About Us Let’s face it. Americans are facing unprecedented pressures on their finances and time. High gas prices, sluggish job growth, and rising food costs are putting the squeeze on pocket books. Scams, privacy concerns, and identity theft are also taking their toll on family budgets. Consumers need reliable advice on how to avoid being victimized. Consumer Media Network CMN _16471504-1c5c-11e2-a152-08d2c7ccd5b7 CMN.com levels the playing field by giving consumers the power they need to make informed decisions about their most important purchases. Our industry-specific consumer experts advocate for the American consumer, tell the truth about scams, and highlight the best deals on online education, insurance, communication services, and more. Consumers Savvy consumers are better consumers. CMN.com is the place where consumers can demand more. Consumer Media Network Team Consumer Media Network’s commitment to quality starts at the top. Our eye for excellence can be seen in the web properties we build and the people we employ. Our management team is comprised of a diverse group of minds committed to one common mission: changing the consumer experience online. Our team’s background in online marketing and publishing across many consumer verticals gives us a unique perspective, and it is one that we can’t wait to share with you. We strive to create the best consumer-facing sites on the web because we know, quite simply, that consumers demand more. Patrick Gavin CEO - Patrick has 10+ years experience in Internet marketing. He started his first online marketing company in 2000 shortly after graduating from Xavier University. Patrick resides in Iowa with his wife and three children. Ken Myers COO - Ken is the President of CMN and an Executive with over 15 years of experience. He specializes in finance, human resources, and technology. Prior to joining CMN, Ken was the Chief Technology Officer for WhiteFence, Inc. an online Internet marketing company. Stephen Amante CFO - Stephen has over 25 years experience helping technology firms grow. Prior to joining CMN, he was the CFO of NCR Entertainment/Blockbuster Express, eRealty.com (in which he was a co-founder) and Dealer Solutions and spent his early career with Arthur Andersen in Houston and Prague, Czech Republic. Stephen graduated from Santa Clara University and is married and has three children with whom he enjoys sports and traveling. Justin Klemm Vice President, Product Development - Justin oversees the development and hosting of CMN’s web properties. He earned a degree in computer science from Virginia Tech before moving on to various internet marketing companies. Justin has several years of experience both developing and supporting large websites. He currently resides in New York City. A self-professed foodie, Justin enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling, and outdoor activities. Ashley Merusi EDITOR IN CHIEF - Ashley manages the content strategy for CMN’s web properties. Since joining the company in 2007, she has directed the team of writers and overseen the growth of the content team. Prior to that, she gained editorial experience in book publishing at The National Archives and Houghton Mifflin Company. She is a graduate from the University of Notre Dame and currently resides in Boston, MA. Sean Gallagher VICE PRESIDENT, CONTENT - Sean is the Vice President, Content of CMN. He specializes in developing consumer-facing content sites. Prior to joining the company, he was Managing Editor, Online at the Los Angeles Times. He has also developed sites for The New York Times, San Diego Daily Transcript, and AOL. Eric Mullins SENIOR DIRECTOR OF MARKETING - Eric manages the monetization and affiliate network for CMN. He graduated from Texas A&M University before taking a job with an Internet marketing company. He optimizes program and content placement on CMN properties and works with potential affiliates to grow their portfolio through CMN. He is an active runner, and he likes being outdoors and finding new places to hangout. Michelle Tozzi VICE PRESIDENT, CLIENT SERVICES - Michelle manages the Client Services department for the Online Education division of CMN. She is actively involved in building and maintaining client relationships and oversees the planning and management of all client campaigns. Michelle is also directly involved in developing new business to further the growth of the college and university portfolio. She resides in New Jersey where she enjoys playing softball, watching the New York Giants, and spending time with her Cavalier King Charles. Muhammad Saleem DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL MEDIA - Muhammed is a consultant and expert on all things social media and online marketing. He regularly contributes to major industry publications and has been featured in Techcrunch, Mashable, Read/WriteWeb, Search Engine Land, ProBlogger, CopyBlogger and has spoken at many social media conferences. Most recently, Muhammad served as the Director of Social Media Strategy for the Chicago Tribune Media Group and has been listed as one of the world’s most influential marketers in 2008 and 2009. Eric Clemmons Vice President, Software Development - Eric leads architecture and development of CMN’s lead-generation platform. Additionally, he specializes in improving user-experience via design, interaction & multivariate testing. Eric has several years of experience developing with web technologies and contributes to several open-source projects. When not cooking or composing music, he contributes to these projects. Danny Zevallos Director of Design - Danny oversees the design team at CMN. He has over 14 years of experience in print, web design and development. He has merged his print design background into web design implementation and is active within the design community. Prior to joining CMN, Danny was involved in economic development within the Houston business community, where his designs were utilized by Fortune 500 companies, elected officials, and local CEOs. David Franklin Vice President, Strategy - David oversees the Strategy and Business Analytics departments for CMN. Previously, he co-founded DCF Ventures and worked as a manager in the Strategy/Business Development group for DaVita, Inc. He holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and engineering degrees from Duke University. David is a big fan of skiing, both on water and on snow, and is doing his best to reduce his golf score. Laura Milligan Social Media Marketing Manager - Laura drives the social media campaigns that support CMN’s web properties. She has worked with the content team at CMN since 2007 and has demonstrated experience in public relations, blogging, and social media marketing strategy. Although an enthusiastic resident of her adopted Texas, Laura is always eager to jump on a plane and explore somewhere new. _16472076-1c5c-11e2-a152-08d2c7ccd5b7 To change the consumer experience online. _1647222e-1c5c-11e2-a152-08d2c7ccd5b7 Quality Excellence Diversity Online Education Help prospective students match their interests and experience with programs to help them build new careers. _16472300-1c5c-11e2-a152-08d2c7ccd5b7 1 As consumers demand more flexibility in all aspects of their lives, innovative education programs provide new solutions for getting a college degree. Valuable, quality-driven schools and programs exist to meet this evolving need, but costly, unaccredited diploma mills populate the industry as well. Our sites help prospective students eliminate all the distractions. We match your interests and experience with programs that will help you build a new career, and we offer tips and insight into what it means to be an online learner today. Besides discovering how online classrooms really work, you’ll compare programs and degree tracks, saving money and time along the way. _164723d2-1c5c-11e2-a152-08d2c7ccd5b7 acb77b10-fe37-48ed-b850-fd0361c86f3b Insurance Provide transparency and comparisons in pricing to find the right coverage and discover new ways to protect yourself for every stage of your life. _164724a4-1c5c-11e2-a152-08d2c7ccd5b7 2 Every part of your life is an investment that requires protection. Your finances, home, car, health, and even your identity need the right insurance so that you and your family remain as comfortable and safe as possible when accidents happen. Unfortunately, the insurance industry isn’t immune to scams and cheats that can be just as damaging. We meet the consumer need to provide transparency and comparisons in pricing, acting as your advocate during the whole search. You’ll find the right coverage and discover new ways to protect yourself for every stage of your life. _16472576-1c5c-11e2-a152-08d2c7ccd5b7 8edf7f1b-e385-4b7a-a3ab-8754fde0de54 Telecommunications Match the needs of individuals and businesses to the best telecom packages for their lifestyles or business. _16472648-1c5c-11e2-a152-08d2c7ccd5b7 3 Businesses Telecommunication Consumers When you move into a new home or start a business, it might seem like your options for purchasing cable, Internet, and phone services are limited to just a big few big brands. But just because big businesses like to snuff out their competition by demanding high prices and rigid contracts doesn’t mean you can’t push back. Just as you have choices with how you receive your information -- through smart phones, TVs, computers, and streaming devices -- you also have a choice in information providers. There are fantastic alternatives in the telecom industry, and our sites will match your needs to the best package for your lifestyle or business. _16472738-1c5c-11e2-a152-08d2c7ccd5b7 8021c29c-c705-41c9-9a62-b29b15b9d066 Dating Couple relationship goals with the right dating sites while also providing practical advice on how to safely and successfully date online. _16472800-1c5c-11e2-a152-08d2c7ccd5b7 4 Women Seeking Dates Men Seeking Dates Falling in love -- or just enjoying a date -- shouldn’t be a race, but we understand how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to meet people when you already feel too busy to keep up with work and other commitments. Dating sites now provide more resources to help you meet your match, but the growing industry has brought security and identity risks. We’re committed to coupling your relationship goals with the right dating sites while also providing practical advice on how to safely and successfully date online. You’ll find reviews and walkthroughs of the major dating services as well as separate tips for men and women. Our features and tools guide you on dating and establishing relationships, helping you strike the perfect balance between excitement and commitment. _164728c8-1c5c-11e2-a152-08d2c7ccd5b7 016bd626-b0e3-429b-875c-b93ad3bd3ee8 2012-10-22 http://www.cmn.com/about-us/ Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.