CoSA Mission and Goals - 2011 Council of State Archivists CoSA _a2ac9449-5362-4b54-8c06-8204b517c530 _116051e4-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a The mission of the Council of State Archivists is to strengthen state and territorial archives in their work to preserve America’s historical records. _11622dc0-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a Organizatonal Viability Ensure an ongoing viable organization for state archivists _43ba0ea3-3c2e-4f67-95f3-4c146c19c79b 1 Communications Sustain and improve communications for and among members _11622ea6-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 1.1 Members af232ce4-73b3-4618-82e0-5f100e4b7d98 Staffing, Administration, and Financing Develop long-term plan for staffing, administrative, and financial needs _11622f78-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 1.2 dd74bbb2-0936-49b4-aee2-d161fc5e9e64 Revenue Streams Broaden the revenue streams to support the organization’s goals _11622ff0-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 1.3 7426a738-3857-4dc9-af8e-af666053db9c Leadership Development Develop the next generation of leaders _11623068-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 1.4 8a6b9938-98b1-409c-9242-22b065b6b42b Services to State Archivists Provide services to state archivists to strengthen their programs _6c4ef158-3975-4616-8ca7-2cb8e7f9e21d 2 Website Make the CoSA website a portal for information by and about state archives _116230d6-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 2.1 f13d714d-38c3-4175-95ff-1a450fc63046 Statistical Data Continue to collect and disseminate statistical data about state programs _11623162-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 2.2 d3b12958-a4fa-44ae-a94f-836533f585b5 Liaison Continue to serve as a liaison between the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), the state coordinators, and the State Historical Records Advisory Boards (SHRABs) _116231e4-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 2.3 NHPRC National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) State Coordinators, SHRABs State Historical Records Advisory Boards (SHRABs) 8758dec4-04a2-479d-848d-ac2e73b5cf4d Orientation and Mentoring Orient and mentor state archivists, state coordinators, and SHRAB members _1162325c-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 2.4 State Archivists State Coordinators SHRAB Members c8dc57f7-6f0f-4b77-a4ee-38c33f9d3212 Best Practices Develop and disseminate information about best practices _116232de-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 2.5 9440c73e-9f94-425a-a30f-2a318ceaad24 Funding Secure records funding for all states and territories _6583182a-b8b4-4bdb-97b2-ec5990981462 3 States Territories Block Grants Advocate for authorization and funding a formula-based block grant program for preservation of American historical records of all kinds and in all types of repositories _11623360-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 3.1 a60ee1ce-8b09-4956-9660-95f11383c580 NHPRC Advocate for reauthorization and increased funding for the NHPRC _116233ec-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 3.2 NHPRC c47adb21-939e-40f9-b747-2d78f3da4d30 State Archives Advocate to sustain and increase funding for state archives _11623478-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 3.3 State Archives 9cb29f8b-e7ef-44ce-8b65-8d418094370c Collaboration Foster collaborations to improve our nation’s archives and records programs _11623504-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 4 Relationships Strengthen relationships and work with allied professional and state-based organizations _11623586-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 4.1 Allied Professional Organizations Allied State-Based Organizations 90f945b1-5ad2-4e56-886b-f4e4727e2a64 E-Records, Emergency Preparedness, and Other Challenging Issues Collaborate to address electronic records, emergency preparedness, and other challenging issues in government recordkeeping _1162361c-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 4.2 398ae49a-5dc0-42ec-87a6-732de4194c05 Training Develop and expand training opportunities _116236a8-92e3-11e0-98fe-cb1a7a64ea2a 4.3 ee6f0b01-39fc-4d3d-b3f4-d14e50a12e0f 2011-02-28 2011-06-09 Owen Ambur Submit error.