Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University CPIU _bff6520a-e293-404c-a9e9-4949b30f8d2d The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University will be recognized as the world’s leader in studying, teaching, and training about philanthropy. _9f3fd4a7-c3a0-44c2-9b50-0933b91daf1d The Center on Philanthropy increases the understanding of philanthropy and improves its practice worldwide. Philanthropy encompasses formal and informal voluntary association, voluntary giving, and voluntary action and thus is a powerful force in shaping all societies. The Center on Philanthropy is committed to knowledge creation, dissemination and education for engaged community volunteers, donors, nonprofit leaders, fundraising executives, policy makers, students and scholars. The Center’s programs support the development of professionally trained practitioners and scholars, resulting in more efficiently and effectively operated nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations, more engaged volunteers and donors, and increased and effective philanthropy in the United States and globally. _92c1e831-d54e-4283-bf2b-a0e8affd4f3d Commitment Commitment beyond self, beyond the law, and to the public good Lawfulness Obedience to the laws Integrity, Openness and Honesty Integrity, openness and honesty in everything we do Respect Respect for the intrinsic worth of individuals and their ideas, including staff, faculty, scholars, students, practitioners, volunteers, and donors in the U.S. and abroad Diversity Commitment to racial, cultural, demographic, gender, sexual orientation, religious, ethnic, international, and intellectual diversity in our policies, personnel, and programs Leadership Leadership in institutional development, field building, and impact on society Excellence Excellence in scholarship, research, teaching, training, and collaboration Accountability and Service Accountability and service to each other, our sector, and our community Prudence Prudent application of knowledge and resources Knowledge Development Developing new knowledge through research to increase the understanding of the philanthropic process of associating, giving, volunteering, and fundraising. _acb1fab2-5270-4adb-9b15-e56365e61bbe 1 2ab21060-55b3-4d68-b7e3-120ac0afb659 63a4fb25-823c-44a7-a70d-769c6c12fb08 2dea5fa0-296c-42d3-a592-6a8b7cbacf58 Knowledge Dissemination Disseminating knowledge through public affairs and education programs, media relations, seminars, and other programs on issues related to philanthropy and philanthropic traditions. _e426ae0f-b6d6-4b01-844b-a87ff37f6c90 2 0338fe7b-985b-4df6-8d63-d6c1aeaf1974 b1b8d758-fd21-4ba3-a91b-3cecde1ec8b9 db8bf698-8672-4bcf-b1ee-e133623e6579 Educational Programs Providing educational programs in philanthropic studies, to teach theory and further best practices related to the philanthropic process and nonprofit structures for graduate and undergraduate students, ranging from undergraduate programs to those in the Master of Public Affairs and the Master of Arts and Ph.D. in Philanthropic Studies degree programs. _ecc1f8ce-217b-4051-aa42-6bd7b2ad4602 3 7b867278-2d61-405d-9e99-520ec178f2c5 a6e5deec-68cb-4130-b7e2-f61c8f86df50 c48054ed-e8be-4990-b7c4-d4806ba0b4a8 Public Service and Continuing Education Offering public service and continuing education training based on the Center’s knowledge creation to citizen volunteers, fundraisers, and executives in the nonprofit sector through The Fund Raising School (TFRS), the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving (LI), and a range of professional development programs, seminars, and conferences offered in person, through media, and around the world. _3a471cd5-f1f4-4b83-82f5-ffe7b04c36b8 4 bad57076-27d0-48dd-8609-12849e8610ba c4105bca-bd73-4f84-9b6b-93a46ba596ed dd69ebe0-9e9f-488c-b3e3-2371c1da1ef9 Philanthropic Services Providing philanthropic services to donors, donor advisors, wealth managers, and funders through the Philanthropy Incubator (PI), the Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI), and the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving. _2ed56973-36bd-4d4d-9af9-f34147c8131b 5 02be289d-b7b3-4ea3-b179-ff4a7df3ab85 9e11cd92-7df0-4e65-9de6-08407f272d71 d2db2109-7b4e-42b0-b182-f9de94eed475 Global Perspective Ensuring that a global perspective and an awareness of both the transnational and comparative dimensions of philanthropy are incorporated into all aspects of understanding philanthropy and improving its practice by developing strategic international partnerships, which will sustain the Center’s position as a world leader in the field. _48f1dfc5-af72-4b6e-9524-9e5863fd0278 6 e2ca6d5e-2a90-496c-a86f-e307aa1ae3be fdffcb8a-4c5d-4ab0-a244-d20049336895 83bead10-06f7-4dab-9b0d-e1af664952dd 2008-09-01 2013-08-31 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.