National Research Council Canada National Research Council Canada CNRC _30eb587d-90ab-412e-a059-fe8d11f920f6 04955813-e948-43a6-9a32-71d86b1a1162 NRC is responsible for: undertaking, assisting or promoting scientific and industrial research in different fields of importance to Canada; establishing, operating and maintaining a national science library; publishing and selling or otherwise distributing such scientific and technical information as the Council deems necessary; investigating standards and methods of measurement; working on the standardization and certification of scientific and technical apparatus and instruments and materials used or usable by Canadian industry; operating and administering any astronomical observatories established or maintained by the Government of Canada; administering NRC's research and development activities, including grants and contributions used to support a number of international activities; and providing vital scientific and technological services to the research and industrial communities. This mandate is discharged to a great extent through the operation of the NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program, the NRC Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information and the Canadian Technology Network. _948ae696-e3da-4013-83ac-28d293a72dc5 Competitiveness and Economic Viability Contribute to the competitiveness of Canadian industry in key sectors and to the economic viability of communities _e8a1374d-abcf-4b72-af50-63b151cecbeb 1 In recent years, NRC has contributed substantially to the development of Canadian technology and its commercialization both on a global scale and within our communities. To achieve even greater impact on both fronts, NRC will adapt and integrate its programs and step up its efforts on key technology development and commercialization activities, developing highly valued technologies, helping increase the innovation capacity and growth of firms, and promoting environmentally sustainable business practices. Research & Development ANTICIPATE AND PERFORM R&D IN AREAS THAT WILL IMPROVE THE COMPETITIVENESS OF CANADIAN INDUSTRY _43321f02-5cd0-4b2b-8d74-008f905e3f97 1.1 TO ANTICIPATE AND PERFORM R&D IN AREAS THAT WILL IMPROVE THE COMPETITIVENESS OF CANADIAN INDUSTRY, NRC WILL concentrate research and development efforts on key areas, build on a portfolio approach to manage NRC programs and competencies, create a dynamic research and development environment, and increase NRC capacity to support development of technologies and the commercialization of those technologies. KEY RESULT: Increased flow of technologies into high-impact sectors of the economy 93ece348-a274-49df-9e10-10eed7330f4c 31f9b7bf-7dfe-4d4f-8df7-9af5fe67e4ba Integrated Industry Support PROVIDE INTEGRATED INDUSTRY SUPPORT THAT ENGAGES KEY PLAYERS _fe4c405c-57e3-4a76-82a5-54c38e562122 1.2 TO PROVIDE INTEGRATED INDUSTRY SUPPORT THAT ENGAGES KEY PLAYERS, NRC WILL develop single-point gateways to NRC expertise, services and facilities, build a "quick response" capacity to serve clients, increase NRC capacity to work in large-scale, multi-disciplinary programs that take advantage of the convergence of technologies, and increase NRC's proven capacity to support major science infrastructure and technology platforms. KEY RESULT: Integrated research and development, and innovation support to industry 21d39855-f180-4fd3-8f48-10796d3439de 911c44ee-959e-416d-aefe-a0a64296ef39 Innovation Strengthen Canada's innovation system _ca667a47-b459-411a-b070-0977ad585e74 2 To ensure Canada's continued global relevance as an innovator, all of Canada's innovation system stakeholders – the financial sector, every level of government, the academic community, and science and technology organizations – must work with industry toward a cohesive commercialization agenda. With a presence in every province, an extensive research and development capacity, and a history of working to connect key players in the innovation system, NRC is well positioned to act as a vital instrument for the federal government's innovation objectives. To deliver on this goal, NRC will increase its capacity to transfer technology and better integrate its strengths to improve industry's innovation power. NRC will engage key players from across the innovation system to ensure that its programs and services respond to their priorities and needs. Research & Innovation Organization BUILD A SUSTAINABLE AND AGILE NATIONAL RESEARCH AND INNOVATION ORGANIZATION FOR CANADA _8d06290c-7389-4515-b96f-7285f6baaa6a 2.1 TO BUILD A SUSTAINABLE AND AGILE NATIONAL RESEARCH AND INNOVATION ORGANIZATION FOR CANADA, NRC WILL market the organization's position within government as a superior target for research and development investment, attract new funding, both nationally and internationally, increase NRC's level of influence in public and private sectors, leverage NRC competencies by meeting the research and development and commercialization needs of other federal government organizations, and build a more unified NRC with a commitment to common objectives and values. KEY RESULT: A sustainable and agile NRC contributing to Canada's economic growth and quality of life Attracting The Best: NRC will recruit and develop top talent to lead in these strategic areas. Young, promising researchers and innovation experts will have the infrastructure, the funding and the intellectual freedom to use their knowledge and talent to create groundbreaking science and industry solutions. Canadian industry and the innovation system will benefit from a new supply of highly skilled personnel. 43dbd139-7428-42c7-a5d8-3d29db1b8fc9 dffaa144-75fb-4377-bd88-0272d412f721 National Priorities Make significant contributions to national priority areas critical to Canada's future _3a9eff49-f6cc-4745-b9c3-3cc23bec910b 3 NRC will focus its research excellence and multi-disciplinary competencies to address three urgent national priority areas – health and wellness, sustainable energy, and the environment – in which it can make the most significant contribution. By converging enabling technologies such as biotechnology, information technology and nanotechnology with disciplines such as manufacturing, transportation, advanced materials and construction, NRC will be able to develop new technologies that allow more sustainable economic growth and development. NRC's multidisciplinary nature, its collaborative approach and its international networks are unique assets that will be invaluable for developing solutions to complex national problems. NRC will also continue to dedicate significant resources and expertise in programs to support industry in key sectors such as aerospace, construction, information and communications technologies, life sciences and manufacturing. Strengths & Competencies INVEST IN AND FOCUS NRC'S UNIQUE STRENGTHS AND COMPETENCIES ON AREAS OF IMPORTANCE TO CANADA _07a2099f-695b-4cc8-9011-239d67733bd8 3.1 TO INVEST IN AND FOCUS NRC'S UNIQUE STRENGTHS AND COMPETENCIES ON AREAS OF IMPORTANCE TO CANADA, NRC WILL articulate and implement a retooled national approach, framework, programs and infrastructure for science contributions — in concert with federal science players, and lead federal research and development programs in chosen critical fields in collaboration with key players in those fields nationally and internationally. KEY RESULT: NRC research and development efforts better aligned to more effectively address enduring issues of the nation 33054ce9-c66d-4705-850f-02eb908cf2cb 3b9d6ab2-e438-4ed9-9e26-9a99c6b75f2a 2006-01-01 2011-12-12 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.