Creative Learning Exchange Creative Learning Exchange CLE _c7457a1a-df05-40c1-855e-bdee014adb9e 31b620bc-ee1f-4dfd-b752-97fc9699ecb8 To develop Systems Citizens in K-12 education who use systems thinking and system dynamics to meet the interconnected challenges that face them at personal, community, and global levels. _ce6ed7e0-e0c5-476d-b1a8-42089889ea3a Active, Learner-Centered Discovery The Creative Learning Exchange encourages an active, learner-centered process of discovery in K-12 education that challenges preconceptions, deepens conceptual understanding, and engages in meaningful, real world problem solving through the mastery of systems thinking and system dynamics modeling. Library of Materials Maintain a Library of Materials, most freely downloadable, created by classroom teachers and other educators, that addresses diverse curricular and organizational topics of interest to K-12 educators. _6cd200d8-75d7-4705-bac4-1b11055adbea 1 13abdfc7-1bb1-423f-b801-e3337e075999 b24bc328-fead-45a4-963c-a1735ee1b94f 3632277c-e588-4e74-83b2-fdd28443617b Conferences Conduct a biennial networking Conference that brings together educators, professional system dynamicists, and citizen champions dedicated to creating Systems Citizens. _ed947fea-92d0-49b3-870c-b00b9b39bd07 2 a356ecd5-b856-4f53-99a3-777087d5fc41 10808cc0-c29e-4c73-8b47-54dd393da1fa 157e7490-2b46-4fd6-8af8-f3cc1ae571f3 Newsletter Publish a quarterly Newsletter that features articles and updates on new developments in systems education from around the world. _6206b46b-a07d-41e5-8556-ff27d6f4477e 3 f10bc6bf-9ea7-4c53-93c5-22ec54e0c041 0ff15d91-8a62-4cf3-a51e-3ad0bb858110 0340e04d-0a90-4a0e-af3f-83a72146a229 Listserv Maintain a K-12 Listserve that engages educators from around the world in an electronic forum for surfacing issues of common interest, soliciting assistance, and sharing successes. _0d6f0bc7-8d6f-4b43-8dc8-339e4655bc66 4 c777412e-049d-4640-87bd-7d55ca764d93 b5178a2a-c19c-4b1a-a3dc-fb498f4183c9 8070e928-264f-4a8d-9ca6-270c2396e10f Educational Modeling Exchange Develop and maintain the Educational Modeling Exchange that provides assistance and direction for curricular and organizational innovation in system dynamics modeling. _57379168-7419-482b-8e86-b7f1abf17cb6 5 58914f78-1748-4e53-9b00-b7ee56a26028 7e6a4aeb-b85d-4471-983b-a24670346ea5 73d1a4de-bd82-4b88-a93f-4d760ab51ff8 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.