Compass of Transparency -- Overview The compass of transparency ( is an automated online instrument that gives the citizens the possibility to monitor, in real time, the implementation of all the data and information requirements imposed by Italian law on the websites of public administrations. It is a system of rules, processes and technologies that combines the three basic principles of Open Government: Transparency of public administrations, citizen participation and collaboration. The initiative focuses on the continuous improvement of transparency compliance in more than 20,000 Italian public administrations, with returns in terms of increased efficiency, reduction of corruption and lower costs across the whole public sector. The heart of the system is a validation mechanism, composed by software sensors and mathematical algorithms, with the ability to analyze public administration web sites in both real-time and at certain intervals. The analysis is performed by comparing the found data and information with contents defined and standardized by the laws of transparency and guidelines on websites. Data are then collected in a data warehouse that, through dedicated interfaces, is able to provide different types of users with results on the transparency compliance of all institutional web sites. Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri PCM 0a1e033b-5563-44c7-aaa8-abced7fe8f88 Italy Italian Legislator Transparency Facilitator The key role of transparency, both at a national and at an international level, has pushed the Italian legislator to produce a sequence of legislative and regulatory interventions towards a growing transparency of public administrations (e.g. about the use of resources and the supply of services). Performer 78d4c946-cfc5-4b4f-b238-3d1061ea24f8 To support the government, through the direct involvement of citizens in the continuous improvement of the quality of online and digital services. e03f8581-f210-404a-9dfb-f65a80c555e3 Transparency In the last years, the demand for transparency in the field of public administration has been exponentially growing in Italy. Transparency has become a more necessary element for improving the economic, financial and organizational management of public matters. Moreover, transparency stimulates the accountability of what has been accomplished, and this brings a noticeable improvement to the quality of public administrations, both in terms of supplied services, and in the organizational field. The particular emphasis for this theme has also been facilitated by a strong pressure from the Italian civil society and by international movements that take inspiration from the basic OPEN GOVERNMENT principles. This collaboration has helped spread the value of transparency, in particular for: 1.The participation of citizens 2.The collective control 3.The performance assessment and the accountability of public managers 4.The prevention of corruption Citizen Participation Collaboration Standards ... a real transparency framework has been developed, that includes: 1.Standard and uniform rules for the syntax and semantics of the publication (guidelines for PA websites) 2.Well defined processes for the publication of the contents on the website 3.Software online tools for real time check and monitoring of the fulfillment of the transparency laws. Process Definitions Online Tools Citizen Centricity Flexibility Opinions Efficiency Effectiveness Compliance Accountability Simplicity Comparison Citizen Centricity Redesign the structure of the administrative web transparency service, so that the citizen is placed at the center of the process e3102b97-0297-4551-bb9c-b9919bee5c3b 1 43e72a74-837d-4f4e-adc4-ee1d15ceea64 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Citizen Access Put citizens at the same level of the P.A., as both can have easy access to the Compass without any special requirement cc05ad04-874b-4f2c-b752-4c091f6f2ba5 2 fee726e2-0f4e-4eba-9fa4-031b4f913dc6 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Independence & Cost Respect the technological and organizational independence of the P.A.s, in order not to cause additional costs 2a1d78fd-0019-44c0-84bc-3b34118cbb6f 3 Low Impact Create the least impact possible to the P.A.s, who should not be forced to make substantial modifications to their own website a665c735-2126-4591-91d3-885fd1a63931 3.1 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Flexibility Develop a tool that should be extremely flexible and configurable, so that it can be swiftly adapted to the latest transparency laws 67c1f6c0-ac51-47ec-8a04-937bebe28a97 3.2 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Guidance Guide the citizens and the administrations in the web transparency field 2766cea5-06c2-4adf-8619-663498bfbb3e 4 Citizens of Italy 34ca0a32-678e-4e85-8a60-84012541c6d5 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Social Media & New Technologies Promote the friendly control and participation of citizens to increase the level of transparency of the P.A.s, through an effective use of social media and new technologies 79d6cd29-d49b-4305-bc9a-73ea7d8e807f 5 Citizen Engagement Engage citizens, through the integration of the social networks, so that they can contribute to the social control of transparency of the P.A.s, by giving warnings and by posting opinions about the quality of published information cde19a85-2cd5-46a4-b36f-125507df50c6 5.1 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Efficiency & Effectiveness Make transparency control of the administration more efficient and effective 7d4eb40e-a66f-4a0f-85d3-d278d8da1468 6 1ad2b9d6-675e-4bbf-8d1b-592577eafec6 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Compliance Monitor the compliance of the guidelines for the P.A. websites 409bf804-4fdd-471d-88f6-f1d2d07dc8a8 7 b8759761-9b7e-46d6-8d5a-7508f2d462d1 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Accountability Increase the accountability of the P.A.s and prevent corruption 25bf3c12-ea88-4f62-aa78-a0fe6cc40530 8 b6d8040b-65c5-40d3-908e-3f64a8d17fd6 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Communication Give citizens faster access to information improving at the same time, the external communication of P.A.s towards citizens 042441a0-6df3-4253-89d7-a38fb4345ab1 9 6ecaabb9-7f6c-43a0-8649-80f08d76c756 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Dashboard Develop a real-time dashboard about the state of transparency in all Italian administrations dbf46515-781a-4137-92a5-d9285ac36c37 10 Italian Adminstrations Website Scanning Develop a tool that performs real-time scans of the P.A. websites, searching for contents that should be published according to transparency laws bcf929ea-ec85-4bea-9c47-a7cca432a5c3 10.1 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Reports Give citizens and the P.A.s, simple report functions that give the possibility of easily identifying what information is present on the websites and what is missing 3b0ffc76-4888-4a2c-bb7f-f7cd79ac7d22 10.2 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Functionalities Offer functionalities that rank performance and make comparisons between administrations, in order to push towards a healthy competition between them, which should bring about the maximum levels of transparency. b5bf8f8a-eae0-4e4b-9831-3bcc6aa96f83 10.3 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 Monitoring Equip the Compass with monitoring dashboards, that can show the state of transparency at national and regional levels and give users direct access to the contents they are interested in, without having to look for them one by one inside every website. 2fee44a8-7c0f-4bf3-89b7-98f07ad1be33 10.4 42e274b8-285d-4f13-b684-423a77380273 2013-05-19 Submit error.