Central Station Alarm Association Central Station Alarm Association CSAA _3eaea328-1c7f-4367-a7a6-871427ea81e2 e53c3858-c77c-44cd-ae58-4b4f77e19c33 To represent providers, users, bureaus, and other agencies of UL-Listed and/or FM-Approved Central Station protection services before Congress, regulatory agencies on the local, state and federal levels, and other authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) over the industry. _23c89768-aa19-4db0-90fc-a6b4d23dd3ee Relationships Foster and maintain the relationship among providers, users, bureaus, and other agencies of UL-Listed and/or FM-Approved Central Station protection services. _acdcfba1-9fc6-4f65-a081-fdabc011dd15 1 Law Enforcement, Fire and Insurance Officials Work with law enforcement, fire and insurance industry officials. _40616cfa-cbed-4a82-9f4e-b9306c99352c 1.1 ecbb08cf-0f96-4ee5-bafb-13a9d98d7022 19b0e580-6092-4ec1-b087-9f1d20a9f1f5 Fire Protection Committees Work with and serve on National Fire Protection Association committees. _cd8650cc-7d90-4afe-8292-b6e894776095 1.2 412ec4cb-f594-4ed8-bfd7-67cf0a7e3be6 57101239-1604-4b1c-a1a6-9d08fa77679c Meetings, Seminars and Conferences Conduct annual meetings, seminars, legislative conferences and other gatherings of benefit to the industry. _0485363d-f055-4363-9df8-6f20634adfa3 1.3 0de804be-1f48-43e0-8ce2-641466ae5a05 2f780247-a683-479a-b5ad-933a9cc8c7de Mutual Interests Promote the mutual interests of the UL-Listed and/or FM-Approved Central Station alarm industry with public officials, the insurance industry and our customers. _13bf5398-f843-496e-a612-4b65d1b3e5b7 2 Since its founding in 1950, CSAA has worked to foster and improve relations between its members and various related groups--law enforcement and fire officials, the insurance industry, equipment suppliers and government/regulatory agencies. False Alarms False alarm reduction. _4e5ff003-3d3a-44a4-b39e-c9bfc0d74338 2.1 87871cfa-3741-4694-ae69-1a4b0938384b e352c538-5fa4-4947-80e2-360b78601571 Industry Standards Development of industry standards to assure optimum central station performance levels. _03699b52-8a72-4884-a811-561c345f27ff 2.2 dedae842-bbcc-42fb-a98c-d25985383004 6057cfb8-11d0-46b7-805c-35eb040dba60 Laws and Regulations Enactment of telecommunications laws and regulations that promote fair competition. _32c7f6e2-e2b3-4442-bcea-c6f0e4e8eb1c 2.3 332a26e0-edb9-4766-b72b-e77442e94edb 397cdb58-2e61-41df-b9c9-f8d54cb59f71 Lobbying Involve CSAA with the Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC), which lobbies Congress and the FCC on behalf of members’ interests. _27320f1c-fd3c-43d9-9f6b-f1fee18a599e 2.4 0e8844fc-7a7e-4ec8-ab31-14a77dc0a322 800dc45f-3258-4566-8c07-56e1894f595f Technologies Investigate, involve with, and report on potential future technologies. _4612e1aa-ad5d-4a5a-bf1c-624e1b4758b4 2.5 c1864735-8086-493a-a682-28842d1e389a 296796a6-1302-47ce-a61b-49b0213d6e51 2010-02-08 http://www.csaaul.org/AboutCSAA.htm#CSAA%20Purpose Arthur Colman (www.drybridge.com) colman@drybridge.com Submit error.