Center for Information Technology Policy Center for Information Technology Policy CITP _ec677699-d685-48be-b641-140134599aba a1b2d50c-5568-4dad-8ca4-0243de08b248 Use Princeton’s unique strengths to promote an informed public discussion of digital technologies _821b8f57-0fac-4551-b3bb-f935a8350a31 Lectures, Workshops, Conferences, and Discussions Sponsor events such as a lecture series, workshops, conferences, and informal lunchtime discussions _b83cf031-434a-4bfc-ab63-1f516c0234d6 In 1981, when the first IBM PC was released, there were fewer than 300 computers on the Internet. Since that time, dramatic improvements in the power and usefulness of information technology have earned it a central place in our lives. We rely on it to reach new levels of economic productivity, keep in touch with each other, interact with government, optimize our medical care, learn about world events, and even to vote. Major changes in each of these areas, brought about by information technology, are forcing leaders in government, industry, and the academy to adapt old rules to a new environment. The stakes are high: wise leadership could permit dramatic improvements in almost every area of life, and poor choices could threaten not only innovation and wealth but also privacy, safety, and trust in government. The Center for Information Technology Policy uses Princeton’s unique strengths to promote an informed public discussion of digital technologies. Combining faculty expertise in technology and engineering, public policy, and the social sciences with a strong University tradition of service, the Center’s research, teaching, and public programs address digital technologies as they interact with policy, markets and society. Center participants come from Princeton departments including Computer Science, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Operations Research and Financial Engineering, and Sociology, and the University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. 608b8da8-26e4-455b-b3a5-3d1ec2cb994b 13aedcd9-5775-422c-9a60-43bd657f2c78 03df1ce6-b8a5-4e8d-a309-bfa00ac1249f 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.