Committee on Data for Science and Technology Committee on Data for Science and Technology CODATA _21a4d587-23e5-473b-825a-67ec9335c4bc 6d172bdf-dc3c-47fb-a57a-116b0e2c6f6f CODATA works to improve the quality, reliability, management and accessibility of data of importance to all fields of science and technology. CODATA is a resource that provides scientists and engineers with access to international data activities for increased awareness, direct cooperation and new knowledge. _c6d9e10f-bf2d-499a-9ab3-009c5da1abe8 Quality and Accessibility of Data Improve the quality and accessibility of data, as well as the methods by which data are acquired, managed, analysed and evaluated, with a particular emphasis on developing countries _11c340db-23be-4bf6-97b2-3fd87d1031eb 1 ff3b0f91-9f9c-4218-a9f5-d46e93b77e9f 690ec99a-719d-47cf-9fa5-802d46e1634d 8bfb3a38-5442-4c32-8ef3-39a9e785fd80 International Coordination Facilitate international cooperation among those collecting, organizing and using data _d77a111e-6c33-4ae4-9bb7-fd12df40b7f9 2 f2533798-4271-4476-b10f-0fef6571051d 3574b0cf-b1c5-441a-b205-a69fa0af1c5a b6a71d92-f79a-4a1e-85cf-0aceb8f4c3ff Promotion and Awareness Promote an increased awareness in the scientific and technical community of the importance of these activities _eeffb528-c19a-45bf-8124-b107cb179702 3 fe84100d-5dea-4e6f-896a-c4a43e14011b e42001bb-0188-4073-ac6b-a5367fe70914 6f1a92db-141a-497d-b1dd-3fc53a2e85a7 Data Access and Intellectual Property Consider data access and intellectual property issues _455232a5-09c6-46fd-a786-e5165d427c3e 4 4a20eb89-f188-4127-8d07-5976a93b2e56 a11ef466-c6a6-48a8-b183-5e0cd3db0d1e 18e5a740-38db-4f9c-8600-836adf6e0542 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.