Mission and What We Do ConnectRichmond CR _da7341da-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a ConnectRichmond is designed for citizens who want to strengthen our community. We provide information, resources and instant access to nonprofits, civic leaders, volunteers and others interested in improving metro Richmond - the rest is up to you. To build shared momentum for locally driven community change. ConnectRichmond is the place where community leaders, volunteers and citizens converge. _da74cdfc-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a To strengthen communities by connecting people to ideas, information and each other. _da74cf14-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a Nonprofit Capacity Strengthen organizational capacity of nonprofit organizations _da74d004-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 1 _da74d09a-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 756ecc50-139c-4c8f-b661-3a4e5f90ff19 Civic Engagement Funnel citizens to opportunities for civic engagement _da74d112-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 2 _da74d194-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 51688f23-abd8-412d-bc5b-ba714526e45c Connections Foster connections within the nonprofit sector as well as business and government _da74d216-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 3 _da74d298-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 7764aea7-fa52-4f41-9875-88573d0f8eee Local Concerns Create awareness of local concerns and generate collective action to improve the lives of all citizens _da74d324-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 4 _da74d3b0-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 5bd03686-4ae2-4daa-8e92-92441c76e981 Services Provide services supporting our goals _da74d432-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 5 Our Services - are free and open to all citizens, and include: Email Communication Groups _da74d4be-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 5.1 ConnectRichmond offers two free types of profiles, each with multiple benefits: A Personal Profile enables you to: * Save your favorite job openings, events, funding opportunities, volunteer opportunities, reports and articles, and more as you navigate * Create or edit your agency's Organization Profile as well as post events, jobs, needs and more to the Web site (see below) An Organization Profile enables nonprofits and government agencies to: * List services, mission and contact information * Announce job openings on the Web site and through the Email Group * Publicize events, trainings, fundraisers, deadlines, etc. on the Web site and through the Email Group * Request items needed on the Web site * Offer our community a central point of access to the needs and assets of local nonprofits and government agencies 66212982-1e94-4edf-9a68-9fe19bfe24af Job Finder _da74d54a-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 5.2 ConnectRichmond invites nonprofits, government agencies and community groups to enter their open job positions in the Job Finder. Community organizations may use this service for free. For-profit companies may enter job postings if they are related to the independent sector or community-building, such as a job posting for a Corporate Foundations Manager. Once you have added a job to the Web site, you may send it to the Email Group. cdd17a47-18c8-4770-801f-e05a30502072 Community Calendar _da74d5e0-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 5.3 This interactive community calendar allows nonprofit professionals, volunteers, funders and event planners to perform date checks and advertise opportunities. Anyone can search for events. Once you add your event to the Web site, you may announce it at no charge to the 4,000 individuals and 1,500 organizations subscribed to our Email Group. 11cfc51f-8051-4dd6-976b-1c3ed6753212 Local Nonprofit Profiles & Services _da74d680-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 5.4 9a171676-051b-408a-95c8-f186ade397ff Nonprofit Items Needed _da74d716-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 5.5 6eef7b2f-6dc5-49cc-a057-a8320128f55b Reports, Articles and Data on Local Issues _da74d7ac-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 5.6 4ca4e5c0-154d-4737-93bf-cb95048b0c8b Nonprofit Best Practices and How-to _da74d842-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 5.7 If you are a busy nonprofit leader, board member or volunteer searching for best practices or How To tips, you'll find helpful information in this section. Need answers to your questions? Ask the community. b64ba9ca-f09b-4003-a538-aea308018ebd Funding Opportunities _da74d8e2-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 5.8 Funding information is constantly changing. Please confirm the information listed before applying. 0868c4e4-f0d5-4400-98d9-2301d42bf416 Training Opportunities _da74d98c-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 5.9 Find Training Programs 633e3bac-c853-4248-a0ca-63f1e442ba03 Nonprofit/Service Mapping Tool _da74da36-815a-11e0-afdf-cc1f7a64ea2a 5.10 1227e4bf-4494-45a5-8599-ce1582e30dfc 2011-05-18 http://www.connectrichmond.org/About/Mission/tabid/156/Default.aspx Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.