Charter Historically content management systems were purchased for specific application uses and this led to islands of incompatible systems. The lack of a standard interface to content management systems made it difficult to integrate content from multiple repositories into a single application such as a portal, CRM system, or office desktop. It also made it difficult for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and integrators to build applications that supported multiple content management systems consistently or easily. OASIS Content Management Interoperability Services TC CMISTC _a311cc2c-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 The OASIS CMIS TC works to standardize a Web services interface specification that will enable greater interoperability of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. CMIS uses Web services and Web 2.0 interfaces to enable rich information to be shared across Internet protocols in vendor-neutral formats, among document systems, publishers and repositories, within one enterprise and between companies. David Choy, Chair Ryan McVeigh, Secretary EMC IBM Microsoft Using Web services and Web 2.0 interfaces to enable information sharing across content management repositories from different vendors _a313accc-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 To define a domain model including a data model and abstract capabilities for Content Management (CM) and a set of bindings that can be used by applications to work with one or more Content Management Repositories/systems and that can be implemented by content repositories and enable interoperability across repositories _a313afd8-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 Initial Deliverables The initial set of deliverables will be targeted for the following use cases _a313b082-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 1 Collaborative Content Applications _a313b104-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 1.1 8bd845bd-5eb0-4d3c-9784-738925453061 Portals Portals leveraging Content Management repositories _a313b190-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 1.2 d94bb539-2bb6-4525-924a-826ef74e0101 Mashups _a313b212-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 1.3 188a5a7a-83c4-47eb-a557-fdbdf1deb733 Searching Searching a Content Repository _a313b29e-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 1.4 9b48b876-ff00-45ed-9b64-5859c7cb20ee Other Use Cases The following use cases should be able to be supported by CMIS Domain Model and Bindings, but are not primary drivers _a313b320-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 2 The following use cases are out of scope for the initial set of deliverables: * Records Management (RM) and Compliance * Digital Asset Management (DAM) * Web Content Management (WCM) * Subscription and Notification Services Workflow & BPM Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM)-centric applications utilizing Content _a313b3ac-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 2.1 48b5c98e-a5c3-45f5-9664-9b20d4368919 Archival Archival Applications _a313b438-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 2.2 ce15672c-bfad-4910-87ff-edfcb07e1367 Compound and Virtual Documents _a313b4e2-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 2.3 ef22fa04-adf9-45fc-8b6c-2782fb71e957 Discovery Electronic and Legal Discovery _a313b578-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 2.4 c3fc3a23-c83c-42a2-b333-99b0d37851bd Specifications Engage in maintenance of the specifications produced by this TC. _a313b5fa-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 3 Principles Articulate the principles of the interoperable content management through formal specifications _a313b686-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 3.1 f997a27d-cd21-4e10-9c30-6de95f38ed3a Relationships Assess the relationship of CMIS to other related standards and industry efforts. _a313b712-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 3.2 These include Java Content Repository (JCR) (JSR-170, JSR-283), WebDAV and its related specifications including DASL, Search Web Services TC, and other relevant standards. 58b2171f-6fde-41f6-84ac-2bde73147e2f Definition Define appropriate specifications for interoperable content management _a313b79e-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 3.3 433a27b6-d77a-4656-9789-5e47a1393c3d Schemas Schemas, such as XML Schema Definition (XSD) _a313b834-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 3.3.1 57fb6c8f-1f53-4965-99c6-3dfa64ba9499 Service Definitions Service definitions, such as Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) _a313b8c0-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 3.3.2 995655c3-5cdf-4460-8739-62e8939a4667 Entities & Capabilities Standardize the common types of entities and capabilities in CM _a313b94c-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 3.4 071e5d13-1080-4e92-81dc-69571d8a7b49 Cooperation Encourage cooperation within and between the various topical domains and groups _a313b9ec-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 3.5 ade7e437-d2b3-49b7-8d04-e2e7d8fc781c Next Version Work on the next versions of the specification. _a313ba82-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4 After the first set of deliverables, the TC will continue to work on the next versions of the specification. Specific functional content of the next versions will be determined by a TC vote. The next versions may address the following use cases: Core Capabilities Core ECM Repository capabilities _a313bb0e-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.1 05c40992-40bf-4643-bd1b-e605dd1d20d1 Collaborative Applications Collaborative Content Applications _a313bbae-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.2 02c908a1-b9a3-4d1f-b2d0-a702d815b85b Portals Portals leveraging Content Management repositories _a313bc44-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.3 98b421da-92e2-49a8-89ec-9ac0172eb872 Mashups Mashups utilizing Content _a313bcda-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.4 987950c5-2714-48c1-9d8a-4e4b09235fe3 Workflow & BPM Workflow and BPM-centric applications utilizing Content _a313bdac-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.5 bc7a56c8-d783-4eb9-a853-9523382eeef1 Archival Content Archival Applications _a313be56-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.6 7a07a78c-4337-45f0-af02-f7468793f1a0 Compound & Virtual Documents Compound and Virtual Documents applications _a313bf00-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.7 185cfe20-abc3-4665-9efe-09cd36dc43d1 Discovery Electronic and Legal Discovery of Content applications _a313bfaa-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.8 adb432c5-afe1-43e1-bdc1-9d083e08ee3b Records Management Records Management and Compliance _a313c040-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.9 150237e3-83c6-46c9-80b7-be336664b4fb Digital Asset Management Digital Asset Management Applications _a313c0e0-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.10 89b6dfe3-9ac7-4035-934a-70db6df1b158 Web Content Management Web Content Management Applications _a313c19e-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.11 99397c2e-ad1f-48a9-844e-66bef8f69bf5 Information Rights Management Information Rights Management applications _a313c23e-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.12 effcb53e-6451-454c-8705-c7e9f2bb84bd Desktop Integration Desktop Integration of Content Management repositories _a313c2de-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 4.11 ae4625ed-1951-4aae-830f-6dcbcdeac536 Other Bindings The TC MAY define other bindings explicitly listed below after the first deliverable. _a313c39c-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 5 Web Services _a313c446-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 5.1 008e3fd3-3765-4c24-8db1-38ce8aaac37d REST _a313c4f0-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 5.2 e5a43ba3-b0a0-4186-961b-e354e9a133ee JSON-RPC _a313c5c2-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 5.3 2fee46f5-75e5-4d3c-b050-9270b0a03690 XMPP _a313c716-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 5.4 d12d8a47-ee77-4519-8866-4003af6fa0bc JMS _a313c7d4-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 5.5 40298bff-1bf7-49df-b77f-df56c89d7207 JCA _a313c89c-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 5.6 cddd57bd-8a1c-426c-a332-df29de390589 SMTP _a313c950-1347-11e2-a828-da8497258a28 5.7 f027f527-9a91-4043-8ff9-44dc0a272ccb 2012-10-10 Owen Ambur Submit error.