Club of Rome Club of Rome CR _19d9e41e-0a01-431f-9749-184e99eaf7c3 25fe78db-f3dd-48dc-85dc-035c841a0259 To act as an independent, global, non official catalyst of change _b2525a70-e0fb-4564-8d26-f2369ce2ee4c Global Perspective A global perspective in examining issues with the awareness that the increasing interdependence of nations and the globalisation of problems pose predicaments beyond the capacity of individual countries. Holistic Thinking Holistic thinking and the seeking of a deeper understanding of complexity within the contemporary problems – political, social, economic, technological, environmental, psychological and cultural –which the Club of Rome terms ‚the world problematique‘. Interdisciplinary and Long-term Perspective An interdisciplinary and long-term perspective focussing on the choices and policies determining the destiny of future generations, because this perspective is too often neglected by governments and other decision-makers on account of short term interests. Identification and Analysis of Crucial Problems Identify the most crucial problems facing humanity, analyze them in the global context of the world-wide problematique, research future alternative solutions and the elaborate scenarios for the future. _162a5f1d-04bc-46c6-ab9a-23ee8b723aa9 1 7fe62605-39a5-4a57-8e49-2b9323e6e417 2f738f52-dba1-4666-93ba-24a0191752a0 67cf8f9a-0186-44b5-8013-4f6dd2513cc4 Communication Communicate problems to the most important public and private decision-makers as well as to the general public. _658ea0f9-8036-4b2c-a8b8-cde06c7b3125 2 d75eb512-0990-432f-a97f-97fb3ccde7c8 b5601e61-b07f-43d2-8846-ac1e481ba6fb 9af74569-c953-4024-aa17-1d8eeddd4ae2 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.