Cultural Policy Institute Cultural Policy Institute CPI _c9b9ae65-e10e-4c79-9f63-b0908b5683bf 37a906d5-2e38-436c-9d34-cf9979f3530a CPI’s mission is to promote the concept of culture as a resource of social development. CPI’s perceived role is to perform the mediation function between the culture, the business community, the government authorities, the media, and the society at large. CPI is expected to become both a generator and a conduit of the modernizing strategies of cultural policy, an analytical, advisory and resource center promoting the development of cultural networks, intersectoral cooperation, introduction of new information exchange, public relations, management, marketing and fund-raising models in the field of culture. _20373777-d90b-465a-9a21-3c981b40eec6 Culture as a Resource Promotion of the concept of culture as a resource of social development and the idea of capitalisation of cultural potential _2674a359-820d-4f84-b08c-391007d5be8c 1 Analysis Analysis of the cultural situation and the most immediate tasks of the cultural policy in contemporary Russia _aad4508e-5507-4915-af35-983c2cda026b 1.1 b130561c-82be-4c72-a245-2c2d5d9767e3 9e31a19e-0a1a-4021-9000-dcb237c56366 Publications Regular paper-based and/or electronic publication of the results of analytical and project activity of the CPI, directories, manuals and recommendations, translations of European educational and methodological books on cultural policy issues (in future – publication of a thematic newsletter or magazine). _1f92312f-4af5-4bd6-9901-e82d6b8388f2 1.2 0d36506c-d14a-4ce8-a17b-b8d2312f47b6 e38d83e0-0fa5-4554-9bd3-17020c2b009d Russian Cultural Networks Consolidation of Russian cultural networks and development of their interfaces with foreign network organisations _0377691e-7d19-471a-ad50-98ba45377b70 2 Support Facility Setting up a permanent facility supporting the communication between the existing and new network organisations of culture (annual forum and a site of virtual dialogue). _8818baaa-cbc9-4439-ba59-880c7b957b04 2.1 a0739b57-1acf-4e81-9933-7978a44c1a07 782fd488-a1f2-41dd-8e9b-f7f9f1c64be9 Expert Staff Exploring a staff of experts capable of conducting expert evaluations, providing consultancy services and planning projects in the area of cultural policy. _ec290ebc-0046-4303-bb8c-1600274f0e97 2.2 8d252150-e1a3-4dbc-94fe-079078b84960 b0a647b0-4a0e-410a-b9e9-54f7611cf3c7 Positive Relationships Development of the long-term positive relationships between culture and the communities, culture and the authorities, culture and the businesses, and culture and the media _ddb24bcb-bfff-4ac6-84da-5f7c87778733 3 f2301ce1-a615-4134-82fb-6f59be070c07 ffe55b48-bc0c-421c-9bef-1706d7582074 f9b1d7ba-3460-45e8-9a6b-98e3e53da0e2 Western Investments Attracting Western charitable and commercial investments into the Russian culture _fe1aa40b-efd1-49a2-a3c9-e9ceb1deec07 4 6c8457a4-31e7-4ab1-8719-22dcb912cd17 8274095b-5887-4e67-a127-463107b062d6 6dcc8738-2703-4a8f-a1a9-e9b999f71453 Training Development of a system of supplementary training of the managers of culture enabling them to acquire broad qualifications _c5bce677-e553-4e88-afb9-5228a62869f7 5 Regional Manager Training Arranging a series of seminars, training sessions and round table discussions on various aspects of the cultural policy for regional managers of culture. _d0d3eeed-27f8-47bb-a457-99bfb912ee98 5.1 0cce5ca9-de04-4f01-973c-84a2e3989ab7 022ebb5b-2e19-43db-baba-8cfe73a064d1 Technology and Information Exchange Introduction of new PR technologies and information exchange models into the operational environment of the traditional cultural institutions _ce7b8e74-525e-4ee8-bcbc-fbbf9a184db0 6 Growth Points Monitoring, support and informational promotion of the “growth points” in the field of cultural policy _12cbe751-d588-4e9a-af11-f3f319d9c70b 6.1 56198ee9-9288-45de-91d8-f429ca97ec22 46869ede-5d21-494e-b9d8-46bf7d769dd6 Project-Oriented Models Design of project-oriented models of cultural development and action research at the regional and municipal level (including the elaboration of projected amendments to the legal framework regulating the cultural activity), implementation of pilot projects in specific regions in partnership with foreign innovation centers, local authorities and network organisations of culture. _9423e9b2-8e68-4bcf-971b-9dc925b0f626 6.2 8a161d5b-9a2c-442c-a946-71c69c649c3b f19b20af-eff7-4131-9e95-b0bdecb78132 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.