Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology CIMIT _89290437-adce-4e60-839c-49dbe92f84d4 47a12f26-dfaf-4925-af94-dc948f874124 To improve patient care by bringing scientists, engineers, and clinicians together to catalyze development of innovative technology, emphasizing minimally invasive diagnosis and therapy _678c3b47-7b38-495f-9e49-238ec0a5204d Innovation We use the most advanced scientific technologies from academia and industry to develop new treatments that will have a major positive impact on patients’ lives. Collaboration We utilize a broad spectrum of individuals’ talents by convening and supporting in diverse and productive teams. Integrity We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in what we say, in responsibility for what we do, and in responsiveness to people around us. Entrepreneurialism We maintain a culture that encourages initiative and risk-taking. We understand that major impact on healthcare requires appropriate partnerships with business and industry. Excellence We strive for superior results. It is a promise we make to each other, a spirit that unites our individual skills and talents into a single supportive and dynamic culture. Compassion We are dedicated to serving the needs of patients. Respect We recognize the individual skills and perspectives of our diverse collaborators in academia, industry and clinical care, and of the patients we all serve. Providing Solutions to Unsolved Clinical Problems Contribute to the ongoing missions of our academic medical centers by integrating the solution-rich environment of engineering and science centers with the problem-rich environment of our clinical stakeholders, and deliverying meaningful results. _a3b32b31-a8ca-42ba-ab1d-995a6cff8a81 1 befe13bb-2ef1-4869-bfe1-fc033644239e 8c680f52-610e-4889-b5b2-e9c9e52942f5 bc923e40-f8d7-4bdb-96fc-6f6c909db19b Leading Contribute to improved patient care through innovative leadership practices that reward performance through teamwork. _f45e7374-9f19-465a-8864-ad9a75542035 2 7e797441-1cf8-4c7f-b5de-1eb6f49960fd bccc2428-fc93-4a90-b149-262634329215 5f251000-1fe6-4943-bb13-4b6baf53f4dd Convening, Facilitating, Collaborating Build a strong and vibrant CIMIT community by actively practicing our special methodology guided by our core values and mission. _ef665303-6247-48c6-8827-81e054bf466d 3 16f25f65-9c05-499d-ae0a-243482ce4a18 f7735296-62ba-4508-9db4-ff0fcfb6c0a6 6c8e3433-a765-43fa-8e66-f364518d7d38 Achieving Financial Sustainability Find and revisit diverse funding sources, and execute financial and operational best practices to achieve long-term sustainability of the CIMIT enterprise. _fd918b2e-dbea-4e3f-9d40-7d1d9b641611 4 5b2f7f9b-9917-4c16-93e8-4337b6e30ba2 50195f15-a2f1-4d32-a706-484546e6c95f da6f508c-3787-40b1-bb17-a87ac7bab615 Supporting CIMIT’s Staff Build, support and manage efficient operational systems to support projects and staff, and thus advance the CIMIT mission. _64bd9411-85e7-446a-97fc-cdb05391665f 5 3d7d9eba-9159-4251-a533-f448b9df03ac 6c052898-3ded-47f2-92c3-f37af8f4e650 b4a11ea9-0c47-4371-95f9-099305c1be2c 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.