Crossroad: A Participative Roadmap for ICT Research in Electronic Governance and Policy Modelling CROSSROAD Project CP _7a828d12-af1e-11df-a3e1-7b2a7a64ea2a In conjunction with the IFIP eGovernment Conference 2010, to be held in Lausanne, the CROSSROAD Project organises a Workshop on ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling, on Monday 30th August, 09:30 – 13:00. For more information on eGov Conference you may visit the site The Workshop is open to the IFIP eGovernment Conference Participants and is aiming to present the recent developments and future research areas of “ICT-enabled governance to a wider scientific audience. _7a828f06-af1e-11df-a3e1-7b2a7a64ea2a To build a roadmap for ICT research in the field of governance and policy modelling, which will be supported by the contribution of the results deriving from other FP7 projects in the area of eGovernment and Policy Making. _7a828fe2-af1e-11df-a3e1-7b2a7a64ea2a Participation and eGovernance Research To drive the identification of emerging technologies, new governance models and novel application scenarios in the area of participation, electronic governance and policy modelling, leading to the structuring of a beyond the state-of-the-art research agenda, fully embraced by research and practice communities. _7a829078-af1e-11df-a3e1-7b2a7a64ea2a 1 Awareness and Consensus Raising awareness and creating consensus among the e-governance and ICT research community, on new research directions in the field of participation, governance and policy modelling. _7a8290fa-af1e-11df-a3e1-7b2a7a64ea2a 1.A ICT Research Community e-Governance Research Community 0a1e97f0-6dfd-4326-83cf-1add50495557 96d15dd2-f1b4-486a-9d56-c07d9a7844d8 Governance and ICT Application Scenarios Setting forward-looking, socio-technological scenarios for combined governance and ICT applications, greatly exceeding the current state of play, and ensuring that identified research roadmaps responds to then need of present and future users of the research results _7a82917c-af1e-11df-a3e1-7b2a7a64ea2a 1.B Users of Research Results 5a8287d2-3349-489f-adb4-5fcce49a31c4 7630f90d-1f09-46ed-8220-107e18355c0d Decision Support Tool Providing a sustainable decision support tool to policy-makers, for managing the research roadmap and steering research on governance and policy modelling. _7a829208-af1e-11df-a3e1-7b2a7a64ea2a 1.C Research Policy-Makers 76705f71-f1b6-4299-b30e-7d4eeaa357c5 fee2f181-8b02-4602-a915-f14edd7523da 2010-08-23 Owen Ambur Submit error.