Home Page & Areas for Intervention [Our] tentative list of areas to cover will each become a mini white-paper on a specific area, written by a political scientist or other expert, with links to relevant academic work. A theme on most pages will be that these problems are extremely complex, and that reform efforts have often failed or backfired in the past. ... we are disturbed by the increase in recent decades in demonization that characterizes American political debate, particularly among politicians and in the media. We are motivated by recent research in moral and political psychology showing what happens when disagreements activate the psychology of good-versus-evil. It becomes more difficult to reach agreements that meet each side's key interests; reasoning becomes far less responsive to facts; and combatants begin to believe that the ends justify the means. When that happens, partisans are more willing to break laws, play dirty tricks, lie, and ruin the personal lives of their opponents -- all in the service of what they think is a good cause. Good people are discouraged from entering politics. Good public servants are driven out of public service. CivilPolitics.org CPo _3ea7e812-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 Jonathan Haidt Director Matt Motyl Codirector Ravi Iyer Codirector David Dobolyi Webmaster Politicians The Media Political Scientists Public Servants _3ea7ee16-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 To find and promote evidence-based methods for increasing political civility. _3ea7eefc-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 Civility By civility we do NOT mean politeness, decorum, agreement, bipartisanship, or unity. We think disagreement and debate are good things. We think America is well served when political parties represent different viewpoints and then compete vigorously to recruit voters to their side... Respect Civility as we pursue it is the ability to disagree with others while respecting their sincerity and decency. Sincerity Decency Indirect Methods We believe this ability is best fostered by indirect methods (changing contexts, payoffs, and institutions), rather than by direct methods (such as pleading with people to be more civil, or asking people to sign civility pledges). Scientific Research Our approach is to draw on the best scientific research to understand how we got into this condition, and how we can make systemic legal and electoral changes that can get us out. Assisted Negotiation [Address] how to make negotiations work. _3ea7ef7e-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 1 Covers research on how to make negotiations work, when moral values and party loyalties make it difficult to reach optimal solutions. _3ea7f000-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 9700bfdc-f156-45c1-98cf-7dce14db4b68 Congressional Reform Reform Congressional bylaws and party rules. _3ea7f078-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 2 U.S. Senate U.S. House of Representatives Political Parties The Senate (and to a lesser extent, the House of Representatives) is broken. Here you'll find a variety of proposed reforms to bylaws and party rules, and our verdict on which ones are likely to work. _3ea7f0fa-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 333c7602-3929-47df-97d4-45d79785d229 Cultural Change [Address] cultural changes in the United States. _3ea7f186-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 3 Robert Putnam Sociologists Some sociologists have argued that many changes in public life are the result of demographic changes, such as the gradual disappearance of the "greatest generation" and its replacement by the "baby boom" generation. (e.g., Robert Putnam). _3ea7f208-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 60ec2eac-fdcf-4490-bfba-75de7bb3267d The Media Analyze how changes in the nature of political media has influenced the civility of political dialog _3ea7f28a-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 4 The Media Newspapers Television Stations Internet Users Social Networking Services The press has played a role in partisan debates -- often an unsavory role -- since the founding of the republic. On this page you'll find an analysis of how changes in the nature of political media -- from newspapers to television to the internet -- has influenced the civility of political dialog. [might cover: rise of cable news, especially Fox; televised presidential debates; social networking sites; rise of misinformation campaigns; political economy of media industry...] _3ea7f316-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 2b2dfb52-9df5-458a-8c5b-7556aefc8eb4 Money [in Politics] [Address] campaign finance reform, and responding to the Citizens United ruling. _3ea7f3a2-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 5 _3ea7f424-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 5278cf5f-0b0c-4662-9e27-052f42817874 Primaries & Elections Analyze election reforms. _3ea7f4a6-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 6 The ways that states revise their electoral districts, hold party primaries, and hold general elections may have profound implications for civility within each state legislature, and for the civility of the people elected to the U.S. Congress. On this page you'll find an analysis of the many reforms that have been proposed or implemented. We'll also cover the role of money in elections _3ea7f53c-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 f93e1262-3464-4899-bbd6-1591c8365554 Redisticting [Consider] alternatives for redistricting. _3ea7f5be-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 7 What are the alternatives to partisan control and gerrymandering? _3ea7f654-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 3a0daa39-ddce-48e7-bee2-aceaf050a6d3 Citizen Action [Propose things private citizens can do.] _3ea7f6f4-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 8 Things you can do, as a private ciitizen _3ea7f780-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 79172258-2799-4d3c-882c-9c4dec9dfc34 Other Topics [Consider other topics proposed by website users.] _3ea7f816-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 9 Other [please suggest other topics ... _3ea7f8b6-a185-11e2-b553-0c83d0884890 ef0c592f-8952-4458-86a9-3767951b3002 2013-04-09 http://civilpolitics.org/ Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.