Mission, Vision and Values Canadian International College CIC ID-1825095e-52c6-4a31-8d60-20461c7d3838 CIC has been the Premier College and the exclusive provider of Canadian education in Egypt. CIC offers programs in Business, Business Information Technology, Engineering, and Mass Communication. CIC is the Cairo Campus for; the University of Ottawa & Cape Breton University and has an articulation agreement with the University of Windsor. Egypt University of Ottawa University of Ottawa is one of the oldest universities in Canada which was established in 1848. UOttawa is North America's largest bilingual university besides having the fourth largest co-operative education program in Canada and is ranked the fifth in research-intensity. The university has a multicultural environment with students and faculty from over 150 different countries. It has over 300 undergraduate programs and around 160 graduates programs offered in English and French. Cape Breton University Cape Breton University (CBU) has over more than 70 different students' nationalities and strong international partnerships all over the globe. CBU promises and delivers an exceptional educational experience for students. CBU students and graduates are recognized nationally and internationally for their innovative accomplishments. The first Canadian university to offer a joint degree in Egypt, CBU in partnership with CIC, gives students the opportunity to obtain undergraduate degrees in business and engineering. University of Windsor University of Windsor is one the greatest universities in Canada with a foundation that dates back to 1857. Located at the crossroads of North America facing one of Canada's most beautiful waterfronts, uWindsor strives to be a student-focused teaching and learning centre. The university has developed a number of partnerships with local businesses and industry and offers more than 140 undergraduate and graduate programs across nine faculties. Committed to Excellence, CIC aims to be a nationally prominent educational institution known for its integrity, academic excellence, professional graduates, integration of Alumni wisdom, and providing quality hands-on education, nurturing & fostering both creative and independent entrepreneurial skills. ID-396093d4-d399-4b18-8400-44f00bc7f601 3267f458-72c0-4db1-8a8c-270b1273eae0 Integrity We commit to the highest standards of ethics, honesty and above all professionalism. Opportunity We strive to obtain the best environment for learning so that students may graduate as professionals. Our staff is given every opportunity to learn and improve their skills and acquire new ones. Excellence We not only take pride in setting the highest goals and professional standards for ourselves but also in striving to achieve them. Services We treat every potential student at our best. We respond to their needs and concerns in a timely, consistent and efficient manner. Teamwork We create a climate in which all CIC staff can work closely. We accomplish this by encouraging and supporting each individual's talent and contribution to their team. Diversity We believe that people make the difference and strive to provide opportunities for all employees to contribute their ideas, develop their full potential and make the best use of their skills and aptitudes. Education Provide quality education with international standards. ID-05f3c274-c3a8-4707-9858-b57e40a6d36c 1 db5994dd-62a0-4578-bd51-2157d5af87e7 d26c3c49-73d3-4fac-83e4-a1332f380d27 Teaching & Learning Create an environment that supports teaching and learning. ID-10057011-e55e-46ca-8a15-10a00e4b00c7 2 a7d19ddd-c98d-4d6e-98c8-88b9a13b6c10 ad11f7cc-7b20-4720-93b2-1341d8c7e343 Applied Learning Help students develop their full potential by engaging in the extent of the applied learning and the depth of traditional disciplines. ID-6a145b35-e4b5-4d97-9c20-99fedd134ce8 3 09ba1bb7-d453-46ed-9ab2-ec7ad696365d 717eb12f-59ff-4562-a51b-9f9a10b44c86 Educational Programs [Conduct] educational programs that encourage students to read critically, reason analytically, communicate persuasively, apply professionally and think of themselves to provide services to our community and beyond. ID-5a3b8132-a3a7-4270-992b-9cf31736dfe5 4 4fee61bd-7331-41b5-ac19-a0c027a6b752 d94a950f-e8cc-45d6-9ab9-db107043266d Alumni Keep Alumni connected to CIC through a lifetime atmosphere of loyalty and interest. ID-dea82ac4-5c38-425a-a6a0-39be41d6dfc9 5 CIC Alumni e86d9b36-6f2a-4dcc-82a6-3406fa4c7e18 027e50cd-7481-412f-90c4-5058587d1a95 2014-01-22 http://www.cic-cairo.com/cic/index.php/about-cic/mission-vision-and-values?lang=en Submit error.