Conservation Technology Information Center Conservation Technology Information Center CTIC _80cdb629-5c0f-4b88-9589-7cd4b14bb315 36528537-b530-4713-9955-719fd92d82c8 To provide reliable, profitable solutions to improve the relationship between agriculture and the environment _ba994124-533e-4c05-ace6-8e7d250e11d5 Information Clearinghouse Maintain a clearinghouse of information about emerging issues. _4c56e416-1cba-4f83-ac5b-dde674a13e76 1 We review and communicate new research, technologies and innovative approaches. If you have a question, we’ll find the answer. 1244b22c-f139-4354-8cf1-9c2c7fa2e0b5 46cc1d7b-593f-4367-9f5a-60852108d83b ef115c40-682a-4e57-bc94-d2b018462167 National Messages Act as a source of national messages. _ce3e7088-e055-4998-bbea-8234722d3f99 2 We work with public and private sector National Partners to assure consistent messages reach those who influence farm management decisions. 12601b93-575e-424c-ab6c-d3fc1131cc12 ed6c62c4-ff17-4187-95e1-7ede553a7691 323a85a1-6229-4c17-8e5a-7056b2eb34e6 Workshops, Conferences, and Training Facilitate workshops, conferences and trainings. _195df174-e1a3-4eb9-8844-b5c203fdb94a 3 We have developed several training workshops to help Members, Alliances and other groups. We also have extensive experience in meeting facilitation and planning. ad585ab6-bb3d-49c2-801a-edbb7c7675eb bab51567-bc44-4251-a105-ac9286dae8d5 8cffda68-956c-4ec1-b58d-1f417b6b7cf9 2010-02-08 Arthur Colman ( Submit error.