About Us ... the people who are working on computer science and social change are not working together. As a result, there is little sharing of best practices, and groups continually reinvent the wheel. The space of computer science and social change won't flourish until an organization steps in and brings people together. Code the Change CtC _58e4e1b0-154b-11e2-8173-7060c2564d11 Students Many students are turned off of computer science because they think that computer science means geeks programming databases in their basement, and they can't see the social impact of their work. Computer Scientists Computer scientists want to use their skills to make the world a better place, but they don't know who could use their help. Nonprofits The great irony is that nonprofits and other organizations in the public and social sectors need computer science work now more than ever before; they just don't have the same recruiting budgets that traditional high tech companies have. Sam King Sam King is the director of Code the Change. He got involved because he believes that all humans deserve dignity and that other computer scientists want to work towards that goal too. His favorite books are "The Kingkiller Chronicles" by Patrick Rothfuss and "The Plague" by Albert Camus. Fun facts: he still wears a wristwatch, had never been outside the US before working in Cambodia, and uses a union built computer. Angad Singh Angad Singh is the Project Director for Code the Change. He got involved because he believes that technology needs to be used to create innovative and scalable solutions to the world's problems. His favorite movie is Rang De Basanti. Fun facts: he had never lived outside of India before coming to college at Stanford, he thinks Top Gear is the best TV show ever and has studied 5 languages. Sophia Westwood Sophia Westwood is the Associate Director of Code the Change. She works on making Code the Change more friendly, open, and educational to attract a wider variety of students and increase impact. She believes that Code the Change is important in part because it shows how computer scientists can make a difference in people's lives. Misc: she's taught herself to write with both hands, cares more about football than might be advisable, and enjoys writing songs on guitar about dinosaurs, introductory computer science classes, and silly topics. Emin Topalovic Emin Topalovic is the Sponsorship Director of Code the Change. He deals with Code the Change's relationships with industry to make sure that they are happy at the end of our events and that both students and nonprofit organizations can benefit from our relationship with our corporate sponsors. Patrick Ward Patrick Ward joined Code the Change to make a difference in long-term technical help that people receive. He loves meeting new people, eating Thai food, and Internet memes. He used to be pre-med, but then he took an arrow to the knee. Alejandro Rodríguez Alejandro Rodríguez is a Director of Stanford Events for Code the Change. He got involved because he wanted to take his computer science experience beyond the classroom, and what better way to do it than to experience the impact programmers can have in the real world first-hand. He loves cars and keeping up with the latest gadgets while never actually owning any of them. He was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, but now considers the Bay Area his home. Jasmine Nachtigall Jasmine Nachtigall is the Scaling Director of Code the Change. She works to set up Code the Change chapters at universities across the nation. Jasmine studied economics and loves the fact that Code the Change is a market that matches computer scientists to non-profit work. Mario Villaplana Mario Villaplana is a Director of Web Development at Code the Change. He's studying Computer Science at Stanford University, most likely with a focus on AI. Hobbies include hacking, running, and consuming lots of information and pizza in many different forms. Simon Zheng Simon Zheng is a Computer Science student at Stanford University. He hails from New York City (born and raised) and has recently fallen in love with California. He joined Code the Change because he believes in doing good while doing well. He is interested in startups, education, languages, biotechnology and volleyball and his goal is to make a difference in the world. ... social change [is] an integral part of computer science culture ... _58e4eb6a-154b-11e2-8173-7060c2564d11 To help computer scientists use their skills for social change to make social change an integral part of computer science culture. _58e4ecf0-154b-11e2-8173-7060c2564d11 Change Gandhi said that we must be the change we wish to see in the world; Code the Change believes that computer scientists must code the change they wish to see in the world. Social Change The reason for all of this is that computer scientists have valuable skills to contribute to social change. All of our operations are geared towards creating an impact. The impact is second to nothing. The impact should be measurable and measured. Human Rights Our Relationship to the World - All people deserve dignity. Period. To that end, we will not do anything or support anything inconsistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Dignity Fun Working for social change is not sustainable or scalable if the people involved do not enjoy their work. That goes for everyone. People involved in the CS and social change movement need to avoid burnout. Both/And It's Not Either/Or; It's Both/And - There isn't any silver bullet that will save the world or any one social change that is more important than all of the others. It is necessary to experiment with many ideas for social change and to be generally inclusive. This also means that we are not the silver bullet and should partner with other cool organizations and people. Experimentation Inclusiveness Partnership Speed Move Fast, Think Big - We can help every social change movement in the world. If we aren't moving fast, we're not having as big an impact as the world needs. Impact Flat Hierarchies Hierarchies can be useful for interacting with other organizations, moving quickly, and making decisions, but they shouldn't interfere with creativity. Everyone's input is valuable. Service Service for All - Getting a person engaged in service is more important than one act of service. An engaged person will stay engaged with service in the future. Engagement People People First - Be nice to people. Treat each other with respect. Create sustained relationships at all levels. Otherwise, things won't be very fun, and we won't be effective at collaborating with other cool people Respect Relationships Collaboration Network Form a national network of schools and connecting computer scientists with nonprofits. _58e4ed9a-154b-11e2-8173-7060c2564d11 1 Schools Computer Scientists Nonprofits Code the Change is forming a national network of schools and connecting computer scientists with nonprofits. _58e4ee30-154b-11e2-8173-7060c2564d11 e9b71e63-1bfc-422c-9ab5-148a1d8cc8ff Code Jams Conduct code jams. _58e4eee4-154b-11e2-8173-7060c2564d11 2 Computer Scientists Nonprofits We put on Code Jams where computer scientists program for nonprofits for a short time. We have been putting on these events since 2009, and we have generated over $250,000 worth of value for the social sector in this time. Our projects range the spectrum from doing data visualization for a California college prep nonprofit that was in the process of scaling up to using Android phones to track agricultural diseases in Uganda. _58e4ef8e-154b-11e2-8173-7060c2564d11 7a1e7a72-1472-4f78-8027-e97335f673c0 Engagement Foster longer term engagement between organizations and programmers. _58e4f02e-154b-11e2-8173-7060c2564d11 3 Organizations Programmers We also try to foster longer term engagement between organizations and programmers after Code Jams... _58e4f1d2-154b-11e2-8173-7060c2564d11 9563c3ca-dd09-46b0-b819-39556204e14a Career Counseling Provide career counseling to students interested in volunteering, interning, or programming full time for social change. _58e4f286-154b-11e2-8173-7060c2564d11 4 Students Students interested in volunteering, interning, or programming full time for social change. ... we provide career counseling to students interested in volunteering, interning, or programming full time for social change. _58e4f33a-154b-11e2-8173-7060c2564d11 962191ec-6c8f-433d-83e6-5ce546307341 2012-10-13 https://codethechange.org/about Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur@verizon.net Submit error.