 4.30 Obama and Biden support doubling federal funding for basic research and changing the posture of our federal government from being one of the most anti-science administrations in American history to one that embraces science and technology. This will foster home-grown innovation, help ensure the competitiveness of U.S. technology-based businesses, and ensure that 21st century jobs can and will grow in America. 5ccb187c-0fd7-4713-9dd8-e5f048682885 32fdabb4-5626-4519-9b8e-4c067cc1b9d9 R&D Tax Credit Make the Research and Development Tax Credit permanent. _7898ded1-9657-429c-a123-b587a800eff6 4.31 Barack Obama and Joe Biden want investments in a skilled research and development workforce and technology infrastructure to be supported here in America so that American workers and communities will benefit. Obama and Biden want to make the Research and Development tax credit permanent so that firms can rely on it when making decisions to invest in domestic R&D over multi-year timeframes. 40c2f2e0-a24e-4190-9298-ed2920ef20b9 5759c821-f591-40a2-91d1-40fe22a6e3dc Broadband Deploy next-generation broadband. _b41f399c-7733-433e-bd09-305ecb75cff0 4.32 Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe we can get broadband to every community in America through a combination of reform of the Universal Service Fund, better use of the nation's wireless spectrum, promotion of next-generation facilities, technologies and applications, and new tax and loan incentives. 6a4ab7f5-6607-4028-9e1c-32329e918008 4de53488-844a-4585-99bf-aaa61b2dec03 Small Business and Start-up Tax Relief Provide tax relief for small businesses and start-up companies. _8a4b1a1c-eba7-43b5-a097-d2816ecd6bd1 4.33 Obama and Biden will eliminate all capital gains taxes on start-up and small businesses to encourage innovation and job creation. Obama and Biden will also support small business owners by providing a $500 "Making Work Pay" tax credit to almost every worker in America. Self-employed small business owners pay both the employee and the employer side of the payroll tax, and this measure will reduce the burdens of this double taxation. 4be3b871-6873-43fd-8a49-80d8bf0ae867 0978ace5-74a7-483d-b7f3-d5ec5a31f1d3 Business Incubators Create a national network of public-private business incubators. _d24a7461-c1e2-4d5c-ac8d-ae04f96b5e0d 4.34 Obama and Biden will support entrepreneurship and spur job growth by creating a national network of public-private business incubators. Business incubators facilitate the critical work of entrepreneurs in creating start-up companies. Obama and Biden will invest $250 million per year to increase the number and size of incubators in disadvantaged communities throughout the country. deec01f2-cb30-433b-a848-c63e64cdf316 a4ca2f66-ee13-4313-a649-5018ce1e0eb9 Freedom to Unionize Ensure freedom to unionize. _44674dbc-da16-4317-9bd4-054f1bec4199 4.35 Obama and Biden believe that workers should have the freedom to choose whether to join a union without harassment or intimidation from their employers. Obama cosponsored and is a strong advocate for the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a bipartisan effort that makes sure workers can exercise their right to organize. They will continue to fight for EFCA's passage and Obama will sign it into law. d2f7efc9-a410-40d1-ac89-a9cb918e6227 8348c98a-5950-420c-8f48-83abe479ea27 Right to Organize Fight attacks on workers' right to organize. _e69c4664-b6b8-4ed6-be06-e363992759ac 4.36 Obama has fought the Bush National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) efforts to strip workers of their right to organize. He is a cosponsor of legislation to overturn the NLRB's "Kentucky River" decisions classifying hundreds of thousands of nurses, construction workers, and professional workers as "supervisors" who are not protected by federal labor laws. fe5714b0-f731-4985-9ed2-ed7ec6ba5883 e0ecc859-feaf-4afd-89de-24848488b50b Striking Workers Protect striking workers. _51aada23-27a2-4e32-a30a-e1096540cde7 4.37 Obama and Biden support the right of workers to bargain collectively and strike if necessary. They will work to ban the permanent replacement of striking workers, so workers can stand up for themselves without worrying about losing their livelihoods. a36e41f9-ce85-4eb6-9aec-d6f6fa8456fd efdc4464-7908-4399-97ee-b932642dfcfe Minumum Wage Raise the minimum wage. _b2aff516-8018-4142-a85e-112089e7f155 4.38 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will raise the minimum wage, index it to inflation and increase the Earned Income Tax Credit to make sure that full-time workers earn a living wage that allows them to raise their families and pay for basic needs. becd20a5-5a39-40d8-a96b-9a0121592ecf e2351ab5-4617-43a2-a729-511403f99bb8 Mortgage Accountability Ensure more accountability in the subprime mortgage industry. _528f1f5c-0981-43a2-9e59-e494f6bcfdea 4.39 Obama has been closely monitoring the subprime mortgage situation for years, and introduced comprehensive legislation over a year ago to fight mortgage fraud and protect consumers against abusive lending practices. Obama's STOP FRAUD Act provides the first federal definition of mortgage fraud, increases funding for federal and state law enforcement programs, creates new criminal penalties for mortgage professionals found guilty of fraud, and requires industry insiders to report suspicious activity. d6788c88-5950-4d36-8ffc-9a84d5aac77a 5f200b65-34ce-4e2f-8ad6-3de9ca74c65f Loan Disclosure Mandate accurate loan disclosure. _bd07d05f-b293-4579-aa0d-12adf40735fb 4.40 Obama and Biden will create a Homeowner Obligation Made Explicit (HOME) score, which will provide potential borrowers with a simplified, standardized borrower metric (similar to APR) for home mortgages. The HOME score will allow individuals to easily compare various mortgage products and understand the full cost of the loan. 7fc39756-aa16-4d43-aa27-c52700c676d9 01cc0742-1bcd-4381-8a0f-f2be4c17721e Bankruptcy Loophole Close bankruptcy loophole for mortgage companies. _28906f73-cd83-47d1-b712-4d42baa6cc23 4.41 Obama and Biden will work to eliminate the provision that prevents bankruptcy courts from modifying an individual's mortgage payments. They believe that the subprime mortgage industry, which has engaged in dangerous and sometimes unscrupulous business practices, should not be shielded by outdated federal law. 51066312-0f06-4a5f-878e-86301ca00fb8 ab5883de-5170-407b-9505-4ac31c668412 Credit Card Rating System Create a credit card rating system to improve disclosure. _4969c520-e981-4e1b-8df3-29a2081d9e4d 4.42 Obama and Biden will create a credit card rating system, modeled on five-star systems used for other consumer products, to provide consumers an easily identifiable ranking of credit cards, based on the card's features. Credit card companies will be required to display the rating on all application and contract materials, enabling consumers to quickly understand all of the major provisions of a credit card without having to rely exclusively on fine print in lengthy documents. bc8a9262-b931-44a3-9542-3537d2617860 85c79f67-1442-4e06-b089-332dc3fe44d2 Credit Card Bill of Rights Establish a Credit Card Bill of Rights to protect consumers. _84593e4a-5f19-4808-9c14-cdac62ae0e43 4.43 Obama and Biden will create a Credit Card Bill of Rights to protect consumers. The Obama-Biden plan will: Ban Unilateral Changes, Apply Interest Rate Increases Only to Future Debt, Prohibit Interest on Fees, Prohibit "Universal Defaults," Require Prompt and Fair Crediting of Cardholder Payments 673b7154-8331-4b0c-8f09-ad5713340943 f66b1514-135a-4f22-9131-1e96d7741e58 Payday Loans Cap outlandish interest rates on payday loans and improve disclosure. _c079d218-35be-45e6-a1e3-261e7fbeb1ca 4.44 Obama and Biden will extend a 36 percent interest cap to all Americans. They will require lenders to provide clear and simplified information about loan fees, payments and penalties, which is why they'll require lenders to provide this information during the application process. b37adfac-1023-473b-875f-fa2df25d44ba cf9c4b11-8e3a-4347-a330-1bd662076fa4 Consumer Loans Encourage responsible lending institutions to make small consumer loans. _0ad35616-591f-4d7b-8c17-46d344cc10a7 4.45 Obama and Biden will encourage banks, credit unions and Community Development Financial Institutions to provide affordable short-term and small-dollar loans and to drive unscrupulous lenders out of business. ae4cde28-4fbf-4ac1-a1fe-04f102f0592a 8cf0490a-4b88-4201-b93f-63f88909148f Bankruptcy and Medical Crises Reform bankruptcy laws to protect families facing a medical crisis. _1fdd4c2b-4312-4fd3-a93f-53f7b1eee045 4.46 Obama and Biden will create an exemption in bankruptcy law for individuals who can prove they filed for bankruptcy because of medical expenses. This exemption will create a process that forgives the debt and lets the individuals get back on their feet. de118bb5-5370-4ead-9e7a-4a2dc125337d 0fde944f-01a3-46ea-90a7-e82ecc55c029 Family and Medical Leave Act Expand the Family and Medical Leave Act. _26824882-8948-4827-9a4b-6d535bcba687 4.47 The FMLA covers only certain employees of employers with 50 or more employees. Obama and Biden will expand it to cover businesses with 25 or more employees. They will expand the FMLA to cover more purposes as well, including allowing workers to take leave for elder care needs; allowing parents up to 24 hours of leave each year to participate in their children's academic activities; and expanding FMLA to cover leave for employees to address domestic violence. 82e8011f-abeb-498a-985c-a7853edddfc1 b98040f1-15f2-46a8-8741-d1df256d6230 State Paid Leave Encourage states to adopt paid leave. _27ab6324-bc9f-44ba-8dcb-355c3154007a 4.48 As president, Obama will initiate a strategy to encourage all 50 states to adopt paid-leave systems. Obama and Biden will provide a $1.5 billion fund to assist states with start-up costs and to help states offset the costs for employees and employers. 8bc38408-2256-4dc7-86b5-bf7a05557476 cab67c4f-df0f-4b38-8589-96d0e92ac8de Afterschool Opportunities Expand high-quality afterschool opportunities. _7934681e-8068-4a4c-a57d-c00e58b577b1 4.49 Obama and Biden will double funding for the main federal support for afterschool programs, the 21st Century Learning Centers program, to serve a million more children. Obama and Biden will include measures to maximize performance and effectiveness across grantees nationwide. e39d134d-7f69-411a-bb8b-1923aee30a17 08a7212a-ee7e-4e6a-8669-5fa873c1133c Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit Expand the child and dependent care tax credit. _fa1970a6-cfed-40e4-a61d-0008eba622f3 4.50 The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit provides too little relief to families that struggle to afford child care expenses. Obama and Biden will reform the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit by making it refundable and allowing low-income families to receive up to a 50 percent credit for their child care expenses. cac56461-fcc6-480a-a43c-12d3630e684d dcb8bdf5-5306-4cb6-ba27-7d624b211571 Caregiver Discrimination Protect against caregiver discrimination. _62e411b7-22f6-4e56-9ec9-8bb5801183f5 4.51 Workers with family obligations often are discriminated against in the workplace. Obama and Biden will enforce the recently-enacted Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines on caregiver discrimination. cb85ed88-909c-486e-a080-66112759bddd eb75f7de-0596-4aa7-83d4-55830cfa1e64 Flexible Work Expand flexible work arrangements. _5c87dd79-3929-4d4c-bf84-65cf5a06842d 4.52 Obama and Biden will create a program to inform businesses about the benefits of flexible work schedules; help businesses create flexible work opportunities; and increase federal incentives for telecommuting. Obama and Biden will also make the federal government a model employer in terms of adopting flexible work schedules and permitting employees to request flexible arrangements. c0a3e172-5adf-4f09-81fc-82ac6eef4801 1d8003b9-2072-4759-8838-c01f21cae2f4 Education Education _7d7ed230-15d9-4d61-a29d-667b265b0815 5 The Problem: No Child Left Behind Left the Money Behind: The goal of the law was the right one, but unfulfilled funding promises, inadequate implementation by the Education Department and shortcomings in the design of the law itself have limited its effectiveness and undercut its support. As a result, the law has failed to provide high-quality teachers in every classroom and failed to adequately support and pay those teachers. Teacher Retention is a Problem: Thirty percent of new teachers leave within their first five years in the profession. Soaring College Costs: College costs have grown nearly 40 percent in the past five years. The average graduate leaves college with over $19,000 in debt. And between 2001 and 2010, 2 million academically qualified students will not go to college because they cannot afford it. Finally, our complicated maze of tax credits and applications leaves too many students unaware of financial aid available to them. Zero to Five Plan Provide critical support to young children and their parents. _1d4cae07-bf08-4d53-beb4-81493685c009 5.1 The Obama-Biden comprehensive "Zero to Five" plan will provide critical support to young children and their parents. Unlike other early childhood education plans, the Obama-Biden plan places key emphasis at early care and education for infants, which is essential for children to be ready to enter kindergarten. Obama and Biden will create Early Learning Challenge Grants to promote state "zero to five" efforts and help states move toward voluntary, universal pre-school. a0d6c87c-590c-480c-9128-76825fc02fa7 7a101ffb-def1-42c7-a282-91912125565b Head Start Expand Early Head Start and Head Start _2252c042-4914-45e2-b5ca-e71a2cb15510 5.2 Obama and Biden will quadruple Early Head Start, increase Head Start funding and improve quality for both. ff3b89ab-80d9-4cca-a121-299f2ddc139f ff5cbf76-fc7c-488b-91fa-b269ef9702f4 Child Care Provide affordable and high-quality child care. _978f4273-f9c0-4fcb-8928-b655259e24ce 5.3 Obama and Biden will also provide affordable and high-quality child care to ease the burden on working families. 6529859d-dcb2-4dd9-8072-d7c6a6ef18de 48f1fe76-9663-4f7f-97df-c29e0f5713b8 NCLB Reform No Child Left Behind _1771d823-cf2c-4aaf-bab7-9acfe7ab40c9 5.4 Obama and Biden will reform NCLB, which starts by funding the law. Obama and Biden believe teachers should not be forced to spend the academic year preparing students to fill in bubbles on standardized tests. He will improve the assessments used to track student progress to measure readiness for college and the workplace and improve student learning in a timely, individualized manner. Obama and Biden will also improve NCLB's accountability system so that we are supporting schools that need improvement, rather than punishing them. 80ed9fe8-6517-436e-aaa0-b4739d7744ba 85e5dec7-5af4-4023-9830-fbdbb1feb571 High- and Low-Quality Schools Support High-Quality Schools and Close Low-Performing Charter Schools _7e94ae01-d89e-49c0-9876-2ae3a7bcc056 5.5 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will double funding for the Federal Charter School Program to support the creation of more successful charter schools. An Obama-Biden administration will provide this expanded charter school funding only to states that improve accountability for charter schools, allow for interventions in struggling charter schools and have a clear process for closing down chronically underperforming charter schools. An Obama-Biden administration will also prioritize supporting states that help the most successful charter schools to expand to serve more students. 68538994-9eba-47bb-8543-2a56adfd2b4c fb9295b4-004f-46a9-ac4a-ae0213ebcb6e Math and Science Education Make Math and Science Education a National Priority _1d99e938-2876-4db5-909f-0b310a25b373 5.6 Obama and Biden will recruit math and science degree graduates to the teaching profession and will support efforts to help these teachers learn from professionals in the field. They will also work to ensure that all children have access to a strong science curriculum at all grade levels. a057a03c-8aec-4b2d-a8c9-c9c152b43cb8 36e59801-b107-425d-8fb6-64d2fbaed517 Dropouts Address the Dropout Crisis _06f58165-cad5-41b9-a89a-38e0ec444aa9 5.7 Obama and Biden will address the dropout crisis by passing his legislation to provide funding to school districts to invest in intervention strategies in middle school - strategies such as personal academic plans, teaching teams, parent involvement, mentoring, intensive reading and math instruction, and extended learning time. bb88c593-d339-4e1d-a1b2-2afa04b57e03 1710c3e7-b7a3-4b45-9e71-4a4cde8b6cf7 Afterschool Opportunities Expand High-Quality Afterschool Opportunities _ce855c3a-ccee-4cad-9fff-58b5548245a4 5.8 Obama and Biden will double funding for the main federal support for afterschool programs, the 21st Century Learning Centers program, to serve one million more children. ae4791df-6c00-443e-875f-ce7e65ffb8ef 0434db8e-7037-42ec-aac4-8f7e07b939ef College Outreach Support College Outreach Programs _69d9201c-0c2e-41b4-b8f2-24ad5dc2423a 5.9 Obama and Biden support outreach programs like GEAR UP, TRIO and Upward Bound to encourage more young people from low-income families to consider and prepare for college. 3e72f559-9049-4171-9757-04a7120367c1 1a628c82-72d7-4bec-8fcb-44aac195d090 College Credit Support College Credit Initiatives _a5a4159c-9bcb-4c31-8661-b6d70afe59ca 5.10 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will create a national "Make College A Reality" initiative that has a bold goal to increase students taking AP or college-level classes nationwide 50 percent by 2016, and will build on Obama's bipartisan proposal in the U.S. Senate to provide grants for students seeking college level credit at community colleges if their school does not provide those resources. d7378b5b-9736-4903-890d-4db9a248a99a 0d083c16-aa85-4203-80fb-08c8728d7a88 English Language Learners Support English Language Learners _a0cc36ad-2380-43cb-8661-a1c3383a2b01 5.11 Obama and Biden support transitional bilingual education and will help Limited English Proficient students get ahead by holding schools accountable for making sure these students complete school. 90401d23-5d11-4f24-bfcf-2329a03d83de c284c521-4723-4339-b77d-c1fe8669e6b6 Teacher Recruitment Recruit Teachers _8fcc47af-766f-40ce-be2e-b7646dd8456c 5.12 Obama and Biden will create new Teacher Service Scholarships that will cover four years of undergraduate or two years of graduate teacher education, including high-quality alternative programs for mid-career recruits in exchange for teaching for at least four years in a high-need field or location. cf65c9db-688d-4a6a-9ae4-fa98a5d77ba4 0cbd5505-1658-4298-a456-fa77411b310c Teacher Preparation Prepare Teachers _45ee60d9-0720-4f6f-95a4-b50ce6a16738 5.13 Obama and Biden will require all schools of education to be accredited. Obama and Biden will also create a voluntary national performance assessment so we can be sure that every new educator is trained and ready to walk into the classroom and start teaching effectively. Obama and Biden will also create Teacher Residency Programs that will supply 30,000 exceptionally well-prepared recruits to high-need schools. 1e9b8491-1c8a-47fb-b996-9decda6a26d3 9188562b-5f0b-4f62-bb84-ff66eae6e7ae Teacher Retraining Retain Teachers _0bfebb5f-2cfd-48ab-a65a-7db3b39bed8a 5.14 To support our teachers, the Obama-Biden plan will expand mentoring programs that pair experienced teachers with new recruits. They will also provide incentives to give teachers paid common planning time so they can collaborate to share best practices. d94f7e64-d093-4201-9f06-5a22b98a130b 344ff64e-7e1d-4380-b49f-8f606c268df8 Teacher Rewards Reward Teachers _ac1a926c-9418-431c-b5de-7264813542f2 5.15 Obama and Biden will promote new and innovative ways to increase teacher pay that are developed with teachers, not imposed on them. Districts will be able to design programs that reward accomplished educators who serve as a mentor to new teachers with a salary increase. Districts can reward teachers who work in underserved places like rural areas and inner cities. And if teachers consistently excel in the classroom, that work can be valued and rewarded as well. d86a6019-fffd-4a9c-bbc3-6c9e989845a3 08ab6664-4799-4a01-b347-bf2ef4559236 American Opportunity Tax Credit Create the American Opportunity Tax Credit _4991dfa4-7c48-45ae-b6d4-ba38cda58484 5.16 Obama and Biden will make college affordable for all Americans by creating a new American Opportunity Tax Credit. This universal and fully refundable credit will ensure that the first $4,000 of a college education is completely free for most Americans, and will cover two-thirds the cost of tuition at the average public college or university and make community college tuition completely free for most students. Recipients of the credit will be required to conduct 100 hours of community service. 28bc2977-8f98-4caf-bb95-27295bb1f451 0e9144a5-557c-4cac-a0ef-320dc73db181 Financial Aid Simplify the Application Process for Financial Aid _95c84078-7925-4e2c-b354-2b989e19d0e7 5.17 Obama and Biden will streamline the financial aid process by eliminating the current federal financial aid application and enabling families to apply simply by checking a box on their tax form, authorizing their tax information to be used, and eliminating the need for a separate application. 3ab70838-a44b-4421-9349-1bd12863cde6 a27120f2-154e-4523-bbb5-12aaf806b4e0 Energy and Environment Energy and Environment _8e07d739-9987-4530-b946-b1d5c3e15bf4 6 The Obama-Biden comprehensive New Energy for America plan will: Provide short-term relief to American families facing pain at the pump. Help create five million new jobs by strategically investing $150 billion over the next ten years to catalyze private efforts to build a clean energy future. Within 10 years save more oil than we currently import from the Middle East and Venezuela combined. Put 1 million Plug-In Hybrid cars -- cars that can get up to 150 miles per gallon -- on the road by 2015, cars that we will work to make sure are built here in America. Ensure 10 percent of our electricity comes from renewable sources by 2012, and 25 percent by 2025. Implement an economy-wide cap-and-trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. Short-term Energy Relief Provide Short-term Relief to American Families _4fc4b0b4-72e5-41cb-83df-a916dfce1c3c 6.1 • Enact a Windfall Profits Tax to Provide a $1,000 Emergency Energy Rebate to American Families. • Crack Down on Excessive Energy Speculation. • Swap Oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Cut Prices. 37cc3411-ee39-4e2d-a418-02b44f5c7959 3857817e-8b70-4b82-a684-b7f37609459d Oil Imports Eliminate Our Current Imports from the Middle East and Venezuela within 10 Years _09e8a500-7374-474b-8c70-7543a6116662 6.2 • Increase Fuel Economy Standards. • Get 1 Million Plug-In Hybrid Cars on the Road by 2015. • Create a New $7,000 Tax Credit for Purchasing Advanced Vehicles. • Establish a National Low Carbon Fuel Standard. • A “Use it or Lose It” Approach to Existing Oil and Gas Leases. • Promote the Responsible Domestic Production of Oil and Natural Gas. b0a1741c-e883-41e8-8a2e-9b656b1ce4d2 60bd5aa9-008f-4734-ae01-a62d67c2354b Green Jobs Create Millions of New Green Jobs _ca009fee-bad7-4089-9512-5503cdc55658 6.3 • Ensure 10 percent of Our Electricity Comes from Renewable Sources by 2012, and 25 percent by 2025. • Deploy the Cheapest, Cleanest, Fastest Energy Source – Energy Efficiency. • Weatherize One Million Homes Annually. • Develop and Deploy Clean Coal Technology. • Prioritize the Construction of the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline. 23c0417c-5543-4548-b2b1-3bfde87ffc47 706eae03-f0d3-477e-8529-78c707134f1a Greenhouse Gas Reduce our Greenhouse Gas Emissions 80 Percent by 2050 _5998d39e-8e52-42b5-aa72-246a7de86834 6.4 • Implement an economy-wide cap-and-trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. • Make the U.S. a Leader on Climate Change. 1d205c86-febe-42ef-8e77-1d0c9af8a1bf 785bdf8d-976c-48cf-8993-ea65ed4cc035 Ethics Ethics _be2b2bce-00b2-45e7-90cf-9ebe67c6e293 7 “I am in this race to tell the corporate lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda in Washington are over. I have done more than any other candidate in this race to take on lobbyists — and won. They have not funded my campaign, they will not run my White House, and they will not drown out the voices of the American people when I am president.”— Barack Obama, Speech in Des Moines, IA, November 10, 2007The ProblemLobbyists Write National Policies: For example, Vice President Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force of oil and gas lobbyists met secretly to develop national energy policy.Secrecy Dominates Government Actions: The Bush administration has ignored public disclosure rules and has invoked a legal tool known as the "state secrets" privilege more than any other previous administration to get cases thrown out of civil court.Wasteful Spending is Out of Control: The current administration has abused its power by handing out contracts without competition to its politically connected friends and supporters. These abuses cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year. Ethics and Lobbying Information Centralize Ethics and Lobbying Information for Voters _b53ae5e5-2806-4fff-92ba-41b216856379 7.1 Obama and Biden will create a centralized Internet database of lobbying reports, ethics records, and campaign finance filings in a searchable, sortable and downloadable format. 3efd925b-22d5-49ec-abf0-bab2e6a9c2d0 06b0d735-2d26-411d-bd76-243ad2539a5b Monitoring Require Independent Monitoring of Lobbying Laws and Ethics Rules _165b2826-3355-4754-b5d2-20ade8822cf0 7.2 Obama and Biden will use the power of the presidency to fight for an independent watchdog agency to oversee the investigation of congressional ethics violations so that the public can be assured that ethics complaints will be investigated. f5a87796-d2d6-40bb-9f5d-626df72a05d0 c48532b8-caa7-460b-a8b0-94d1a7d06003 Open Legislation End the Practice of Writing Legislation Behind Closed Doors. _9d4aedb0-7260-4145-af39-7a03b964fce0 7.3 As president, Barack Obama will restore the American people's trust in their government by making government more open and transparent. Obama will work to reform congressional rules to require all legislative sessions, including committee mark-ups and conference committees, to be conducted in public. By making these practices public, the American people will be able to hold their leaders accountable for wasteful spending and lawmakers won't be able to slip favors for lobbyists into bills at the last minute. ec13a448-6d92-400f-8e64-f7a1e717afff 7c712989-1e07-423b-ba07-a3efd18ce0ba Contracts and Influence Database Create a Public “Contracts and Influence” Database _c52f7fc9-a06e-4b84-9148-121f3d5521f2 7.4 As president, Obama will create a "contracts and influence" database that will disclose how much federal contractors spend on lobbying, and what contracts they are getting and how well they complete them. d3ef2d77-4261-4b7c-b56d-e87f558e6e2a 196e9bde-3418-424c-97a1-0bcc22cab395 Special Interest Tax Breaks Expose Special Interest Tax Breaks to Public Scrutiny _95cada2c-d597-4ddc-95bd-451925a0e5dc 7.5 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will ensure that any tax breaks for corporate recipients — or tax earmarks — are also publicly available on the Internet in an easily searchable format. e4e26cd3-6fd5-4b09-a3ac-0d5057bcbc87 aad811b0-2c52-4c15-801c-49fd0ed7390f No-Bid Contracts End Abuse of No-Bid Contracts _b9403d20-2233-42aa-8d45-ef9680586ccf 7.6 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will end abuse of no-bid contracts by requiring that nearly all contract orders over $25,000 be competitively awarded. fdad6d59-b342-47d0-8937-a8d6820d26ec 3e9bae28-6485-4ba7-8aa9-d8b1c099ddad Sunlight Before Signing Give the public the opportunity to review and comment on non-emergency legislation prior to signing. _19f06f57-da8f-416b-9d0c-021befc65f9c 7.7 Too often bills are rushed through Congress and to the president before the public has the opportunity to review them. As president, Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days. 3cdf5fbc-9f81-48c2-9b02-ee70a5306e6f e830fde0-6d4e-422e-90b7-501aec70ca66 Shine Light on Earmarks and Pork Barrel Spending Disclose the name of the legislator who asked for each earmark. _6aa42eb8-f9f7-4e3e-ac5c-52309cd2514b 7.8 Obama's Transparency and Integrity in Earmarks Act will shed light on all earmarks by , along with a written justification, 72 hours before they can be approved by the full Senate. b6fae86e-2cea-448d-8d1b-ee996daee17e 33e64a5c-58e9-4d89-97ad-39c0b286aca1 Fireside Chats Hold 21st Century Fireside Chats. _094ce3bb-38b6-42a7-aa03-d50b41e1b295 7.9 Obama will bring democracy and policy directly to the people by requiring his Cabinet officials to have periodic national broadband townhall meetings to discuss issues before their agencies. 44ae08f7-7402-4e16-8a57-d0b532c7c5ee 25b5da1b-cac2-46c1-b274-22176f848c0d White House Communications Make White House Communications Public. _313cd7e0-22cc-4236-a4e5-61ac5ef0880c 7.10 Obama will amend executive orders to ensure that communications about regulatory policymaking between persons outside government and all White House staff are disclosed to the public. 9c81f03f-393d-4e67-837d-41efb62f7026 565237eb-9807-428b-92ae-151d5abc2eb3 Regulations Conduct Regulatory Agency Business in Public. _1c466641-d697-4d13-9b48-9796b21395b7 7.11 Obama will require his appointees who lead the executive branch departments and rulemaking agencies to conduct the significant business of the agency in public, so that any citizen can see in person or watch on the Internet these debates. b7e96d67-7895-4a5b-808e-ff3e2487bb39 b63bbf4d-e5a3-454c-9dae-34ded1bbfcc5 Presidential Records Release Presidential Records. _47bae38a-f6a5-4512-a45c-ab655db4c82f 7.12 Obama and Biden will nullify attempts to make the timely release of presidential records more difficult. a97be3f5-3965-4e32-bc58-4dd1d212c677 ab03e846-2653-4d9e-9d84-eedc00db2ab0 Revolving Door Close the Revolving Door on Former and Future Employers. _5b650212-ad6d-4582-a613-a63f2ff51370 7.13 No political appointees in an Obama-Biden administration will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years. And no political appointee will be able to lobby the executive branch after leaving government service during the remainder of the administration. b0db3c1c-c622-4ed1-ad64-5819c67a6637 8f78d198-c4af-4e6c-be00-34927353bb00 Political Influence Free Career Officials from the Influence of Politics. _64aa0cb5-b18d-4173-927e-a08b1de5a325 7.14 Obama will issue an executive order asking all new hires at the agencies to sign a form affirming that no political appointee offered them the job solely on the basis of political affiliation or contribution. 81e46517-59b6-4620-87b4-583496863fbf e0efa552-5655-468e-862b-a3ff166be048 Political Appointment Process Reform the Political Appointee Process. _ef668125-158b-4570-b94f-bf78f55726c7 7.15 FEMA Director Michael Brown was not qualified to head the agency, and the result was a disaster for the people of the Gulf Coast. But in an Obama-Biden administration, every official will have to rise to the standard of proven excellence in the agency's mission. 31eefe6d-dfa9-49a3-b524-f88c66ef4021 277a66d1-41bb-4a13-bd19-8f43087a6636 Executive Branch Ethics Enforce Executive Branch Ethics. _45554f5d-2c49-41e2-9dd8-24ec7a371c26 7.16 The Obama-Biden administration will give the Office of Governmental Ethics strong enforcement authority with the ability to make binding regulations, and it will work with inspectors general in all the federal agencies to enforce ethics rules, minimize waste and ensure federal officials are not using their offices for personal gain. The OGE will also be the clearinghouse of all public records relevant to ethics in the Executive Branch and place this information on its website. Finally, the OGE will promulgate rules and procedures to record all oral and in-person "lobbying contacts" between registered lobbyists and political appointees and make those records available to the public in a searchable computerized database. a80f4b89-caf4-493d-b806-9c47c9e37bc4 9639ee85-9848-4a17-8dbe-72c433caf471 Performance Team and Chief Performance Officer Create a focused team within the White House that will work with agency leaders and the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to improve results and outcomes for federal government programs while eliminating waste and inefficiency. _f312b2ea-9c47-4f64-a448-5fac9c6a291c 7.17 This unit, a SWAT team, will be composed of top-performing and highly-trained government professionals and be headed by a new Chief Performance Officer (CPO) who will report directly to the president. The CPO will work with federal agencies to set tough performance targets and hold managers responsible for progress. The president will meet regularly with cabinet officers to review the progress their agencies are making toward meeting performance improvement targets. 7faffa5c-2b03-47a6-8fcd-0f45003c08a6 cdeabb81-7a2b-4589-85ec-fdf336f16add Procurement Streamline Government Procurement. _5b4ea0ae-9245-40fc-a9d4-f26f4a034b78 7.18 Barack Obama will implement the GAO's recommendations to reduce erroneous federal payments, reduce procurement costs with purchase cards, and implement better management of surplus federal property. These initiatives will save $4.5 billion a year. 900a5a1a-2fb9-4d7b-82c8-c58e4698ad9d ebebefe2-4586-4265-a0e5-fe3e44ee077c Whistleblowers Protect Whistleblowers _31d68a2b-87dd-4eb3-9057-43cf9bb09971 7.19 Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in government is an existing government employee committed to public integrity and willing to speak out. Such acts of courage and patriotism, which can sometimes save lives and often save taxpayer dollars, should be encouraged rather than stifled. We need to empower federal employees as watchdogs of wrongdoing and partners in performance. Barack Obama will strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government. Obama will ensure that federal agencies expedite the process for reviewing whistleblower claims and whistleblowers have full access to courts and due process. 4f7bd1c4-32d1-4c08-902b-b79e06e301fd ba974b9b-8c96-48d1-866e-2a951425067c Line-by-Line Review of Spending Conduct an exhaustive line-by-line review of the federal budget, work to eliminate government programs that are not performing, and demand that new initiatives be selected on the basis of their merits -- not through a political process that rewards lobbyists and campaign donors. _077d0623-503f-4591-9008-0190be1d4a3f 7.20 fc376edc-b2d9-40ee-9bf6-cfbe899e04df 90cd5a1a-5475-47cc-b17b-3b8c394e5bd1 Earmarks Slash Earmarks. _d5e439a8-8d09-47b2-aff9-23c8ed3356ee 7.21 Earmarks grew from $7.8 billion in 1994 to $29 billion in 2006. Barack Obama is committed to returning earmarks to less than $7.8 billion a year, the level they were at before 1994. b1310587-8197-4354-8a78-c423de79aa3f 86fc03b4-a64a-451b-92f4-6e5995e24993 Corporate Tax Loopholes Shed Sunlight on Corporate Tax Loopholes. _9030fbcf-a9f3-41e8-a854-daee028c39f1 7.22 The tax code is riddled with corporate loopholes and preferential regulations that benefit a handful of companies at the expense of the rest of the business community as well as ordinary families. Some large companies have managed to secure tax breaks or hide their profits in overseas tax havens to avoid paying any American corporate taxes at all. Obama and Biden will require any tax bill considered by Congress to include a Corporate Tax Impact Statement that would disclose which industries or specific companies would be expected to benefit from the new tax breaks. 403f1bac-da1b-4eba-9e8f-3b9445156b54 e8e38bed-9cb6-46d7-a8fa-5e1901cfa2eb Families Support Working Families and Strengthen Families at Home. _7eb1d7a4-f3ae-4653-8fe1-f3fe44cd6b70 8 "...[A]t the dawn of the 21st century we also have a collective responsibility to recommit ourselves to the dream; to strengthen that safety net, put the rungs back on that ladder to the middle-class, and give every family the chance that so many of our parents and grandparents had. This responsibility is one that's been missing from Washington for far too long -- a responsibility I intend to take very seriously as President." -- Barack Obama, Spartanburg, SC, June 15, 2007The Obama-Biden PlanThe American dream is increasingly out of reach for many people. Americans with incomes below $100,000 have experienced stagnating wages, declining health care coverage, erosion of pension protections, rising personal debt, and jobs disappearing as a result of global competition and rising housing costs. Further, the gap between America’s richest and poorest is at its widest points in at least 25 years. At a time when costs are rising and Americans are working harder just to keep up, Barack Obama will provide relief for the middle class and support for working people. In addition to his health care and tax relief plans, Obama will make college affordable, reform our bankruptcy and credit card laws, protect the balance between work and family, and put a secure and dignified retirement within the reach of all Americans. Obama has been a strong advocate for working people throughout his public life, and he will stand up to special interests and bring America together to reclaim the American dream. Tax Cut Provide a "Making Work Pay" Tax Cut for America's Working Families. _8301ac3a-3e99-4a55-8c39-e381c54d4a10 8.1 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will restore fairness to the tax code and provide 150 million workers the tax relief they need. Obama and Biden will create a new "Making Work Pay" tax credit of up to $500 per person, or $1,000 per working family. The "Making Work Pay" tax credit will completely eliminate income taxes for 10 million Americans. 46035bf7-2b35-4161-a581-eb2ac7ef7719 f2e0b8b8-16fa-42f4-a237-a6b151fa40c8 Minumum Wage Raise the Minimum Wage. _ce464989-1ef2-492c-81e5-0db47f484a2a 8.2 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will raise the minimum wage, index it to inflation, and increase the Earned Income Tax Credit to make sure that full-time workers earn a living wage that allows them to raise their families and pay for basic needs. 10c1a3a5-206b-459c-ab5a-2a791f63422d 5db0e37c-cd17-428b-bbf7-7309dc75cc6c EITC Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit. _9d1c090e-e060-4603-a512-ec7e769e4e47 8.3 In both the Illinois State Senate and the U.S. Senate, Obama has championed efforts to expand the EITC, which is one of the most successful anti-poverty programs to date. As president, Obama will reward work by increasing the number of working parents eligible for EITC benefits, increasing the benefit available to parents who support their children through child support payments, and reducing the EITC marriage penalty which hurts low-income families. Under the Obama-Biden plan, full-time workers making minimum wage will get an EITC benefit up to $555, more than three times greater than the $175 benefit they get today. If the workers are responsibly supporting their children on child support, the Obama-Biden plan will give those workers a benefit of $1,110. 8d5965d3-9d92-4c8a-8f18-4f5092960ef4 126dca5b-fc66-40b2-bf0e-95f6ba0cc832 Sick Leave Expand Paid Sick Days. _382569ff-93ce-4899-937a-899466bf3af6 8.4 Half of all private sector workers have no paid sick days and the problem is worse for employees in low-paying jobs, where less than a quarter receive any paid sick days. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will require that employers provide seven paid sick days per year. 0ecf252c-5959-4679-b4a4-a23c344aac00 c9d7a990-0bc8-4ddd-80c9-f6348bf8c4d6 FMLA Expand the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). _40aaea10-50bc-4dd2-8e5d-ebebb765b454 8.5 The FMLA covers only certain employees of employers with 50 or more employees. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will expand the FMLA to cover businesses with 25 or more employees. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will expand the FMLA to cover more purposes as well, including allowing workers to take leave for elder care needs; allowing parents up to 24 hours of leave each year to participate in their children's academic activities at school; allowing leave to be taken for purposes of caring for individuals who reside in their home for 6 months or more; and expanding FMLA to cover leave for employees to address domestic violence and sexual assault. aaa3b840-5725-4dee-ae26-3701219a073f b24c224f-5690-4830-bd44-f0fb6725ff8e Paid Leave Encourage States to Adopt Paid Leave. _67b302c8-daa0-49d3-a6dd-cb6548da0fc5 8.6 As president, Barack Obama will initiate a 50 state strategy to encourage all of the states to adopt paid-leave systems. Obama and Biden will provide a $1.5 billion fund to assist states with start-up costs and to help states offset the costs for employees and employers. e0d0365b-cb26-44af-8e14-f8b6775a8a51 5eb7d417-9b7e-4384-b2f1-18c00275d284 Afterschool Opportunities Expand High-Quality Afterschool Opportunities. _76450983-95fd-464d-b025-491435836d32 8.7 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will double funding for the main federal support for afterschool programs, the 21st Century Learning Centers program, to serve one million more children. Obama will include measures to maximize performance and effectiveness across grantees nationwide. de5fb3a5-f1a8-4645-b5d0-e0786cf3b4dd 5acf1b8f-a816-4a08-8047-b904495026a1 Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit Expand the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. _f92df26a-14c8-4f64-92bf-c4be1835d35a 8.8 The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit provides too little relief to families that struggle to afford child care expenses. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will reform the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit by making it refundable and allowing low-income families to receive up to a 50 percent credit for their child care expenses. ff1f36bf-6ab8-4ebf-bc61-42500e7e08e8 81f7b363-1d0c-4d56-aeff-60930f6c571c Caregiver Discrimination Protect Against Caregiver Discrimination. _4db5f51b-7b4d-4545-a65b-21d37933a9a3 8.9 Workers with family obligations often are discriminated against in the workplace. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will commit the government to enforcing recently-enacted Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines on caregiver discrimination. e7254bc6-4c72-4fb1-b888-a65f5ebf09f3 50417acb-9a37-4252-ab34-c9fbaf84ae11 Flexible Work Arrangements Expand Flexible Work Arrangements. _70c9d37a-84f3-4286-b592-ffc0641c84d5 8.10 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will address this concern by creating a program to inform businesses about the benefits of flexible work schedules for productivity and establishing positive workplaces; helping businesses create flexible work opportunities; and increasing federal incentives for telecommuting. Obama and Biden will also make the federal government a model employer in terms of adopting flexible work schedules and permitting employees to petition to request flexible arrangements. ce8631ea-87d9-4e02-a88a-1ac974f781b2 721e693a-c951-418d-a00d-d1d01a0ae41c Fatherhood and Families Strengthen Fatherhood and Families. _847d8cdb-dc95-4618-b737-b019fcdc7a39 8.11 Barack Obama has re-introduced the Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Families Act to remove some of the government penalties on married families, crack down on men avoiding child support payments, ensure that support payments go to families instead of state bureaucracies, fund support services for fathers and their families, and support domestic violence prevention efforts. As president, Obama will sign this bill into law and continue to implement innovative measures to strengthen families. 60e8782f-9d50-4839-96f1-1257f91c821b 1cd05d7e-a98f-4c53-a28e-c553573bdf0c Parents with Young Children Support Parents with Young Children. _ada4eb39-6e43-42e1-a038-c43090879f29 8.12 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will expand programs like the successful Nurse-Family Partnership to all low-income, first-time mothers. The Nurse-Family Partnership provides home visits by trained registered nurses to low-income expectant mothers and their families. Researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis concluded that these programs produced an average of five dollars in savings for every dollar invested and produced more than $28,000 in net savings for every high-risk family enrolled in the program. The Obama-Biden plan will assist approximately 570,000 first-time mothers each year. 0543a29c-b77e-43c7-9ac9-5321b7eeb81e 721ea249-1d36-4b0b-b110-843fd0225bb9 Fiscal Discipline Retore Fiscal Discipline _56d0d9e6-85c7-4acf-b68d-f74fbe4cc240 9 “The cost of our debt is one of the fastest growing expenses in the federal budget. This rising debt is a hidden domestic enemy, robbing our cities and states of critical investments in infrastructure like bridges, ports, and levees; robbing our families and our children of critical investments in education and health care reform; robbing our seniors of the retirement and health security they have counted on. . . . If Washington were serious about honest tax relief in this country, we'd see an effort to reduce our national debt by returning to responsible fiscal policies.”— Barack Obama, Speech in the U.S. Senate, March 13, 2006 The Problem -- Increasing Debt: Under President Bush, the federal debt has increased from $5.7 trillion to $8.8 trillion, an increase of more than 50 percent. Irresponsible Tax Cuts: President Bush's policies of giving tax breaks for the wealthy will cost the nation over $2.3 trillion by the time they expire in 2009. PAYGO Reinstate PAYGO Rules. _fa3b7e60-f6d8-4935-b4d9-71328a3eafe9 9.1 Obama and Biden believe that a critical step in restoring fiscal discipline is enforcing pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) budgeting rules which require new spending commitments or tax changes to be paid for by cuts to other programs or new revenue. 15e6e603-1afa-41c9-b455-8d3c849a2819 36c3485f-0a98-4c02-a5a4-7d0d73c31528 Reverse Tax Cuts Reverse Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy. _7dd8cf49-209f-4893-a8d9-b9426103908b 9.2 Obama and Biden will protect tax cuts for poor and middle class families, but they will reverse most of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest taxpayers. 24542771-841c-43c4-b997-c1a73eb6fea8 5af2c5e7-e64c-4026-be87-4f2a3d1860a5 Pork Barrel Spending Cut Pork Barrel Spending. _020ca536-fed5-4853-a8b5-ceed7b2b4200 9.3 Obama introduced and passed bipartisan legislation that would require more disclosure and transparency for special-interest earmarks. Obama and Biden believe that spending that cannot withstand public scrutiny cannot be justified. Obama and Biden will slash earmarks to no greater than year 1994 levels and ensure all spending decisions are open to the public. 0f5efad0-32b1-4d86-94d8-a2c93fc8637a 883f4361-c654-4164-a548-dbe8daadf5ca Spending Accountability and Efficiency Make Government Spending More Accountable and Efficient. _865474d0-7819-4706-9919-9d4c761b0379 9.4 Obama and Biden will ensure that federal contracts over $25,000 are competitively bid. Obama and Biden will also increase the efficiency of government programs through better use of technology, stronger management that demands accountability and by leveraging the government's high-volume purchasing power to get lower prices. 58e05fe4-d7d0-42eb-b0cf-94d794a16352 23582df6-8945-41ce-a626-677a833eb5f2 Wasteful Spending End Wasteful Government Spending. _b0829d97-85e6-4cc8-9c57-1f1baf122c50 9.5 Obama and Biden will stop funding wasteful, obsolete federal government programs that make no financial sense. Obama and Biden have called for an end to subsidies for oil and gas companies that are enjoying record profits, as well as the elimination of subsidies to the private student loan industry which has repeatedly used unethical business practices. Obama and Biden will also tackle wasteful spending in the Medicare program. 0eca2a17-c21e-4d7d-85e6-d4a30960fe40 cd35a14f-c351-411c-aabb-6a0ee779a4e5 Tax Haven Abuse End Tax Haven Abuse. _b6e27ac5-e39a-4bd1-9502-8f400fc7de82 9.6 Building on his bipartisan work in the Senate, Obama will give the Treasury Department the tools it needs to stop the abuse of tax shelters and offshore tax havens and help close the $350 billion tax gap between taxes owed and taxes paid. ac4bb8bb-e6af-48ef-867c-d9556cc7e743 7b4d38ec-70af-40c0-83ea-d25be21478ec Corporate Loopholes Close Special Interest Corporate Loopholes. _4164d738-5baf-4a2e-b135-b403fad6d0a9 9.7 Obama and Biden will level the playing field for all businesses by eliminating special-interest loopholes and deductions, such as those for the oil and gas industry. bb158a8c-0602-4318-9dfb-0c3763d0648b 3b21ab87-54b7-4716-9c71-b6fbae503eee Foreign Policy Foreign Policy _7d592095-0666-4cb5-a177-3a8e7c738ae4 10 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will renew America’s security and standing in the world through a new era of American leadership. The Obama-Biden foreign policy will end the war in Iraq responsibly, finish the fight against the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan, secure nuclear weapons and loose nuclear materials from terrorists, and renew American diplomacy to support strong alliances and to seek a lasting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Nuclear Weapons -- A Record of Results: The gravest danger to the American people is the threat of a terrorist attack with a nuclear weapon and the spread of nuclear weapons to dangerous regimes. Obama has taken bipartisan action to secure nuclear weapons and materials: He joined Senator Dick Lugar (R-In) in passing a law to help the United States and our allies detect and stop the smuggling of weapons of mass destruction throughout the world. He joined Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Ne) to introduce a bill that seeks to prevent nuclear terrorism, reduce global nuclear arsenals, and stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Bipartisanship and Openness -- A Record of Bringing People Together: In the Senate, Obama has worked with Republicans and Democrats to advance important policy initiatives on securing weapons of mass destruction and conventional weapons, increasing funding for nonproliferation, and countering instability in Congo. Afghanistan Refocus American resources on the greatest threat to our security -- the resurgence of al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. _886e12c8-5215-468d-a8bd-eddc2552c2d1 10.1 They will increase our troop levels in Afghanistan, press our allies in NATO to do the same, and dedicate more resources to revitalize Afghanistan’s economic development. Obama and Biden will demand the Afghan government do more, including cracking down on corruption and the illicit opium trade. 41a1bf43-73d3-4b37-a06a-166d9f97106f f73ea32e-30c4-4a96-90c9-673f0ab01d59 Pakistan Increase nonmilitary aid to Pakistan and hold them accountable for security in the border region with Afghanistan. _9511d41e-a854-4cdc-8c8e-9761b96f9640 10.2 d0fd4af9-b343-430c-bafc-394008215b8b 3ef29e97-d57c-4ce1-8de4-6fcce01258f8 Nuclear Materials Secure Loose Nuclear Materials from Terrorists. _58854920-efef-4840-99db-2815c9a60705 10.3 Obama and Biden will secure all loose nuclear materials in the world within four years. While working to secure existing stockpiles of nuclear material, Obama and Biden will negotiate a verifiable global ban on the production of new nuclear weapons material. This will deny terrorists the ability to steal or buy loose nuclear materials. 39f24945-8202-426d-87cf-7f6d300617c0 54e8afe2-30c0-4f6a-941a-313fbd307f7e Nuclear Non-Proliferation Strengthen the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: _ee375684-273f-4967-b032-5356bbaf7d0d 10.4 Obama and Biden will crack down on nuclear proliferation by strengthening the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty so that countries like North Korea and Iran that break the rules will automatically face strong international sanctions. 52aa70c6-6cd6-435f-a0fc-99a2c2100fa2 815d0422-2f9f-41b4-81f7-d4be13e352ad Nuclear Free World Move Toward a Nuclear Free World. _116e429b-5aa5-424e-816c-acef296f42bb 10.5 Obama and Biden will set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons, and pursue it. Obama and Biden will always maintain a strong deterrent as long as nuclear weapons exist. But they will take several steps down the long road toward eliminating nuclear weapons. They will stop the development of new nuclear weapons; work with Russia to take U.S. and Russian ballistic missiles off hair trigger alert; seek dramatic reductions in U.S. and Russian stockpiles of nuclear weapons and material; and set a goal to expand the U.S.-Russian ban on intermediate-range missiles so that the agreement is global. 2e1e3bca-1ea9-49d4-8c26-080cb60e92cb 33e19fe2-6a52-4f2e-98dc-206d6ad3d0b4 Iran Diplomacy Support tough and direct diplomacy with Iran without preconditions. _daa19edb-7985-45a0-98e2-534c7ab71de7 10.6 Now is the time to use the power of American diplomacy to pressure Iran to stop their illicit nuclear program, support for terrorism, and threats toward Israel. Obama and Biden will offer the Iranian regime a choice. If Iran abandons its nuclear program and support for terrorism, we will offer incentives like membership in the World Trade Organization, economic investments, and a move toward normal diplomatic relations. If Iran continues its troubling behavior, we will step up our economic pressure and political isolation. In carrying out this diplomacy, we will coordinate closely with our allies and proceed with careful preparation. Seeking this kind of comprehensive settlement with Iran is our best way to make progress. 5bc3c38d-3d9c-40a1-b71b-f61c26a23c07 a126066c-01c2-4a7b-b37b-c12346d6dc36 Energy Security Achieve Energy Security _bfef1863-8bb1-44d5-af54-ed34f9f654fd 10.7 Obama will put America on a path to energy independence by investing $150 billion in renewable and alternative energy over the next ten years -- an investment that will create millions of jobs along the way. He’ll also make the U.S. a leader in the global effort to combat climate change by leading a new international global warming partnership. e1de1506-c2ab-4528-a112-36402857b97b 2430af03-55d0-4873-882b-8b8f23bd01ec Alliances Renew our Alliances. _e3d46acd-366a-4925-8340-4d0e0dbb2a06 10.8 Obama and Biden will rebuild our alliances to meet the common challenges of the 21st century. America is strongest when we act alongside strong partners. Now is the time for a new era of international cooperation that strengthens old partnerships and builds new ones to confront the common challenges of the 21st century -- terrorism and nuclear weapons; climate change and poverty; genocide and disease. dead7eb8-ea2e-4f01-a819-8fde37ef6a9f 143fde03-3263-4d8c-a976-d7272afcf9cf Friends and Foes Talk to our Foes and Friends. _fc042585-7318-4038-82a2-ad7e03b12b98 10.9 Obama and Biden will pursue tough, direct diplomacy without preconditions with all nations, friend and foe. They will do the careful preparation necessary, but will signal that America is ready to come to the table and is willing to lead. And if America is willing to come to the table, the world will be more willing to rally behind American leadership to deal with challenges like confronting terrorism and Iran and North Korea's nuclear programs. 63b6eb52-d8c9-44fe-a267-4d1f9a78ef72 1d18f263-2951-483e-80c4-5b600424748a Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Make progress on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a key diplomatic priority from day one. _8ce1f7a1-7a4d-4581-9364-6e5db3ab1021 10.10 They will make a sustained push -- working with Israelis and Palestinians -- to achieve the goal of two states, a Jewish state in Israel and a Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security. 78848361-d5ea-40c4-8806-9d1af7f6a964 1d162f65-2b65-4c87-bc78-c3a2eb13f71e Diplomatic Presence Expand our Diplomatic Presence. _0374026b-a826-4436-abe8-2204402dbf51 10.11 To make diplomacy a priority, Obama and Biden will stop shuttering consulates and start opening them in difficult corners of the world -- particularly in Africa. They will expand our foreign service, and develop our civilian capacity to work alongside the military. 57e48aab-05b7-49c4-ab23-f88735d6f032 1aa7c302-bff1-4dd4-a54f-9377683d7162 Global Poverty Fight Global Poverty. _17f1529d-a835-43d9-9217-40e2cf668444 10.12 Obama and Biden will embrace the Millennium Development Goal of cutting extreme poverty around the world in half by 2015, and they will double our foreign assistance to achieve that goal. This will help the world's weakest states build healthy and educated communities, reduce poverty, develop markets, and generate wealth. 413ca84e-c539-4f13-a2aa-93121c9be5ad b3636a0c-599e-44b1-ace1-fdbeb3619ed3 Asia Seek New Partnerships in Asia. _9183dd8d-e0fb-4336-bf8f-4693a1450476 10.13 Obama and Biden will forge a more effective framework in Asia that goes beyond bilateral agreements, occasional summits, and ad hoc arrangements, such as the six-party talks on North Korea. They will maintain strong ties with allies like Japan, South Korea and Australia; work to build an infrastructure with countries in East Asia that can promote stability and prosperity; and work to ensure that China plays by international rules. 698275d9-0190-416a-9e34-ce785e06228f 950fad41-5b7a-4822-9156-c858e53136de U.S.-Israel Partnership Ensure a Strong U.S.-Israel Partnership. _6bbc3312-e7d3-4de2-84c1-bf170da793ae 10.14 Barack Obama and Joe Biden strongly support the U.S.-Israel relationship, and believe that our first and incontrovertible commitment in the Middle East must be to the security of Israel, America's strongest ally in the region. They support this closeness, and have stated that the United States will never distance itself from Israel. b2e9f764-b2d9-4c1f-bd65-96d314232f15 0d8535f7-351b-4853-bb66-abc4db137372 Israel's Self Defense Support Israel's Right to Self Defense. _488ab4a9-90a5-48a8-ad48-f6c31048329b 10.15 During the July 2006 Lebanon war, Barack Obama stood up strongly for Israel's right to defend itself from Hezbollah raids and rocket attacks, cosponsoring a Senate resolution against Iran and Syria's involvement in the war, and insisting that Israel should not be pressured into a ceasefire that did not deal with the threat of Hezbollah missiles. He and Joe Biden believe strongly in Israel's right to protect its citizens. 9d59a24a-5a9f-4fc5-bfea-00210e250201 cd1f4945-32ff-4ba8-b949-a3f7d77a9c0d Assistance to Israel Support Foreign Assistance to Israel. _6fcedd5b-718a-4f61-9b5b-a8c78a08c6b2 10.16 Barack Obama and Joe Biden have consistently supported foreign assistance to Israel. They defend and support the annual foreign aid package that involves both military and economic assistance to Israel and have advocated increased foreign aid budgets to ensure that these funding priorities are met. They have called for continuing U.S. cooperation with Israel in the development of missile defense systems. 6231af37-c820-4253-8270-5b129ee2cb88 04eb6295-8faf-4da7-ad53-2351a8377045 Consultative Group Convene a bipartisan Consultative Group of leading members of Congress to foster better executive-legislative relations and bipartisan unity on foreign policy. _c7590c19-ed3e-41f7-bb92-ef12e31e3d9c 10.17 This group will be comprised of the congressional leadership of both political parties, and the chair and ranking members of the Armed Services, Foreign Relations, Intelligence, and Appropriations Committees. This group will meet with the president once a month to review foreign policy priorities, and will be consulted in advance of military action. 8042b4b9-6fd4-4490-92a6-f93317435802 194989b0-42a5-4270-a6b9-c00b7c68c130 Intelligence Get Politics out of Intelligence. _fcd6c5d0-34ce-4303-ba29-a77204a117ac 10.18 Obama will insulate the Director of National Intelligence from political pressure by giving the DNI a fixed term, like the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Obama and Biden will seek consistency and integrity at the top of our intelligence community -- not just a political ally. 04e70733-e467-48cd-a815-e33cb8ee3ad3 bf7a17ae-732a-49a8-bc79-07e159d3b965 Secrecy Change the Culture of Secrecy. _7fdd6426-a076-468a-bc0f-47d4f779a024 10.19 Obama will institute a National Declassification Center to make declassification secure but routine, efficient, and cost-effective. 5bde5f3e-7d6d-4d5f-87ca-e6032bc824ff c9ac3218-26f9-404a-933a-ca113abe86fb Public Engagement Engage the American People on Foreign Policy. _89cd74ad-642f-43d9-931c-723930555763 10.20 Obama and Biden will bring foreign policy decisions directly to the people by requiring their national security officials to have periodic national broadband town hall meetings to discuss foreign policy. Obama will personally deliver Your Weekly Address via webcast. fd39adb6-8d2e-4e03-ad9d-ccc2a0a0c6a6 d3db69b5-a101-4177-864d-fb00f5d180eb Health Care Make Health Insurance Work for People and Businesses - Not Just Insurance and Drug Companies - and Reduce Costs and Save a Typical American Family up to $2,500 as reforms phase in. _b18f1eba-6853-4375-82cb-1c5038656d41 11 On health care reform, the American people are too often offered two extremes - government-run health care with higher taxes or letting the insurance companies operate without rules. Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe both of these extremes are wrong, and that’s why they’ve proposed a plan that strengthens employer coverage, makes insurance companies accountable and ensures patient choice of doctor and care without government interference.The Obama-Biden plan provides affordable, accessible health care for all Americans, builds on the existing health care system, and uses existing providers, doctors and plans to implement the plan. Under the Obama-Biden plan, patients will be able to make health care decisions with their doctors, instead of being blocked by insurance company bureaucrats.Under the plan, if you like your current health insurance, nothing changes, except your costs will go down by as much as $2,500 per year. If you don’t have health insurance, you will have a choice of new, affordable health insurance options. Pre-existing Conditions Require insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions so all Americans regardless of their health status or history can get comprehensive benefits at fair and stable premiums. _0efbc5bd-5204-4187-ac38-3114b958f594 11.1 017cc96d-aa6b-40aa-83d2-ee0022b34472 f6306963-43e9-4af3-b30c-ccf10ddc8514 Small Business Health Tax Credit Create a new Small Business Health Tax Credit to help small businesses provide affordable health insurance to their employees. _1b33a758-e74c-4890-8693-fd91b80001d3 11.2 9d1d3fe1-2bb7-41b3-baf2-0cc4e051733e 612a2a74-7c1d-4c1d-bd4e-4aa697626d25 Catastrophic Health Costs Lower costs for businesses by covering a portion of the catastrophic health costs they pay in return for lower premiums for employees. _505b4b7e-aed2-4ea4-ba55-fb096bbdfbe0 11.3 e349b374-847c-4ebe-badc-1f45c1710051 8f3b36d7-da6a-4905-997c-bf559b447f42 Malpractice Insurance and Medical Errors Prevent insurers from overcharging doctors for their malpractice insurance and invest in proven strategies to reduce preventable medical errors. _b5b79378-c011-4ef5-874e-39b1c075ca2e 11.4 c17bb3e0-d3f6-49a3-a63c-caa1a622e492 e91b71e9-2459-4d93-8922-17ffdd40c62a Employer Contributions Make employer contributions more fair by requiring large employers that do not offer coverage or make a meaningful contribution to the cost of quality health coverage for their employees to contribute a percentage of payroll toward the costs of their employees health care. _6c51245c-bd87-4dcf-9e44-63b8104565f6 11.5 ceca1f0c-2d4b-4703-9282-974ac655322f b241afc4-8d07-4859-a00b-739f9d4aacec National Health Insurance Exchange Establish a National Health Insurance Exchange with a range of private insurance options as well as a new public plan based on benefits available to members of Congress that will allow individuals and small businesses to buy affordable health coverage. _afc75cc7-c222-4023-9baf-5205a471c3d3 11.6 21181cd6-eadc-4d07-9ccd-8dd0de9bb4bf 78831a4f-7906-4a09-932c-c9adcc08483c Premium Tax Credit Ensure everyone who needs it will receive a tax credit for their premiums. _9f292102-2d6b-40ce-a4b3-6dd6115c8925 11.7 5945a820-c4bc-4b43-b091-5872423f6dc3 7f038a76-e2ac-4c44-8698-3b20d7b5e46d Drug Costs Lower drug costs by allowing the importation of safe medicines from other developed countries, increasing the use of generic drugs in public programs and taking on drug companies that block cheaper generic medicines from the market. _08f4ca46-a7e2-4f76-9b33-10d9c3ff447c 11.8 d07b4258-91ba-405c-a9a7-1ee46faae402 169ffad1-3709-4cbc-b838-d0af00af941e Health Care Cost and Quality Data Require hospitals to collect and report health care cost and quality data. _0cd9ed33-9d60-429b-a438-86756863f76d 11.9 04bfa35e-cf9d-432a-8344-78deefd18d90 eeb2fa8d-a491-4b3c-a351-e7e79f77ef3d Catastrophic Illness Costs Reduce the costs of catastrophic illnesses for employers and their employees. _5f883c85-e0e7-4546-9329-90990b110bfa 11.10 80ba9a97-446c-4fc1-86f0-488fbc879ba7 7f0e2736-26c6-464b-b04f-ca9566575ef9 Insurance Market Reform Reform the insurance market to increase competition by taking on anticompetitive activity that drives up prices without improving quality of care. _1fc6fae8-d2b8-4696-82dc-dc30e8da1350 11.11 b3560c5f-c7c3-4e5e-abe4-4d9d184836a9 3e93e131-9cb3-48b5-b503-93c004bcc638 Promote Public Health Require coverage of preventive services, including cancer screenings, and increase state and local preparedness for terrorist attacks and natural disasters. _aa2f0f96-9cb3-4a79-8a1e-2e194530c4df 11.12 0e1ed18c-63bd-4295-ba6a-09bd616f04e5 2a8ba17a-a137-4162-bef4-3f9cd6724908 Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility Pay for the $50 - $65 billion health care reform effort by rolling back the Bush tax cuts for Americans earning more than $250,000 per year and retaining the estate tax at its 2009 level. _50506bbc-6d70-4742-91d7-7b40389e508f 11.13 c1d7d7c1-56c1-4bda-a5dc-6dd52fef6475 1c55d97a-aad0-4d20-ade7-cbfb7c60059d Homeland Security Provide the leadership and strategies to strengthen our security at home. _ec128b9c-b02b-486a-ae7f-f0b03935a23e 12 "We are here to do the work that ensures no other family members have to lose a loved one to a terrorist who turns a plane into a missile, a terrorist who straps a bomb around her waist and climbs aboard a bus, a terrorist who figures out how to set off a dirty bomb in one of our cities. This is why we are here: to make our country safer and make sure the nearly 3,000 who were taken from us did not die in vain; that their legacy will be a more safe and secure Nation."-- Barack Obama, Speech in the U.S. Senate, March 6, 2007The first responsibility of any president is to protect the American people. As president, Barack Obama will provide the leadership and strategies to strengthen our security at home.The Obama-Biden Plan: Barack Obama and Joe Biden's strategy for securing the homeland against 21st century threats is focused on preventing terrorist attacks on our homeland, preparing and planning for emergencies and investing in strong response and recovery capabilities. Obama and Biden will strengthen our homeland against all hazards -– including natural or accidental disasters and terrorist threats -- and ensure that the federal government works with states, localities, and the private sector as a true partner in prevention, mitigation, and response. Prevent Nuclear Terrorism: Barack Obama and Joe Biden have a comprehensive strategy for nuclear security that will reduce the danger of nuclear terrorism, prevent the spread of nuclear weapons capabilities, and strengthen the nuclear nonproliferation regime. Strengthen American Biosecurity: Biological weapons pose a serious and increasing national security risk. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will work to prevent bioterror attacks and mitigate consequences. Protect Our Information Networks: Barack Obama and Joe Biden -- working with private industry, the research community and our citizens -- will lead an effort to build a trustworthy and accountable cyber infrastructure that is resilient, protects America's competitive advantage, and advances our national and homeland security. Al Qaeda Find, Disrupt, and Destroy Al Qaeda _0440c0aa-4f0c-43be-a69e-963e1a436010 12.1 Responsibly end the war in Iraq and focus on the right battlefield in Afghanistan. Work with other nations to strengthen their capacity to eliminate shared enemies. bde8726a-35ec-4956-b32e-e5d5bdf202f2 2ccd7039-d37a-4deb-917c-2d8dde84e2b0 Terrorists New Capabilities to Aggressively Defeat Terrorists _ece49f4b-8cec-4b39-8c7a-0bdb80503175 12.2 Improve the American intelligence apparatus by investing in its capacity to collect and analyze information, share information with other agencies and carry out operations to disrupt terrorist networks. 52af03d9-2d7a-4695-be5d-e04e0034f751 c171b941-7379-49d4-8584-98e825c0a8eb 21st Century Threats Prepare the Military to Meet 21st Century Threats _d3ad4314-03ff-4b6b-aedc-27c5fa82996f 12.3 Ensure that our military becomes more stealthy, agile, and lethal in its ability to capture or kill terrorists. Bolster our military's ability to speak different languages, navigate different cultures, and coordinate complex missions with our civilian agencies. 8808e26d-5a87-48e6-998a-2632f5d5d24d 54483fc7-5c51-4a9d-901c-0b753f579e7c Battle of Ideas Win the Battle of Ideas: _5b153d82-f5d6-4a94-88c7-62d837766565 12.4 Defeat al Qaeda in the battle of ideas by returning to an American foreign policy consistent with America's traditional values, and work with moderates within the Islamic world to counter al Qaeda propaganda. Establish a $2 billion Global Education Fund to work to eliminate the global education deficit and offer an alternative to extremist schools. 2a185fd0-c9b1-4ef2-a8d2-86dd672acd7e 22ad16ab-f69b-465d-8172-679c18ff4751 Influence and Values Restore American Influence and Restore Our Values: _a47931a2-4d5a-4065-a9ef-7d3181a6dcf6 12.5 Stop shuttering consulates and start opening them in the tough and hopeless corners of the world. Expand our foreign service, and develop the capacity of our civilian aid workers to work alongside the military. ca76bfc4-99ca-4b50-95b6-7b2e5db82085 17a7e22e-112c-4848-9373-72e1699cd0f4 Nuclear Weapons Materials Secure Nuclear Weapons Materials in Four Years and End Nuclear Smuggling _3305132e-abdb-4593-8a79-5ab78aad8bb0 12.6 Lead a global effort to secure all nuclear weapons materials at vulnerable sites within four years -- the most effective way to prevent terrorists from acquiring a nuclear bomb. Fully implement the Lugar-Obama legislation to help our allies detect and stop the smuggling of weapons of mass destruction. 26f075a5-a531-47b7-aaee-59f2f2df7678 6319955c-3c90-4203-be52-78b7e180a3a8 WMD Policing and Interdiction Strengthen Policing and Interdiction Efforts _5cf6b4d7-c56a-4366-b78e-3ca7911c5110 12.7 Institutionalize the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI), a global initiative aimed at stopping shipments of weapons of mass destruction, their delivery systems, and related materials worldwide. 0777e54b-a0bb-4160-bf1a-4f4730bf619c 6dd035a8-440b-47ec-a383-543d3f4e3faf Nuclear Terrorism Convene a Summit on Preventing Nuclear Terrorism _75bbb384-d1ce-440a-87f9-4826c1d2fde5 12.8 Convene a summit in 2009 (and regularly thereafter) of leaders of Permanent Members of the UN Security Council and other key countries to agree on preventing nuclear terrorism. 6d62182e-6211-4418-a088-8b1d90f52c4d 610716c8-9366-4615-a3c2-7bdd9170a02a Iran and North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Eliminate Iran's and North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Programs Through Tough, Direct Diplomacy _f1f91204-49cb-4932-872e-d7edea6f8fd4 12.9 Use tough diplomacy -- backed by real incentives and real pressures -- to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and to eliminate fully and verifiably North Korea's nuclear weapons program. b95770ed-63a4-41e3-b9ad-057b623f49db 04cce7a5-1e31-4aa8-93fb-f4d76d2eae5f IAEA Strengthen the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) _53f0b63e-6a51-4db1-a748-579378372b29 12.10 Seek to ensure that the Agency gets the authority, information, people, and technology it needs to do its job. f5c56fec-ae0f-4497-91d0-de5a79af0194 c2389626-bf81-4928-b598-1e181775f0d4 Fissile Materials Control Fissile Materials _92dc0dcb-849c-469a-b9c3-ee5f523f6824 12.11 Lead a global effort to negotiate a verifiable treaty ending the production of fissile materials for weapons purposes. fe885788-15a3-42c5-8191-619b3161e267 5356bcf9-9c20-46c5-af79-10bd5d979901 Nuclear Fuel and Bombs Prevent Nuclear Fuel from Becoming Nuclear Bombs _b900ded1-1820-4daf-a311-2f59265ac5b1 12.12 Work with other interested governments to establish a new international nuclear energy architecture -- including an international nuclear fuel bank, international nuclear fuel cycle centers, and reliable fuel supply assurances -- to meet growing demands for nuclear power without contributing to proliferation. cbf82723-0dfd-4d0e-85c3-5563bca6e462 6bf80aa8-31e8-4c5d-8a43-1654920df0f0 Nuclear-Free World Set the Goal of a Nuclear-Free World _0b5b985f-4c2f-408e-848a-11c26040f4d7 12.13 Show the world that America believes in its existing commitment under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to work to ultimately eliminate all nuclear weapons. America will not disarm unilaterally. 7856763d-8e07-4d15-86c7-567db686bb9e 787aa459-64fd-45c1-9b39-6c00c15f9e93 Nuclear Stockpile Seek Real, Verifiable Reductions in Nuclear Stockpiles _aa14197e-f00d-47ed-b5ae-454eb401ddbe 12.14 Seek deep, verifiable reductions in all U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons and work with other nuclear powers to reduce global stockpiles dramatically. ed8d7b29-9d9f-4f5f-b042-5a2402509194 85b7db19-8958-4eec-973b-20dad64d7f5d Warning and Decision Time Work with Russia to Increase Warning and Decision Time _8a2783d9-6a41-4b8d-b263-eff2e7f847ff 12.15 Work with Russia to end dangerous Cold War policies like keeping nuclear weapons ready to launch on a moment’s notice, in a mutual and verifiable manner. 4111e91f-a63e-4c6f-ad5b-07042f3938b1 d176e20d-4e58-411a-9d38-0dee77863762 White House Coordinator for Nuclear Security Appoint White House Coordinator for Nuclear Security: _ab421fc2-d259-45b0-8a00-babfbb499546 12.16 Appoint a deputy national security advisor to be in charge of coordinating all U.S. programs aimed at reducing the risk of nuclear terrorism and weapons proliferation. 551d692b-da17-4edb-84c7-96a97cb24d5c b4633f6d-8121-4752-97f9-e9e2f0441034 Nuclear Risk Reduction Strengthen Nuclear Risk Reduction Work at Defense, State, and Energy Departments _fa61e60b-c716-4ac6-b535-0bea962a19ec 12.17 Expand our foreign service, and develop the capacity of our civilian aid workers to work alongside the military. Thwarting terrorist networks requires international partnerships in military, intelligence, law enforcement, financial transactions, border controls, and transportation security. 735f42cf-c920-4e4c-986d-d03844be6adb 232094f0-5c04-4f4d-ab47-6df8ad515b79 Bioterror Attacks Prevent Bioterror Attacks _03692195-ebdf-4b47-92eb-cd1e1aba8477 12.18 Strengthen U.S. intelligence collection overseas to identify and interdict would-be bioterrorists before they strike. a576b0e5-aecb-4b1e-8c48-57a4c3e48e0e 9f76524a-6181-449e-8013-b89201157947 Mitigate Bioterror Attacks Build Capacity to Mitigate the Consequences of Bioterror Attacks: _77733099-5dca-4d5a-a31c-eac35e90d194 12.19 Ensure that decision-makers have the information and communication tools they need to manage disease outbreaks by linking health care providers, hospitals, and public health agencies. A well-planned, well-rehearsed, and rapidly executed epidemic response can dramatically diminish the consequences of biological attacks. 1546b930-dc01-4abb-b01c-ff38c44feeae df771509-2bd9-4406-b8d1-3ef3759edade New Medicines, Vaccines, and Production Accelerate the Development of New Medicines, Vaccines, and Production Capabilities _dc49a2d9-386a-44de-92af-af0eab0d96c6 12.20 Build on America's unparalleled talent to create new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostic tests and to manufacture them more quickly and efficiently. 9872e445-9f11-49c9-be5a-8c6de43053ed e5ae88eb-6e0e-4473-a951-3b3703054987 Epidemics Lead an International Effort to Diminish Impact of Major Infectious Disease Epidemics _d3b99a6f-876d-424e-964d-37e40df27bf3 12.21 Promote international efforts to develop new diagnostics, vaccines, and medicines that will be available and affordable in all parts of the world. 6c1e0aac-4c3e-40de-b740-0f9ae062a34c 19d18ea7-dd6f-4cf7-a6d5-d4fa1e4824e6 Cyber Security Strengthen Federal Leadership on Cyber Security _489328ce-9373-4507-ab4b-54477e682a44 12.22 Declare the cyber infrastructure a strategic asset and establish the position of national cyber advisor who will report directly to the president and will be responsible for coordinating federal agency efforts and development of national cyber policy. e011c711-d43c-4aa1-a2b8-eefc944d75f8 24844b6c-a6fc-450f-9462-4340a712201d Safe Computing R&D Initiate a Safe Computing R&D Effort and Harden our Nation's Cyber Infrastructure _30db267b-53aa-457b-8063-5ef92c7c286d 12.23 Support an initiative to develop next-generation secure computers and networking for national security applications. Work with industry and academia to develop and deploy a new generation of secure hardware and software for our critical cyber infrastructure. 67412b6d-e255-4256-9d76-29e1edf893f7 d5f2bde0-6eb5-4627-b4fa-1da82ff11da3 IT Infrastructure Protection Protect the IT Infrastructure That Keeps America's Economy Safe _cfe12b23-29b3-433f-ae4a-7b6a58c19938 12.24 Work with the private sector to establish tough new standards for cyber security and physical resilience. 595d5110-0546-4880-bb83-6c05d9197dd6 eb07b4fd-0930-4e99-9762-56ec8ccccabe Corporate Cyber-Espionage Prevent Corporate Cyber-Espionage _ee0fa571-13e0-4b4f-ad83-19f1c4d402bf 12.25 Work with industry to develop the systems necessary to protect our nation's trade secrets and our research and development. Innovations in software, engineering, pharmaceuticals and other fields are being stolen online from U.S. businesses at an alarming rate. 0d3c4fc9-33de-45b7-9efd-7fc3de18a6a4 ef63b1d9-296f-449a-9a67-c3eb0b28af52 Cyber Crime Strategy Develop a Cyber Crime Strategy to Minimize the Opportunities for Criminal Profit _a8216126-01ed-459e-8c77-29b76f79238e 12.26 Shut down the mechanisms used to transmit criminal profits by shutting down untraceable Internet payment schemes. Initiate a grant and training program to provide federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies the tools they need to detect and prosecute cyber crime. 42c1c0b8-072b-40d8-b928-9123764af866 aee7879b-03b7-4667-8556-d594e820be24 Secure Personal Data Mandate Standards for Securing Personal Data and Require Companies to Disclose Personal Information Data Breaches _b1fde914-b10f-461b-bc34-8068e1e3c02b 12.27 Partner with industry and our citizens to secure personal data stored on government and private systems. Institute a common standard for securing such data across industries and protect the rights of individuals in the information age. 0e8fa706-4ed5-4605-8051-1071f52d2508 0253ce80-9c4c-47ad-810b-9c0f69b47bc7 Information Sharing and Analysis Improve Information Sharing and Analysis _a2744636-b647-4a4b-a470-5e04b2acbe98 12.28 Improve our intelligence system by creating a senior position to coordinate domestic intelligence gathering, establishing a grant program to support thousands more state and local level intelligence analysts, and increasing our capacity to share intelligence across all levels of government. 96cf1b6c-7cff-4d7e-8366-2f3852338b84 8d8fdce7-be46-4a75-bcdf-02f4b06f1dc7 Privacy and Civil Liberties Board Give Real Authority to the Privacy and Civil Liberties Board _bb8586ff-5c46-4aa9-b95e-0cc6f26e83c8 12.29 Support efforts to strengthen the Privacy and Civil Liberties Board with subpoena powers and reporting responsibilities. Give the Board a robust mandate designed to protect American civil liberties and demand transparency from the Board to ensure accountability. be300134-6a7b-4056-aac2-9b1aad35b93c d02557a6-3a01-4fe7-9a4d-30496f2c8f43 Institutions to Fight Terrorism Strengthen Institutions to Fight Terrorism _d0fde6ad-fa36-464a-bc13-4bae81c912d3 12.30 Establish a Shared Security Partnership Program overseas to invest $5 billion over three years to improve cooperation between U.S. and foreign intelligence and law enforcement agencies. 2d5e8996-262e-45f3-bb4c-7d8af6c84b77 3bd93288-6348-44a3-9ef2-aa956ac335c0 Risk-Based Funding Allocate Funds Based on Risk _901a7b66-ccda-4ba2-8d70-7c4c881269cb 12.31 Allocate our precious homeland security dollars according to risk, not as pork-barrel spending or a form of general revenue sharing. Eliminate waste, fraud and abuse that cost the nation billions of Department of Homeland Security dollars. 00fd2797-6da6-470b-b763-9e92217445f6 f78d0e87-15e6-4d7f-9cd1-ded45dd08d75 Emergency Response Plans Prepare Effective Emergency Response Plans _a3b25914-e893-4950-a749-3d974bb9c380 12.32 Further improve coordination between all levels of government, create better evacuation plan guidelines, ensure prompt federal assistance to emergency zones, and increase medical surge capacity. ed08473f-60b8-495a-a9b4-095e973474ab 52b20952-26f9-440e-b30e-6e368ee4126c First Responders Support First Responders _276c7505-fcb7-46c6-9090-434b67b338c1 12.33 Increase federal resources and logistic support to local emergency planning efforts. d1bb9115-9fe2-4798-8659-a793d18756ad 26eac472-24d4-4b04-b93f-d5486abf9cab Communications Systems Interoperability Improve Interoperable Communications Systems _420ec180-f99a-42d7-a2f5-7594a0337488 12.34 Support efforts to provide greater technical assistance to local and state first responders and dramatically increase funding for reliable, interoperable communications systems. Appoint a National Chief Technology Officer to ensure that the current non-interoperable plans at the federal, state, and local levels are combined, funded, implemented and effective. 8e1eb6a1-9061-4278-8384-42ab97d43fcb 56902369-4828-42db-af2c-68c7e6601239 State, Local, and Private Sector Partnerships Working with State and Local Governments and the Private Sector _1cae5dd6-7797-4e60-a4cb-1141225348a6 12.35 Make the federal government a better partner to states and localities, one that listens to local concerns and considers local priorities. Reach out to the private sector to leverage its expertise and assets to protect our homeland security. 303754ce-33d4-44d4-80a6-d9d5638ab98a e4b587b4-7e1f-4089-a4e1-ff9258f7a431 National Infrastructure Protection Plan Create a National Infrastructure Protection Plan _ba59fc63-6f6b-4ffa-8465-d823f7693334 12.36 Develop an effective critical infrastructure protection and resiliency plan for the nation and work with the private sector to ensure that targets are protected against all hazards. 18073a1e-69d3-42f0-acc3-0cc88b9bbc37 64c166a4-6acf-4ac1-9854-0bb1794ee9e1 Chemical Plants Secure our Chemical Plants _066b00b7-ec13-4f11-b936-509328657135 12.37 Work with all stakeholders to enact permanent federal chemical plant security regulations. 98f35740-76eb-4df4-9ff1-214470043e19 526792a1-6f9f-4299-88b2-3a1b5665c78d Airline Security Improve Airline Security _63b69579-d44d-4c5c-a5f0-4a8bb1d0e78a 12.38 Redouble our efforts to adequately address the threats our nation continues to face from airplane-based terrorism. 7c61be47-eb69-420a-a097-dca39f5dde13 3aad09db-50d7-4309-9183-d9e006571612 Ports Monitor our Ports _ac821fd6-bc71-4935-825d-be9c58ab78eb 12.39 Redouble our efforts to develop technology that can detect radiation and work with the maritime transportation industry to deploy this technology to maximize security without causing economic disruption. 4fed6da9-f444-4211-901c-784609b4a977 2b61372f-df32-4388-a918-7ccb62b6b4c4 Public Transportation Safeguard Public Transportation _a7732549-62cd-46a2-a09f-4feeeff7625e 12.40 Work to protect the public transportation systems Americans use to get to work, school and beyond every day. 49daab2b-4602-402c-884e-c43802d2591d adad5200-f06b-445f-8918-d7c135efd37c Border Security Improve Border Security _bd5ae61f-13e1-464d-91cb-1dfeba63ce48 12.41 Support the virtual and physical infrastructure and manpower necessary to secure our borders and keep our nation safe. 3f3b79da-7772-4454-bc1f-d270ed639415 aabb091a-f1b2-4d93-b4c8-26c5a76b3bc2 Security Build-in Security _cc022223-f914-40ac-942a-f69335d7b364 12.42 Ensure that security is considered and built into the design of new infrastructure, so that our critical assets are protected from the start and more resilient to naturally-occurring and deliberate threats throughout their life-cycle. 18dc7f2d-d866-4cbe-9616-ce6b0c13fb0b f8c41e79-326d-4056-bc54-338838f1989b National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank Create a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank _0a05f505-3aba-4c11-800e-e7933ec33c52 12.43 Address the infrastructure challenge by creating a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank of $60 billion over 10 years, to expand and enhance, not supplant, existing federal transportation investments. This independent entity will be directed to invest in our nation's most challenging transportation infrastructure needs, without the influence of special interests. c7cd6e1c-b795-4c9b-8765-6f7c5e9e7b78 4dfb422b-5561-4f7b-83b7-e145cc314207 Critical Infrastructure Projects Invest in Critical Infrastructure Projects _33b22115-3216-4894-a758-8a98a450dea1 12.44 Invest in our nation's most pressing short and long-term infrastructure needs, including modernizing our electrical grid and upgrading our highway, rail, ports, water, and aviation infrastructure. Establish a Grid Modernization Commission to facilitate adoption of Smart Grid practices to improve efficiency and security of our electricity grid. 4e6899c6-6798-4a68-bb1b-437a940f5579 91dfa023-6222-48df-b698-84f339be3186 Immigration Fix our broken immigration system. _7398c7cd-1cbf-44c1-89eb-acfb71fdb1ce 13 "The time to fix our broken immigration system is now… We need stronger enforcement on the border and at the workplace… But for reform to work, we also must respond to what pulls people to America… Where we can reunite families, we should. Where we can bring in more foreign-born workers with the skills our economy needs, we should." -- Barack Obama, Statement on U.S. Senate Floor May 23, 2007 The Obama-Biden Plan: For too long, politicians in Washington have exploited the immigration issue to divide the nation rather than find real solutions. Our broken immigration system can only be fixed by putting politics aside and offering a complete solution that secures our border, enforces our laws, and reaffirms our heritage as a nation of immigrants. Borders Create Secure Borders _99a3b4dd-9fda-45cd-9324-acbd44c60fbe 13.1 Protect the integrity of our borders. Support additional personnel, infrastructure and technology on the border and at our ports of entry. 781ea11f-9dd2-48be-932c-ef0f1f536a53 07ac443c-9c70-4634-af4e-f0619bf0255a Immigration System Improve Our Immigration System _12b37feb-1714-4c26-899a-5d085ad150e3 13.2 Fix the dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy and increase the number of legal immigrants to keep families together and meet the demand for jobs that employers cannot fill. a56e46aa-7ffc-47ac-9d22-331f08329347 b2659573-40c1-493f-a290-8ef8411a1bec Incentives Remove Incentives to Enter Illegally _e19e0a86-1581-4843-b3d0-70c67476fca0 13.3 Remove incentives to enter the country illegally by cracking down on employers who hire undocumented immigrants. 95616fbb-9330-40fa-8f7a-a3e5bd36a58a cb0c3604-4e6c-4504-aab9-d07af11e1995 People Out of the Shadows Bring People Out of the Shadows _d736a360-a721-4a1a-a2f3-ab7fe5bf0c92 13.4 Support a system that allows undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens. 7387b75c-d07a-4535-b078-56e774a69ecf 273f32b9-17b6-4c43-a51b-701418c65a7d Mexico Work with Mexico _351bf914-a0c9-4a86-97e2-141aee712052 13.5 Promote economic development in Mexico to decrease illegal immigration. ab2a6552-8984-40ab-b6fa-66a16b659335 55303079-45ab-4975-baee-aff717a92e8b Iraq Responsibly end the war in Iraq. _de0f3159-58bb-4ada-80c6-1945741ad2c6 14 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will responsibly end the war in Iraq so that we can renew our military strength, dedicate more resources to the fight against the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan, and invest in our economy at home. The Obama-Biden plan will help us succeed in Iraq by transitioning to Iraqi control of their country. Judgment You Can Trust: In 2002, Obama had the judgment and courage to speak out against going to war, and to warn of "an occupation of undetermined length, with undetermined costs, and undetermined consequences." He and Joe Biden are fully committed to ending the war in Iraq. Withdrawal A Responsible, Phased Withdrawal _db6c106f-81ba-4f4a-921d-2780b1a1639f 14.1 Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe we must be as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in. Immediately upon taking office, Obama will give his Secretary of Defense and military commanders a new mission in Iraq: ending the war. The removal of our troops will be responsible and phased, directed by military commanders on the ground and done in consultation with the Iraqi government. Military experts believe we can safely redeploy combat brigades from Iraq at a pace of 1 to 2 brigades a month -- which would remove all of them in 16 months. That would be the summer of 2010 -- more than 7 years after the war began. Under the Obama-Biden plan, a residual force will remain in Iraq and in the region to conduct targeted counter-terrorism missions against al Qaeda in Iraq and protect American diplomatic and civilian personnel. They will not build permanent bases in Iraq, but will continue efforts to train and support the Iraqi security forces as long as Iraqi leaders move toward political reconciliation and away from sectarianism. c8f84431-4548-4e28-9df0-e00a0edd7d33 046ab8be-dbee-49d6-b7f1-886e0146c704 Political Accommodation Encourage Political Accommodation _7e0bb79b-fb4c-49d7-8423-4acef2705fdb 14.2 Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that the U.S. must apply pressure on the Iraqi government to work toward real political accommodation. There is no military solution to Iraq’s political differences. Now is the time to press Iraq’s leaders to take responsibility for their future and to invest their oil revenues in their own reconstruction. Obama and Biden's plan will help create lasting stability in Iraq. A phased withdrawal will encourage Iraqis to take the lead in securing their own country and making political compromises, while the responsible pace of redeployment called for by the Obama-Biden plan offers more than enough time for Iraqi leaders to get their own house in order. As our forces redeploy, Obama and Biden will make sure we engage representatives from all levels of Iraqi society -- in and out of government -- to forge compromises on oil revenue sharing, the equitable provision of services, federalism, the status of disputed territories, new elections, aid to displaced Iraqis, and the reform of Iraqi security forces. 18147f2b-43cf-4bc7-b52e-2660bc12c259 fa79f024-e27a-44d6-8c62-f62096d0cc05 Surging Diplomacy Launch an aggressive diplomatic effort to reach a comprehensive compact on the stability of Iraq and the region. _512448bf-09af-402d-8f14-a442c09c34d0 14.3 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will launch an aggressive diplomatic effort to reach a comprehensive compact on the stability of Iraq and the region. This effort will include all of Iraq’s neighbors -- including Iran and Syria, as suggested by the bi-partisan Iraq Study Group Report. This compact will aim to secure Iraq’s borders; keep neighboring countries from meddling inside Iraq; isolate al Qaeda; support reconciliation among Iraq’s sectarian groups; and provide financial support for Iraq’s reconstruction and development. c4849195-5291-42ba-97f8-d10f53804d35 202a2a4e-9382-42e1-84ea-1d132856d9bd Humanitarian Crisis Prevent Humanitarian Crisis _4d166f2b-d8b4-4917-b0fa-5b5d50abbcda 14.4 Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that America has both a moral obligation and a responsibility for security that demands we confront Iraq’s humanitarian crisis -- more than five million Iraqis are refugees or are displaced inside their own country. Obama and Biden will form an international working group to address this crisis. They will provide at least $2 billion to expand services to Iraqi refugees in neighboring countries, and ensure that Iraqis inside their own country can find sanctuary. Obama and Biden will also work with Iraqi authorities and the international community to hold accountable the perpetrators of potential war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. They will reserve the right to intervene militarily, with our international partners, to suppress potential genocidal violence within Iraq. dcd6b2a8-4eb1-450d-b181-542d4c4fd365 93119d1d-a28d-468a-83ad-b6df4e7ba79f Status-of-Forces Agreement Reach a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) so our troops have the legal protections and immunities they need. _c04baf40-8358-477a-86a1-1953d47487cf 14.5 Obama and Biden believe it is vital that a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) be reached so our troops have the legal protections and immunities they need. Any SOFA should be subject to Congressional review to ensure it has bipartisan support here at home. ce703667-f20f-4f53-b72d-ec6bb820851b 61b52950-ef51-4e54-8192-b0e5feea911f Poverty Lead a new federal approach to America's high-poverty areas, an approach that facilitates the economic integration of families and communities with efforts to support the current low-income residents of those areas. _42b3e6c2-377a-4f22-963e-dbbb7bc1bfc1 15 “I'm in this race for the same reason that I fought for jobs for the jobless and hope for the hopeless on the streets of Chicago; for the same reason I fought for justice and equality as a civil rights lawyer; for the same reason that I fought for Illinois families for over a decade… That's why I'm running, Democrats -- to keep the American Dream alive for those who still hunger for opportunity, who still thirst for equality.” -- Barack Obama, Speech in Des Moines, IA November 10, 2007 The Obama-Biden Plan: Barack Obama has been a lifelong advocate for the poor -- as a young college graduate, he rejected the high salaries of corporate America and moved to the South Side of Chicago to work as a community organizer. As an organizer, Obama worked with churches, Chicago residents, and local government to set up job training programs for the unemployed and after-school programs for kids. As president, he will use his life experiences to fight poverty and improve opportunities for poor families all across America. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will lead a new federal approach to America's high-poverty areas, an approach that facilitates the economic integration of families and communities with efforts to support the current low-income residents of those areas. Transitional Jobs and Career Pathways Help Americans Grab a Hold of and Climb the Job Ladder _a2de2ab6-7d0f-4aa8-8251-1468db0d4b94 15.1 Obama and Biden will invest $1 billion over five years in transitional jobs and career pathway programs that implement proven methods of helping low-income Americans succeed in the workforce. bee3c625-c859-4218-b02c-8b321f9f7f7c dca889ff-7d5a-4538-b419-10fa3d47213b Green Jobs Corps Create a Green Jobs Corps _7d23d43f-af93-4e77-b239-38d79ee2a1d6 15.2 Obama and Biden will create a program to directly engage disadvantaged youth in energy efficiency opportunities to strengthen their communities, while also providing them with practical skills in this important high-growth career field. ff59ed77-e053-4842-a89b-b98de3a0e5d4 b9902292-6005-4460-9c6a-0aa85ba361d0 Job Transportation Improve Transportation Access to Jobs _3651a88a-be78-496f-9b9a-c569488f8a52 15.3 As president, Obama will work to ensure that low-income Americans have transportation access to jobs. Obama will double funding for the federal Jobs Access and Reverse Commute program to ensure that additional federal public transportation dollars flow to the highest-need communities and that urban planning initiatives take this aspect of transportation policy into account. c0ed9189-c107-4530-856a-6f28e7708184 11334fed-7c36-466d-abfd-5346aacf932d Recidivism Reduce Crime Recidivism by Providing Ex-Offender Supports _ba47015d-2abe-4ac5-bc70-85d08dd78937 15.4 Obama and Biden will work to ensure that ex-offenders have access to job training, substance abuse and mental health counseling, and employment opportunities. Obama and Biden will also create a prison-to-work incentive program and reduce barriers to employment. f9724fbd-5705-463a-aeb4-c394c279bbe2 ab6153d0-d21a-4750-a8c9-b739508de01f EITC Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit _9ce3bef6-1d71-4e3f-a2ce-6afa7996407d 15.5 Obama and Biden will increase the number of working parents eligible for EITC benefits, increase the benefits available to parents who support their children through child support payments, increase benefits for families with three or more children, and reduce the EITC marriage penalty, which hurts low-income families. 9c8168d7-ab5a-444d-b99a-9ddc1a943b5b d38b1f4f-084b-4971-b5fb-76182af834f0 Minimum Wage Raise the Minimum Wage to $9.50 an Hour by 2011 _be2f31b4-3c21-49b6-a477-861f10f4bdf2 15.6 Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that people who work full-time should not live in poverty. Even though the minimum wage will rise to $7.25 an hour by 2009, the minimum wage's real purchasing power will still be below what it was in 1968. As president, Obama will further raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2011, index it to inflation and increase the Earned Income Tax Credit to make sure that full-time workers can earn a living wage that allows them to raise their families and pay for basic needs such as food, transportation, and housing -- things so many people take for granted. 99a738bf-b720-490c-bf66-d471ff07baa1 79380ad2-ab8f-46ed-a007-05bcbafccb65 Tax Relief Provide Tax Relief _a40105a8-920d-49ba-81b3-213496923adb 15.7 Obama and Biden will provide all low and middle-income workers a $500 Making Work Pay tax credit to offset the payroll tax those workers pay in every paycheck. Obama and Biden will also eliminate taxes for seniors making under $50,000 per year. de44a42a-b0da-4141-be09-0282e89847c3 be0d2a69-44ed-480c-882b-ced6f0148594 Responsible Fatherhood Promote Responsible Fatherhood _b847bf73-c794-41e9-8c01-9acba8f620b2 15.8 Obama will sign into law his Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Families Act to remove some of the government penalties on married families, crack down on men avoiding child support payments, and ensure that payments go to families instead of state bureaucracies. 12d44af3-b342-436f-9eaa-258b71c056ac de5815da-cf0c-4b2d-a95b-175da9ed1e67 Parents with Young Children Support Parents with Young Children _f3ebdb6d-b309-4c9e-b255-01e9e74ec6d6 15.9 Obama and Biden will expand the highly-successful Nurse-Family Partnership to all 570,000 low-income, first-time mothers each year. The Nurse-Family Partnership provides home visits by trained registered nurses to low-income expectant mothers and their families. ddb0b179-666f-4f6f-9d8d-0c44c937c928 932a5c2a-9bf5-4fcb-91f2-78ab1bd2d73b Sick Days Expand Paid Sick Days _c8356975-c269-40ed-9b8c-578134280b2f 15.10 Today, three-out-of-four low-wage workers have no paid sick days. Obama and Biden support guaranteeing workers seven paid sick days per year. 08830247-29f8-47b9-9174-342d9d46a586 dd1f79c0-93fc-4d76-8195-7ba41eac02cf Housing Trust Fund Supports Affordable Housing Trust Fund _073fc674-a454-4502-a23e-dbbf5eeaf78c 15.11 Obama has supported efforts to create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund to develop affordable housing in mixed-income neighborhoods. 7731c95d-0107-480b-b93a-0a5fda085dc3 f771a2f2-e7cc-48cf-9d9c-5e37d4dc143c Community Development Block Grant Fully Fund the Community Development Block Grant _583eb10c-ad69-4ae9-aa53-475935bd1278 15.12 Obama and Biden will fully fund the Community Development Block Grant program and engage with urban leaders across the country to increase resources to the highest-need Americans. 4398d6ee-c26a-4088-abde-daeee23b7464 1132994e-4499-4875-928b-a1c27d301048 Promise Neighborhoods Establish 20 Promise Neighborhoods _bcdc758f-4922-4508-9eb2-1639a326162b 15.13 Obama and Biden will create 20 Promise Neighborhoods in areas that have high levels of poverty and crime and low levels of student academic achievement in cities across the nation. The Promise Neighborhoods will be modeled after the Harlem Children's Zone, which provides an entire neighborhood with a full network of services from birth to college, including early childhood education, youth violence prevention efforts, and after-school activities. e37faac0-aaa2-417e-b1db-071008175394 a415fb71-ec82-47c9-ae2b-b8f1e66aa499 Urban Community-Based Investment Ensure Community-Based Investment Resources in Every Urban Community _420da3da-ccc4-4599-a4bf-9ed9d60bba77 15.14 Obama and Biden will work with community and business leaders to identify and address the unique economic development barriers of every major metropolitan area. Obama and Biden will provide additional resources to the federal Community Development Financial Institution Fund, the Small Business Administration and other federal agencies, especially to their local branch offices, to address community needs. b032f94b-6782-492e-b0ae-b0629db663be bda4656e-feb6-44d5-8230-0389d9fb6b1e Rural Investment Invest in Rural Areas _b0b92064-e7d8-4c33-ae27-6f87174adb76 15.15 Obama and Biden will invest in rural small businesses and fight to expand high-speed Internet access. They will improve rural schools and attract more doctors to rural areas. And they will implement a bold climate change and energy independence plan that will revitalize rural America through new investments in renewable energy production, including wind, solar, and biofuel investments. 59b20996-8dbb-4fee-9cc9-3863b9784bcd 0e05b9aa-8b8e-4d6d-8053-65e77f8129ed Rural Ensure a bright future for rural America. _65448eb6-cdb9-4b41-b8c8-25b92c4ad3de 16 Rural communities face numerous challenges but also economic opportunities unlike anything we have witnessed in modern history. Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that together we can ensure a bright future for rural America. They will help family famers and rural small businesses find profitability in the marketplace and success in the global economy. Family Farmer Safety Net Strong Safety Net for Family Farmers _52354460-1e4c-4bbf-8d5c-db40ef2bb213 16.1 Fight for farm programs that provide family farmers with stability and predictability. Implement a $250,000 payment limitation so we help family farmers -- not large corporate agribusiness. Close the loopholes that allow mega farms to get around payment limits. a0f61481-73ec-442f-943b-89d0d63df3c9 ad91e055-668c-4b61-8406-4e9320dcbac8 Anticompetitive Behavior Prevent Anticompetitive Behavior Against Family Farms _6d0a0dd1-1dc3-4b85-898c-e9d7a7b83bee 16.2 Pass a packer ban. When meatpackers own livestock they can manipulate prices and discriminate against independent farmers. Strengthen anti-monopoly laws and strengthen producer protections to ensure independent farmers have fair access to markets, control over their production decisions, and transparency in prices. 0f2fff86-15ab-4bb0-bbb7-e9da10022b5e 99769fe5-6df7-445e-aa1d-da69ac90f9df CAFOs Regulate CAFOs _b7cb696f-c3a5-4161-aef2-dcf26af084f2 16.3 Strictly regulate pollution from large factory livestock farms, with fines for those that violate tough standards. Support meaningful local control. 4ce1113a-e510-4f9f-8e6d-673d5ac876b6 5b97bd64-193b-483f-8547-93195858cea3 Country of Origin Labeling Establish Country of Origin Labeling _0b83e1c1-0d0b-4b40-b5c9-be1da3281f33 16.4 Implement Country of Origin Labeling so that American producers can distinguish their products from imported ones. a99a9a7e-b81a-434d-9506-88a9f2df2fbf 2fbe7886-d483-4dc5-b0e1-51e808a2746a Organic and Local Agriculture Encourage Organic and Local Agriculture _b04a294f-bf73-4d85-9318-41e9d1c1edd1 16.5 Help organic farmers afford to certify their crops and reform crop insurance to not penalize organic farmers. Promote regional food systems. e2e757ed-314a-4b38-8381-e0a81372cd6e ef67f2fe-8d76-4555-ac02-289386bc6568 Young Farmers Encourage Young People to Become Farmers _3706ac01-97d0-47b5-80b1-bf5f4aa93e7d 16.6 Establish a new program to identify and train the next generation of farmers. Provide tax incentives to make it easier for new farmers to afford their first farm. 17314824-127b-4132-a6d0-d9f8040c4eac a0d9eaa7-6d77-47a8-ad2f-a53100fb6905 Conservation Partnership Partner with Landowners to Conserve Private Lands _491b3e84-1b90-43e1-b23a-8bfa6debfa9e 16.7 Increase incentives for farmers and private landowners to conduct sustainable agriculture and protect wetlands, grasslands, and forests. 874b6607-2205-420f-9821-1253e0df76a9 8e521e63-4fdc-44cd-8bb6-719185d0eb84 Small Business Development Support Small Business Development _5923de98-3e0b-403d-bce0-8d3dfe7fb6f8 16.8 Provide capital for farmers to create value-added enterprises, like cooperative marketing initiatives and farmer-owned processing plants. Establish a small business and micro-enterprise initiative for rural America. ce18ec84-b041-4601-b17c-0bb909d0ba83 e285ac4b-363f-4b9d-bdd3-92cff9c59852 Rural Broadband Connect Rural America _4a158fc4-3153-456f-94b0-54892eb8d02f 16.9 Modernize an FCC program that supports rural phone service so that it promotes affordable broadband coverage across rural America as well. 0094da0f-2ae5-443d-9391-bb710ac7b87f 7bc0f5f1-5442-4770-b6ba-2b85b9c84edf Renewable Energy Promote Leadership in Renewable Energy _506e2276-761b-464e-8203-10f7d98b3b07 16.10 Ensure that our rural areas continue their leadership in the renewable fuels movement. cc59c22c-24b2-4e49-9976-8212b51527e3 71a20344-1454-48f1-92ed-692848da1323 Methamphetamine Combat Methamphetamine _9587c830-85cb-43e4-bf41-aff52def8e4f 16.11 Continue the fight to rid our communities of meth and offer support to help addicts heal. f49b26f4-0dbf-40cb-a7ab-ddbd12ea40a9 5f81804c-1e95-44d3-9cfc-27980f17ab85 Healthcare Improve Healthcare _3f71445b-d7ae-4b63-ad92-ae1215739aec 16.12 Work to ensure a more equitable Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement structure that often gives rural healthcare providers less money for the very same procedure performed in urban areas. Attract providers to rural America by creating a loan forgiveness program for doctors and nurses who work in underserved rural areas. Promote health information technologies like telemedicine. 00a466b5-4558-4865-8375-1e1a2d7aa6bb 23a7fd69-881e-419a-b058-b6e1dc3042df Rural Education Improve Rural Education _0eefa854-ab73-48f9-98d9-8cf0128731d2 16.13 Provide incentives for talented individuals to enter the teaching profession, including increased pay for teachers who work in rural areas. Create a Rural Revitalization Program to attract young people to rural America and retain them. Increase research and educational funding for Land Grant colleges. 3926ad26-ae8f-4e2d-8ea5-445cf17ddf78 99193236-2ec2-45e2-af40-8b78fb5109c5 Rural Infrastructure Upgrade Rural Infrastructure _17bd45d2-a0da-4935-b300-d22614c0337d 16.14 Invest in the core infrastructure -- roads, bridges, locks, dams, water systems and essential air service -- that rural communities need. 6293a792-292f-4ecd-80eb-8812cf0ca67d 08e615a0-68de-452c-83ab-44aae3161abf Seniors and Social Security Seniors and Social Security _07c36a4c-1be1-4dde-aeb1-e774ae07f095 17 Social Security Protect Social Security _650d8954-8d33-40f7-892b-b3771acb3010 17.1 Barack Obama and Joe Biden are committed to ensuring Social Security is solvent and viable for the American people, now and in the future. Obama and Biden will be honest with the American people about the long-term solvency of Social Security and the ways we can address the shortfall. They will protect Social Security benefits for current and future beneficiaries alike, and they do not believe it is necessary or fair to hardworking seniors to raise the retirement age. Obama and Biden are strongly opposed to privatizing Social Security. As part of a bipartisan plan that would be phased in over many years, they will ask those making over $250,000 to contribute a bit more to Social Security to keep it sound. Obama does not support uncapping the full payroll tax 12.4 percent rate. Instead, he and Joe Biden are considering plans that will ask those making over $250,000 to pay in the range of 2 to 4 percent more in total (combined employer and employee). 3958fc06-71fe-46c2-aeb5-1b3f8f52be19 0c04d170-ac83-4807-b6b7-1eb460b5ec5e Corporate Bankruptcy Laws Reform Corporate Bankruptcy Laws to Protect Workers and Retirees _5021d905-608a-429c-9c83-04d0a4f68ee6 17.2 Current bankruptcy laws protect banks before workers. Obama and Biden will protect pensions by putting promises to workers higher on the list of debts that companies cannot shed; ensuring that the bankruptcy courts do not demand more sacrifice from workers than executives; telling companies that they cannot issue executive bonuses while cutting worker pensions; increasing the amount of unpaid wages and benefits workers can claim in court; and limiting the circumstances under which retiree benefits can be reduced. a3879efb-1835-4310-80f3-db0638433f90 975786bc-657b-490a-8a9a-09ab10ea39fe Pension Investment Disclosure Require Full Disclosure of Company Pension Investments _bf4b4d11-5104-44cd-af59-49ec453a2f36 17.3 Obama and Biden will ensure that all employees who have company pensions receive detailed annual disclosures about their pension fund's investments. This will provide retirees important resources to make their pension fund more secure. d311e65e-5c67-4839-957d-adfdfd9d85a9 79659ece-1d74-4666-8637-e4c71a0cf30c Income Taxes for Seniors Eliminate Income Taxes for Seniors Making Less Than $50,000 _0a8eff5f-7806-48fe-93b9-f7dc61126324 17.4 Obama and Biden will eliminate all income taxation of seniors making less than $50,000 per year. This will provide an immediate tax cut averaging $1,400 to 7 million seniors and relieve millions from the burden of filing tax returns. 79a5e480-2df7-404a-a65d-ddb4a4bb4226 b677176d-a315-4e85-92b0-8b02c78c4a27 Workplace Pensions Create Automatic Workplace Pensions _a1c8f042-34c6-480b-a23b-1da9b5a7efb8 17.5 The Obama-Biden retirement security plan will automatically enroll workers in a workplace pension plan. Under their plan, employers who do not currently offer a retirement plan will be required to enroll their employees in a direct-deposit IRA account that is compatible with existing direct-deposit payroll systems. Employees may opt-out if they choose. Experts estimate that this program will increase the savings participation rate for low and middle-income workers from its current 15 percent level to around 80 percent. 1dc2d352-144f-4ae6-b5ff-8ffaf9f03cf0 6ba66ac5-687d-4744-ab8c-e3424f6e062b Retirement Savings Incentives Expand Retirement Savings Incentives for Working Families _d5cdace8-9fa1-4c26-ac42-cbcf87630f51 17.6 Obama and Biden will ensure savings incentives are fair to all workers by creating a generous savings match for low and middle-income Americans. Their plan will match 50 percent of the first $1,000 of savings for families that earn less than $75,000. The savings match will be automatically deposited into designated personal accounts. Over 80 percent of these savings incentives will go to new savers. 9e6aae0a-d31f-44d7-a488-ccc30c970c9f 83fc19d5-aca1-4f30-8eab-eb89940a4897 Age Discrimination Prevent Age Discrimination _8ce94f8d-8d3c-41dc-a9d8-29f4b1a483ce 17.7 Obama and Biden will fight job discrimination for aging employees by strengthening the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and empowering the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to prevent all forms of discrimination. b3ca1329-7d8e-4ad2-9a06-d3553e74b652 3e04f6ab-1faf-42c8-b00a-e573e86d5dfc Prescription Drugs Provide Cheaper Prescription Drugs _64276fd9-dddf-4a44-aa18-e5aa3fecd9b9 17.8 Our seniors pay the highest prices in the world for brand-name drugs. To lower drug costs, Obama and Biden will allow the federal government to negotiate for lower drug prices for the Medicare program, just as it does to lower prices for our veterans. They also support allowing seniors to import safe prescription drugs from overseas, and will prevent pharmaceutical companies from blocking cheap and safe generic drugs from the market. f565b5c6-2c29-4bce-8bfa-a17efeceb8b0 38bc5107-8425-4e39-91ba-173d1b3a0c84 Medicare Protect and Strengthen Medicare _44ba326d-0fb5-4932-9f9f-e89cdb6552db 17.9 Obama and Biden are committed to the long-term strength of the Medicare program. They will reduce waste in the Medicare system -- in part by eliminating subsidies to the private insurance Medicare Advantage program -- and tackle fundamental health care reform to improve the quality and efficiency of our healthcare system. They support closing the "doughnut hole" in the Medicare Part D prescription drug program. f9d79cdd-e4af-4049-8746-4cfdd1bc506e 110270b6-b0a4-45cf-a85b-84906e53bcf5 Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Transparency Provide Transparency to Medicare Prescription Drug Plans _f5ca6a72-ff61-413d-92b5-586bee2de843 17.10 Many seniors are enrolled in Medicare prescription drug plans that are actually more expensive for them than other available plans. Obama and Biden will require companies to send Medicare beneficiaries a full list of the drugs and fees they paid the previous year to help seniors determine which plans can better reduce their out-of-pocket costs and improve their health. f4d2401e-f79f-42b9-b950-56e86ee34c21 22cb9c9b-cce1-43a5-86f7-1e503f6e20d1 Long-Term Care Strengthen Long-Term Care Options _b22a32ce-3350-4b8f-9fe4-b639f95210fd 17.11 Obama and Biden will work to give seniors choices about their care, consistent with their needs, and not biased towards institutional care. They will work to reform the financing of long term care to protect seniors and families, and to improve the quality of elder care by training more nurses and health care workers. 6bc37b4d-24b2-4133-9dfb-6d795140dfe8 1fe294b5-894a-42ed-a4c3-4b988fe8f571 Heating Assistance Ensure Heating Assistance _6295f07c-7673-4f52-b758-7b0cf348dd88 17.12 Obama and Biden will increase funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) which helps low-income citizens -- many of them seniors -- pay their winter heating and summer cooling bills. 1b07ebab-b077-4e31-a275-22e39aa895cc 015b2fdf-5947-405d-8a1b-28dd07540ae3 Senior Volunteers Support Senior Volunteer Efforts _4583420f-f423-4efa-9dbe-ce7ff90e2dd7 17.13 Retired Americans have a wide range of skills and knowledge to contribute to local and national public service efforts. Obama and Biden will engage more interested seniors in public service opportunities by expanding and improving programs like Senior Corps to connect seniors with quality volunteer opportunities. e38edf7f-2029-4454-9d5e-34a3e78bdf1a 98c98243-8619-4d7a-ae4e-4920ebf75a9a Service Build the infrastructure and provide the resources that will make it possible for Americans from all walks of life to serve the nation and help address the problems we face. _309a8c8b-1582-44c9-bc86-d30304dc4fd4 18 "Your own story and the American story are not separate -- they are shared. And they will both be enriched if we stand up together, and answer a new call to service to meet the challenges of our new century … I won't just ask for your vote as a candidate; I will ask for your service and your active citizenship when I am president of the United States. This will not be a call issued in one speech or program; this will be a cause of my presidency." -- Barack Obama, Speech in Mt. Vernon, IA December 5, 2007 The Obama-Biden Plan: Barack Obama began his career on the South Side of Chicago, working with a coalition of churches to improve living conditions in poor neighborhoods. During the election, people all across the country talked about feeling a new sense of civic engagement and got involved in politics for the first time. Now, Obama and Joe Biden are counting on Americans from all walks of life to serve the nation and help address the problems we face -- and they're committed to building the infrastructure and providing the resources that will make it possible. Corporation for National and Community Service Expand Corporation for National and Community Service _7209b5ea-5cbb-4d45-ac4e-5547d4ff988c 18.1 Expand AmeriCorps from 75,000 slots to 250,000 and focus this expansion on addressing the great challenges facing the nation -- helping teachers and students in underserved schools; improving public health outreach; weatherizing homes and launching renewable energy projects; assisting veterans; and helping communities plan, prepare for and respond to emergencies. ce4aa4f9-c579-4f2b-b41e-ed0a85444095 0f0cf5fb-d173-4f4e-86a7-fbfc9b56f7f6 Retired Americans in Service Engage Retiring Americans in Service on a Large Scale _6f078e63-ff79-4cd0-aa9a-e7cf88f8ae0e 18.2 Expand and improve programs that connect individuals over the age of 55 to quality volunteer opportunities. 86cb6fb9-ca90-4a22-b579-c47b5616a372 a9b3d193-6695-4d9c-8c68-7808ac85e123 Peace Corps Expand the Peace Corps _68fb5f90-d74c-47a9-8e59-a254a972840e 18.3 Double the Peace Corps to 16,000 by 2011. Build an international network of overseas volunteers so that Americans work side-by-side with volunteers from other countries. 90de7925-89c8-4364-99da-0b4e4c38798d e2cbdef3-d253-4e17-aea6-6d69380a198a Best Face of America Show the World the Best Face of America _3ef47159-454d-4aba-a1fd-fe35ba25617c 18.4 Set up an America's Voice Initiative to deploy Americans who are fluent speakers of local languages for public diplomacy. Extend opportunities for older individuals such as teachers, engineers, and doctors to serve overseas. 8077b97c-654a-4607-8408-9fde5a05782e 8f5a2906-7628-46ae-be2a-5c9f6dc150a0 Service-Learning Expand Service-Learning in Our Nation's Schools _41074fc2-9ea2-4099-acff-dcd34e27cd5a 18.5 Set a goal that all middle and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year. Develop national guidelines for service learning and give schools better tools both to develop programs and to document student experience. 955b801a-980c-441f-8907-5400952f8c20 77eda2f4-1006-4e3e-8998-da4a4bb704da Youth Programs Expand Youth Programs _26d4963c-9ecb-4b5e-91f0-1bce8a5da745 18.6 Create an energy-focused youth jobs program to provide disadvantaged youth with service opportunities weatherizing buildings and getting practical experience in fast-growing career fields. Expand the YouthBuild program to give 50,000 disadvantaged young people the chance to complete their high school education, learn valuable skills and build affordable housing in their communities. c5ce6968-2a87-4fdd-88a4-53984fe38ad4 c8f74812-6fdc-4fff-b9d5-9a14545d1615 Service in College Require 100 Hours of Service in College _953e4a2e-3046-4f84-a2e8-ab3a844d8947 18.7 Establish a new American Opportunity Tax Credit worth $4,000 a year in exchange for 100 hours of public service a year. c1b710d2-2b87-4797-9038-391cd5b338c9 ec323d25-1215-442a-8f5a-e709c3bd861e College Serve-Study Promote College Serve-Study _ff471b8b-6113-4fb0-9617-d8cafe0266a1 18.8 Ensure that at least 25 percent of College Work-Study funds are used to support public service opportunities instead of jobs in dining halls and libraries. 88051528-d4e8-4f9d-9cc8-6515b0860882 185caabd-cd12-475e-8920-e6bb05d44de9 Social Investment Network Create a Social Investment Fund Network: _05279a80-5620-4e92-89ec-a665ad6069a8 18.9 Use federal seed money to leverage private sector funding to improve local innovation, test the impact of new ideas, and expand successful programs to scale. eac3bcc8-5f30-4301-b87c-e12e44264366 8149ed48-118d-4c76-8885-29b1c8bd6b5e Social Entrepreneurship Agency Social Entrepreneurship Agency for Nonprofits _5ec40156-d04f-4978-a976-e71221c8dbd4 18.10 Create an agency within the Corporation for National and Community Service dedicated to building the capacity and effectiveness of the nonprofit sector. 2413c352-7cd1-4ff8-94e5-40e0e1f99e82 a0db06ff-71a0-42a2-a495-d65244e29798 Taxes Deliver broad-based tax relief to middle class families and cuts taxes for small businesses and companies that create jobs in America, while restoring fairness to our tax code and returning to fiscal responsibility. _7676db80-1c5b-4f68-b677-a54398f66232 19 Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s tax plan delivers broad-based tax relief to middle class families and cuts taxes for small businesses and companies that create jobs in America, while restoring fairness to our tax code and returning to fiscal responsibility. Coupled with Obama and Biden's commitment to invest in key areas like health, clean energy, innovation, and education, their tax plan will help restore bottom-up economic growth that creates good jobs in America and empowers all families to achieve the American dream. Under the Obama-Biden Plan: Middle class families will see their taxes cut -- and no family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase. The typical middle class family will receive well over $1,000 in tax relief under the Obama-Biden plan, and will pay tax rates that are 20 percent lower than they faced under President Reagan. Families making more than $250,000 will pay either the same or lower tax rates than they paid in the 1990s. Obama will ask the wealthiest two percent of families to give back a portion of the tax cuts they have received over the past eight years to ensure we are restoring fairness and returning to fiscal responsibility. But no family will pay higher tax rates than they would have paid in the 1990s. The Obama-Biden plan will cut taxes overall, reducing revenues to below the levels that prevailed under Ronald Reagan (less than 18.2 percent of GDP). The plan is a net tax cut -- his tax relief for middle class families is larger than the revenue raised by his tax changes for families over $250,000. Coupled with his commitment to cut unnecessary spending, Obama will pay for this tax relief while bringing down the budget deficit. Broad-Based Tax Cut Cut taxes for 95 percent of workers and their families with a tax cut of $500 for workers or $1,000 for working couples. _5aea31f1-dd1e-485b-823d-bb1bdb488f57 19.1 bd88737b-5910-4a65-a336-f0d16dec449a 38d079d6-b89b-48ea-86f3-f71ec277fe1f Targeted Tax Cuts Provide generous tax cuts for low- and middle-income seniors, homeowners, the uninsured, and families sending a child to college or looking to save and accumulate wealth. _992a0f2e-4f75-4ec5-99fb-afee68897f8e 19.2 fb1ff8c7-2c2e-4eb2-b9b0-1bd6aa62a556 81cde074-6c21-41b6-9547-cb18e7cb0676 Capital Gains Taxes Eliminate capital gains taxes for small businesses, cut corporate taxes for firms that invest and create jobs in the United States, and provide tax credits to reduce the cost of healthcare and to reward investments in innovation. _c270cf4d-4163-4ffa-8a96-4b39273f2e4f 19.3 a15b3562-6658-491a-bca4-6f6d7125592a e33bd506-1d4c-4723-aeef-e2e51417a4cf Tax Simplification Dramatically simplify taxes by consolidating existing tax credits, eliminating the need for millions of senior citizens to file tax forms, and enabling as many as 40 million middle-class Americans to do their own taxes in less than five minutes without an accountant. _1b7f25cc-fab9-4282-9e3a-5ce876411ae2 19.4 c597ada6-66d5-42c4-86e5-7ae34b7105d4 f0e5b74f-09d6-4522-927d-267f9d1fbee7 Technology Capitalize on the immense transformative power of technology and innovation and to improve the lives of Americans. _97ac7ecf-efd7-48e7-a71b-e2441de390c9 20 "Let us be the generation that reshapes our economy to compete in the digital age. Let's set high standards for our schools and give them the resources they need to succeed. Let's recruit a new army of teachers, and give them better pay and more support in exchange for more accountability. Let's make college more affordable, and let's invest in scientific research, and let's lay down broadband lines through the heart of inner cities and rural towns all across America." -- Barack Obama Presidential Announcement Speech in Springfield, IL February 10 ,2007 The Obama-Biden Plan: Barack Obama and Joe Biden understand the immense transformative power of technology and innovation and how they can improve the lives of Americans. They will work to ensure the full and free exchange of information through an open Internet and use technology to create a more transparent and connected democracy. They will encourage the deployment of modern communications infrastructure to improve America's competitiveness and employ technology to solve our nation's most pressing problems -- including improving clean energy, healthcare costs, and public safety. Employ Science, Technology and Innovation to Solve Our Nation's Most Pressing Problems: 21st-century technology and telecommunications have flattened communications and labor markets and have contributed to a period of unprecedented innovation, making us more productive, connected global citizens. By maximizing the power of technology, we can strengthen the quality and affordability of our health care, advance climate-friendly energy development and deployment, improve education throughout the country, and ensure that America remains the world's leader in technology. Internet Openness Protect the Openness of the Internet _59f0629b-0ff1-4c52-a552-55edc84b9cd5 20.1 Support the principle of network neutrality to preserve the benefits of open competition on the Internet. b922b3d4-d87b-4f34-81c7-c8614b467744 1b459333-e71b-463b-9fd4-091203993f20 Media Ownership Diversity Encourage Diversity in Media Ownership _75ef6249-ac3f-4178-bf6f-58b11db0648a 20.2 Encourage diversity in the ownership of broadcast media, promote the development of new media outlets for expression of diverse viewpoints, and clarify the public interest obligations of broadcasters who occupy the nation's spectrum. f67e5c7a-3ca0-4c54-a779-21705234c39a dfba8134-cc9a-46b1-b123-3a96dadde765 Children and the First Amendment Protect Our Children While Preserving the First Amendment _7d230f64-986f-4a93-bc2d-535ec123dca1 20.3 Give parents the tools and information they need to control what their children see on television and the Internet in ways fully consistent with the First Amendment. Support tough penalties, increase enforcement resources and forensic tools for law enforcement, and encourage collaboration between law enforcement and the private sector to identify and prosecute people who try to exploit children online. b1cb9b6f-c4d6-4e40-97ce-d4657a358e10 9fd3e2a1-9283-41b4-86fb-feb442afca6f Privacy Safeguard our Right to Privacy _27916cf2-8e97-4541-ac7f-105caafd40ca 20.4 Strengthen privacy protections for the digital age and harness the power of technology to hold government and business accountable for violations of personal privacy. 3f24a623-df01-4093-b85c-56dd9d0ecf56 d24eef4a-79ae-4a8a-bbff-8cdfc653df07 Open Government Open Up Government to its Citizens _884c98fd-e8e5-4d73-a1fc-643af1450bfc 20.5 Use cutting-edge technologies to create a new level of transparency, accountability, and participation for America's citizens. cc79f7a5-7ae9-478a-b231-aa9e4102ed2a 3c579e2d-d5c5-4099-92aa-5c3c3a8b547e 21st Century Government Bring Government into the 21st Century _14618a30-f1af-4c50-8e7e-59a289b17b61 20.6 Use technology to reform government and improve the exchange of information between the federal government and citizens while ensuring the security of our networks. 04e5d974-fced-4b86-b0b4-18eacf1ac7a7 5d2bde27-c1f4-438b-8b92-3eba9d328a26 CTO Appoint the nation's first Chief Technology Officer (CTO) _9430e462-f85a-4a1e-84d8-6ebb7f102b0a 20.7 Appoint the nation's first Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to ensure the safety of our networks and lead an interagency effort, working with chief technology and chief information officers of each of the federal agencies, to ensure that they use best-in-class technologies and share best practices. b77b305c-0ec4-4e75-9b9b-14205bfc2ecc 658cc5ae-169f-4c67-8295-09311319dfea Next-Generation Broadband Deploy Next-Generation Broadband _17227fcd-ef0e-4f5a-9d0f-c87da45cb88e 20.8 Work towards true broadband in every community in America through a combination of reform of the Universal Service Fund, better use of the nation's wireless spectrum, promotion of next-generation facilities, technologies and applications, and new tax and loan incentives. America should lead the world in broadband penetration and Internet access. 31fab295-800d-4522-b5b3-a4238999d182 4af4cb35-a5d2-4911-82e5-f00e36a171f9 American Businesses Abroad Promote American Businesses Abroad _bf7ce22a-8f0d-475d-8cf7-d3de22a90c82 20.9 Support a trade policy that ensures our goods and services are treated fairly in foreign markets. Fight for fair treatment of our companies abroad. d3b83601-3419-40a1-b9b3-cf1d8480d6b4 86ba9fa7-826f-4a0f-a56c-d7858737bda0 Science Investment Invest in the Sciences _dca9aa7f-d717-45b7-b6b6-76cf4736e5ae 20.10 Double federal funding for basic research over ten years, changing the posture of our federal government to one that embraces science and technology. e47e5b47-ea5a-48c8-9a44-ca3b7338b54e 5813f286-5983-4fb4-8f6a-7666ebed5771 University-Based Research Invest in University-Based Research _3c90520c-1b1d-48d7-9126-c05f189e942e 20.11 Expand research initiatives at American colleges and universities. Provide new research grants to the most outstanding early-career researchers in the country. 4c63a4a9-5799-431b-820e-e2a77b5886f3 21182bda-0c5b-4f8b-8f21-215b5984b598 R&D Tax Credit Make the R&D Tax Credit Permanent _dfa821fc-7954-4b46-979d-adad1ca68f26 20.12 Invest in a skilled research and development workforce and technology infrastructure. Make the Research and Development tax credit permanent so that firms can rely on it when making decisions to invest in domestic R&D over multi-year timeframes. 48291c83-904a-4418-a425-2a7396d42e48 67add422-313e-4968-ae8c-da36d18e8304 Competitive Markets Ensure Competitive Markets _876e1d01-7885-4a64-9cf3-10c0cfe3005a 20.13 Foster a business and regulatory landscape in which entrepreneurs and small businesses can thrive, start-ups can launch, and all enterprises can compete effectively while investors and consumers are protected against bad actors that cross the line. Reinvigorate antitrust enforcement to ensure that capitalism works for consumers. 67a47a46-f661-4cfd-b06e-81526828409d 08eb5f9f-a6d1-4901-80f4-bccff72b854b Intellectual Property Abroad Protect American Intellectual Property Abroad _b5761750-18d5-40f5-9edc-0ca6ce1c00d4 20.14 Work to ensure intellectual property is protected in foreign markets, and promote greater cooperation on international standards that allow our technologies to compete everywhere. 2d2e137b-1e48-4311-8917-1a83f67e0783 9c167999-bb21-4bc6-bf53-50a682bed956 Intellectual Property at Home Protect American Intellectual Property at Home _254fd018-016a-46d9-b86a-bb1c7cfbbdd4 20.15 Update and reform our copyright and patent systems to promote civic discourse, innovation, and investment while ensuring that intellectual property owners are fairly treated. 813a0a76-6d6d-4d9f-836f-ad2950ff8621 885e8695-2a5e-41f8-91a3-798643400217 Patent System Reform the Patent System _0c38259e-380e-45d2-b925-9ba40a3dc228 20.16 Ensure that our patent laws protect legitimate rights while not stifling innovation and collaboration. Give the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) the resources to improve patent quality and open up the patent process to citizen review to help foster an environment that encourages innovation. Reduce uncertainty and wasteful litigation that is currently a significant drag on innovation. c0d44bd1-836f-4e97-9522-c380147b4fa7 e960d6af-8309-4323-869e-8fdadebb6712 Scientific Integrity Restore Scientific Integrity to the White House _e239b927-341c-40b5-bef7-fcc18866c350 20.17 Restore the basic principle that government decisions should be based on the best-available, scientifically-valid evidence and not on ideological predispositions. c92c9b18-f4d4-4b38-9e87-f9a6dbcf211b ae9a575e-c242-47ad-9ebe-83e4c7bc7032 Math and Science Education Make Math and Science Education a National Priority _7f79adfc-b1b9-4ad9-beaf-7d4f56ae6825 20.18 Recruit math and science degree graduates to the teaching profession and support efforts to help these teachers learn from professionals in the field. Work to ensure that all children have access to a strong science curriculum at all grade levels. 4aefb1aa-5b27-4504-b53d-99b07b0fabf5 960abdfe-6992-4945-86b2-ddf40d2a3465 Science Assessments Improve and Prioritize Science Assessments: _a459490b-cccb-4682-ac24-8e83a9cc37a1 20.19 Work with governors and educators to ensure that state assessments measure higher order thinking skills including inference, logic and data analysis, not just rote memorization of facts. 09701939-2aa2-4264-bf74-621b77cb528a 0c336d58-f9e2-4b21-86e2-008c11add5c6 Dropouts Address the Dropout Crisis _220daf02-a9b6-4c66-ab74-4aea4722327a 20.20 Provide funding to school districts to invest in intervention strategies in middle school -- strategies such as personal academic plans, teaching teams, parent involvement, mentoring, intensive reading and math instruction, and extended learning time. d77a7cf5-2871-42dd-bee3-45bcbcda5d82 e6dccf4f-ceb1-4d7e-b688-fe013d773dde Math and Science Students Aid Pinpoint College Aid for Math and Science Students _7908f61b-a92f-4fc9-bd5f-42c25aaec4f3 20.21 Launch an online database to give potential future scientists access to information about financial aid opportunities available in science and technology fields through the federal government and public or private resources. fc9ff6e3-bbd6-4fe9-9b26-1995c2a3de60 32d6410c-8a19-44c3-b135-7a2ff837f5cf Science and Math Graduates Increase Science and Math Graduates _f593c64c-2490-4108-9fa7-a098a9bccfa5 20.22 Improve science and math education in K through 12 to prepare more students for these studies in college. Work to increase our number of science and engineering graduates and encourage undergraduates studying math and science to pursue graduate studies. Increase the representation of minorities and women in the science and technology pipeline, tapping the diversity of America to meet the increasing demand for a skilled workforce. e076b3cc-64fd-4936-9abd-489740630c05 871b9196-b244-4e18-aa79-e98f7f071992 Retraining Lifelong Retraining _bee3dd11-3815-48d4-872c-83ff7c8f8e9d 20.23 Reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act, and increase resources for community colleges and lifelong learning initiatives to ensure our citizens can continue to gain new skills throughout their lifetimes. Modernize and expand the existing system of trade adjustment assistance to include service sector workers hurt by changing trade patterns. Create flexible education accounts that workers can use to retrain. 19d3f03d-1970-45d3-a922-5be74ff52ea1 083209de-b4bb-4d67-99eb-82cc979739f8 Safety Net Build a Reliable Safety Net _21d07574-4a42-41f7-9d81-cefb96ba8e64 20.24 Through their proposals on portable health care and retirement savings accounts and expanding unemployment insurance, Obama and Biden will work for programs that will help Americans facing job transitions in a fierce global economy. 2bf74f18-6d1a-44c7-9220-57a752880a85 48fa4917-481f-4cfd-a1f1-e664c5a13423 Health Care IT Systems Lower Health Care Costs by Investing in Electronic Information Technology Systems _bbc34e59-4e37-466e-813f-50b00031872d 20.25 Use health information technology to lower the cost of health care. Invest $10 billion a year over the next five years to move the U.S. health care system to broad adoption of standards-based electronic health information systems, including electronic health records. b513a134-86d8-4580-b92d-3f6a90e24620 5f323594-200c-42f9-b00b-8bca77701e55 Climate-Friendly Energy R&D Invest in Climate-Friendly Energy Development and Deployment _71b916e1-31bc-4fa5-93c7-ebd063161303 20.26 Invest $150 billion over the next ten years to enable American engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs to advance the next generation of biofuels and fuel infrastructure, accelerate the commercialization of plug-in hybrids, promote development of commercial-scale renewable energy, and begin the transition to a new digital electricity grid. This investment will transform the economy and create 5 million new jobs. 06d759af-486d-4c76-a63b-f56c8ffede15 04b6d396-acfe-4bc0-9a15-677218947849 Public Safety Networks Modernize Public Safety Networks _939eca93-424d-4528-be4b-e9004b8abd09 20.27 Spur the development and deployment of new technologies to promote interoperability, broadband access, and more effective communications among first responders and emergency response systems. 38fc0357-a9d1-49f7-8f42-2029ae23868c 51a67da6-dbaa-4fd2-80f0-27cdf4af5fc6 Biomedical Research Advance the Biomedical Research Field _145a1b09-2bc0-4caa-ad0c-55c63312385c 20.28 Support investments in biomedical research, as well as medical education and training in health-related fields. Fund biomedical research, and make it more efficient by improving coordination both within government and across government/private/non-profit partnerships. 0ebe62ec-7aac-4581-95a7-d9ac822d6715 f1371499-70e1-4f93-9985-099a588fe944 Stem Cell Research Advance Stem Cell Research _31979649-353f-41f5-9508-15f287c7c7e0 20.29 Support increased stem cell research. Allow greater federal government funding on a wider array of stem cell lines. e22fbc41-82f5-43e0-b03e-b47298088f0f 1121b31f-e6a8-4c43-9ccc-c0195ba8fbd4 Urban Policy Lead a new federal approach to America's high-poverty areas, an approach that facilitates the economic integration of families and communities with efforts to support the current low-income residents of those areas. _3dc47197-1bf3-49ce-bf3c-adf5c24df1af 21 "Americans work harder than the people of any other wealthy nation. We are willing to tolerate more economic instability and are willing to take more personal risks to get ahead. But we can only compete if our government makes the investments that give us a fighting chance -- and if we know our families have some net beneath which they cannot fall." -- Barack Obama, "The Audacity of Hope" The Obama-Biden Plan: As a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago, Barack Obama learned firsthand that urban poverty is more than just a function of not having enough in your pocketbook. It's also a matter of where you live -- in some of our inner-city neighborhoods, poverty is difficult to escape because it's isolating and it's everywhere. Our job across America is to create communities of choice, not of destiny, and create conditions for neighborhoods where the odds are not stacked against the people who live there. Barack Obama will lead a new federal approach to America's high-poverty areas, an approach that facilitates the economic integration of families and communities with efforts to support the current low-income residents of those areas. Office on Urban Policy Create a White House Office on Urban Policy _06e8dcae-ed3b-41ca-a907-9421498d527a 21.1 Obama and Biden will create a White House Office of Urban Policy to develop a strategy for metropolitan America and to ensure that all federal dollars targeted to urban areas are effectively spent on the highest-impact programs. The Director of Urban Policy will report directly to the president and coordinate all federal urban programs. 7737bb50-265e-4de4-9320-118336f66d27 c0fb6112-f72f-41d0-9f3f-2017bf0ea181 Community Development Block Grant Fully Fund the Community Development Block Grant _ac4e8b7b-4213-4d96-a3fa-e67eae42006b 21.2 In the long run, regions are only as strong as their people and neighborhoods. The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is an important program that provides housing and creates jobs primarily for low- and moderate-income people and places. Barack Obama will restore funding for the CDBG program. adb1d825-694a-4b75-b0e7-8cb57e315158 ea9bfb4b-e713-4c38-9a44-0fdc74794445 No Harm Do No Harm to States and Localities _090f11fa-0501-46b1-9631-e7e9e9aa2148 21.3 Barack Obama and Joe Biden do not support imposing unfunded mandates on states and localities. They strongly support providing necessary funding for programs such as No Child Left Behind. 86529202-0395-4b48-a5a5-0c0ecf46112e d4ff5cf4-0201-479b-a0ca-326930a52238 Innovation Clusters Support Regional Innovation Clusters _32cba612-792a-4cd2-83b7-fad9773a1494 21.4 Thriving innovation clusters across the country like the North Carolina Research Triangle Park and Nashville's thriving entertainment cluster prove that local stakeholders can successfully come together and help reshape their local economies. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will create a federal program to support "innovation clusters" -- regional centers of innovation and next-generation industries. This innovation clusters program will provide $200 million in planning and matching grants for regional business, government, and university leaders to collaborate on leveraging a region's existing assets -- from transportation infrastructure to universities -- to enhance long-term regional growth. 34181525-76b6-4034-8da2-4ea041cc97fc dc997782-bb59-47ae-b616-87109cd123ec Job Creation Support Job Creation _3bc07c5f-bda1-4da9-9587-ba9e80f7a1d6 21.5 The federal government has a role to play to ensure that every American is able to work at his or her highest capacity. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will double federal funding for basic research, expand the deployment of broadband technology and make the research and development tax credit permanent so that businesses can invest in innovation and create high-paying, secure jobs. 646fe8d7-939f-434c-ab7e-4d262fbc804f 0a015cb0-a209-4d0b-b004-a43529d97227 Workforce Training Enhance Workforce Training _08d1bffc-89ce-4763-b987-3a38c155a6d5 21.6 Obama and Biden will make long-term investments in education, language training, and workforce development so that Americans can leverage our strengths -- our ingenuity and entrepreneurialism -- to create new high-wage jobs and prosper in a global economy. A critical part of this process is ensuring that we reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and ensure that it strengthens federal investments needed for success in the 21st Century. 9d3f5e2c-178f-4abf-8d25-d3ee2349937f 8bccae62-3db5-4785-865a-765869e1e05b Capital for Underserved Businesses Increase Access to Capital for Underserved Businesses _0a5a1a61-a2e3-455e-a322-2cee223f104d 21.7 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will strengthen Small Business Administration programs that provide capital to women and minority-owned businesses, support outreach programs that help business owners apply for loans, and work to encourage the growth and capacity of these firms. They will also strengthen Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), which are engaged in innovative methods to provide capital to urban businesses. fec204f9-10dd-4988-8aaf-0c3ed4640655 53e12156-380d-4ee3-bf0c-b8dec87a5fef Business Incubators Create a National Network of Public-Private Business Incubators _7bd12520-82f0-4147-967f-13e8004507fa 21.8 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will support entrepreneurship and spur job growth by creating a national network of public-private business incubators, which facilitate the critical work of entrepreneurs in creating start-up companies. They will invest $250 million per year to increase the number and size of incubators in urban communities throughout the country. d6946b08-bf00-4cb5-810b-5f81e47538a2 988c2cdb-e8c0-486f-9dea-83ca0916db60 Manufacturing Centers Convert our Manufacturing Centers into Clean Technology Leaders _f1442412-c557-49e4-8591-7e01d43760f2 21.9 America boasts the highest-skilled manufacturing workforce in the world and advanced manufacturing facilities that have powered economic growth in America for decades. Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that America is at a competitive advantage when it comes to building the high-demand technologies of the future, and they will help nurture America's success in clean technology manufacturing by establishing a federal investment program to help manufacturing centers modernize. e7fe98a2-f9b1-40bd-bd29-21b1ca052623 1d245a38-3c5f-4640-bd36-0546e2f93535 Infrastructure Strengthen Core Infrastructure _1ff417d1-b766-4629-a8a4-b54867053342 21.10 Barack Obama and Joe Biden will make strengthening our transportation systems, including our roads and bridges, a top priority. As part of this effort, Obama and Biden will create a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank to expand and enhance, not supplant, existing federal transportation investments. These projects will directly and indirectly create up to two million new jobs per year and stimulate approximately $35 billion per year in new economic activity. 74a7e8e7-aee4-4bc4-88e7-40a0521e38e2 e21ce2d6-0c14-4626-8fb0-b5bc5ce89191 Jobs Improve Access to Jobs _9ce59813-1ab1-4d83-99f0-6491d55284f5 21.11 America's families and businesses depend upon workers having reasonable access to their places of employment. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will double the federal Jobs Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) program to ensure that additional federal public transportation dollars flow to the highest-need communities and that urban planning initiatives take this aspect of transportation policy into account. The Obama-Biden urban agenda will also help facilitate the creation of new jobs in underserved economic areas, so more low-income urban residents can find employment within their home communities. 51efe5e4-f89d-429b-9206-a998f4502272 4cc6515d-15cd-4c90-b301-707cd6e3ce25 Clean Technologies Workforce Invest in a Skilled Clean Technologies Workforce _95eb1a66-5d36-4209-ad63-198b8ec3c1cc 21.12 Obama and Biden will increase funding for federal workforce training programs and direct these programs to incorporate green technologies training, such as advanced manufacturing and weatherization training, into their efforts to help Americans find and retain stable jobs. Obama and Biden will also create an energy-focused youth jobs program to invest in disconnected and disadvantaged youth. 192e6ea9-1634-4839-bf23-eac686a11cb4 9d2d27f8-bf03-4979-803c-20f0141ab46f Mortgage Interest Tax Credit Lower Interest Payments by Creating a New Mortgage Interest Tax Credit _3881d375-e9f2-4acc-ad69-716116c1fe85 21.13 Many middle class Americans do not receive the existing mortgage interest tax deduction because they do not itemize their taxes. Obama and Biden will ensure that middle-class Americans get the financial assistance they need to purchase or keep their own home by creating a 10 percent universal mortgage credit that gives tax relief to 10 million Americans who have a home mortgage. a72b30b3-924e-4580-b212-05852ac9622d 04a6b7f4-a0f8-497d-ace9-1bfc7aa14efc Affordable Housing Increase the Supply of Affordable Housing throughout Metropolitan Regions _4263a472-a457-43b1-b02f-6c583e05667e 21.14 Communities prosper when all families have access to affordable housing. Barack Obama and Joe Biden supported efforts to create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund to create thousands of new units of affordable housing every year. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will also restore cuts to public housing operating subsidies, and ensure that all Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs are restored to their original purpose. d5b968d6-a0e0-4605-893a-7a3ab503a942 3f98f921-0586-4470-8ee0-baab89b5aed9 Promise Neighborhoods Establish 'Promise Neighborhoods' for Areas of Concentrated Poverty _8ff44bc9-ec26-4df3-96a3-0589d20abbc2 21.15 Successful strategies to address concentrated, intergenerational poverty are comprehensive in nature and address the full range of obstacles that stand in the way of poor children. One highly-acclaimed model is the Harlem Children's Zone in New York City, which provides a full network of services to an entire neighborhood from birth to college. Obama and Biden will create 20 Promise Neighborhoods in cities that have high levels of poverty and crime and low levels of student academic achievement. f8b56523-f91e-4b1b-8af8-c89d96902fcb f6a51c88-d931-469c-a2e6-2905c6a25a4c Minimum Wage Increase the Minimum Wage _4e335bb4-bde3-44b7-85fa-c133559550a7 21.16 As president, Obama will raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2011 and index it to inflation so full-time workers can earn a living wage that allows them to raise their families and pay for basic needs such as food, transportation, and housing -- things so many people take for granted. 7e182cbf-376f-4b6f-ad55-e785c8469b54 a4a568a7-f5c0-4f4a-8a29-f9a264851b8d EITC Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit _891c8352-101c-4e1d-8bd1-c2f979e14c35 21.17 In the Illinois State Senate, Obama led the successful effort to create the $100 million Illinois Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). As president, Obama will reward work by increasing the number of working parents eligible for EITC benefits, increasing the benefit available to noncustodial parents who support their children through child support payments, increasing the benefit for families with three or more children, and reducing the EITC marriage penalty which hurts low-income families. 3add7a15-a800-4b0f-bbd7-3bb36a70b575 2a21f601-d448-431b-88a3-d22716419c8c Low-Income Workers Help Low-Income Workers Enter the Job Market _6dde159e-aa1e-4f06-a68b-842cd3994266 21.18 As president, Obama will invest $1 billion over five years in transitional jobs and career pathways programs that implement proven methods of helping low-income Americans succeed in the workforce. This investment will be coupled with other measures to encourage the private sector and state and local governments to increase their support of these effective employment programs. e6c6b679-82c0-43a7-b0e6-60dbf50bed6b 3dd858e7-740d-4529-8a47-8f69a8a7b526 Livable and Sustainable Communities Build More Livable and Sustainable Communities _87f60135-3069-417f-93fc-f261c0a04f1a 21.19 Our communities will better serve all of their residents if we are able to leave our cars to walk, bicycle and access other transportation alternatives. As president, Barack Obama will re-evaluate the transportation funding process to ensure that smart growth considerations are taken into account. a189d95a-8abd-4478-953e-c32910755091 846ea365-6378-4863-b606-214e1f440bc4 Superfund Sites and Data Control Superfund Sites and Data _fdaa611c-11a2-4caa-84d0-c7d274fbd52b 21.20 Obama and Biden will restore the strength of the Superfund program by requiring polluters to pay for the cleanup of contaminated sites they created. a5273daa-a215-4af3-ada9-465fbc7723c8 89ddee4b-8a3c-4529-9439-fb9272579bc7 Building Efficiency Use Innovative Measures to Dramatically Improve Efficiency of Buildings _bef310e8-e6ab-4a4d-a823-df2d734b7185 21.21 Buildings account for nearly 40 percent of carbon emissions in the United States today and carbon emissions from buildings are expected to grow faster than emissions from other major parts of our economy. It is expected that 15 million new buildings will be constructed between today and 2015. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will work with cities so that we make our new and existing buildings more efficient consumers of electricity. d60731d6-74b5-4c67-a35b-4496878609a3 efdb502c-b2f1-43f6-9665-e9e4645cf968 Healthy Communities Foster Healthy Communities _dc20c9ed-8de0-41d7-8206-dfe7247612b3 21.22 How a community is designed -- including the layout of its roads, buildings and parks -- has a huge impact on the health of its residents. For instance, nearly one-third of Americans live in neighborhoods without sidewalks and less than half of our country's children have a playground within walking distance of their homes. Barack Obama introduced the Healthy Places Act to help local governments assess the health impact of new policies and projects, like highways or shopping centers. 7660d5fb-61e5-4914-9e1e-e8d0cdc8ea3d 9ec7ee31-e770-48df-a449-19d316ff55de Teacher Support Support Teachers in Urban Schools _eb43bed1-8357-449e-a999-68bb87a3388b 21.23 Barack Obama and Joe Biden value teachers and the central role that they play in education. To ensure competent, effective teachers in schools that are organized for success, the Obama-Biden K-12 plan will expand service scholarships to underwrite high-quality preparation for teachers who commit to working in underserved districts and support ongoing improvements in teacher education. d511a231-bf5b-46a4-b740-75bdbe59ca72 b5c4ebec-068c-470e-8b79-444b6c35b915 Early Childhood Education Expand Early Childhood Education _0cf27d39-11af-44e5-a403-06f0e941b7d5 21.24 Obama and Biden's comprehensive "Zero to Five" plan will provide support to young children and their parents by investing $10 billion per year to create Early Learning Challenge Grants to stimulate and help fund state "zero to five" efforts; quadruple the number of children eligible for Early Head Start, increase Head Start funding, and improve the quality of both; work to ensure all children have access to pre-school; and create a Presidential Early Learning Council to increase collaboration and coordination across federal, state, and local programs. 247421ae-ff3e-4501-a8c9-d21ad2c0655c 3402334f-a346-4562-9e79-575a76e816d8 High School Dropout Rate Reduce the High School Dropout Rate _d63fdb2b-989d-4f50-9502-a4bec29b6f9b 21.25 The warning signs for high school dropouts often occur well before high school. Obama will sign into law his Success in the Middle Act to improve the education of middle school students in low-performing schools. Obama and Biden will also establish a competitive grant process for entities pursuing evidence-based models that have been proven to reduce dropouts. a7717b5a-15ed-4f71-b9ae-86f5215b0a41 0b5144b5-67ca-4bf9-b1a3-aba2e28d7a28 Local Law Enforcement Support Local Law Enforcement _596e3329-5df1-4e83-bce5-25b141ae91d2 21.26 Barack Obama and Joe Biden are committed to fully funding the COPS program to put 50,000 police officers on the street and help address police brutality and accountability issues in local communities. Obama and Biden also support efforts to encourage young people to enter the law enforcement profession, so that our local police departments are not understaffed because of a dearth of qualified applicants. c00e1e4a-726c-4079-af5e-1cb4ae898acb 24450a06-264e-4f31-9c20-cd2fc0be4c2c Recidivism Reduce Crime Recidivism by Providing Ex-Offender Supports _f4c4fa20-5b35-46dd-9a4d-1a0d7980b8be 21.27 America is facing an incarceration and post-incarceration crisis in urban communities. Obama and Biden will create a prison-to-work incentive program, modeled on the successful Welfare-to-Work Partnership, and work to reform correctional systems to break down barriers for ex-offenders to find employment. 2b306ba3-92da-4f97-b1a3-c5ff2f0e9b90 fcbd2d51-db1c-4206-9967-392a553c8389 Youth Violence End the Dangerous Cycle of Youth Violence _1bcc689f-8d74-4503-9330-9f9429c39baf 21.28 Obama and Biden support innovative local programs, like the CeaseFire program in Chicago, which implement a community-based strategy to prevent youth violence and have been proven effective. 60f63ab7-d7f8-41fc-94db-079e5f3a4efd 3ee93e1b-53f4-4410-ab6e-5d915a02551f Gun Violence Address Gun Violence in Cities _1aa750c4-0d24-49c8-946d-0704e6fc2ec4 21.29 Obama and Biden would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent. ec822b8a-28ad-47f1-8725-7a9636b43ab9 7ecf5afa-eda3-4fe1-8e62-0f646de76486 Risk-Based Funding Allocate Homeland Security Funds Based on Risk _9b597bd6-9edd-4537-a06a-054721af22a6 21.30 Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that the president and Congress should direct our precious homeland security dollars according to risk, not as a form of general revenue sharing. To address this pressing issue, Obama introduced an amendment, supported by the Families of 9/11 and former 9/11 Commissioners Lee Hamilton and Tim Roemer, to increase risk-based funding in the 9/11 bill. d89ef7de-3940-4b2a-9bf4-cf679d0b92b4 6d75c9e7-f7a9-4114-be33-c6fc8deba1db Emergency Response Plans Prepare Effective Emergency Response Plans _2020ed60-b8c4-42ef-bf87-111e99f54708 21.31 As our nation witnessed in the Hurricane Katrina crisis and its aftermath, too many localities do not have integrated emergency response plans to handle disasters. As president, Obama will further improve coordination between all levels of government, create better evacuation plan guidelines, ensure prompt federal assistance to emergency zones, and increase medical surge capacity. 996eb9ad-52ad-4008-95a8-4e406a113825 e9e8f4ed-18bb-46bf-8682-7effbf72febf Communications Systems Interoperability Improve Interoperable Communications Systems _f889b2d1-e11a-4bff-9d96-e25fad9ff03f 21.32 Barack Obama and Joe Biden support efforts to provide greater technical assistance to local and state first responders and dramatically increase funding for reliable, interoperable communications systems. f1631b96-286b-4a52-89cc-38f51192b5f9 3e83b171-e671-4155-a3a9-2750d52e9c5d Public Transportation Safeguards Safeguard Mass Public Transportation _111fe72a-ba11-4154-be8f-41629cf0c67b 21.33 Every weekday, Americans take 34 million trips on public transportation systems to get to work, school and beyond. Obama and Biden will fight for greater information-sharing between national intelligence agents and local officials and provide local law enforcement agencies with the everyday tools they need to protect their transportation systems. f45dfb14-7d72-4aad-a158-1748ca94925d 83242527-9284-4632-9c44-d37cb1287082