World Alliance for Citizen Participation World Alliance for Citizen Participation CIVICUS _cbc5b573-b600-466e-b421-2cce480e0802 A worldwide community of informed, inspired, committed citizens engaged in confronting the challenges facing humanity. _3815e29e-07d6-4a87-8532-b5ae56f8fa0b To strengthen citizen action and civil society throughout the world _94d3c58b-9c2e-433a-afb7-6f2ddf8462ff Justice and Equality CIVICUS believes in the equality and dignity of every person, and that all people should be free to exercise their rights as citizens as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Reciprocity CIVICUS exists to ensure that people treat one another with the respect with which they themselves wish to be treated. Civil society cannot thrive without mutual respect. Knowledge CIVICUS recognises that to increase its global awareness of civil society and before it can assist or take action, it needs to form alliances with other concerned bodies to increase its influence and knowledge. Vision CIVICUS is realistic about conflict in today's world, but remains optimistic that most people, organisations, governments and businesses will work together for the benefit of all. Principled Courage CIVICUS will always promote civil justice and pledges to act in a manner that honours the principles of democratic civil society. Voices and Opinions To amplify the voices and opinions of ordinary people _68da7bbc-5f4a-42f5-9865-59049f45b1a8 1 CIVICUS seeks to amplify the voices and opinions of ordinary people. It recognizes that for effective and sustainable civic participation to occur, citizens must enjoy rights of free association and be able to engage all sectors of society. Civic Existence Promote the rights of citizens to organise and act collectively towards defined goals for the public good. _cf374ba1-f593-4dc3-aaee-8cce6d1ca1cd 1.1 c2d36190-7b68-44eb-a738-1090781d99ab f4526c25-cfe1-40d2-b457-00f507a7a17b Civic Expression Increase the effectiveness and improve the governance of civil society organisations, as well as their capacity to set and achieve their individual and collective goals. _2bf2ce12-f6d9-41ac-858e-e80666a37857 1.2 de71ef8e-5b26-4e89-a2b0-faa511c1c2c1 9a93aa3f-4d30-4e62-b7d8-0359ed342f31 Civic Engagement Foster interaction between civil society and other institutions in order to increase the voice of citizens in public life. _f30528cf-fa9c-4e07-a2d4-97a28b084633 1.3 ca7a516f-b838-4a49-a797-852737d9e99f fea13377-d86e-42b7-86ce-70dfed9e8fa2 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.