Strategic Plan Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium CTDLC _54b4773a-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef Since 1998, The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC) has provided services and support to help educators in and out of Connecticut meet the ever increasing demands of developing and delivering effective technology-enhanced learning opportunities for students in higher education, adult education, middle and high schools, and the workforce. Connecticut Board for State Academic Awards Established under the Board for State Academic Awards, the CTDLC is a division of Charter Oak State College and a member of the Connecticut Board of Regents of Higher Education. As a public agency, CTDLC is partially supported by state funding. Charter Oak State College Connecticut Board of Regents of Higher Education _54b47a00-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef To define our focus and our goals and to ensure our efficacy and efficiency in the years ahead. _54b47ae6-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef Educational Technology CTDLC will be a premier resource for educational technology, utilizing existing infrastructure and capitalizing on new technologies to support our customers' ability to achieve excellence in eLearning service and delivery. _54b47b86-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 1 Existing Code The CTDLC will purposefully utilize existing code to develop and market new products in response to new and emerging markets. _54b47c30-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 1.1 18d33767-a1bf-475c-be81-8c041b7bad89 Business Opportunities Seek new business opportunities using our existing code library. _b756a80a-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.1.1 Develop a business plan - costs/timelines/competitors/resources -- Time Line: 2010 -- Benchmark: List of feasible business opportunities d6679d1e-9c94-4a54-ba9c-7ae183802d86 Workforce & K-12 ePortfolios Explore and develop workforce and K-12 ePortfolios _b756ac56-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.1.2 Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: Scope Completed fa22359a-cca7-437f-9a91-22d8f4183ab3 Career Development Portfolio Create a simplified portfolio platform for Career Development (STEM grant). _b756adc8-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.1.3 Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: Developed for STEM purposes 2061af0c-f2eb-45f5-9dd3-e7bf6fb34938 eTutoring Platform Develop eTutoring platform for use as a Mentoring tool (STEM grant). _b756aeb8-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.1.4 Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: Developed for STEM purposes 5daf1863-e2a2-49b6-ac21-7c88aad54b76 Strategic Consulting The CTDLC will develop and market Strategic consulting to institutions, organizations, and state agencies. _54b47ce4-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 1.2 The consulting will focus on maturing their online curriculum, program, and tool selection fit with an emphasis on using and maintaining our products and services. 0a26a2a0-89dd-49da-9e62-389508d35c34 Policies & Best Practices Create Strategic Technology Committee to review policies and best practices. _b756afb2-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.2.1 Strategic Technology Committee Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: Develop a methodology for evaluation 52e74f3c-fbf7-4eec-a613-121ae5ddfd2b Programmatic Technologies Evaluate new programmatic technologies for adoption into CTDLC programming practices. _b756b0a2-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.2.2 - Vendor demos - Business opportunities - Partnerships Examples of all of the above: o iTunesU o Echo 360 o LMS - Grants - Davis -- Timeline: 2012 -- Benchmark: Will result in $200,000 annual income da116ea3-1d1a-4f6c-b31b-a22656cbf55a Web Development Products Develop methods for evaluating web development products in terms of our mission, market staff time, and other resources. _b756b188-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.2.3 Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: Methodology for appropriate business planning f59e8c7f-5efc-449d-b4ba-8db56c71bc23 21st Century Skills Explore CTDLC's role in promoting 21st century skills. _b756b296-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.2.4 - Explore partnership with The Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: Make decision to join or not 47b68d76-44e5-4e92-a6d8-63680b411474 LMS ASP The CTDLC will target small and start up institutions/agencies/organizations for LMS ASP delivery systems including regular meetings with clients, defined usage reports, and growth projects. _54b47d98-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 1.3 ac55934d-35cd-4e5e-ae4a-e964b2bbc188 Expertise Identify and develop expertise in new higher ed LMS specific applications for inclusion into CTDLC Applications. _b756b37c-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.3.1 Timeline: Ongoing -- Benchmark: Annual report of our expertise against national benchmarks (e.g. Educause/Horizon/Sloan) d9394fa7-484a-41bd-9823-96e697b53978 Economies of Scale Provide economies of scale leveraging the existing data center footprints surplus capacity to Higher Ed and K-12 participants. _b756b46c-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.3.2 Timeline: Ongoing -- Benchmark: $25K annually 143756a3-05cb-4998-82bc-dd815b5aa539 Corporate Training Evaluate a corporate training LMS option like CourseMill to replace WebMentor. _b756b566-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.3.3 Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: Decision made to change or not- timeline and budget to go forward 9a4f30d6-2e3f-4ee4-8811-cfac63e4dfc1 Moodle Become a Moodle development and hosting shop. _b756b656-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.3.4 Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: 3 Moodle Clients 959dc4aa-ba1a-4f0d-b2ca-4be1047948e4 Remote Management Promote and market remote management of our LMS applications. _b756b746-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.3.5 Timeline: 2012 -- Benchmark: $240K annual 814e3962-f132-4d7e-9801-57aabc9c4059 Emerging Technologies The CTDLC will support institutions' piloting and adopting emerging technologies by negotiating contracts, writing grants, providing training (ID), programming, and IT support. _54b47e4c-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 1.4 d87ff8ab-819e-47ad-9b27-cdcd30cc465a New Technologies Identify and evaluate new technologies. _b756b854-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.4.1 Determine organizational/client readiness, and adoption plan. - WIMBA -- Timeline: Ongoing -- Benchmark: Membership satisfaction - results in annual renewals 38c608eb-28ce-4c9f-bef7-1e0e988ab702 Sandboxes Providing "sandboxes" of appropriate new technologies (as specified by the strategic technology committee) for institutions to try. _b756b958-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.4.2 - iTunes U - Moodle - Echo 360 -- Timeline: Ongoing -- Benchmark: Membership satisfaction - results in annual renewals 6c6ac5a4-5e18-4ee0-8959-38d423cc7ea5 Training the Trainer Develop and Market Training the trainer (Best practices, methodologies, etc.). _b756ba5c-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.4.3 Timeline: 2012 -- Benchmark: $20K annually 3b137b39-9e43-46ca-a129-a6ed99c6cc2c Help Desk Service The CTDLC will become an excellent value help desk service provider resulting in increased help desk clients. _54b47f0a-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 1.5 6e0aae09-5420-46ef-8f1b-2e48e4aa0753 Help Desk Transform our current help desk into a value service provider of academic helpdesk services which we can market under an SLA for a defined group of products/services. _b756bb74-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.5.1 Timeline: 2012 -- Benchmark: Increased internal-external satisfaction a3e19ee3-5b5e-4817-a640-bae072d51645 Marketing Market the help desk including "overflow" help desk services for products we know well. _b756bc96-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 1.5.2 Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: 1 additional client using overflow method (helpdesk ) a64537e5-8e77-4f4d-8189-59ad7260a1b5 eLearning Best Practices The CTDLC will be an active resource and effective communicator of best practices in eLearning for administrators, staff, and faculty, thereby enabling student success. _54b47fdc-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 2 Administrators Staff Faculty Educational Opportunities The CTDLC will develop a series of educational opportunities strategically situated for the variety of different needs of those we serve (faculty, administrators, distance learning coordinators, tutors, teachers) for all types of partners (schools, colleges and universities, state agencies, and non-profit agencies). _54b480a4-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 2.1 Faculty Administrators Distance Learning Coordinators Tutors Teachers Schools Colleges Universities State Agencies Non-Profit Agencies e6d9d237-d880-41d2-a036-dcf3db89ea7a CEU Certification Become CEU "Certified" to develop and offer training in those markets identified as meeting client interest and need, (teaching on line, iTunes, ePortfolio, eTutoring - some facilitated; some self-paced) _b756bdae-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 2.1.1 Timeline & Benchmarks: 2009-app in - Accepted | 2009-2010 - 30 teachers | 2010-11 - 75 teachers | 2011-12 - 100 teachers | 2012-13 - 150/annually 76fce0d5-2f6d-4f97-b67f-8a1b4e112d94 eLearning Events Plan and host Face to Face eLearning Event Series _b756bef8-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 2.1.2 Events, Timelines & Benchmarks: * Presidents Breakfast -- Annual -- 50 Attendees * iTunes Kickoff -- Done -- Subsequent sign ups * Teaching and Learning Conference (UCONN) * Annually -- Sept 09 -- 125 attendance * eTutoring Workshops -- Annual -- 75 attend * eTutoring SIG with NERCOMP -- 2009-ongoing -- Accepted * ePortfolio event (face to face or webinar) -- 2009-2010 -- Create plan for addressing this need * iTunes Workshops/Training -- 2009-2010 -- 15 trainees * VLC Mentor/On Line Learning coordinators | Develop virtual self-paced refresher course -- By 2012 | 2010-2011 -- 100/annually | completed * Introductions of new Initiatives -- through 2012 -- 1 annually * CIO Summit -- Annual -- 25/year 8ea03548-a432-4bf1-87d8-bb518db14606 Webinars Develop a Webinar Series _b756c02e-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 2.1.3 Topical Webinars -- Timeline: By 2012 -- Benchmark: Quarterly 9f2fa9b7-b79a-4818-a2bb-8149a52bd44f Social & Communication Networks The CTDLC will implement social and communication networks to allow members to share their expertise. _54b48176-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 2.2 3766a78b-296f-4e4c-87a8-af017cae4fb5 Website Best Practices Area on Website _b756c16e-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 2.2.1 Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: completed 149e9554-4d85-4634-af2f-ac410d637baf Newsletter Newsletter _b756c312-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 2.2.2 Timeline: Quarterly -- Benchmark: Reach minimum audience of 1200 e984f49b-08ef-44f9-a951-b260033c1957 Listserves Programmatic Listserves (ePortfolio; AVHS Mentors; ID; Help Desk; Membership; VLC; New Initiatives) _b756c466-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 2.2.3 Timelines & Benchmarks: 2009-2010 - Evaluate membership list serve | 2010-2011 - Consider expanding to other programs e67c7321-4b29-4e91-aa36-e618a1799e6f - website to identify and promote options for delivery on online tutoring. _b756c5b0-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 2.2.4 Timeline: 2011-2012 -- Benchmark: Secure grant Develop nationally 47e4adff-4c94-437e-9a19-40b50d75574d Discussion Boards Discussion Boards (eTutoring) _b756c772-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 2.2.5 Timeline: 2012-2012 Benchmark: Increase usage by 50% 019e4b92-106d-4223-ba84-0c8a3a2d93c6 Repositories Resource Repositories (eTutoring) _b756c8c6-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 2.2.6 Timeline: 2011-2012 -- Benchmark: Increase usage by 50% db0424f1-a606-489d-8b92-0f9f917f28ab Facebook Facebook _b756ca1a-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 2.2.7 Timeline: 2011-2012 -- Benchmark: Have 1,000 fans 99e3d3f9-734a-453a-bb52-bee31f03a31f Twitter Twitter _b756ccb8-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 2.2.8 Timeline: 2011-2012 -- Benchmark: Have 1,000 followers d5a25de7-05e0-4175-9f41-9acbef599aa5 Areas of Expertise The CTDLC will identify areas of expertise that require attention and action. _54b4825c-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 2.3 5dd2be92-bcb2-4348-9d7b-bb9130abcb10 Process Develop a process to ensure that all CTDLC staff members have a solid knowledge of trends, tools and emerging technologies. - Departments will identify Trends and Ideas. - Departments will report on trends at full staff meetings. - Using the reports staff will identify actions around these new trends using the methods identified in Goal 3 _b756ce34-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 2.3.1 Timelines & Benchmarks: 2009-2010 - Have a clear process in place | 2011-2012 Annual events are current and relevant to our membership at all levels (Pres, CIO, faculty, etc.) c822579c-68e2-4876-adb3-05d206030dfd Partnership Hub The CTDLC will provide a hub for collaboration, facilitating opportunities for partnerships among stakeholders in K-12, higher education, and the workforce. _54b48342-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 3 eLearning Partnerships Create, support, and maintain eLearning collaborative partnerships. _54b48428-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 3.1 13856b06-80cb-4b5f-9bf7-6b225971f398 Collaboration Growth & Development Grow and develop current collaborations (i.e. eTutoring) and new product collaborations (i.e. iTunes University). _b756cfa6-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 3.1.1 Timelines & Benchmarks: 2012 - 2 more eTutor consortiums | 2012 - 3 more ASP collaborations 00b3e765-f866-416d-962b-240db1918b87 Services Grow and develop new service (academic/K-12/service) collaborations _b756d14a-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 3.1.2 Timeline: 2012 -- Benchmark: 2 academic/service collaborations dee57ac8-a648-400d-8f3c-dfd13b495d55 Consultants Develop collaborative network of consultants for future work (workshops, development, etc.) _b756d2da-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 3.1.3 Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: Completed abd5e24e-4882-4970-8dd3-cf5f8584aa69 Grants Work with members to research and write grants to support eLearning initiatives. _b756d46a-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 3.1.4 Timeline: 2012 -- Benchmark: 2 grants received 039a10e6-7434-4736-bc9e-ca60d7ba4da7 Research Work with members to develop collaborative research opportunities. _b756d618-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 3.1.5 Timeline: 2012 -- Benchmark: Receive 1 grant to support this 127a8880-0077-4ed9-b18c-c3fe92fdd4e1 eLearning Projects Work with other State of CT agencies supporting them in implementation and success of new and existing eLearning projects. _b756d794-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 3.1.6 State of Connecticut (note does this belong under collaboration or "new work.") Timeline: 2012 -- Benchmark: 4 new clients 0d067759-c6c9-4e40-997d-b3e3942f25c1 Emerging & Innovative Practices Develop collaborations that foster growth and development of emerging and innovative practices in eLearning by leveraging our technology, skills, products, and services. _54b48518-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 3.2 40c9cfcd-4845-4509-aca9-e53f334232ec Remediation Develop a collaboration to identify strategies and eLearning technologies to reduce the number of students requiring remediation at community colleges. _b756d924-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 3.2.1 Students Requiring Remediation Community Colleges Timelines & Benchmarks: 2010 - Committee formed | 2011 - Grant funding | 2012 - Pilot solution aa6217e8-f5f3-4685-8916-ce6bb96768bc Hybrid Learning Create a collaboration to explore the effective use of hybrid learning models for K-8. _b756dae6-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 3.2.2 K-8 Students Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: Identify plan of approach eb59e1f7-1241-4d06-93a0-728d756d783a Marketing Plan The CTDLC will create a comprehensive strategic marketing plan to expand its customer and revenue base 100% by 2012 as a result of extending its presence regionally and nationally. _54b48626-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 4 Awareness The CTDLC will ensure that that current members, partners, and clients are aware of the range of our products and services and design a marketing plan to reach potential clients. _54b48720-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 4.1 ebd4d2ec-372d-4cb3-8fcb-746180b9c4e6 Website The CTDLC will redesign our website, creating a space that is flexible and adaptable over time, to better reflect our identity and technical skills, and to effectively market our services and products. _b756dc80-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 4.1.1 Timeline: 2009 -- Benchmark: Done 884bfd85-084d-434d-88d9-4cb8d2b952a1 Account Executive Hire an Account Executive. _b756de24-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 4.1.2 Timeline: 2011 -- Benchmark: Position fill by 9/2011 c52f2f30-4a82-4afd-84a7-aeca017cf09e Marketing Team Develop an internal Marketing Team. _b756dff0-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 4.1.3 Timeline: 2009 -- Benchmark: In process, to be firmed up and documented f7e7bbf9-dd91-493c-b94d-fa0e23152223 Marketing Plan Develop a Marketing Plan by identifying which market to address for which individual product/service and determine the best means to reach them and the costs associated. _b756e194-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 4.1.4 Timeline: 2009 -- Benchmark: Plan and allocation in 2010 budget f8376187-b9f2-458f-a171-1107c618f4cd Cross Marketing Actively cross market our programs and products across all CTDLC departments. _b756e338-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 4.1.5 Timeline: 2010-2012 -- Benchmark: Staff training Ongoing 369b9f18-8952-4e2a-85e1-4d6e213c7675 Sales Plan The CTDLC will develop a plan to increase the sales of our services and products. _54b4881a-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 4.2 555d7f69-0f8a-4b8d-aae4-22beee14936b Return on Investment Develop and implement a methodology that utilizes return on investment data in project planning and allocation of resources. _b756e518-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 4.2.1 Timelines & Benchmarks: 2010 - Methodology defined | 2011 - Applied to project planning | 2012 - Measure results of approach (allocation of resources aligned with ROI) 3257aacd-39df-41b9-84d0-7afaf6d2f0c0 Recognition The CTDLC's expertise will be recognized by presentations at conferences, publication of articles in journals, and webinars. _54b48932-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 4.3 29b1e97a-9f5f-4617-b2df-6c18789925e5 Articles Identify staff to write & submit articles for targeted publications. _b756e6d0-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 4.3.1 Timeline: 2012 -- Benchmark: 4 articles published 1d3edd8e-0071-4d6d-bbd2-d1dd33d1873e Conferences & Workshops Staff will submit proposals and be selected to present at relevant conferences and workshops. _b756e892-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 4.3.2 Timeline: 2009-12 -- Benchmark: 3 per year ce634875-ddbf-47be-9cb2-bbac4794c290 Presentations Encourage inter-departmental collaboration on presentations. _b756ea9a-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 4.3.3 Timeline: 2012 -- Benchmark: Of the 3 annual presentations, 1 will be an inter-departmental presentation 7fc988ac-c148-4a5a-9c4e-23caa6a9f610 Branding, Name & Membership The CTDLC will consider revising or adopting new branding, name, and membership. _54b48a40-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 4.4 4f17c0a8-2846-44ae-ba71-689153e17163 Re-Branding Explore options and cost for re-branding and or re-naming the organization to better represent our current and future products and services. _54b48b4e-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 4.4.1 Timeline: 2012 -- Benchmark: Begin process of exploration: if and how 4fb5549e-a06a-47fd-becb-1de4e3464ea1 Tiered Membership Consider a tiered membership to encourage usage of our services and products and to encourage others to join. _b756ec5c-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 4.4.2 Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: Defined and marketed 6e256d95-ed4f-4fcb-8303-8f5c51bfea96 Consortia of Consortia Consider becoming a consortia of consortia and/or work with national consortia. _b756ef04-7b8f-11e2-973d-eb0478044bef 4.4.3 NERCOMP NERCOMP's mission is to enhance the communication and dissemination of information related to the use of computers, networks and information technology in education, academic research and educational administration throughout the Northeastern United States. NERCOMP is an associate of EDUCAUSE. Affiliate with NERCOMP and/or other regional groups. -- Timelines & Benchmarks: 2011 - Develop and implement plan | 2012 - 2 new partnerships 4b6366aa-c539-454f-a87c-25550ef274cc Work Environment The CTDLC work environment will actively encourage and support employees to exercise leadership, creativity, innovation, and open communication. _54b48c70-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5 Employee Introduction The CTDLC will develop and deliver a comprehensive new employee "introduction to the CTDLC" defining all products, services, staff and infrastructure that support the mission and strategic goals of the organization. _54b48d92-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.1 CTDLC Employees 1c911f45-cb58-423d-b82c-9aa133540fea Interview Process Develop a comprehensive interview process to ensure the best hires. _54b48eb4-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.1.1 Timeline: 2009 -- Benchmark: Completed 8224ffe8-0448-4da6-a283-b9d03d82a221 Orientation Develop the orientation script/map. _54b48ff4-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.1.2 Timeline: 2009 -- Benchmark: Completed 42071476-317c-41cb-b76b-5f002c4724e2 Mentoring Develop a plan for mentoring of new employee by person out of department. _54b4912a-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.1.3 Timeline: 2009 -- Benchmark: Completed 49238628-6504-4120-9baf-c951ab1cb5c4 Student Workers Develop a student worker hiring, training, and evaluation process. _54b49260-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.1.4 Student Workers Timeline: 2009 -- Benchmark: Completed 9696d2be-e48d-4f4e-9c81-03e49f2d3657 Communication & Teamwork The CTDLC will promote intra-agency communication and teamwork to support projects, skill development, professional growth and cross-departmental involvement. _54b493b4-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.2 2cc758a9-ff06-419c-8b8f-f26fe2837bc9 Sharepoint Sharepoint will be effectively adopted and utilized for communication and information sharing across the agency and its departments. _54b494fe-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.2.1 Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: Strategy implemented that motivates and facilitates increased usage 358574eb-65ac-476f-9e2c-d8615dc1ca5f Meetings & Forums Hold Bi-Monthly Staff Meetings & Idea Forums. _54b496ac-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.2.2 Timeline: Ongoing -- Benchmark: Meetings held and documented f792993e-0dc5-4e56-800b-f68521da36ef Training & Education Use organizational goals and objectives to identity training/education needs of CTDLC staff. _54b49814-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.2.3 CTDLC Staff Share with department and organization new skills/learning. Timeline: Annual -- Benchmark: Reflected in the budget 9f9bc3cd-a019-4f37-8eae-d326531d321a Professional Development Goals All staff will identify and meet at least one professional development goal annually. _54b49972-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.2.4 Timeline: Annual -- Benchmark: As reflected in staff evaluations ba3c9d31-a39b-4d97-a69d-9af70bee39fe Employee Recognition Recognize employees' completion of training and demonstration of new skills at appropriate staff meetings. _54b49ad0-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.2.5 Timeline: Annual -- Benchmark: On agenda for each staff meeting d6551752-4f15-4b3a-a84e-bf20ccb0492a Cross Training Identify internal opportunities for cross training. _54b49c88-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.2.6 Timeline: 2010 -- Benchmark: Skills assessment of staff 16c9d032-cb07-47e7-8afe-595bd892edc3 Colleague Training Encourage the creation of colleague training opportunities. _54b49e04-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.2.7 Training by one employee to a small group of other employees for knowledge sharing and/or skill building. Timeline: 2012 -- Benchmark: Greater efficiency and project cohesion; Measured using annual Appreciative Inquiry Review e22d6d87-8b10-47f7-b386-3757ade6da4f Team Building Promote and plan cross department Team Building Exercises. _54b49f6c-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.2.8 Timeline: At least once a year Benchmark: Greater efficiency and project cohesion; Measured using annual Appreciative Inquiry Review 7a863f76-24db-491b-9902-4075bb41e3b7 Library Develop in house sharing library. _54b4a110-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.2.9 Timeline: 2009 -- Benchmark: Sharepoint Library site created 6209acf1-6fe9-4eb2-963b-07b0ae2048a9 Staff Development, Health & Well Being The CTDLC will provide opportunities to support staff development and to promote employee health and well being. _54b4a296-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.3 2aae2adf-9349-4f91-9eca-aaed61a821e2 Exercise Yoga and other short exercise opportunities will be planned and provided by staff members as able throughout the year. _54b4a41c-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.3.1 Timeline: Ongoing -- Benchmark: Survey of well being; Measured using annual Appreciative Inquiry Review ef72b07d-2a2f-4d19-8b2e-adadfc385199 Employee Activities Create employee activity committee to plan and implement staff gatherings 2-3 times a year to promote a sense of community, support, and well being. _54b4a5d4-7b13-11e2-9523-f97278044bef 5.3.2 Employee Activity Committee Timeline: Ongoing -- Benchmark: Survey of well being; Measured using annual Appreciative Inquiry Review 74accb6e-39a0-4df9-ad7b-adb823097b40 2009-05-28 2013-02-19 Owen Ambur Submit error.