Community Indicators Consortium Community Indicators Consortium CIC _0de4c9ab-3745-4ce6-85c7-3ea9da7f7520 2fb95708-1e88-4f00-ac26-52c27e898d9c The Community Indicators Consortium is an active, open learning network and global community of practice among persons interested or engaged in the field of indicators development and application. It is organized to: Advance the art and science of indicators; Facilitate the exchange of knowledge about the effective use of indicators; Encourage development of effective indicators; Foster informed civic and media discourse about local, regional, national, and global priorities. _473b9846-e453-4113-9093-06189d91d058 Community Awareness and Change Advance the Use of Indicators for Community Awareness and Change _5b584e88-0a0c-4512-a123-1a7b5b346a67 1 Tasks: Develop proposal on Learning Forums. Sponsor Learning Forum Issues Identify the most significant issues that CIC needs to address in the next few years to meet CIC goals _85e62ed2-3854-4cac-8e4b-4b1510760892 1.1 Tasks: Conduct a survey of CIC membership via email and post survey on web. Conduct a survey of non-CIC members, on our mailing list, via e-mail. Host a forum to identify the most pressing areas needing research. Also, use the learning forum to gather ideas. b2e3bad0-d575-4bdd-b4a9-21e9dcc6c43d 595a8d79-b675-4f9e-b3fc-0c214999f212 Awareness Elevate the profile of CIC and indicators _84f6dc3f-25f8-4552-bdde-72a76c95d711 1.2 Task: Create the Advisory Council as called for by Article V of CIC Bylaws 73764ba9-588f-40f5-8870-2cdd2836afff 39694316-93e3-43f9-8901-c99576cd7ab4 Projects Support the creation of new indicator projects _c742cde7-962d-44e0-a388-857010a2d29f 1.3 Tasks: Develop a Subcommittee – New Projects Advisory Team (N-PAT) to respond to queries; determine operations. Sponsor the creation of a how-to and best practices manual. 8dba7724-2a84-4464-89d8-8925ba808b67 219b758d-5f31-4947-baff-7867d2a36286 Member Outreach and Partnerships Outreach to members and possible members as well as partnerships with other organizations _886df7b9-7bc2-4fc6-b12e-a5c7fa5c8cd0 1.4 NICS Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Network Tasks: Co-Sponsor 2 Webinars (one with NICS & one with the Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Network). Sponsor the 2008 CIC International Conference 24481efc-71a4-44b6-8dd0-4ecd4059ee81 dce50e2a-a2b2-448f-8de6-65d1be0510b3 Thought Leader Outreach Outreach to Leaders in the Indicators Field _454a4773-b6c4-4e8a-a852-7e744d9a050a 1.5 32e96430-509f-41a8-953c-2682e36adaa4 43bb41ae-73a5-4961-a041-343c384004d5 Global CoP Create a Global Community of Practice (COP) _fce8577d-459e-4d38-8bbe-5cba13873688 2 Member Connectivity Build connectivity among members _8cf90e1b-3bbe-443a-9fcb-592a245794ef 2.1 Task: Set up a discussion board/listserve 87ab5e70-1822-4fca-90ee-00a783dc75fc 19468683-ad5c-4cc1-af71-f7dcfea13857 Communications Enhance communications with CIC members and others working in the indicators field _e704c8ce-0b58-437a-8595-39d0ccd24414 2.2 Tasks: Upgrade the format of CIC newsletters by using Constant Contact. Identify additional people to add to newsletter mailing list. Develop e-mail notices system for alerting members to key information inbetween newsletters by using Constant Contact. Board members contribute to content of newsletters. 3b6b6d87-58c7-4727-8fad-4edd2f41825c f0063dff-fc53-4713-b0e9-618cf6a45469 Programs Enhance and develop specific programs to meet the needs of the Community of Practice (including Casey Foundation, Brookings, Sloan Foundation, Fannie Mae Foundation, OECD, KNII, etc.) _a994ebff-dd48-4b39-97fe-cad995c8ac66 2.3 Casey Foundation Brookings Institution Sloan Foundation Fannie Mae Foundation OECD KNII Task: Develop joint projects and information sharing 3f21cd65-3236-439f-822b-26ceb4495690 00d85ef1-21ba-4c44-805e-1ba92e5c5b8e Knowledge Base Advance the knowledge base on indicators _50ac7e27-49bd-414a-960e-a0d36c29c761 2.4 Task: Highlight research done by members of the COP 7c935b18-ee2c-4fa2-b86f-f7c9050276d7 c96359b4-ee31-4735-a194-f0a753d51e76 Specialities Identify and connect the areas of specialties of the members of the COP _0aa8b764-40ae-4699-9a5b-ad100f72851a 2.5 Task: Develop subject matter areas of interest for targeted emails d091851c-5022-48ad-b260-ef87a841d516 5acb3fd8-e715-4d64-b74c-abe8892e59e2 Web Site, Social Networking, and Information Enhance the Web site to provide social networking tools, information feeds _c01dac53-b3a0-4e8a-8ce3-902a8f2ec6d7 2.6 NNIP ISIN NAPC ISQQLS United Way Tasks: Add the following to CIC Web site (e.g., research area, governance area, identify more indicator efforts). Adopt Ben’s Blog. Establish on CIC Web site to other chat groups/listserves (NNIP, ISIN,NAPC, ISQQLS, United Way). Enhance the Web site to provide social networking tools (e.g., Wiki for indicators), information feeds. 10122ff5-bf6b-40d0-98c1-5820a0bdf8b4 1ef30459-c534-441e-914b-4ecce0389096 Organizational and Academic Relationships Establish relationships with national organizations and academic institutions involved in work on indicators _f6addfb6-891c-4b15-afd9-03dd5e0a9f07 2.7 Tasks: Identify key academic organizations and hold discussions with their leadership. Identify key professional organizations and hold discussions with their leadership. 20ed7e2c-95c8-496f-ba60-1ad0fc4085ec 18eff5f5-0a65-4951-8445-9e82691b4e95 International Perspective and Relevance Strengthen CIC’s International Perspective and Relevance _74e8f1d7-6110-481d-bf11-a24310827358 3 International Board Positions Reserve at least 2 Board Positions for International Representatives _8ac00e8e-ce41-446e-9879-e56df99bcc89 3.1 Tasks: Share Board contacts and references for pool of potential candidates. Create New Board Member Subcommittee to go through recommendations. e77c7fdf-b0fd-4166-8470-22f656c3f133 60adc3f9-47ad-4456-8f5a-6e462051d0c6 Newsletter Highlights Highlight one international project every other month in newsletter _23210971-5796-40a2-8caf-72f84dff96f2 3.2 Task: Approach international award submittals for 200 word project summaries 82318e77-692e-42c4-ad0d-ae49026e7211 904bc15d-5fdb-4252-81d7-c72c287bb1c3 Award Reserve one award in the international category (like the Oscars) _2b5e7ade-cdf0-40e8-a9c1-979431a210c6 3.3 Brookings Institution Task: Work with Brookings to support the idea and to sponsor travel for International award winner b21ea935-a9f0-4704-9bbe-5674b6735e16 65cd9262-f087-427b-8a5b-19810eba1487 Promotion Seek newspaper articles/announcements from international organizations _0621d9ab-cfce-4fd3-ae81-466613cb5912 3.4 Task: Pool Board networks for ideas/people cb374f5e-279e-4cb1-a16e-381ec61301a4 25ac2b6a-089b-44d7-88e4-ecb8ad63ed46 OECD Connect with OECD to firm relationships/interdependence _43ef3aa6-8842-47bd-b6c0-86eb8f033ec8 3.5 Task: Attend Conference in Istanbul with Boards/handouts/membership forms regarding CIC 7b461218-785d-44a2-841a-d0260c1f133d df7d29b0-a231-47a9-93cb-2a816e981376 Performance Measurement Promote Connectivity between Indicators and Performance Measurement _7d355d2c-b9e1-4098-96b0-f3405e49d03b 4 Outcomes: 3 partnerships developed. Panels at 4 Conferences. Tasks: Provide mechanism for sharing collaborative efforts, exchanging information, identifying promising practices and creating mutually supportive advocacy. Propose and Participate in Panels at other organizations’ conferences (ISQLS, ASPA) Partnerships Create partnerships with performance measurement groups _d194fbf0-0865-4843-87b6-1e7924b95d6d 4.1 ISQLS ASPA 382c084c-e726-452e-b932-abb10c8c8e1d 7d46a861-6c57-4790-988c-0dab8621c9ac Recommendations Take action steps recommended in 4/30/07 CIC report to Sloan, e.g., Implement strategies to reduce barriers to creating stronger linkages between indictors and measures _0e243cab-5817-474e-a4db-215ed4485718 4.2 ea1e7661-7c83-4d3e-b8d1-293d9b7dfd6f 8973e12b-69f3-47db-bc46-c6afa37b414f Organization Build and Sustain the Organization _5a86333b-d64e-46a5-86fb-2c53e196afee 5 Resources and Revenue Assess resource and revenue needs per adopted strategic plan priorities _d87efc96-b439-46b7-bb41-49d0a30801ce 5.1 Tasks: Develop a 3-Year Budget Plan. Develop a crosswalk of the financial plan to the strategic plan’s relevant programs/projects. Develop a tracking system 1ca90276-3761-4131-a488-72c40be89453 fb012cc5-2cd3-4ce2-9cbd-635274f84a65 Grants Approach funders with grant applications _8299a55f-9986-4072-8eeb-5a3894c3a266 5.2 Tasks: Identify in kind and external funding opportunities (w/dollar estimates). Develop shortlist of potential foundations. Develop list of CIC projects needing funding. Apply for grants. 7164bf10-82cc-4f90-8f74-1b8ce7cc5801 bf7c94e5-5772-4fba-8111-b41421271205 Marketing Develop marketing materials _a974de94-1a12-42fb-a49c-46c7e53ba0b1 5.3 Task: Develop CIC marketing materials. 049889fb-f019-4f54-a398-8ed0ddc570cb b6e8ad80-da9b-4daa-9ebc-65b6ebc4740c Membership Recruitment Recruit members _cb467641-02fe-448f-9065-78ee7bc961be 5.4 Task: Develop mailing list of potential members. Send letters and brochure to potential members 21abbc61-f181-42e9-ac02-4a3af9f30c7e 2964b1bd-2611-494b-b746-5ce68adec356 Membership Management Enhanced membership management _1da40017-069f-4aba-a94f-ba3b90766b8c 5.5 Task: Identify contractor and sign agreement c51233c6-d5c9-4780-b22d-7a0e2475c42d c542b356-4f16-48c0-ac11-049ed34ff59c Executive Director Identify long-term Executive Director _1129e0f1-74b9-48c7-9a86-53c4d30397ec 5.6 Tasks: Set up ED sub-committee. Establish Selection Criteria and process details. Conduct hiring process. 2422554a-a08f-4e99-9b6e-e9053ecd9362 9d725916-efde-4bf0-99a4-2cbc07a55afa 2007-07-01 2010-12-31 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.