Corporation for National Research Initiatives Corporation for National Research Initiatives CNRI _f445d61a-3a3f-4591-b1a5-bf79afe4e410 67d9ed1e-8658-4371-9bbb-dd92b3d0f97b To foster research and development for the National Information Infrastructure _86fd6c10-b5ab-48d4-ba02-78479528e5a1 National Information Infrastructure Research Conduct a program of research to identify and nurture infrastructural technologies and services that will unlock the potential of information and knowledge along with technology itself. _70346f95-ff93-4116-aca8-df8b566da726 1 CNRI is committed to furthering the design, implementation, and deployment of selected infrastructure components so that new computing- and communications-based applications can be used to greater advantage, whether for business or government at work, at school, and at home. Experimental development and use of new technologies is often the most effective means for understanding their potential and driving their evolution. CNRI engages in selected system and technology demonstration activities and projects with key institutions where the implications of prototype systems can be studied and refined, and their utility can be determined. Collaborative Activities Promote various collaborative activities that create productive synergies among government agencies, universities, and private organizations _2e02f06f-f7b5-4427-8101-80cfc7f9fb9a 1.1 13a04af5-b4dc-44f8-9e78-0bfaab6296a2 2c3d8bb0-9676-45e8-a941-8bcce8588ee8 Targeted Research Undertake targeted research in technologies for information management and high-speed networking _366fac4f-c4a7-48f9-9ac2-71f7fdb43538 1.2 eb9f39f2-e303-4394-90de-e04ad92fec53 deb194ec-b19d-431c-af34-b541bb8ef4b6 MEMS and Nanotechnology Support design/fabrication for MEMS and nanotechnology _422ca308-943f-40c4-9ca9-ad00e1371c60 1.3 1a5d70b4-c7e2-4142-98e8-3575a3403afd 6b675cc1-4088-4ac3-b042-2e667885ba2f Educational Initiatives Support various educational initiatives in the public interest _89cf005e-3a1a-4e20-8b6e-3dd1ec68546b 1.4 c8accd2e-bfbb-4213-891f-825643081d6a 95d64f90-925d-4246-ab94-2cf5698d72b8 Collaborative and Educational Activities Initiate and nurture collaborative and educational activities that are intended to bring together parties with potentially divergent interests to pursue common goals _4a2ef735-5547-4b1a-968e-375da2d5c5e3 2 5ea96483-d78a-49d8-ab14-64a9d9061e6d 957137f1-0103-4128-b3e4-aca4c1200d82 8b1de798-ae7d-4283-800b-528eb9350bd6 Digital Libraries and Networked Information House a program of activities to support research in digital libraries and networked information technologies that includes D-Lib Magazine _68eeb44d-a628-48e0-87c1-82a5d2d528d7 3 2054e0be-dad1-447b-9937-224e5655323c a371b389-ac51-4240-bc61-d483ff654e13 befef154-b47c-4bbd-9c14-4f7333109311 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.