Cloud Standards Organization Cloud Standards Organization CSO _a859402f-45a4-4d77-8376-e9f51ebb09fa Pervasive adoption of best practices for securing cloud computing to create a trusted baseline for the industry _d7ce01d1-5b0d-4076-abec-114df7dd8ffe To coordinate and communicate standards for Cloud computing and storage _281b6940-4582-4367-ba05-d9841f86eae6 Working Group Establish a public working groups _a2a75ce1-6290-4f45-be75-0d02ef00bb15 1 To support this collaboration a public working group has being established and anyone with relevant technical skills, interest and commitment can participate. Participation by enterprise and government IT leaders is encouraged to ensure that their critical standards needs are being addressed. The work is an outgrowth of the already existing Standards Development Organization Collaboration on Networked Resources Management (SCRM) working group that has coordinated management standards in general. 582c245c-d88a-4c14-8c29-a54befbc580c 5f31016b-0094-4f1a-b8a2-2c6ff01dd40c bebd0cb7-875f-40f3-9f95-ba068562d66b Collaboration Collaborate to further the work already underway in standards development organizations _d111496a-71ca-4828-a6a7-813cffffd01a 2 Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) Open Grid Forum (OGF) Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Open Cloud Consortium (OCC) Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Most SDOs already have many one-to-one liaison relationships, which are effective and productive for handling specific issues. This round table-style collaboration provides a "bird's eye view" of this broad and complicated technical area, helping further the work already underway between these leading standards bodies. This is the main reason the Cloud Standards Coordination working group was born. The group has a goal to create a landscape of cloud standards work, including common terminology. The organizations involved have created a wiki to describe each organization's standards and efforts in this space. Each SDO has representatives that keep the wiki up to date. The URL is ce6ba2b6-d7fc-4a91-a37c-ba2453bb4e7b 8d0c1cde-20a0-46b5-82eb-e6aa42f7b746 f6a9e6d9-bf3e-4d48-a446-14d19a3ba4d6 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.