Center for Science in the Public Interest Center for Science in the Public Interest CSPI _caf10fa0-9d1b-4332-862c-0153b947164b 2a930104-0849-405f-97a7-bba553e8f7cf To conduct innovative research and advocacy programs in health and nutrition, and to provide consumers with current, useful information about their health and well-being. _d3ea2930-9e44-4cad-bedf-15ffcbfb9c4f Information and Research To provide useful, objective information to the public and policymakers and to conduct research on food, alcohol, health, the environment, and other issues related to science and technology _e48db36f-2b02-4c00-addb-d25d81131e9f 1 Junk Food Get junk foods out of schools nationwide _53aeca25-35dd-402d-ae2f-d27999ecc0ad 1.1 d6a00acf-fb46-46e2-928d-5ac9a59182a5 18a36a12-5d6e-458e-ac4b-574e30c389b5 Hydrogenated Oil Rid the food supply of partially hydrogenated oil, the source of artificial trans fat that promotes heart disease _5fb7025d-b981-46af-a2a4-dbb4f8432324 1.2 6803a101-fa0f-43ac-8794-7784413c9292 aedafa40-0ebf-420b-9d46-e82a547af0d3 Sodium Reduce sodium in processed and restaurant foods _5822f0d6-1358-4a72-8187-8d05da9906f2 1.3 9b6c2fc2-e15e-4255-a22d-4602a9090273 fbb8eae2-3eea-48f0-b3d1-fdb92efd7320 Agricultural Biotechnology Provide responsible information about the benefits and risks of agricultural biotechnology _3652d678-e22d-4bd2-b8e5-5253cde65435 1.4 7b145fc5-c2c6-4ac4-871e-728cf1d10769 73773c2b-ee67-49a0-a64a-99dbd6fe955c Regulatory, Judicial, and Legislative Representation To represent the citizen's interests before regulatory, judicial and legislative bodies on food, alcohol, health, the environment, and other issues _8cae5d08-a77b-47e1-8dce-ee79a070f20d 2 Food Safety Laws Improve food safety laws and reduce the incidence of foodborne illness _6242679e-d6dd-4916-ba14-da484a0563dc 2.1 30c668bf-a380-4a03-904d-8c2eb00700d1 7f82dd87-e79e-4615-bc06-c95eb680eb97 Food Package Labeling Ensure accurate and honest labeling on food packages _dec46f73-514a-4552-a6ff-4bafcab04a3e 2.2 0258e456-b4d4-4c11-a28a-78ea71325691 5f917b9d-09ff-4f34-b8ed-ec6ca15d18cd Nutrition Labeling in Menus Require basic nutrition labeling on chain-restaurants’ menus and menu boards _ac49c7e5-f5e5-403b-ab89-abc437b3a284 2.3 85eef0a0-e4e4-4b8d-93d0-82e7c5c52c23 fb267b28-969d-482b-b84e-95f662a2e62c Alcohol-Abuse Prevention Funding Obtain greater federal funding for alcohol-abuse prevention policies _ab32a35e-18b8-4c5a-be8b-27d317f5d669 2.4 4b181164-2a27-4d82-9979-3525e9fbd9c1 0630308e-fad7-4578-8d9e-68f75be4f50d Public Interest Activities To ensure that science and technology are used for the public good and to encourage scientists to engage in public-interest activities _98c27925-6a47-4e44-88ad-1231bb4708e0 3 Healthy, Environmentally-Friendly Diets Advocate for more healthy, plant-based, environmentally-friendly diets _22cd0b8d-6b10-40c0-ad3b-6c347b026c9a 3.1 d141a525-5724-46bf-9989-c50dabb6a63b ecfa2d01-bf8f-46c0-9261-2be48eaf2d51 Industry Influence Expose industry influence over the scientific process and in government policy-making _3433c354-1bf2-4ba3-953c-1287004e57a0 3.2 d539999d-4b2c-4110-9abd-a0c76fc4ddc8 f90b6c8f-76f6-45ed-bfca-7a39fea18144 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.