CIO _7bfbe365-6420-482f-a789-88cff2527537 4ee7d8c8-717a-47ae-9826-993d43dbc759 To be the most comprehensive source of information on the Internet regarding standards, standard setting, and open source software, and on the role that these essential tools play in business and society. _fbf0f321-0c18-421c-9ab8-db7282a9f790 Information Repository Serve as both a comprehensive as well as an in-depth repository of information regarding Commonality Organizations ( COs) and their work, enabling the uninitiated as well as the serious researcher to learn more about how these organizations operate and what they create. _dc656c21-a7d2-4e52-92bf-063c822929dd 1 00784067-2972-4e19-b6cf-c1ba7ab33e12 bb79833f-40d9-4c3e-aa80-c1eb24087ead dad9cf45-80ec-4dc8-8a64-350339d6dfb0 Clearinghouse Provide a clearinghouse where those who are actively involved in CO activities can share information regarding recent developments, just released standards and other work product, and the launching of new initiatives. _ee411e80-7692-4da0-9b6f-a1467710c3a6 2 b2f7cfaa-3b1a-42f6-919f-33d7ab460896 2886aa72-d0cf-4c78-b460-db069527eb98 0fd9b2c3-2a37-4128-b314-c44f8d868062 Point of Access Provide a single point of access where the press, analysts, government and academia can visit to find out what is going on in the world of standards, open source and other commonalities. _15f2c4c4-5f09-4c82-8071-e284bc5db552 3 18f16405-2601-472c-9551-490d566bc37a e630dca4-234c-4014-b3ec-5783403cc8e1 7e12015f-c818-4dd5-bfe5-384aa1d539d8 Forum Provide a neutral forum in which all participants can air ideas, issues and viewpoints, in order to find common causes and seek needed solutions. _59bb34e6-0967-453a-9199-d3b865fa4807 4 1f109d9d-88f2-411c-b989-9fb2a4bb04ca 1fa8bfa5-eb12-473d-bed8-278c428d3cde 03d21ab2-02be-4282-b24c-e23624b0d999 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.